Dream about ex-girlfriend often awakens your old love, passion, happy and sad memories attached with her. You are still missing her in your life and hold a soft corner for her.

It denotes your regrets, frustrations, and insecurity about your present relationship as well.

What Does Dream about Ex-Girlfriend Mean (25 Dream Scenarios Explained)
What Does Dream about Ex-Girlfriend Mean (25 Dream Scenarios Explained)

The General Meaning of Dreaming about an Ex-Girlfriend

Dream about an ex-girlfriend means that you are holding on to past memories that are already gone and cannot come back again in real life. 

You are just reliving a happy timeline of your life that gave you immense joy but you are missing it now in your present relationship. You are dwelling in the past and don’t want to let it go off your unconscious realm.

In most of the cases, dreams about ex-girlfriend symbolizes the following.

  • Emotional and sexual dissatisfaction with your wife or present girlfriend.
  • Unfinished business and conflicts that never got a chance to be sorted out peacefully.
  • Pain and suffering arising out of the breakup.
  • A feeling of loss and deep seated regret and guilt.
  • Your ex-girlfriend is an emotional image in dreams. She represents past trauma that needed an inner healing but never got a chance to go through a cleansing process.
  • Your ex-girlfriend also represents certain negative aspects such as failures in relationships, abuse, maltreatment, fights, disagreements that you would never wish to go through again in your present relationship.
  • Last but not the least, ex-girlfriend dreams means that you are not yet over with her emotionally.

Spiritual Meaning of Dreams about Ex Girlfriend

Spiritually, an ex-girlfriend symbolizes unmet needs and desires of waking life. It signifies unhappiness, lack of passion, and excitement in your present relationships. In dreams, your ex is just an emotional image with whom you are strongly connected and feel insecure about any loopholes in the bonding.

It also denotes an unfinished business between the two of you causing emotional suffering and pain.

Biblical Interpretation

In the BIble, dreams about ex-girlfriend symbolizes old patterns of thoughts and habits that restraints your personal growth and progress in life. It symbolizes a toxic or unhealthy past that is full of suffering and agony.

It symbolizes certain primitive ways of thinking, feeling, and acting that you need to forgo in order to live a happy life. It tells you to shed off those bad habits and negative feelings that are detrimental to mental health and emotional wellness. 

Various Dream Scenarios of Ex-girlfriend 

When you dream about your ex-girlfriend, you should pay more attention to the details of the dream theme, your general mood, and past emotions attached with it. 

Seeing ex girlfriend every night

It symbolizes your unmet needs, desires, and wishes that were never fulfilled in reality. Maybe you had some unresolved conflicts and unfinished tasks left with her because the breakup was abrupt and unexpected. 

You people never got a chance to talk and resolve the misunderstandings in real life, and as such you have never been able to move out of the relationship emotionally. Now you are repenting and not feeling happy about it.

Ex girlfriend with someone else

It could mean that your subconscious mind is telling you that she is gone and has a new life now. You also need to have a life after her because you also deserve what is good for you. 

The dream tells you to accept the fact that the relationship is no more active now and you will have to let go of past memories and move on with your life. 

Ex girlfriend being pregnant

This dream means you are missing her in waking life. You are missing those sweet, happy, and peaceful moments shared together. 

You are also longing for emotional closeness with someone in waking life. The dream symbolizes your deepest desire to get back the lost love and passion in real life.

Ex girlfriend coming back years later

This dream symbol is a wish fulfillment vision. The dream represents your repressed desires and unmet needs of waking life.

Such a dream means that you are not happy with your present partner or wife. You are missing certain good qualities of your ex-girlfriend and want her back in real life. 

Talking to an ex girlfriend

This dream symbolizes your lack of ambition in waking life. Maybe you lack the courage and determination to achieve something more than being an average. This dream represents a monotonous life without taking much action to accomplish your life goals. 

The dream tells you to use your talents and qualities in the right way to achieve more of something. It reminds you not to settle for less but strive for more by using your gifted skills.

Dreams about an abusive ex girlfriend

When you dream about an abusive relationship with an ex-girlfriend it means you are in trauma and immense sadness.

You have not yet accepted the breakup as a real happening. You are still anxious and ruminating over past arguments, toxic fights, and squabbling with your ex. 

A recent ex girlfriend

It means you need to question yourself about the feelings related to the breakup. If you were not happy with it, then the dream means that you have not yet overcome the trauma of breaking up with her.  

Fighting with your first ex girlfriend

This dream symbolizes real life conflicts and disagreements that you have with yourself. Your first love with an ex-girlfriend was a special thing.

It actually seemed like a battle because you probably had done so many things to please her and convince her of your deeper affection.

Ex girlfriend’s marriage

The dream means that you have learned to let go of past memories and move on with your life. The dream indicates that you have a life after her and you have embraced it in a positive way. 

Ex girlfriend crying 

It symbolizes many new problems coming your way as far as the present relationship is concerned. The dream symbolizes your past worries and issues surfacing in waking life now. 

Dream of ex girlfriend proposing you

It means that you are stuck in your past and have not yet accepted the breakup fully. Maybe you are missing the happy timeline of your life that was easy going and less stressful. 

Kissing your ex girlfriend

Kissing your ex are common dreams that symbolize that you are missing your good old days. You are still stuck in the past and have not yet overcome the breakup fully.

Ex girlfriend wanting you back in her life

It symbolizes your hidden desire to get back to her in waking life. Maybe deep down you are missing her and the fond memories of togetherness attached with the relationship. 

Dating ex girlfriend

The dream symbolizes that something is lacking in your present relationship and as such it’s getting reflected in the subconscious mind. Dating an ex symbolizes your old passion and spark that is not there in your waking life.

Having sex with ex girlfriend

It is a fantasy or wish fulfillment dream. In most cases the dream symbolizes lack of passion and spark in your present relationship. 

Your present bonding is devoid of intimacy and your unconscious is longing to have more of it in reality. Thus, the missing parts of waking life are just getting relayed through dreams. 

Ex girlfriend rejecting you

This dream symbol reminds you to accept the reality of the breakup and move on with your life. The dream symbolizes healing from past wounds.

It tells you to forget past memories (good and bad) associated with the relationship and accept life as it comes. 

Arguing with ex girlfriend

This night time vision indicates real life problems in present relationships. Maybe you and your present partner are arguing and fighting a lot these days. The relationship is getting toxic with a lot of mutual insults and humiliation. 

The dream theme pertains to negative things going on in waking life, giving you hints on how you can resolve these issues fast.

Summing Up from ‘ThePleasantDream’ 

Don’t you think that your ex-girlfriend dream is actually helping you to heal an old relationship mistake that may destroy your present and future relationships as well? These dreams are not that bad as you may perceive them in reality.

After all, who doesn’t want to live a happy and blissful life with a loving partner by his/her side?

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