Many weird dreams pop up to disturb your inner peace, such as dreams of being naked, or a pregnancy dream when you are not carrying a baby in reality. Similarly for many men out there, dreams about ex-girlfriend is a super common dream theme.

Most men dream about their exes or the first crush whenever they feel emotionally down and not really happy in their present relationship status.

To delve deep into the reasons behind such a dream, read on with patience and interest.

Let’s get started…

What Does Dream about Ex-Girlfriend Mean (25 Dream Scenarios Explained)
What Does Dream about Ex-Girlfriend Mean (25 Dream Scenarios Explained)

Ex Girlfriend Dream Meaning – General Interpretation

Dream about ex-girlfriend often awakens your old love, passion, happy and sad memories attached with her. You are still missing her in your life and hold a soft corner for her. It denotes your regrets, frustrations, and insecurity about your present relationship as well.

Whenever a man dreams about his ex-girlfriend, it may mean various things depending upon the context of the dream, the intensity of the emotions felt during the process, and the various confusing events of your waking life that gets reflected through the subconscious mind.

Dream about an ex-girlfriend means that you are holding on to past memories that are already gone and cannot come back again in real life.

You are just reliving a happy timeline of your life that gave you immense joy but you are missing it now in your present relationship. You are dwelling in the past and don’t want to let it go off your unconscious realm.

Lauri Loewenberg, expert dream analyst added that “the context of the dream makes a big difference in what it means.” She further says that there is a general misconception about ex- dreams and it is that you want the person back in your waking life. 

She suggests not thinking literally because such dreams are symbolic connotations of present life. Usually the dream is not so much about your ex- girlfriend but what she represents in your waking life.

As you are missing the good old days, your sleeping mind is showing the happy memories that you would love to cherish forever.

Sometimes ex-girlfriend dreams can mean an unfinished business with her. Probably you were not happy with the way you people broke off; maybe the emotional pain attached with the breakup had left deep cuts and wounds in your unconscious mind. 

Thus, it’s getting relayed through dreams. Dreams about ex-girlfriend symbolizes loss, regrets, and disappointments in waking life. If you dream about fighting, arguing, or squabbling with your ex-girlfriend, it could mean that something or someone in real life is bringing out similar feelings and the dream reminds you just that.

In most of the cases, dreams about ex-girlfriend symbolizes the following.

  • Unhappiness in present life.
  • Emotional and sexual dissatisfaction with your wife or present girlfriend.
  • Unfinished business and conflicts that never got a chance to be sorted out peacefully.
  • Pain and suffering arising out of the breakup.
  • You are trying to find out some specific good qualities in your wife/present girlfriend that your ex possessed.
  • A feeling of loss and deep seated regret and guilt.
  • You are trying to figure out whose fault was it and whether the breakup could have been avoided.
  • Your ex-girlfriend is an emotional image in dreams. She represents past trauma that needed an inner healing but never got a chance to go through a cleansing process.
  • Your ex-girlfriend also represents certain negative aspects such as failures in relationships, abuse, maltreatment, fights, disagreements that you would never wish to go through again in your present relationship.
  • Last but not the least, ex-girlfriend dreams means that you are not yet over with her emotionally. The emotional residues, whether good or bad, are still active in the unconscious mind and it can pop up any time as a dream imagery, even if you are not consciously aware of it.

Dream about ex girlfriend – 25 Scenarios and their Meanings

When you dream about your ex-girlfriend, you should pay more attention to the details of the dream theme, your general mood, and past emotions attached with it.

Moreover the circumstances of your present relationship also plays a vital role in analyzing the exact meaning of such dreams.

1. Dream about having a baby with your ex girlfriend

If you dream about having a baby with your ex-girlfriend, it symbolizes two things in dream symbolism. If the baby is yours’, it means that you have harbored a hidden wish to revive your old bond with her.

You still yearn for her presence in your waking life, missing her, and would love to be with her again. On the contrary, if the baby is not yours, it could mean that you have accepted the breakup and have learnt to let go of past feelings and move on with your life. 

In most cases, such a dream symbol shows your concern about the present relationship. It could mean that you are facing some problems with your present partner; maybe you are deeply concerned about whether similar mistakes can happen now and ruin the relationship.

2. Dream about ex girlfriend every night

When you dream about an ex-girlfriend every night, it symbolizes your unmet needs, desires, and wishes that were never fulfilled in reality. Maybe you had some unresolved conflicts and unfinished tasks left with her because the breakup was abrupt and unexpected. 

You people never got a chance to talk and resolve the misunderstandings in real life, and as such you have never been able to move out of the relationship emotionally. Now you are repenting and not feeling happy about it.

Dreams of ex-girlfriend every night signifies lost love, broken hopes, resentments, regrets, and sufferings. It denotes an unsettled state of mind in waking life. Seeing her in your dream indicates that you are not yet over with her. 

She is very much active in the unconscious because the emotions and bad habits attached with her were strong enough to never be forgotten in reality.

3. Dreaming of ex girlfriend with someone else

If you dream about your ex-girlfriend having a relationship with someone else, it could mean that your subconscious mind is telling you that she is gone and has a new life now. You also need to have a life after her because you also deserve what is good for you. 

The dream tells you to accept the fact that the relationship is no more active now and you will have to let go of past memories and move on with your life. You should get past your ex-girlfriend and accept the reality that she is no longer present in your waking life and cannot come back again.

4. Dream about ex girlfriend being pregnant

If you dream about your ex-girlfriend being pregnant, it means you are missing her in waking life. You are missing those sweet, happy, and peaceful moments shared together. 

You are also longing for emotional closeness with someone in waking life. The dream symbolizes your deepest desire to get back the lost love and passion in real life.

If she is carrying your baby it means you are ready to patch up with her again. A baby symbolizes a new beginning and hope. The dream reminds you that there is still something more in the relationship and you should give it another chance to bloom and flourish in real life. 

If she is pregnant with someone else’s baby, it is a negative sign. It symbolizes loss, failure, grief, and disappointments. It implies that your ex-girlfriend has learned to live life without you. 

5. Dream of ex girlfriend coming back years later

This dream symbol is a wish fulfillment vision. The dream represents your repressed desires and unmet needs of waking life.

Such a dream means that you are not happy with your present partner or wife. You are missing certain good qualities of your ex-girlfriend and want her back in real life. 

It means there is something lacking in your present relationship that you wish to revive and get back. This dream symbolizes your past love, passion, regrets of losing your old bond etc.

6.  Dream about talking to an ex girlfriend

This dream symbolizes your lack of ambition in waking life. Maybe you lack the courage and determination to achieve something more than your average person. This dream represents a monotonous life without taking much action to accomplish your life goals. 

The dream tells you to use your talents and qualities in the right way to achieve more of something. It reminds you not to settle for less but strive for more by using your gifted skills.

7. Dreaming about ex girlfriend showing love to you

When you dream about your ex-girlfriend showing affection towards you, it means that you are feeling lonely in waking life and needy of love and affection. In certain cases the dream also signifies your unconscious desire to again bring her back in your real life. 

The dream represents present day relationship issues and petty problems with your present partner as well.

Maybe you are not happy with her for some reason and thus your subconscious mind is showing images of your ex-girlfriend to represent the happy moments that you wish you could actually have in reality.

8. Dreams about your ex girlfriend fighting with another girl

If you are dreaming of your ex fighting with another girl in the dream it symbolizes that you’re still living in the past. The fight represents your regrets and disappointments with regard to whether the breakup decision was right or could have been averted. 

It denotes a fight within yourself, an inner battle where you are feeling the burden of making a hasty decision. You are not sure whether ending the relationship with your ex-partner was worth it or not. 

The dream reminds you to focus on your present life and avoid making those mistakes in your present relationship that you did earlier. This dream suggests a warning and caution that you need to consider and move on with life smoothly.

9. Dreams about ex girlfriend having a tattoo on her back

This dream symbol is a weird one that suggests that your ex-girlfriend has left something behind that reminds you of her all the time.

The dream symbolizes your pain and suffering attached with the breakup. Maybe you still harbor a hidden wish of being together with her in waking life. 

The dream theme shows an item that you both used or she had used it many times in front of you. It indicates your emotions attached with her, as if she is still fresh in your memories. You were never out of the relationship. 

The past memories still haunt you and never allows you to forget her and move on with your life. You are stuck in unfinished business with her and the dream just reminds you of that.

10. Dreams about an abusive ex girlfriend

When you dream about an abusive relationship with an ex-girlfriend it means you are in trauma and immense sadness.

You have not yet accepted the breakup as a real happening. You are still anxious and ruminating over past arguments, toxic fights, and squabbling with your ex. 

The negative emotions attached with your past relationship are showing up in dreams. The dream symbolizes your fear of having similar problems with your wife or present girlfriend.

When you’re beating yourself up with intrusive and disturbed thoughts about your partner, you may get such dreams quite often.

11. Dream about a recent ex girlfriend

If you’re seeing a recent ex, it means you need to question yourself about the feelings related to the breakup. If you were not happy with it, then the dream means that you have not yet overcome the trauma of breaking up with her.  

On the contrary if you feel good that you have come out of the relationship, then the meaning will be different. It means that you have learned to let go of the past hurts and pains and moved on with your life successfully. After all, how can you live with such a toxic person? Right?

If you are holding on to anger, this dream tells you to forgive your ex and move on with your life. You should focus on positivity and live life to the fullest. Harboring resentments for her will rob you of inner peace and happiness.

12. Dream of fighting with your first ex girlfriend

This dream symbolizes real life conflicts and disagreements that you have with yourself. Your first love with an ex-girlfriend was a special thing. It actually seemed like a battle because you probably had done so many things to please her and convince her of your deeper affection.

It symbolizes hard work and dedication to make things happen. So, such a dream represents an inner battle in real life. Maybe you are not satisfied with the way you’re working in waking life and so need to put more effort into realizing your goals.

You are fighting with yourself to accommodate your strengths and remove your weaknesses to fulfill your life goals.

13. Dreams about having a toxic relationship with ex girlfriend

Lauri Loewenberg, eminent dream analyst, noted that dreams of having a toxic relationship with an ex-girlfriend where you may feel cheated or abused represents your insecurities and anxiety about real life relationships. 

If your present relationship is going through a lot of stress and struggles these days, and your wife or partner is less loving and more abusive, then you might dream about such a scenario. 

The dream reflects the fears of waking life, showing similar patterns. This dream symbol is a warning sign that tells you to resolve the personal issues as early as possible to feel at peace with yourself.

14. Dream about ex girlfriend’s marriage

If you dream about your ex’s marriage, it symbolizes a positive sign. The dream means that you have learned to let go of past memories and move on with your life. The dream indicates that you have a life after her and you have embraced it in a positive way.

You have finally managed to move forward leaving behind your toxic past. The dream implies acceptance of reality and openness to a new beginning and a fresh start in life.

15. Ex girlfriend crying in dream meaning

An ex-girlfriend crying in a dream is a bad omen. It symbolizes many new problems coming your way as far as the present relationship is concerned. The dream symbolizes your past worries and issues surfacing in waking life now. 

Maybe you are not happy with your present partner and the relationship is showing similar patterns of breakup. You are concerned about how to save the relationship and how to manage those issues that seem to fall apart in reality.

16. Dream about an ex girlfriend from your childhood

If you dreamed about your ex from childhood it means you should rekindle the lost love and passion between you and your present partner. The dream symbolizes longing and neediness for love and care that seems missing in waking life. 

It signifies poor emotional connection between the two of you in reality. An ex from childhood is an emotional image. She represents passion, excitement, romance, and ecstasy associated with your first love.

The dream reminds you to find ways to bring back the spark in a present relationship, as if falling in love for the first time like young couples. 

If your daily life has become monotonous and you are not getting enough variety to reconnect with your present partner, you should make changes and surprise each other in new ways to ignite the old passion and fall in love all over again.

17. Dream of ex girlfriend proposing you

To dream about your ex-girlfriend proposing to you means that you are stuck in your past and have not yet accepted the breakup fully. Maybe you are missing the happy timeline of your life that was easy going and less stressful. 

You are longing for a stable relationship that completes you. Maybe your present relationship is bumpy and showing signs of maladjustment that may lead to a breakup. You are feeling insecure about the future of your present relationship.

18. Dream of kissing your ex girlfriend

Kissing your ex are common dreams that symbolize that you are missing your good old days. You are still stuck in the past and have not yet overcome the breakup fully. You are reliving past memories of happiness and still attached to the fondness that the two of you had. 

The dream symbolizes your loneliness in waking life. If you are still single or into a relationship that is less loving and caring, you may start thinking about your ex-girlfriend while being awake. The real life thoughts are relayed as nighttime visions just as a wish fulfillment dream.

19. Dream about your ex girlfriend wanting you back in her life

If you see that your ex is calling you and wants you back in her life, it symbolizes your hidden desire to get back to her in waking life. Maybe deep down you are missing her and the fond memories of togetherness attached with the relationship. 

The dream symbolizes that the breakup was painful and you are not happy with what happened. You are mourning the loss of the relationship and want to give it a second chance. This dream also implies unhappiness with your present partner. 

You are comparing her with your ex-girlfriend and trying to match their good and bad qualities unconsciously. If your present relationship is showing similar problems, you need to correct them as early as possible so as to move ahead in life with happiness and peace.

20. Dream of dating ex girlfriend

This is a wish fulfillment dream. The dream symbolizes that something is lacking in your present relationship and as such it’s getting reflected in the subconscious mind.

Dating an ex symbolizes your old passion and spark that is not there in your waking life. It may indicate that your present partner is cold and distant and you are not comfortable with her. 

To interpret this theme properly, you need to analyze the emotions attached with it. If you are feeling happy after seeing this dream, it means you still like your old days of love making but if you get anxious after such a vision, it indicates you have moved past your ex and learned from your past mistakes.

21. Dream of ex girlfriend kissing someone else

When you dream of an ex-girlfriend kissing someone else, it symbolizes your acceptance of the breakup. The dream means that you have overcome the trauma of a broken relationship. You have learned to let go of the memories of the past and move on with your life. 

However, if you become irritated and angry after seeing such a dream theme, it indicates that you still harbor hidden feelings for your ex. You have not fully overcome the pain associated with the breakup and it’s showing up in dreams.

22. Dream of a sick and dying ex girlfriend

Dream of a sick girlfriend signifies your pain and suffering associated with the breakup. It means you were not happy with what happened. If you see she died in the dream, it’s even more agonizing showing guilt, regrets, and remorse in waking life. 

This dream symbol is a bad sign indicating real life trauma associated with a broken bond. Since you were unprepared for such a situation, you are feeling a deep pain within that is unacceptable.

The dream tells you to go through a process of cleansing and healing and forget those agonizing past memories that can only give you sufferings and nothing more.

23. Dream of having sex with ex girlfriend

When you dream of having sex with your ex, it is a fantasy or wish fulfillment dream. In most cases the dream symbolizes lack of passion and spark in your present relationship.

Your present bonding is devoid of intimacy and your unconscious is longing to have more of it in reality. Thus, the missing parts of waking life are just getting relayed through dreams. 

Sometimes the dream also symbolizes unresolved issues with your ex-girlfriend. Maybe the breakup was sudden and you were not prepared for it. It brought a lot of negative feelings that were hard to deal with.

Your subconscious mind is looking for answers about why the breakup happened? What was your role in it? Did you try to avoid it? And much more.

The feelings associated with such a dream also help in proper interpretation. If you feel happy and satisfied after the dream, it means you are at peace with yourself in waking life. But if you seem to be emotionally uncomfortable after seeing the dream, it could mean regrets, frustration, and mourning the breakup.

You are not yet over with it, rather holding on to the broken parts of the relationship that is only giving you more pain and suffering in waking life.

24. Dream about ex girlfriend rejecting you

This dream symbol reminds you to accept the reality of the breakup and move on with your life. The dream symbolizes healing from past wounds. It tells you to forget past memories (good and bad) associated with the relationship and accept life as it comes. 

The dream symbolizes your inner sufferings, thus you need to do something to feel better in waking life. An ex-girlfriend rejecting you symbolizes your inherent desire to forget and forgive her in reality and move on with life.

25. Dream of arguing with ex girlfriend

This night time vision indicates real life problems in present relationships. Maybe you and your present partner are arguing and fighting a lot these days.

The relationship is getting toxic with a lot of mutual insults and humiliation. The dream theme pertains to negative things going on in waking life, giving you hints on how you can resolve these issues fast.

The dream symbolizes a similar pattern of disagreements in your present relationship that you had with your old partner, thus it brings a lot of negative emotions into play that will eventually take away your inner peace and happiness.

Why do I keep dreaming about my ex-girlfriend?

You must be wondering that though you and your ex-girlfriend have been over for a long time; why is she still there in your dreams? Why does your sleeping mind keep bringing back the images of a person a person who you tried to forget in your waking life. 

Sometimes dreams about ex-girlfriend are unexpected and weird pop ups that look strange and confusing but do carry deep-seated meaning. Several reasons are mentioned in dream dictionaries about the probable justifications behind such dreams. Few of them are discussed below:

1. Unresolved conflicts between the two of you

In most cases, dreams about an ex-girlfriend symbolizes hidden and unfinished business. Maybe you were not ready for a sudden breakup and wanted to give the relationship another chance to revive its old charm, however the reconciliation never happened. 

You are still carrying the emotional burden and feeling anxious about it in waking life. You are feeling guilty and deep within, you haven’t given up over your ex completely.

Another notable thing is, if you’re the one responsible for the breakup, the dream means that you’re feeling guilty and regretful about your behavior and hasty decisions. You should have been more mindful about your actions and your ex-girlfriend’s feelings.

Contrary, if your ex-girlfriend broke off from the relationship, then the dream represents your desire to validate your feelings in front of her. In both ways, dreaming about an ex-girlfriend symbolizes unresolved conflicts and unfinished tasks that need to be healed from inside to lead a healthy life.

2. Loneliness and mourning

You’re feeling lonely these days and your ex-girlfriend shows up in dreams to muse you with some fond memories of the past. It will make you feel happy and blessed.

If you had a very good relationship with your ex-girlfriend, she would remind you of the lost happiness, deep bonding and connection that you people had in the past.

As you are feeling alone now, your subconscious mind is revisiting a happy timeline of your previous relationship that is no longer available now. 

Moreover, if you are feeling sad and unhappy with your present relationship, and mourning the loss of the relationship with your ex-girlfriend, the dream may become a recurring occurrence every night.

3. Anxiety and worries

If you are dreaming about your ex-girlfriend quite frequently, it is usually a vivid dream that signifies your anxiety and fearfulness about the success of your present relationship.

Maybe you are concerned whether a similar pattern of relationship issues and conflicts can arise in your present relationship as well

Probably you are comparing the two relationships so as to make sure that the relationship works well with all its positive and negative aspects.

Your subconscious mind is just trying to ensure success and stability with your present partner, wife, or girlfriend. The present relationship should not show red flags, otherwise you need to be careful this time as well.

4. Fear of being hurt again

Breakups are indeed heartbreaking and can cause immense pain and suffering. If you are having recurring dreams about an ex-girlfriend, it means you are still carrying the burden of hurts and pains with you in waking hours. You have not overcome it so far.

Thus, you are scared of being hurt again in a new relationship. Your past agonies are a reminder to change the course of your present relationship with your wife or girlfriend, so that similar problems never arise again.

5. Need for emotional closure

If your ex-girlfriend dumped you and you never had a chance to develop a deep bonding or emotional closure with another woman in your waking life, the dream symbolizes your need for emotional closure. You may feel like you’ve been rejected and humiliated. 

Even the thoughts of getting back again with your ex-girlfriend fills up your needy ‘self’. The lack of closure in waking life may force you to get stuck in the past memories, making it impossible to move on. You may have many unanswered questions hovering in your mind.

Maybe you are still single and are seeking a new relationship or you are unhappy with your girlfriend because she is less loving and compassionate. These real life situations have made you insecure, needy of love and attention.

You just wish to develop an emotional closure and connection with someone kind and humble. Since your needs are not being met in waking life, it is showing up in the dream state.

6. Lots of fights and abuse with your present partner

Sometimes, dreams about an ex-girlfriend pop up because you are unhappy with your present relationship.

Lots of daily fights, squabbling, verbal abuses, and blame games are taking away your peace of mind. It is not allowing you to build an intimate connection with your present girlfriend or wife.

It makes you compare her with your ex-girlfriend. You may feel that your previous girlfriend was much better than the present one.

Since you are angry and resentful in waking life, your subconscious mind is showing positive images of your ex-girlfriend just to help you relax and cool down; reminding of the good times you shared with your ex-girlfriend.

7. Seeing your ex on social media

If your ex-girlfriend is frequently showing up in your Facebook feeds and Instagram stories, you may suddenly start seeing her and the lost love all over again in your subconscious state; even if you are not thinking of her consciously in waking life.

You may feel tempted to click on the feeds and postings and know about her latest updates. The urge to stalk an old girlfriend was always present in the unconscious mind. You were always interested to know about how she is, or what she is doing now etc.

Maybe you are wondering whether she has a better life now, or how she looks now, her present relationship status and much more.

If you are seeing her a lot more these days in real life than what you have ever expected, she may also torment you in dreams frequently.

8. Missing a happy timeline of your life

When you’re dreaming about an ex-girlfriend it symbolizes that you are missing a happy timeline of your life that is no longer a part of your life now. You are missing those carefree, happy, and relaxed moments of life because there is too much stress and agony around you now. 

Your sleeping mind wants to remember those happy moments shared together with your ex-girlfriend.

Even if you are satisfied with your present partner, ex-girlfriend can show up in your dreams because you are stuck in the past timeline that gave you immense joy and excitement. You just do not want to let it go.

9. Ex-girlfriend contacted you

If your ex-girlfriend contacted you recently through a phone call or message; or through social media, it may remind you of the lost love and you can see her while falling asleep.

She may appear in your dreams unexpectedly and you might start wondering why did your girlfriend contact you after so many years? Is she alone? Is there still anything left in the relationship?

10. Walking down the memory lane

Sometimes our subconscious mind will remind us of weird images that are not related with our present waking life. Your mind brings back those happy memories that were joyful and pleasurable. You are just reliving those less stressful and easy going days of your life. 

It might be that your ex-girlfriend had left a deep imprint in your psyche and it’s hard to let go of such thoughts. The loving and fond memories of her are ingrained in your unconscious mind. Certain parts of your past pop up suddenly as a reminder to stay happy and blissful as always.

Spiritual meaning of dreams about ex girlfriend

 Spiritually, an ex-girlfriend symbolizes the unmet needs and desires of waking life. It signifies unhappiness, lack of passion, and excitement in your present relationships. It also denotes an unfinished business between the two of you causing emotional suffering and pain.

In dream symbolism, your ex represents an emotional image with whom you are strongly connected.

The connection can be either positive or negative. If you feel good about your ex-girlfriend dream, it means you are happy and blissful in your present relationship. The dream represents emotional safety and security. 

However, if you possess bitter feelings after such a dream, then it means you still hold resentments and anguish about your previous relationship and the feelings are portrayed through dreams.

Spiritually, the dreams remind you to let go of toxic feelings, to forget and forgive those you sin against, try to harm you in some way or the other. It helps you to heal the cuts and scars that a breakup can bring and helps you to move on with your life.

Biblical meaning of dreams about ex-girlfriend

In the BIble, dreams about ex-girlfriend symbolizes old patterns of thoughts and habits that restraints your personal growth and progress in life. It symbolizes a toxic or unhealthy past that is full of suffering and agony.

The dream about your ex-girlfriend symbolizes certain primitive ways of thinking, feeling, and acting that you need to forgo in order to live a happy life. It tells you to shed off those bad habits and negative feelings that are detrimental to mental health and emotional wellness. 

You should carve your destiny by feeling adequate and self-sufficient from within. In trying times you should have faith in yourself and never hold onto past issues that can only let you down in reality and hinder your all round development.

How to stop dreaming about an ex-girlfriend?

Sometimes ex-girlfriend dreams are confusing and makes you wonder whether deep down you still harbor feelings for them.

It leaves you guessing whether the breakup was logical or just a decision taken at the heat of the moment. There are so many unanswered questions that cross your mind when you see such a freaky dream. Right? 

As the dream brings back past memories into the limelight, you may feel emotionally overwhelmed. Feelings of sadness, guilt, regrets, remorse, and anxiety are apparent. You really need to do something to stop such recurring dreams that rob your inner peace and happiness.

Few self-help tips can help you overcome the breakup and move on with your life peacefully.

  • Focus on yourself by improving your skills and doing things that you love to do. Adequate self-love and self-care goes a long way to accept the reality of a breakup.
  • Try to forget your toxic ex, if she isn’t worth it. Move on with your life. Holding on to past sufferings will make you fall in a pit of unhappiness, grief, and despair.
  • Be aware of the issues arising in the present relationship and nip it in the bud. Do not allow the same toxic pattern to appear with your present girlfriend or wife.
  • Accept the fact that you and your ex-girlfriend were not meant to live together.
  • Forgive your ex and all the past mistakes she might have made while being in the relationship. It helps in emotional healing.
  • If something is still reminding you of your ex, avoid those cues and triggers. You can unfollow and block them from social media so that you do not get to see them again. It helps you to accept the reality that everything between you and her is over forever.

What to ask yourself when you dream about an ex-girlfriend?

The dream analysis about ex-girlfriend depends upon the details of the dream, your feelings after you woke up and the real life circumstances you are in now. Thus in order to analyze these themes in a proper way, you need to ask yourself certain questions such as:

  • Do you get recurring dreams about ex-girlfriend?
  • Are you single right now and seeking a new partner?
  • Can you explain the details of the dream scenario?
  • Describe your feelings associated with the dream?
  • Have you tried to relate the dream theme with the events of your waking life?
  • Are you happy in your present relationship? Is it going steady?
  • Do you still miss your ex-girlfriend?
  • What are the new things that have happened in your waking life after the breakup?
  • Was the breakup painful for you or could you accept it well? Describe how you felt about it?
  • What life lessons have you learned from your dream experience?

The video link shared below describes the symbolic meanings of ex-girlfriend dreams and its relevance with your waking life. Do check it out.

Wrap Up

Don’t you think that your ex-girlfriend dream is actually helping you to heal an old relationship mistake that may destroy your present and future relationships as well? These dreams are not that bad as you may perceive them in reality.

Dreams help you to gain deeper insight about the unresolved conflicts and agonies embedded in the unconscious mind. If you know how to cleanse and heal your hidden pains and wounds, you would be in a better position to overcome the trauma of a broken bond. 

You will also learn to satisfy your needs on your own without seeking validation from others. Your ex dreams are a good way to learn ways of avoiding the same mistakes over and over again in your present relationships.

After all, who doesn’t want to live a happy and blissful life with a loving partner by his/her side?

Over to you…

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