What Does Airplane Dream Mean?

Airplane Dream-General Meaning

An airplane in dreams stands for movement and elevation, power, abundance, and success. 

Dream of flying in a plane

Take note of your emotions while you are riding the plane.  Dreams have a message for you. 

Dreams of flying a plane

You are your life’s pilot and are in complete control of your life. You know very well what you want to accomplish and which route to take for your dreams to come true.

Dreaming of several planes in the sky

If a man dreams of many airplanes, it foretells a major problem caused by his unhealthy obsession and dedication to women.

Dreaming of enjoying a flight

If you enjoyed a plane ride in a dream, it is an indication that you will achieve your goals.

Dreaming of feeling scared while riding the plane

If you were afraid of the airplane crashing or meeting its doom in some way, it implies that you tend to overthink matters.