What Do Knife in Dreams Signify?

Rusty knife in dream

It predicts sorrows in your waking life.

Damaged knife in dream

It symbolizes unpleasant experiences in your real life.

Dream about being stabbed by a knife

Your plans may go under so make backup plans for everything ongoing and new.

Dream of blood on the knife

It portends the current crises in your conscious life.

pocket knife in dream

You’re suppressing your negative feelings like rage and jealousy.

Dreams about knives set

It resembles your emotional and/or mental agitation in real life.

Dreams of a knife stabbed in the back

Your ill-wishers will soon commence their plan to hurt you.

Dreams of a big knife 

Someone will realize the big lies you told.

Sharpening a knife in dreams

Your suppressed evil side is surfacing during a conflict.

dream of Knife fighting 

It reflects your dilemma in waking life.

Knife dreams may imply a need to move on in life, confront challenges, be aware of opportunists, prepare for financial instability, or reassurance about being on the right path.