Dream of keys might indicate something about power and authority in life, or something about hidden truths. It can also symbolize opportunities in life and so much more.

Dream of Keys – Various Scenarios and Their Interpretations
Dream of Keys – Various Scenarios and Their Interpretations

What Do Key Dreams Mean?

Your dream of keys is trying to convey some important message in your life. It might be about a secret, your hidden knowledge, or power.

It can mean many more things, so know it all here!

Hidden Knowledge

Your dream is a sign of your distressful situation. You must use your knowledge in this crisis situation. You are capable of finding the solution on your own without any help.


Key dreams represent that you try to keep secrets to avoid getting exploited. Or, it indicates that you behave differently with different people and are hiding the fact. 


The key dream may also symbolize that you possess power over others.

Contradictorily it can also mean that someone superior to you is controlling you and using you on their whims.

Problem Resolution

Your dream might indicate that you are stuck with some problem and working hard to find the perfect solution.

It might also mean that your stress in real life is projecting itself in your dreams.

Seeking Truth

Again, It might be a symbolism of something bothering you.

It might be a confusing situation or a deceitful person, you feel that there is more to it than it shows and want to know the truth.

Spiritual Meaning of keys in a dream

Spiritually, these dreams mean you’ll get freedom from false allegations. It indicates that you must be optimistic about your circumstances and stay level-headed to overcome this phase.  

Silver and golden keys imply you possess intense spiritual power in yourself. Using the key is a symbol of a future quest for truth in your life.

Dream of Different Key Types 

Different elements in your key dreams have different interpretations. So. let’s know what your dream implies!

Dream of Broken key 

It is a bad omen about losing your authority or failing something or someone in the future.

You must be careful of your steps that can be a threat to your position in your professional or personal life. You can even take second opinions to make your plans fail-proof. 

Dream of Golden keys

The dream symbolizes you will be allowed to decide on an important task, event, or occasion in your future.

It might also be connected to the gain of fortune and riches or power. This gain results in your ability to make such decisions. 

Silver keys

It is a prediction of finding a secret. You might gain wealth or opportunities after knowing of this secret.

It might be a business secret or a secret strategy that will help you grow better in your professional life. It also implies protection from evil intentions.  

Dream of car keys

This shows you are feeling positive and capable of pursuing new endeavors in your life. You have the necessary resources for striving forward in your life. 

Small key

It represents small and interesting changes in your life. If you were stuck with a project in your professional life and did not find any solution to your problems, you might get a hint to the right way. 

Giant keys dream meaning

This dream might be a sign of positivity towards life and your future. You desire many things in your life and possess multiple goals to achieve.

Your subconscious is telling you that you are ready for all the challenges and this is the best time to move forward in your life.

Rusty key 

It implies that you have low self-confidence and you’ve been neglecting yourself for the same.

You do not have much faith in your abilities and tend to ignore all the possibilities in waking life.

Master key

Your dream implies that you are aware of the surrounding people’s intentions.

You have successfully identified your friends and foes and if anything goes wrong in your life, you can seek help from trustworthy people. 

Other Key Dreams

Receiving keys

It is a symbolism of gains in life. You might receive a number of opportunities to progress in your life or recognition from a superior or elder.

Losing keys

Your dream predicts that someone in your life will become moody and it will annoy you.

If you lose house keys, it indicates that your passion will influence you in the future. But you should always ensure that your decisions do not have any risky outcomes.

Finding a key

It might represent your nature of prioritizing others before yourself. But those people might exploit you for their own benefit.

But if it’s a golden key, it is a symbolism of your interest in accepting challenges in life. 

Lost keys

The dream symbolizes a fight or disagreement with a loved one in your personal life.

You might get deeply hurt because of this argument. So, try to stay harmonious with your friends and family.

Holding the key

It resembles you will achieve something new at work and the quality of your work will progress rapidly because of your efforts.

Dreams about two keys

It indicates your dilemma in a tight situation as you found two solutions out of it. 

Several keys

It might be a prediction of something beneficial occurring in your professional life as you begin the next journey. Or, it says you are prone to making wrong decisions in the future.

Key and padlock

Your dream symbolizes the approaching opportunities in your life. People will be jealous of your achievements.

They may bring forth many struggles in your life, so identify them and stay cautious.

Dreaming of using a key

The dream symbolizes that you might not be aware of some impressive talents you own.

Biblical Dream Interpretation

Biblically, keys represent the power and authority bestowed on the people by God.

It might also be the representation of God’s power over the three worlds – Mortal realm, Heaven, and the Underworld.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Key dreams can be a prediction about your near future or a warning about your current life choices.

So, pay special attention to the message. If you find that your dreams predict a disappointing future, you must commit to actions that might prevent them.