What Does Dream about Ex-girlfriend Mean?

Dream of ex-girlfriend proposing you

You are stuck in the past and haven't accepted the breakup fully.

Dreams about your ex-girlfriend fighting with another girl

You are not sure whether ending the relationship with your ex-partner was worth it or not.

Dreaming of ex-girlfriend with someone else

She is no more active in this relationship and has a new life now.

Dream about ex-girlfriend being pregnant

You're missing those sweet, happy, and peaceful moments shared together.

Dream of kissing your ex-girlfriend

You are still stuck in the past and have not yet overcome the breakup fully.

Dreams about ex-girlfriend having a tattoo on her back

She has left something behind that reminds you of her all the time.

Ex-girlfriend crying in the dream 

Maybe you are not happy with your present partner and the relationship is showing patterns of breakup.

Dream about ex-girlfriend rejecting you

Your inherent desire to forget and forgive her in reality and move on with life.

Dreams about an abusive ex-girlfriend

Your fear of having similar problems with your wife or present girlfriend.

Dream about ex-girlfriend’s marriage

You have learned to let go of past memories and move on with your life.

Dream about ex-girlfriend often awakens your old love, passion, happy and sad memories attached with her. On the other hand, these dreams are also helping you to heal an old relationship mistake that may destroy your present and future relationships as well.