What Do Stairs Mean in A Dream?

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Dream of seeing stairs

If you dream of staircases without any person or activities happening around, you are in one of the most auspicious periods of your life.

Dream of reaching the top of the stairs

The event denotes you have or will soon accomplish the most important life goals.

Dream of climbing stairs

It is undoubtedly a good sign and one of the most auspicious scenarios anyone can see in his or her lifetime.

Dream of climbing many steps at once

As per the plot, you are progressing but not in the right way. To get things done faster, you have chosen the shorter route to success.

Dream of climbing the stairs to heaven

The stairs pointing towards heaven show you have all the potential and resources necessary to be a big shot.

Running up the staircase in a dream

Though working hard, making use of each moment is good, you could miss out on the details if you rush through in life, be it in any domain.

Standing still on the staircase in a dream

According to the scenario, you have begun your journey to achieve your so-called dream goals. But as you see, you aren’t moving – neither forward nor backward.

Dream of going downstairs

Generally, going downstairs in a dream is associated with moving away from your life goals. Maybe your journey got worse with each step.

Dreaming of stairs signifies whether you are moving ahead, going backward, or stuck in a rut. Interestingly, some events reflect how you perceive a particular situation, while a few determine what type of person you are.