What Does Dream about Keys Mean?

Dream of Lost Keys

It symbolizes a fight or disagreement with a loved one in your personal life.

Dream of Not Being Able to Lock The Door

It symbolizes your incapability to protect your life achievements.

Dream of Finding A Key

It might represent your nature of prioritizing others before yourself.

Dream of Receiving Keys

A dream about receiving keys is a symbolism of gains in life.

Dream of Silver Keys

You might gain wealth or opportunities after knowing of this secret.

Dream of Several Keys

It might be a prediction of a new phase in your life.

Dream of Golden Keys

A golden key in your dream is a symbolism of freedom of choice.

Dream of Two Keys

It symbolizes your dilemma about choosing the more comfortable path for yourself.

Broken Key Dream Meaning

You might lose your authority or fail something or someone in the future.

Key dreams can be a prediction about your near future, so pay special attention to their interpretation.