You are right if you associate a dream about office with your work and career. But such dreams can tell much more about you and your life besides your work. 

For instance, let’s say you are struggling to win the affection of the person you love despite giving him or her everything you can offer. 

Then, at that point, an office setting might appear with hints about what you are doing wrong. Why is he or she refusing to love you back? Is it because that person feels nothing towards you, or have you messed up anything? 

What Does A Dream About Office Signify?

Generally, a dream about office symbolizes work-related problems, responsibilities, obligations, goals, serious thinking, etc. Some scenarios may also be the subconscious drawing your attention to malicious people around you.

Most of the time, a dream about office has more to do with your professional life and less to do with the personal.

That said, it all depends on what you are going through and what you exactly dream of. It’s not fair to decode a dream based on a quick glance at what the primary theme stands for.

For instance, let’s say you are giving serious thought to whether you should marry your current partner or not. You know that marriage is not a game and should never be taken lightly. 

So, at this juncture, an office might appear, all of a sudden, indicating you are considering the matter in all seriousness. 

Also, an office can mean you are working towards self-improvement. 

Sometimes, such dreams can be a sign that you feel overwhelmed in some aspects of your life. 

Office Dream Meaning – Various Dream Scenarios & Their Interpretations

In the following sections, we have listed some of the most common scenarios associated with offices. So, if you wish to get a detailed meaning about your dream, tag along!

1. To dream of an office

In a broad sense, an office can be a sign that you feel overwhelmed with your duties and responsibilities. 

On the other hand, if you are facing problems with regard to your personal life, the dream shows you seek comfort in work. 

Perhaps you are burying yourself in your work to keep your mind off your problems. 

2. Dreaming about your office

Expect changes in your professional life if you see your workplace in a dream. Whether the upcoming changes are for better or worse depends on the overall emotion you felt in the dream. 

In some instances, such dreams are a sign that you are dragging home your work-related pressure, stress, and anxiety. 

If the overall scenario makes you feel good, it shows you are really passionate about your work. 

3. To dream of seeing your name on the office door

According to the dream, you are an ambitious person. Furthermore, the dream says you are willing to go the extra mile to achieve your goals.

4. To dream of working in an office

Generally, the scenario of working in an office implies a need for change. 

Perhaps fear of instability is holding you back from exploring a new career despite being bored to death of your current job.

Also, working in an office can mean you are thinking of ways to be more productive, to do things more efficiently, etc. 

From another perspective, the dream is a harbinger of starting a business of your own. 

5. To dream of seeing someone working in an office

The vision of another person working in an office shows obligations towards your family and work are not letting you have a life of your own. 

6. To see other people working in an office 

If you see not one but many people working in an office, it reveals that you are comparing yourself to others in ways more than one.

Moreover, you could be feeling inferior and questioning yourself if you have the potential to proceed alongside them. 

Seeing other people working in an office can also be a sign of your overcompetitiveness.

7. To dream of welcoming guests in an office

Welcoming guests in an office shows you are swamped in the waking world. 

Alternatively, if you dream about welcoming guests who come to see you in your office, it means you are an inspiration to many. They value your opinions and guidance more than you think. 

8. Dreaming about seeing your father in an office

Your father in an office represents the decisions you are seriously pondering over in your waking world. 

9. To dream of seeing a boss in an office 

Dreaming of a superior at an office is associated with control.

If you feel your life is being heavily controlled by someone else, the scenario may reflect your desire to take back the authority you have intentionally or unintentionally handed over.

Negatively, the dream shows you wish to be in control of someone else’s life, decisions and actions.

10. Standing up to your boss in a dream

The dream underlines the need to stand up for yourself, your beliefs, and your opinions. 

11. Seeing your partner at an office in a dream

Dreaming about seeing your partner in an office is a sign that you feel distant from him or her.

Such a dream can also happen if you are hiding your genuine feelings from him or her.

12. To make love in an office in a dream

Making love in an office symbolizes obstacles you will soon encounter because of your recklessness. 

13. To dream of sleeping in an office

Sleeping in an office stands for an unfinished task or a broken promise weighing heavy on your conscience. 

It can also mean you are literally forcing your mind and body to do something despite being uninterested. 

14. To see others sleeping in an office

Usually, the vision of other people sleeping in an office setting augurs a potential argument with a colleague or a business partner. 

Most probably, the conflict will arise after you notice him or her slacking off from his or her responsibilities. 

15. To dream of taking some things out of your office

Dreaming about taking things out or away from your office can be a sign of promotion in the foreseeable future.

16. Dreaming that you got fired from your office

Undoubtedly, getting laid off from work will make you anxious about what will happen in the near future.

But this is actually a good sign if you are presently doing well at work. According to the plot, you genuinely enjoy your work and look forward to expanding your knowledge through experiences.

On the contrary, if you feel insecure about your job in your waking life, the dream is a reflection of your anxieties. 

17. To dream of someone taking your office

Someone taking your office shows an envious person in your surroundings is trying to ruin your reputation. 

18. Dreaming about struggling to locate the washroom in your office 

If you couldn’t find the washroom on your office premises, it is a sign that your salary is not enough to provide yourself and your family with the most basic needs.

19. To dream of seeing and wandering around in an unfamiliar office

According to the dream, you are constantly comparing yourself to someone. This can be work-related but need not necessarily be. 

20. Cleaning an office in a dream

Generally, cleaning an office shows discontentment – with your job, your family, your partner, whatever fits into your real-life picture. 

According to the dream, it’s taking a toll on your mental health. So, consider making changes, wherever you think necessary for your mind to be at peace.

On the other hand, the scenario is a harbinger of a piece of good news taking you by surprise. 

21. To see others cleaning an office in a dream

Most likely, a close one will come to you for help regarding a task. 

Regardless of whether it would appear complicated to you or not, the subconscious advises you to put yourself in your close one’s shoes to tackle the problem effectively. 

22. Dreaming about demolishing an office

Demolishing an office generally symbolizes a conflict with higher authority.

This can also foretell a dispute with your parents, guardians, elder siblings, or elderly family members. 

23. To see others demolishing an office in a dream

Seeing other people demolish an office shows you will soon get rid of a huge burden that has been troubling you for a long time.

24. Dreaming about setting an office on fire

Chances are, you have had a fight or an argument with someone lately. 

According to the plot, you got carried away, and your argument took on another direction without you conveying your genuine feelings and opinions.

So, realizing later what you have done, you hoped you had communicated better when you had the opportunity.

25. To see others setting an office on fire in a dream

Seeing another person setting an office on fire indicates you will soon witness injustice done to someone.

But as per the scenario, you will not be able to do anything. 

26. To dream of renting an office

Most likely, you will take over a task or project from an elderly family member or relative. 

27. Dreaming about seeing the ceiling of your office 

To dream of seeing the ceiling of your workplace symbolizes limitations that are withholding your growth and development. 

28. Dreaming of an office table

Generally, a big office table symbolizes financial gain and abundance in the near future, while a small one hints at an income barely enough to cover your basic needs. 

Also, an office table symbolizes your goals.

29. To see a cluttered office table in a dream

According to the dream, you need to figure out which to prioritize and which not to. 

30. Dreaming about sitting in your office chair

The dream is associated with self-exploration and discovery. 

31. To dream of sitting in someone else’s office chair

Most likely, you do not have enough confidence in your own abilities if you dream of the above. 

32. To dream about working on your computer in an office

Depending on the emotions you experience in the dream, it means you either have opportunities to prove yourself, or you believe there’s no platform for you to voice your concerns.

33. To dream about your office computer crashing

Most likely, something is getting out of control in your life. 

34. To dream about seeing a rug in your office

A rug in an office setting stands for the work-related problems you have ignored or overlooked. 

35. Dreaming about going up to your office rooftop

According to the scenario, you are or will soon explore a hustle or a hobby alongside your current job. 

36. To see the windows of an office in a dream

As per the scenario, you seek clarity about something in your waking life. 

37. To dream about an office elevator

Just like an elevator, the dream shows you are facing ups and downs in your life.

38. Dreaming about a staircase in an office

Probably, you are thinking about what steps to take and how to proceed well to achieve a goal. 

39. Dreaming of a clean office

A clean and organized office shows you need to be more organized about your personal life and relationships

40. Dreaming of a messy office

Most probably, your life is in chaos if a messy office showed up in your sleep. 

Alternatively, it can also mean you lack clarity about what you should do in your life and how to. 

Also, a messy office shows you feel overwhelmed in some areas of your life. 

41. To dream of a spacious and well-lit office

As per the scenario, there will be significant growth in your professional life in the upcoming period. 

42. Dreaming of a dark office

Likely, your intentions will be misunderstood or misinterpreted by others if you see a dark office. 

43. Dreaming about an empty office

If you are the only person inside an office, chances are that you are avoiding problems and seeking refuge in your work. 

Maybe you are staying the night over in your workplace as the environment at home is tense.

On the other hand, someone or some people might hand over their workload to you if you were the only person in the office.

44. A new office in a dream

A new office can be interpreted in different ways. To begin with, it can stand for financial gain.

On the other hand, it may signify either someone assisting you to complete a task or you learning from a person proficient in that field.

Negatively, it can reflect your frustration over a more competent person constantly getting in your way with advice, guidance, and directions on how to proceed with something. 

45. To dream of seeing the outside of an office building

Chances are you are refusing to take responsibility for the mistakes you committed and are putting the blame on someone.  

46. Dreaming about an office with a sea view

The dream indicates pursuing great deeds and gaining victory, in due time. 

If you dream of the above while going through a tough time financially, the scenario shows your problems will be resolved very soon. 

47. To dream of an office in a city 

An office in a city shows you are seeking new opportunities to improve your life.

48. Running for public office in a dream

Dreaming about running for public office represents your ambitiousness and longings to be respected.

49. A student dreaming of cleaning an office

For a student, cleaning an office symbolizes passing an exam and getting promoted to the next grade. 

50. An employed person dreaming of cleaning an office

If you already have a job and dream about cleaning an office, the scenario foretells a change in your workplace. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Office Dreams

From a spiritual point of view, an office shows the importance of taking responsibility. 

If you initiate something, make sure you see through it until its completion. And if you made a mess, be responsible and do not try to put the blame on someone else. 

A Dream About Office – A Biblical Meaning

According to the Bible, a dream about the workplace shows whatever you do, you must do it with passion. Only then will you be able to bear the fruits of your efforts. 

Psychological Meaning Of Office Dreams

Psychologically, an office in a dream can have either positive or negative connotations depending on the context and your reality.

In some instances, the dream may reflect your satisfaction with your job. And at other times, it can be a sign that you feel insecure about your work.  


Therefore, a dream about office is associated with your career and profession, most of the time. But as we mentioned in the beginning, do not determine the meaning of your dream based on the general interpretation. 

Dreams can be tricky. What seems like a positive message can turn out to be really bad and vice versa. So, you must take the utmost advantage of what the subconscious is trying to tell you. Because dreams never occur without a purpose. 

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