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Dreaming of Eggs: 76 Plots & Their Meanings

Dreaming of Eggs: 76 Plots & Their Meanings

Updated on Sep 12, 2022 | Published on Nov 24, 2021

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Dreaming of Eggs - 76 Scenarios and Their Meanings

Eggs are one of the most common and widely consumed foods. However, the dream about eggs holds some profound meanings that can guide you through the various aspects of your life.

Dreaming of eggs is a symbol of new beginnings, vulnerability, fragility, wealth, and prosperity. It is likely that you have experienced a range of emotions in your dreams, but this will help you understand your dream message effectively.

Therefore, recording these emotions and interpreting them appropriately is essential. Now, let us analyze the meaning of your dream about eggs. 

Dreaming of Eggs - 76 Scenarios and Their Meanings
Dreaming of Eggs – 76 Scenarios and Their Meanings

Eggs Dream Meaning 

Eggs in dreams are the symbol of prosperity, wealth, fragility and vulnerability, hidden qualities, new opportunities, and the beginning of something new. 

Eggs are a symbol of life, prosperity, wealth, and your hidden qualities in dreams. They are also widely used for cooking a variety of delicacies. Eggs are also symbolic of pregnancy, a new life, and opportunities.

As an egg contains the potential for life, it represents a feeling of vulnerability with something precious. Similarly, eating an egg in a dream means you are nourishing yourself and growing.

When you see fresh eggs in your dreams, it means good fortune, whereas rotten eggs are not a good omen. It is possible that you may lose something like a piece of property or suffer some losses. 

The environment in which eggs are kept also affects your abilities. It is important to remember whether the eggs were protected or damaged.

According to the dream book, a broken egg signifies sadness and is a common dream.

Your subconscious is telling you to pay more attention to your actions when you have such a dream because they may affect people around you. 

What Does Dreaming Of Eggs Mean?

It is common to dream about eggs, but the meaning of the dream varies depending on your current situation, your emotions, and various other factors.

You can find below some of the common meanings of your dreams, which will give you an idea of what your dream means. 

1. Rebirth and renewal  

In dreams, eggs represent rebirth and renewal. Perhaps it is the start of a new project in your life or the beginning of a new phase. 

The egg is also a very natural symbol that represents the desire to feel whole and connected to the universe.

2. Fertility 

A dream about eggs represents your desire to have children if you are trying to conceive. The dream also indicates that you are open to new ideas and creativity, so let them flow and use them or record them for the future. 

3. Abundance and Wealth

If you dream that you have discovered a nest full of eggs then you will be blessed with abundance in your life. This is a sign of wealth and prosperity.

If you are considering making new investments or trying out new things, now could be a good time to do so. 

4. Symbol of Fragility 

Eggs are often associated with fragility and vulnerability. It could mean that you are in a situation that makes you feel particularly sensitive and vulnerable.

You may also be concerned about your relationships or career where things are not going well.

Often, fragility is thought of as a negative quality but it’s also a positive trait. There may be times when you think you are confined to certain things, but this opens up your viewpoint, allowing you to see beyond and above them. 

5. Hidden Strength

Eggs are fragile things that easily break when they are hit against something. The message is that even though the egg appears fragile and can be broken, it represents hidden strength that you haven’t noticed yet.

When you are feeling vulnerable in life, the dream of an egg serves as a reminder of your strength and encourages you to stand strong and face the situation.

Dreaming of Eggs – 76 Scenarios and Their Meanings

1. Dream about eggs in general 

Dreaming of eggs represents a fresh start and optimism. 

The size of an egg in a dream determines the outcomes. It is said that the bigger the egg, the greater the chance for success. Moreover, it represents how you interact with others and your positive personality. 

The dream also reflects your knowledge about the world and the events that are happening around you. It tells you how you separate things from your life and how you think about them. 

If you dream of cracked or broken eggs, it symbolizes your fragility. According to Carl Jung, the eggs in a dream indicate that you must organize your plans effectively so as to be able to achieve them. 

2. Dream of Tapping on an egg with a spoon 

Dreams about tapping on an egg with a spoon imply an unsettled aspect of your life that needs to be changed.

3. Breaking eggs in dream 

You conceal parts of your personality from others so that you can move forward in life. In addition, you need to realize that you will not be able to hide them forever.

Therefore, you should accept them and embrace your flaws. 

4. Dreaming of only one egg in the basket 

Dreaming of one egg in the basket indicates that you have many options to choose from. It can be a project or decision that needs to be made in pursuit to achieve your goal. 

5. Dream about large eggs

Large eggs in dreams are a sign of abundance, wealth, richness, and happiness. You can also take it as a sign that big plans are imminent.

It signals that you’re about to embark on a new phase of your life. You’re about to go through some changes in your life. 

6. Dream about small eggs

The appearance of small eggs in dreams is not a good omen. A small, manageable obstacle may halt your plans. 

These small obstacles may annoy you and make your path difficult. However, they cannot prevent you from reaching your goals.

It might be a representation of some stress at work if you dream of small eggs. Perhaps there are problems with your coworkers or finances. 

7. Dream about eggs in a nest 

Dreaming about eggs in a nest is a sign that you are in a safe environment. It signifies that you feel safe and secure in life. You have people to support and protect you. 

Alternatively, the dream may indicate that you are afraid of losing something, which is why you stay in your comfort zone. The dream suggests that you are not prepared for the changes in your life. 

You are fortunate in terms of material well-being when you see a nest full of eggs in your dream. Additionally, you may receive unexpected financial assistance. 

8. Dream easter eggs 

Easter eggs are a sign of positivity, happiness, a new beginning, and new opportunities. 

Conversely, dreaming of easter eggs may signal your insecurities and impending danger in the waking world. You might be afraid of something or maybe pressing for a decision that needs to be made urgently. 

If you dream about different colors of eggs, this indicates that you have multiple choices and new ideas to choose from however you are skeptical about the move. 

9. Dream about broken eggs 

In dreams, broken eggs do not represent good fortune. It is a symbolism of failure, expectations, unfulfilled dreams. Your dream reflects your dissatisfaction with reality. 

You may experience different types of emotions such as anger and dissatisfaction which may make you feel worse. It is a warning to think twice before making a decision. 

This dream usually occurs to people who are making important decisions in their lives, such as moving home, signing a new contract, applying for a new job, or getting married. 

10. Dream about throwing eggs 

If you dream about throwing eggs at someone then it indicates that you disrespect others in your waking life.

When you dream that you are throwing eggs on someone, it implies that you will harm them intentionally or unintentionally. 

When you act aggressively and rudely, you don’t care what others think. You need to take control of your behavior and reactions. 

It will affect your relationships with friends and others close to you if you continue to act in this manner. The dream implies that you will suffer the consequences of your wrong actions. 

This dream is a reflection of your nature. Perhaps you are someone who gets easily hurt and may feel fragile during some circumstances in life.

You don’t have to take everything personally. Things aren’t always about you. 

11. Dream about eating raw eggs 

The dream has a dual interpretation. Eating raw eggs in a dream could mean that you are going to experience something unpleasant.

It is a sign that you are impatient and it also signifies your health, voice, and strength.

The dream foretells that you are preparing yourself for the new challenges and preparing yourself for the upcoming new projects or opportunities. 

The raw egg is the representation of the voice. As a result, the dream suggests it’s the right time to speak your mind so that it can be heard. 

12. Dream about enjoying while eating eggs 

Good things are coming your way due to your organized nature and planning. You are going to achieve your goals through your effort and determination. 

13. Dream about eating prepared eggs 

The dream is a harbinger of positivity. It indicates that you are satisfied and fulfilled with your current life situations.

Generally, the dream about eating prepared eggs is a sign of fortune, good luck, abundance, health, and feeling satisfaction. 

This is a sign of a confident, strong, and positive outlook on life. Seeing yourself prepare eggs in your dream symbolizes your appreciation of your own work. 

14. Dream about as a breakfast food 

The habit of eating breakfast is a healthy one, and the dream of having eggs for breakfast is a sign of self-care and making positive lifestyle changes. 

15. Dream about gathering eggs

Your hard work and efforts will be rewarded in your personal life. This dream indicates that if you have been working hard on something, then you will soon see the results turn in your favor. 

16. Dream of dyed and painted eggs 

Dreaming about dyeing eggs is common in Easter tradition. It is a sign of celebration. The painting and dyeing of eggs is a symbol of Christ’s life in the Catholic tradition.

It is considered a sign of a tomb’s destruction when the outer shell is broken. 

17. Dream about cooking eggs 

Something new is about to happen. It is important to pay attention to your dream to determine the type of event or in which aspect of your life the change will occur. 

However, the dream can also indicate that you have a desire to have a child or, in some cases, is a sign that you are preparing for something. 

18. Dream about scrambling eggs 

You have made a commitment and can’t back out now. This is a sign that once you begin your journey, you can’t turn back. 

19. Dream about peeling hard-boiled eggs

It is a sign that you need to manage your life better. To be successful, you need to be patient and pay attention to every detail. Avoid rushing things, or you will not achieve the goal. 

20. Dream about dropping eggs on floor

Dreams indicate financial losses and difficulties in your daily life are a result of your judgments and decisions.  

21. Dream about laying eggs 

The dream plot indicates that you are holding some project or goal for the future. It could also mean that you have difficulty accomplishing your tasks and are looking for assistance.

22. Dream about beating eggs 

The dream indicates that you will say or do something without considering others’ feelings. It is a warning sign for you to be aware of your actions and words. 

23. Dream about stealing eggs  

There is a chance that you will take advantage of others. It is a sign that they may be looking to benefit at the expense of others financially. 

24. Dream about egg white 

The dream is a sign that you will receive support in your endeavors and projects. Asking for help from others can help you achieve your goals more efficiently. 

25. Egg yolk dream meaning 

Egg yolk dream represents the most intimate ideas and creativity. Keeping notes on your dreams will help you come up with new ideas, experiences, and thoughts.

26. Dream about eggshells

The dream represents your unfulfilled desires and wishes. Perhaps you may be having second thoughts about something. It can be about your desired lifestyle that you think will come true. 

In that case, you have to accept the fact that things don’t always turn out as we expect, and sometimes the change in plans is for your own benefit. 

27. Dream about boiled eggs 

The hard-boiled eggs are a sign to take charge of your life. Avoid rushing important things or events in your life since you may lose them or get into trouble. 

28. Dream about poached eggs 

The dream represents the right time to take action or make important decisions you have been delaying for a while.

In dreams, if you see yourself waiting for a long time, then it may mean that you have gained something, but you have also lost something. 

29. Dream about fried eggs 

You need to take a break from your regular routine and take some time to express your emotions.

Perhaps you are pushing yourself too hard and the dream tells you to take some time off for yourself. 

You can go on a vacation or do something fun. The fried eggs symbolize that you need to take things easy and stop taking things so seriously. 

30. Dream about egg timers

Your time for rebirth is near. You may want to create something new or make some adjustments to the existing ones. 

31. Dream about sugar-coated eggs 

The dream is a sign of wonder and bafflement. It tells you to see things through the eyes of a child.

32. Dream about Faberge eggs 

You may have encountered treasures in the past that are so vivid that you dream about them. Take a moment to reflect on past events that might have influenced your dream. Perhaps the answer lies deep within you. 

33. Dream about hatching eggs 

Your dream indicates that you will achieve your goals soon. You might have certain ideas or thoughts about them that don’t line up with reality. In addition, the dream indicates a happy and loving family. 

Another interpretation of the dream is that your family will improve. It’s likely that a new family member will be joining you soon. 

34. Dream about half-hatched eggs or red yolk 

Your dream suggests that you may not be putting your capabilities to their full potential and they are getting wasted as a result.

If you revisit some old parts of your life, you may be able to remember your strengths and weaknesses and how to use them to your advantage. 

35. Dreaming of rotten eggs 

Rotten eggs are a sign of loss and indicate inactivity or lack of interest in activities. 

36. Dream about two eggs in your hands 

The dream is a positive omen and it indicates a pleasant reunion with your dear ones whom you haven’t seen in a while. They can be your childhood friends, relatives, or school friends. 

37. Dream about cracked eggs 

The dream is a reflection of your feelings. The dream states that you are feeling broken. You are hurt emotionally and physically for some reason.

Channel the energy in the right direction and try to learn from the situation at your own pace. 

It is possible to be hurt by someone’s rude or careless behavior. Additionally, dreams point towards instability and sensitivity. 

The dream may suggest that you need to be comfortable in your own skin and cherish each moment by being grateful for all you have achieved.

38. Dream of collecting eggs 

The dream scenario indicates prosperity. If you find yourself collecting eggs in your dream then you will encounter financial surprises. You could win a prize or a lottery.

When you dream of collecting rotten eggs, it means that you may experience disappointment in love. You need to analyze everything carefully.

Sometimes, what appears to be fresh and tasty is actually rotten and smelly. 

You always have the power to choose so make it count.

39. Dream about fresh eggs 

The dream is the sign of something new is about to begin. Expect some good news soon. If you found eggs in the nest, then it signifies financial gains.

On the other hand, if you found eggs elsewhere, then you’ll find love soon. 

40. Dream about finding an egg in the forest

Dreams indicate that you will receive some sort of financial benefit that will enable you to pay your debts. This may come in the form of inheritance or monetary wealth.

Make sure that you are finishing your projects on time since the dream pertains to projects and business ventures. 

41. Dream about a lot of eggs 

Dreaming of having a lot of eggs represents receiving wealth soon. As luck is on your side, this can be a great time to play the lottery and start exploring new business opportunities. 

42. Dream about rolling eggs 

You should be encouraged by the dream, as it signals new opportunities to come your way. Keep your eyes open for them and make the best of it. 

43. Dream about eggs in hair 

Dreams like this indicate your lofty goals. It indicates that you will benefit from your hard work, and it highlights that you should assess and evaluate your personal relationship.

It also points out that you have set unrealistic goals. 

The dream is a harbinger of holidays and the Christmas season. 

44. Dream about dirty eggs 

Dirty eggs in dreams indicate spiritual guidance, emotional trust, and mental attributes. It shows how far you have come from where you started.

Perhaps the dream is a medium to grab your attention and reflect back on your journey. 

45. Dream about peeling eggs 

You will undergo some big changes in your life if you dream of peeling eggs. Maybe you’ll move to a new city or start something all over again. 

It can be something as simple as buying yourself something new to something as monumental as getting married. 

This experience is going to enhance your personal growth. Thus, the dream represents a new beginning, growth, and shedding of old ways of living.

46. Dream about selling or buying eggs 

You are likely to receive some form of financial assistance. In other words, it can be for a new venture or other situations in your life where you need financial assistance. 

You might also invest in something or in someone else’s business. 

Dream About Eggs Based on Different Colors

47. Dream about golden eggs 

It represents investments and assets. The dream represents the treasure you hold for yourself. Golden eggs in dreams represent luck and prosperity that you will enjoy after you make the right decisions. 

48. Dream about bright colored eggs 

The dream about bright colored eggs is the sign of celebrating a happy occasion. 

49. Dream about blue eggs 

It’s imperative that you tell the truth about your challenges, and you will find that other people can relate and understand what you are going through. 

50. Dream about black eggs 

You think about what your family and friends think about and how you relate to them. Perhaps some people have hard or bitter feelings toward you or you may have some hard feelings for someone. 

51. Dream about brown eggs 

You receive creative ideas frequently. It might be a good idea to examine your past and dig deeper into your spirituality. You never know what aspect of your life will change things for you. 

Take frequent short breaks to stay healthy and energized. Sometimes, you may feel that your emotions are holding you back, but don’t let them stop you from making the right choice for you. 

52. Dream about green eggs 

Green eggs in dreams are the representation of fertility and growth. Perhaps you will hear some good news soon. 

Dream About Eggs Based on Different Types

53. Dream about bird eggs 

In case you had a dream about birds, you should record the type of birds you spotted in your dreams.

There may be a relationship between the specific birds and some aspects of your life. It will help you to improve and make changes accordingly.  

54. Dream about duck eggs 

Good fortune awaits you in the near future. In the dream, duck eggs symbolize prosperity and good luck.  

55. Dream about goose eggs 

Dreaming about goose eggs indicates your behavior. If you are acting impulsively, the dream will reflect your actions and carelessness. You are also not considering the consequences of your actions. 

56. Dream about quail eggs 

You are living a lavish lifestyle and there is a presence of some unnecessary items in your life. Decluttering your environment might be a good idea for you. 

57. Dream about ostrich eggs 

Ostrich eggs in dreams denote failure and stagnation. The dream is reminding you to take into consideration and act upon certain problems that you are avoiding in your waking life

You need to come out of your comfort zone.

58. Dream about crocodile eggs 

Crocodile dreams mean that your business organization may plan some treacherous ideas or actions. Perhaps your co-workers want to start their own business or venture.

You may face problems in the near future because of intense competition within the industry and among individuals.

59. Dream about snake eggs 

Snake eggs represent your present circumstances and manifesting fears. You might be going through some rough times and are recalling unpleasant memories from the past. It indicates that you are afraid of how things are going. 

60. Dream about dinosaur eggs 

Dreaming of giant eggs like dinosaur eggs suggests that your goals are unrealistic. If you plan every step smartly and realistically, then you will be rewarded with great results.

61. Dream about turtle eggs 

Turtle eggs in dreams suggest that your chances of succeeding are slim. You can boost your chances of success by other means such as investment and grabbing the opportunities that come your way. 

62. Dream about spiders eggs 

You are surrounded by manipulative people and this reflects how you spend your money. Also, you may find yourself bound by limiting beliefs that are holding you back or bounding in a relationship. 

63. Dream about fish eggs 

Ideas are emerging from your subconscious. Although they are fuzzy ideas, you need to formally categorize and refine them through proper planning and execution.

If currently, you are being harsh with yourself then the dream is a sign to be compassionate and sympathetic towards yourself and indulge in some self-care. 

On the contrary, the dream also suggests your competitive nature and your tendency to take advantage of others. Your dream suggests you are searching for knowledge and insights from an outside environment.  

64. Dream about ant eggs 

Your dream about ant eggs represents your current feelings and experiences. Furthermore, you are willing to explore your emotions in a way that will help you better understand them. 

Additionally, the dream indicates that you are seeking higher truths and spiritual enlightenment, although the journey may alienate you from the people around you.

65. Dream about frog eggs

You admire someone highly. The dream points towards the family celebration or an unplanned gathering. It is a sign of calmness, relaxation, and warmth.

Perhaps you are feeling deprived of some joy and pleasure. And you are looking for your answers.

 You may be able to apply your previous knowledge or experiences in solutions to your problems if you dig deeper. 

Frog eggs in dreams are a symbol of your individual strength and a message to summon more courage.

66. Dream about eagle eggs 

The dream is a portent of power and status. You are exploring your potential and talents. 

Furthermore, it points towards something you always wanted to do for a long time. However, you will experience many hurdles before achieving success and prestige.

To achieve your goals you must first visualize things in your mind before they happen in reality.  

In terms of relationships, the dream suggests you need to have close relationships with people you care about and understand how your presence impacts them. 

67. Dream about shark eggs 

You will achieve your goals with the support of others. Additionally, you will be exposed to new opportunities and experiences that will help you grow and learn.

The message is to remind you that you are not your problems, so rise above them and let go. 

The dream is a reminder of your own self-worth and your abilities. Additionally, the dream is telling you to spend time with your family. You may feel disconnected from your parents. 

Shark eggs in dreams are a sign of renewal, awakening, and starting things all over when needed. 

68. Dream about bug eggs 

Dreams signify new connections and bonds. In addition, you may feel as though you have you are being watched by so many people.

This is a sign that part of you has yet to be discovered. This is a sign of quality, peace, and relaxation. 

It is a sign to broaden your perspective and experiment with things if you are limited by something in your life. Your dream also indicates your cautious nature. You are someone who is very selective about people.

Dream About Food Made with Eggs 

69. Dream about an egg sandwich 

The dream is a sign that your family and marriage will flourish. Your subconscious is telling you to maintain a balance and ensure that everyone in the family is satisfied. 

70. Dream about egg salad

You worry about too many things without proper reasoning. It is important that you examine your past and focus on solving one problem at a time.  

71. Dream about an egg roll 

You will experience surprising profit and prosperity by putting in your efforts. All the efforts you put in the work will be worthwhile. 

72. Dream about egg cake

The dream about egg cake represents that you will receive a surprise inheritance from a distant relative. 

Dream of Eggs Based Different Parts

73. Dream about premixed eggs 

When you see premixed eggs in dreams, it means that part of your personality is invisible to others. In order to reach your goals, you must show your true self.

Seek support and assistance from your family and friends when necessary.

74. Dream about egg whites

You will get support in your business or in new endeavors. Don’t hesitate to ask for help and support whenever you need it.

75. Dream about egg yolks 

Egg yolks in dreams point to your creativity and ideas. If you can recall the people you saw in your dream, they may be able to help you accomplish your goals and tasks.

76. Dream about eggshells

Eggshells are a symbol of your comfort zone and limiting beliefs. The dream shows the level of comfort you are surrounded with. You may want to experiment with different things and step out of your comfort zone.

Biblical Meaning of Eggs in Dreams 

Eggs are a symbol of new life and resurrection in the Bible. In the book of Matthew, Jesus’ eggs symbolize the new life that Christians receive after death.

Symbolically, the egg also represents God’s promise to never abandon his people. Whether you are a Christian or not, He will always protect and bless you. 

In Christianity, eggs are said to represent the stone that has been rolled away from Christ’s tomb.

Questions to Ask Yourself to Interpret Your Dreams about Eggs 

The egg dream holds some significance as it is a sign of something new and vulnerable. If you want to interpret your dream to its depth, you should ask yourself these questions and record your response to connect the dots.

  1. What type of eggs did you see in your dream?
  2. What color were the eggs?
  3. Do you remember any other person in your dream?
  4. What emotions did you feel during your dream?
  5. What were you doing with the eggs?

Closing Thoughts 

Egg dreams are very interesting dreams that indicate upcoming changes. The ability to interpret your dream effectively will enable you to improve various aspects of your life and to work accordingly. 

However, you cannot rely only on the meaning of your dreams. It’s important to have an introspective mindset and to follow your gut feeling in any situation in life. 

Dreams are meant to show you the path, and from there it’s up to you to figure out what’s next using the clues provided.

Dreaming about eggs implies your hidden desires and abilities that need to be discovered to make a move or change in your life.

Dreams that contain emotional intensity, like heartbreak, fragile, or sadness, are messages for you to deal with your problems with strength and discover hidden abilities. You got this!