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Did You Spot a Knife in Dream? No, It’s Not Always Negative!

Did You Spot a Knife in Dream? No, It’s Not Always Negative!

Updated on Jan 16, 2023 | Published on May 19, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Knife in Dream – 125 Scenarios & Their Interpretations

Woke up from the knife in dream? Was the dream threatening? Or, was the knife used for domestic purposes? Worried if someone will hurt you for real?

Knives can be innocent kitchen tools and also a criminal’s most easily acquired weapon. Depending on what you witnessed in the dreams, your emotions vary.

However, make sure you take the message seriously and work to fix your ongoing issues. Otherwise, the recurring dreams may not stop.

So, without any delay, let’s find out if the knives really mean harm…

Knife in Dream – 125 Scenarios & Their Interpretations
Knife in Dream – 125 Scenarios & Their Interpretations

Knife Dream Meaning – General Interpretations

Knife dreams may imply a need to move on in life, confront challenges, be aware of opportunists, prepare for financial instability, or reassurance about being on the right path.

In dreams or reality, knives seem to be dangerous and life-threatening. If the blade is sharp enough, it can hurt anyone intentionally or unintentionally.

So, the image of a knife might inflict fear of hurting someone. But does the sharp object convey the same message through dreams? Let’s find that out…

1. You must move on

You might have knife dreams if you’re in an unhealthy relationship with a toxic person or something from the past.

You can’t easily let go of people or memories. This dream symbolizes you’re hurting yourself due to your fear of letting go.

You feel guilty about leaving something or someone. But ask yourself, “Why must you hang on to something hurtful and suffer? What will happen if you move on to lead a better life?”

Life only happens once so take every action to embrace a bright future.

2. You’ll win in all areas of life

If you’re busy with an important project and you’ll only settle for the best, you might have knife dreams.

You’re a perfectionist and want precision in your work. You fear failure so you might try postponing vital decisions.

However, the dream suggests taking a leap of faith as you’ll decide the right thing. You have a capable and supportive team. With their efforts and your precision, everything will work out.  

3. It’s time to confront the problems

Some people get knife dreams when they flee from their problems. When you face difficulties, do you always choose flight instead of fight? If yes, your knife dream refers to this aspect of your personality.

You judge the difficulties from afar and refuse to face the challenge. The dream suggests fighting them head-on. You’ll find that the issues weren’t anything worth fearing. Further, this will help you succeed in life.

4. It predicts financial instability

Some knife dreams might be a harbinger of devastating monetary losses. The dreams suggest saving money and lowering your expenses wherever possible.

It warns you against taking any financial risks like investments, lending or borrowing money, starting a new business, gambling, job change, new business alliance, signing any contract without properly checking, or even impulse shopping.

Your loved ones’ life depends on you so do everything you can to protect them.

5. Someone might take advantage of you

A knife dream may even indicate the presence of a backstabber in your life.

It warns you against trusting anyone or showing your vulnerabilities. Don’t be moved by small acts of kindness to the point of being manipulated.

If someone pleases you, appreciate them, but don’t let them reign over your life too fast. Take time to know people and their intentions in your life.

If you’re unsure, there’s no shame in taking more time. But protect yourself with all you got to have no regrets later.

Knife in Dream – 125 Scenarios & Their Interpretations

Every element in your dream has something to convey. Dreaming of a polished knife indicates a financial crisis while that of a rusty knife implies family and relationship problems.

Every element in your dream has something to convey. So, if you remember your dream details, let’s dive in right away…

1. Dream of a knife in general

Only seeing a knife in a dream represents your sorrows for separation from someone important due to a breakup or job offer. Or, it may symbolize your financial troubles in waking life.

2. Killing someone in a dream with a knife

Dreams about murdering someone with a knife signify your suppressed passionate desire to be with someone. It’s possibly the one you murdered in your dream.

3. Committing suicide in a dream with a knife

Dreams about committing suicide with a knife represent good luck in the upcoming days. Your finances will prosper and business or career opportunities will flock around you.

4. Rusty knife dream meaning

A rusty knife in your dream predicts sorrows in your waking life. You’re facing issues with one or more family members or a romantic partner. You can’t take the situation anymore.

5. Very sharp knife dream meaning

Dreams about very sharp knives are indicative of cheating and betrayal from someone close. This will be a devastating experience so don’t react before you calm down.

6. Damaged knife dream meaning

Dreams of a damaged knife symbolize unpleasant experiences in your real life. A close person in your life might be responsible for it so don’t expose your vulnerabilities easily.

7. Broken knife dream meaning

A broken knife in your dream is a warning sign about a financial crisis. Pay attention to your expenses and refrain from any investments, borrowing, or lending money.

8. Dream about being stabbed by a knife

Being stabbed by a knife in dreams is an ominous premonition of misfortune. Your plans may go under so make backup plans for everything ongoing and new.

9. Dream about stabbing someone with a knife

To stab someone with a knife in your dreams shows that you’ll soon reveal your dark personality. Possibly someone provoked you to show your suppressed nature.

10. Dreams of being stabbed with a knife in the back

Someone stabbing you in the back in dreams warns you about the evil around you. A co-worker plans to hurt you out of jealousy.

11. Dropping the knife in a dream meaning

To drop a knife in dreams implies you’ll meet a man in waking life. However, they might bear either good or bad news in your life.

12. Dream of blood on the knife

To see blood on the knife in dreams portends the current crises in your conscious life. It’s a tough battle but you’ll be victorious if you try hard.

13. Blunt knife dream meaning

Dreams about blunt knives speak of your lack of skills to successfully complete a project. It might symbolize inefficiency in any other area of your life.

14. Pocket knife dream meaning

Dreams about a pocket knife may signify you’re suppressing your negative feelings like rage and jealousy. Conversely, it may signal you’re always ready to deal with any crisis.

15. Knife blade dream meaning

Seeing a knife blade in dreams is an indication of your wish to stick to your decisions. You’re expressing yourself honestly and not ready to hide anything any longer.

16. Dreams about knives set

To dream about knives in a set resembles your emotional and/or mental agitation in real life. You fear breaking free from a person or relationship and its consequences.

17. Looking at knives in dreams

To look at the knives in dreams is a reflection of your aggressive nature. Or, it might imply you’re holding on to painful memories and must let go.

18. Dream of holding a knife in hand

Dreaming of holding a knife in hand is a reflection of your wish to attack someone. Possibly, you want to defend yourself against someone in your waking life.

19. Dreaming of holding sharp knives in your hand

To hold more than one knife in dreams is a representation of your willingness to let go of toxic people or relationships in your conscious hours.

20. Dreams of someone holding a knife in their hand

If someone else held a knife in your dreams, it’s a symbolism of the presence of a controlling person in your waking life and your wish to get away from them.

21. Being chased with a knife in a dream

Dreaming about someone chasing you with a knife shows you’re afraid of leaving your partner. You don’t want to be single and try to please them desperately.

22. Hurting someone with a knife in dreams

The sight of hurting another with a knife in dreams warns you about your addictions or misbehaviors in waking life. Get rid of them before it’s too late.

23. Dreams of a friend stabbing you in the back

Dreams about a friend stabbing you depict a reality check. Some foes pretend to be your friends, so you must recognize them quickly and get away.

24. Dream of a bloody knife

Dreaming of a bloody knife portrays your guilt and regret of hurting a loved one. Or, you’re afraid of paying the price of your mistake in reality.

25. Your mother threatened you in a dream with knife

Dreams about your mother threatening you with a knife are symbolic of conflicts with your friends, family members, neighbors, or even your mother in reality.

26. Being attacked in a dream with many knives

To dream of being attacked with many knives means you have many rivals in reality. You’re probably unaware and must take protective measures against them.

27. Polished knife dream meaning

A polished knife dream is suggestive of problems due to an important object, situation, or person in reality. You might lose money to the point of bankruptcy, so beware.

28. Throwing knife on the floor dream meaning

Dreams about throwing knives on the floor predict someone will visit you in your conscious life. However, there’s no sign that it’ll be a pleasant meeting so take precautions.

29. Dreams of a knife stabbed in the back

The sight of a back being stabbed with a knife in dreams depicts that your ill-wishers will soon commence their plan to hurt you. So stay alert about the ones near you.

30. Receiving a knife set as a gift in dreams

To receive a set of knives as a gift is an ominous sign. Someone might soon cheat you. Double-check before signing documents and making promises and decisions.

31. Seeing a knife on the table in dreams

Noticing a knife on a table in dreams illustrates you’re anxious about interacting with new people in your personal and professional life due to past trauma.

32. Big knife dream meaning

Dreams about a big knife indicate someone will realize the big lies you told. You’ll face an unpleasant situation, so reveal the truth before they learn it themselves.

33. Cutting something with a knife dream meaning

Dreams about cutting something with a knife foretell you’ll be in deep danger soon. You’re a crime witness so the criminal will try to shut you.

34. Bunch of knives in dreams

Dreams about a bunch of knives are a reflection of being hurt by someone’s comments. They disappointed you as you let them come too close and trusted them.

35. Sharpening a knife in dreams

Sharpening knives in your dreams is a representation of your suppressed evil side surfacing during a conflict. It may also symbolize incurring losses or low profits from a time-inefficient task.

36. Giving a knife to another in dreams

To give someone a knife in dreams refers to your enemies planning against you. You’re aware of it and taking proper measures. Don’t let down your guard.

37. Admiring a knife dream meaning

To admire a knife in dreams shows the evil easily influenced you. Seek someone’s help to boost your mental strength against bad influences. Otherwise, you’ll lose your loved ones.

38. Finding a knife in dreams

Dreaming of finding a knife depicts you’re extremely attentive to details and think wisely before deciding anything. This trait will help you go far and succeed in life.

39. Knife fighting dream meaning

Knife-fighting dreams reflect your dilemma in waking life. You can either save your present or future. Securing your future is a better choice but think deeply before deciding.

40. Dreaming of carrying a knife on yourself

Dreams about carrying a knife on yourself imply that violent and aggressive situations and people surround you in conscious life. You must get away from them quickly.

41. Being attacked with knife in dream meaning

The sight of being attacked with a knife in dreams symbolizes the presence of multiple enemies around you. Try to make peace with them or they’ll harm you later.

42. Knife in dreams for female

Dreaming of knives for females resembles your fear of something entering your life. Identify the fear and work on it so it doesn’t impact you.

43. Knife in dreams for male

Knife dreams for men signify their aggressive nature. Learn to control your temper yourself or take professional classes for anger control. Otherwise, it might hurt you in some way.

44. Dreaming of self-mutilating with a knife

To mutilate yourself in dreams shows you’re addicted to something bad and can’t get rid of it. Work on yourself to remove negative thoughts and habits.

45. Pointed knife in dream meaning

Dreaming about a pointed knife denotes your partner might cheat on you or hurt you in some way. Stay alert about their actions and protect yourself from being taken advantage of.

46. Meat knife dream meaning

Dreaming about a meat knife implies luck will flow towards you. You’ll prosper in any area of life you focus on. It might be your new romance or success in your professional life.

47. Double-edged knife dream meaning

To dream of a double-edged knife implies you’ll mediate a conflict between two people in waking life. You must prevent the situation from going out of hand and calm them both.

48. Kitchen knife dream meaning

The vision of a kitchen knife says you’re low on nutrition. Focus on your diet and take time to prepare healthy meals. Otherwise, you’ll fall sick in a vital period.

49. Knife wound dream meaning

Dreams about a knife wound carry negative implications for your personal life. Your enemies might spread false rumors to your family to disrupt your peace, so always stay connected.

50. Knife cut dream meaning

Knife cut dreams are symbolic of a hidden foe around you. By the time you identify them, it’ll be too late. SO, take the hint to find them sooner.

51. Losing a knife in dreams

Dreams about losing a knife and even searching for it illustrate that someone is taking advantage of you. You aren’t aware of their intentions. Identify them and steer clear.

52. Cutting with a blunt knife in dreams

Cutting with a blunt knife dreams show that you still suffer from insecurities and trauma from your teenage life and must soon work on it.

53. Decorative knife purchasing in dreams

Buying a decorative knife in dreams indicates your desire to be in charge of your life and keep everything under control forever but that’s impossible.

54. Huge knife dream meaning

Huge knife dreams are a depiction of impending danger and failure in defeating your enemies in waking life. Take proper measures to strive forward.

55. Walking with a large knife in dreams

Dreams of walking with a large knife portend you’ll succeed in your risky and uncertain plans in waking life, so stop worrying.

56. Knife with blood spots in dreams

A blood-spotted knife dream is a sign of failure in your life due to your forefathers’ mistakes. Repent in your ancestors’ stead to make amends.

57. Dreaming of being stabbed by yourself

Stabbing yourself with a knife dreams refers to knowing some information that will make you suddenly change your plans.

58. Being chased by a man with a knife in a dream for women

For women, dreams of being chased by a man with a knife are reflective of avoiding aggressive sexual advances from the men around you.

59. Pen knife in dreams

Pen knife dreams imply your secret desires to stick to your decisions. Or, you’re troubled about expressing your feelings to your loved ones.

60. Knife hovering over a baby in dreams

If you’re pregnant, a knife hovering over a baby in dreams implies you’re about to make a wrong decision about your unborn baby like an abortion.

61. Dreaming about a small knife

Small knife dreams are a resemblance of arguments with someone you love and respect intensely. However, you don’t want to separate from them at any moment.

62. Someone else cutting themselves with a knife in dreams

Someone cutting themselves in dreams with a knife depicts you’ll warn a dear one about something. However, they’ll not pay attention and get into trouble.

63. Attacking someone in dream with a knife

Dreaming of attacking someone with a knife in dreams shows you’ll gamble everything for your loved ones’ joy. You take care of everyone from the bottom of your heart.

64. Buying a knife dream meaning

Knife buying dreams express your confidence in real life. However, don’t show off your skills all the time or think that nobody else is comparable. Arrogance may lead to your downfall.

65. Selling knives dream meaning

Knife selling dreams are depictive of someone humiliating you publicly. You might not retaliate and later regret keeping mum. Others’ words don’t matter so long you’re true to yourself.

66. Gifting a knife to someone dream meaning

To give a knife to someone as a gift in dreams implies you’ll regret sacrificing a friend to succeed in life. They won’t stand the disrespect and leave you forever.

67. Others sharpening a knife in dreams

Others sharpening knives in dreams represents your regrets about sacrificing yourself and your aspirations for others. You’ll always distract yourself from regretful thoughts like what if’s.

68. Washing a knife in dreams

To wash knives yourself in dreams denote that a small problem will grow into a huge matter if you ignore it too long. The matter isn’t as scary so stop running away.

69. Others washing a knife in dreams

Someone else washing a knife in dreams suggests you’ll face negative consequences due to your impulsive decisions. Only motivation and persistence can help you out of it.

70. Stealing a knife in dreams

Dreaming of stealing a knife defines you as an ambitious soul. However, you don’t care about relationships and don’t mind using others to your advantage. You might regret this later.

71. Another stealing your knife in dreams

Someone stealing your knife in dreams implies someone else will use you for their ambitions. Be picky while forming business alliances and don’t fall prey to greedy people.

72. Someone trying to kill you in dreams with a knife

Dreaming of someone attempting to murder you with a knife suggests confronting challenges. You usually flee from uncomfortable situations which obstruct you from succeeding in life.

73. Someone cutting you in dreams with a knife

If someone else cuts you in your dreams with a knife, it implies you’re talented but something obstructs you from using your full potential. Identify that and use your creativity.

74. Being held at knifepoint in dreams

Being held at knifepoint dreams represent a relationship is about to end. You’ll be troubled but if you hang on, you’ll make it through the crisis soon.

75. Holding a rugged knife in dreams

Dreaming about holding a rugged knife predicts your careless words will hurt your partner and push them away from you. Don’t delay to make up with them, otherwise, you’ll lose them forever.

76. Placing a knife on the table dreams

To place a knife on the table in your dreams denotes you’re on the right career path and will attain consecutive success if you keep working hard.

77. Dreaming of handling a broken knife

If you used a broken knife in your dreams, you’re spending more than you earn in waking life. To maintain the quality and expenses of your life, consider earning from multiple sources.

78. Searching for a knife in vain in dreams

Searching for a knife in dreams and not finding it portends you’re lonely and desire a relationship. You can’t think of anything else, so socialize to find a partner.

79. Searching and finding knives in dreams

Searching and finding knives in your dreams symbolizes the presence of an angry, vengeful, and aggressive person in your waking life. You mustn’t stay connected with them.

80. Dreaming about pointing a knife at another

Dreaming of putting another at knifepoint expresses you want to blame and direct your anger at someone else. However, you must refrain because this will increase your problems.

81. Cutting bread with a knife

Dreaming of cutting bread with a knife implies some people in your workplace think they’re unfairly treated. You must promote peace and solve their problems with diplomacy.

82. Being stabbed by a known person in dreams

Dreaming of a known person stabbing you who isn’t a friend is a warning sign. In reality, this person is silently plotting something against you.

83. Dreaming of a knife lying on the ground

To see a knife lying on the ground in your dreams is suggestive of being careful about your life decisions. Be wary about the people in your life.

84. Dream of cutting certain body parts

Dreaming of a knife attacking different body parts holds diverse interpretations like so:

Eyes: sight loss

Nose: cutting the connection with something familiar

Stomach: news you can’t accept or someone envious of your energy

Legs or feet: obstacles in your life progress

Hands: issue in your workplace or with a friend

Heart: relationship issues or emotional baggage

Head: connecting with the mind

85. A woman giving her knife to someone in dreams

If you’re a woman and dream of giving your knife to another, you’re in love with an influential or famous person. You might feel insecure as your partner is always in the spotlight.

86. Pencil sharpening knife in dreams

Pencil sharpening knife dreams imply you’re a talented budding author and will soon prosper. Don’t stop creating masterpieces and follow your heart.

87. Unsheathing a knife in dreams

Unsheathing knife dreams if you’re married in reality implies you’ll soon have a baby boy. However, if the knife broke in the sheathe, you’ll lose a relative.

88. Soldier’s knife in dreams

Soldier’s knife dreams that you have great physical or mental strength in waking life and you always use it to serve others to make their lives easier.

89. Teacher stealing knife in dreams

Dreaming of a teacher stealing a knife depicts they felt tempted about your child and might abuse them. Be wary about this teacher.

90. A sheathed knife in dreams

Dreaming of a sheathed knife denotes that a witness of a case will feel intimidated by interrogations. The court will happily pass their judgment without much thought.

91. Fancy knife in dreams

Fancy knife dreams imply that someone will suddenly give you a gift. They harbor ulterior motives, i.e., they desire your cooperation in exchange for something.

92. Playing with a knife in dreams

Playing with knife dreams infer proceeding to different business segments in real life as you may incur losses or other problems in the current segment.

93. Chasing someone in a dream with a knife

Dreaming of chasing someone with a knife in your dreams is a harbinger of changing something about your academic life. However, this decision may backfire.

94. Fruit knife dream meaning

Dreaming about fruit knives is an ominous prediction of falling victim to false allegations in reality. But you’ll soon get justice, so don’t lose hope.

95. Desert knife dream meaning

Desert knife dreams reflect health changes depending on your circumstances. If you’re healthy now, it’s news of poor health. If you’re suffering, you may soon recover.

96. Bent knife in dreams

Bent knife dreams imply you desire more fun and excitement in your waking life. It’s a spiritual message to take a break and enjoy life.

97. White knife in dreams

White knife dreams signify you’re aware of others taking advantage of you. You’re losing trust in someone. But you wish to see how far they’ll take you for a fool.

98. Being a knife in dreams

If you were a knife in the dream, it signifies your planned expressions of emotions. You use this talent well to get the best out of your life.

99. Steak knife in dreams

Steak knife dreams predict the beginning of a new phase in your waking life. You’ll notice life from a different perspective and prosper with pleasant feelings.

100. Making knife in dreams

Making a knife in dreams implies you’ll be optimistic about your life disregarding all the challenges. You’ll succeed in your endeavors with your efforts and optimism.

101. Knife in bed in dreams

Seeing a knife in bed dreams stand for brimming creativity. You must use your free-flowing energy and set out for an exciting journey in waking life.

102. Silver knife in dreams

Silver knife dreams hints you’ll meet an outstanding person in real life. They’ll support you grow into a prominent person and mentor you to succeed in life.

103. Eating knife in dreams

Eating knife dreams metaphorize your wishes to make an impactful impression on others. You want to help everyone but aren’t sure about your conservative views.

104. Butter knife in dreams

Butter knife dreams signify something that troubles you physically or mentally. Only when you notice the bigger picture, you’ll acknowledge your concealed talents and overcome the troubles.

105. Black knife in dreams

Black knife dreams portend you’ll soon complete the current phase of your life successfully and move on to the next phase. However, you’re afraid of the new journey.

106. The word “knife” in dreams

Dreaming of the word “knife” hints at your confidence and strength in waking life. However, you’re afraid everything will be ruined if retribution of past mistakes haunts you.

107. Riding a knife in dreams

Riding a knife dreams is symbolic of balancing different circumstances in your professional life. You can handle any crisis and your boss recognizes you for that.

108. Knife in water in dreams

Knife in water dreams portends your lifestyle and angers some people. They’ll conspire against you and you’ll pay for it. Consider fixing your lifestyle to prevent mishaps.

109. Knife in mouth in dreams

Knife in mouth dreams predict a phase of sorrow and grief in your personal life. Spend more time with friends, family, and especially children so you don’t have any regrets.

110. Knife and fork in dreams

Seeing knife and fork dreams indicate your need to grow in life. Embrace and acknowledge your partner’s qualities and you’ll feel satisfied with life.

111. A child with knife in dreams

A child with knife dreams symbolizes wanting new friends or relationships in waking life.

However, do you only want companionship or are you seeking strength from others? Bond for the right reasons, otherwise you’ll be dissatisfied.

112. Catching a knife in dreams

Catching a knife in dreams hints at your desire for power and authority. You want to reach a high position in your career and control others.

113. An intruder with knife in dreams

An intruder with knife dreams suggests expressing your emotions more to grow your creativity and attract positivity in your life. It also says you’re a responsible person.

114. Old lady with a knife in dreams

Old lady with knife dreams denote you hide your emotional sides to excel in your professional life. You hate it and want to be more expressive. But you’re scared others will misuse your soft nature.

115. Woman chasing you with a knife in dreams

Dreaming of a woman chasing you with a knife depicts your wish to be in a relationship with an ideal partner. Conversely, it says you’ll grow emotionally as you feel others’ difficulties.

116. Hunting knife dream meaning

Hunting knife dreams are indicative of unpleasant surprises in your waking life. Prepare your heart for a shocking revelation and refrain from acting impulsively.

117. Stabbing the enemy’s side in dreams

To stab your enemy in the side implies financial damage in your waking life. Carefully handle your expenses to smoothen this blow.

118. Hurting someone with a knife mistakenly in dreams

To hurt someone in your dream with a knife due to negligence implies you wish to help your friend. However, this will only hurt your friend further.

119. Father gave you knife in dreams

Your father giving you a knife in dreams predicts he’ll request something in waking life. You’ll find yourself in many crises to fulfill his desires.

120. Woman buying a new knife in dreams

A woman dreaming of buying a new knife foretells she’ll have new suitors in waking life. This will make her existing suitors envious and angry.

121. Father sharpening knives and scissors in dreams

Your father sharpening knives and scissors dreams resembles undertaking an unpleasant task. However, you’ll be victorious in the end with good fortune.

122. Fighting back your chaser with a knife in dreams

If someone was chasing you with a knife and you fought them back in dreams, you’ll free yourself from bad influence in reality.

123. Mother getting hurt while washing knives in dreams

Your mother washing knives dreams symbolize negative consequences in your waking life. If she got hurt in the dream, then she’s responsible for the issues.

124. Seeing another being stabbed in dreams

Seeing someone else stabbed in your dreams indicates that someone will deceive you and get you into trouble. They’ll force you into partaking in morally wrong actions.

125. Buying a kitchen knife in dreams

Buying kitchen knife dreams signifies your high self-esteem in waking life. You wish to achieve the greatest success and position and control others around you.

Spiritual meaning of knife in a dream

Spiritually, knife dreams signify sacrifice, separation, death, ill-wishers, and a need for praying for peace and protection.

There can be diverse spiritual meanings of the knife in your dreams depending on your current life circumstances. However, they mainly symbolize separation, sacrifice, and demise.

It may also imply your enemies’ attempts at stopping you from achieving your goals. Or, someone in your life wants to harm you or your loved one physically, mentally, or in any other way.

Don’t ignore this dream and pray to the divine powers for protecting you, your loved ones, and everything you cherish in life.

Biblical meaning of knife in a dream

Biblically, knife dreams symbolize separation due to misunderstandings and conflicts in your family, feeling confused, being pessimistic, and even flashbacks of past humiliation.

Knives in your dreams, as per the bible, reflect separation between loved ones due to misunderstandings and disagreements.

Someone or something in your waking life hurts you to the point of having knife dreams. It’s a family or relationship issue and inflicts many emotional wounds on you.

You’re unsure about how to tackle the situation and restore peace in your life.  You’re afraid to make any changes as you worry about it backfiring.

You excessively highlight the negatives and lose to challenges even before fighting them.

It may also imply emotions like pain and humiliation. Or, someone that hurt you in the past wants to return to your life. Think with a clear mind about what you truly desire and decide the best for yourself.

Psychological meaning of knife in a dream

Psychologically, knife dreams predict dramatic life changes, suggest letting go of the past, and signify feelings of guilt and being harmed.

As per Sigmund Freud’s “The Interpretation of Dreams”, dreams are the result of external stimulation.

He defined dreams as innocent unconscious forces. From his studies, dreams about violence and murder are powerful hints from your subconscious mind.

He roughly found that knife dreams happen when you must let something go, you’ll face a dramatic change, you’re a victim of hostility, or you feel guilty. Psychoanalysis of some regular knife dreams are:

  •  Stabbed with a knife: A loved one is being toxic and you suppress your feelings
  • Stabbing someone familiar with a knife: You dislike their guts
  • Stabbing someone unfamiliar: You must fix a part of your personality
  • Seeing someone being stabbed with a knife: You broke the emotional connection with some people
  • Someone chasing you with knife: You wish to overcome a vital emotional situation

Questions to ask to interpret knife dreams correctly

Sometimes, dreams become hard to interpret because you can’t understand the subject. You may see so many things subconsciously that your conscious brain can’t figure out what’s important for the interpretation.

So, answer these questions and join the implications to find the proper meaning…

1. How was the physical appearance of the knife?

2. Who was there in your dreams?

3. Who was holding the knife?

4. How many knives were there?

5. Did anyone use the knife? If yes, for what?

6. Did you or anybody get hurt? Was it intentional or unintentional?

7. If there was any wound, where was it?

8. What were your feelings in the dream?

9. What’s your gender?

10. Did the knife have any particular purpose?

A word from ThePleasantDream

Sometimes you may feel the dream interpretations are a bit off. Perhaps, you’re happy in your relationship, but you found something about betrayal. 

In such cases, don’t assume your partner is disloyal. Either take time to understand your partner’s feelings or communicate about the matter.

Perhaps, you hurt your partner which led to suppressed negativity buildup in your relationship.

This goes the same for every area of your life. The divine powers channel some message to you through dreams. However, not everything is ditto for two individuals’ same dream.

This is because your conscious mind can hardly retain all the visions from the dream. So, always take careful steps when you work on your interpretations.