You are right if you associate a dream about office with your work and career. 

Generally, it symbolizes work-related problems, responsibilities, obligations, goals, serious thinking, etc.

Some scenarios may also be the subconscious drawing your attention to malicious people around you.

But there’s more to it. Let’s unriddle it. 

What Does A Dream About Office Signify?

Most of the time, a dream about office has more to do with your professional life and less to do with the personal.

Also, an office can mean you are working towards self-improvement. Sometimes, such dreams can be a sign that you feel overwhelmed in some aspects of your life. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Office Dreams

From a spiritual point of view, an office shows the importance of taking responsibility. 

If you initiate something, make sure you see through it until its completion. And if you made a mess, be responsible and do not try to put the blame on someone else. 

Various Scenarios & Office Dream Meanings 

In the following sections, we have listed some of the most common scenarios associated with offices. So, if you wish to get a detailed meaning about your dream, tag along!

Dreaming about your office

Expect changes in your professional life if you see your workplace in a dream. Whether the upcoming changes are for better or worse depends on the overall emotion you felt in the dream. 

In some instances, such dreams are a sign that you are dragging home your work-related pressure, stress, and anxiety

If the overall scenario makes you feel good, it shows you are really passionate about your work

To dream of working in an office

Generally, the scenario implies a need for change.

Perhaps fear of instability is holding you back from exploring a new career despite being bored to death of your current job.

Also, it can mean you are thinking of ways to be more productive, to do things more efficiently, etc. 

From another perspective, the dream is a harbinger of starting a business of your own. 

Seeing a boss in an office 

If you feel your life is being heavily controlled by someone else, the scenario may reflect your desire to take back the authority you have intentionally or unintentionally handed over.

Negatively, the dream shows you wish to be in control of someone else’s life, decisions and actions.

To make love in an office

It symbolizes obstacles you will soon encounter because of your recklessness. 

Sleeping in an office

It stands for an unfinished task or a broken promise weighing heavy on your conscience.

It can also mean you are literally forcing your mind and body to do something despite being uninterested. 

Cleaning an office

Generally, it shows discontentment – with your job, your family, your partner, whatever fits into your real-life picture. 

According to the dream, it’s taking a toll on your mental health. On the other hand, the scenario is a harbinger of a piece of good news taking you by surprise. 

Demolishing an office

It generally symbolizes a conflict with higher authority. This can also foretell a dispute with your parents, guardians, elder siblings, or elderly family members. 

Renting an office

Most likely, you will take over a task or project from an elderly family member or relative

A clean office

It shows you need to be more organized about your personal life and relationships

Messy office

Most probably, your life is in chaos.

Alternatively, it can also mean you lack clarity about what you should do in your life and how to. Also, it shows you feel overwhelmed in some areas of your life. 

A spacious and well-lit office

As per the scenario, there will be significant growth in your professional life in the upcoming period. 

An empty office

Chances are that you are avoiding problems and seeking refuge in your work.

On the other hand, someone or some people might hand over their workload to you if you were the only person in the office.

A new office

It can be interpreted in different ways. To begin with, it can stand for financial gain.

On the other hand, it may signify either someone assisting you to complete a task or you learning from a person proficient in that field.

Negatively, it can reflect your frustration over a more competent person constantly getting in your way with advice, guidance, and directions on how to proceed with something. 

Seeing the outside of an office building

Chances are you are refusing to take responsibility for the mistakes you committed and are putting the blame on someone.  

Running for public office

It represents your ambitiousness and longings to be respected.

Psychological Meaning Of Office

Psychologically, it can have either positive or negative connotations depending on the context and your reality.

In some instances, the dream may reflect your satisfaction with your job. And at other times, it can be a sign that you feel insecure about your work.  


A dream about office is associated with your career and profession, most of the time. However, what seems like a positive message can turn out to be really bad and vice versa. 

So, you must take the utmost advantage of what the subconscious is trying to tell you. Because dreams never occur without a purpose.

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