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Did You Dream of Keys Last Night? Here’s What It Means!

Did You Dream of Keys Last Night? Here’s What It Means!

Updated on Sep 28, 2022 | Published on Nov 17, 2021

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Dream of Keys – 53 Scenarios and Their Interpretations

Lately, are you stressed about your dream of keys? Don’t worry you’re not alone. There are so many others who experience key dreams on a regular basis.

Dreams about keys are the connections between your conscious and subconscious minds. Your conscious mind is too active to notice minute details around you and your future. 

So, your subconscious mind sends you messages about major occurrences in your life in the form of dreams.

But to infer that, you need to be able to decode it properly. To help you do that with your key dreams, I’ve first enlisted a few general interpretations.

Let’s begin!

Dream of Keys – 52 Scenarios and Their Interpretations
Dream of Keys – 52 Scenarios and Their Interpretations

Key Dream Meaning – General Interpretations

Key dreams might indicate something about power and authority in life, or something about hidden truths. It can also symbolize opportunities in life and so much more.

Keys are significant objects because each key can unlock something precious to your life. They are also a symbolism of status and power over wealth and fortune.  

If you have a key, you feel your possessions are secured. You may be keeping your valuables locked and your key is a sign of your right to those valuables.

Similarly, your dream of keys is trying to convey some important message in your life. You need to know the meaning of your dream to stay alert about the occurrences around you.

So, without further ado, let’s find out some important interpretations of your key dreams.

1. It is a symbol of hidden knowledge

Sometimes your dream of keys might symbolize hidden knowledge. If your dream was about opening a door or chest or any room, this is more like it.

You might experience trying situations and fumble around for solutions in waking life. However, there’s a chance you’ll still fail at finding any solution even after using all the resources.

Perhaps, you were about to give up at reaching the end of it? Well, your dream is a sign of your distressful situation. You must use your knowledge in this crisis situation.

You are capable of finding the solution on your own without any help.

2. You’re hiding a secret

All humans have some secret in their life. It may not always be something bad. Instead, it may be a secret to prevent others from misusing or exploiting you.

Occasionally, key dreams represent that you are trying your best at keeping something a secret. You don’t feel comfortable sharing everything about yourself with others.

Your key dreams might also indicate that you behave differently with different people and are hiding the fact. You might be stressed about this difference in behavior being revealed to others.

But, isn’t it normal to behave differently with different people? It all depends on the kinds of people and the relationships you have with them.

3. Keys represents power

Depending on your dream scenario, the key dream may also symbolize that you possess power over others. It is symbolic of your control of life and surroundings.

Contradictorily it can also mean that someone superior to you is controlling you and using you on their whims. A feeling of being abused is smothering you all the time in real life.

The dream interpretation depends upon the circumstances and stage of your life but the keys symbolize power. However, your dream might also be a depiction of your aspiration for gaining power.

4. You are looking for ways to solve a problem

Keys help you in opening locked objects. A key helps in solving a complicated lock pattern.

Your dream might indicate that you are stuck with some problem and looking for the perfect solution befitting the situation in your life.

Here, it is a direct indication that the keys symbolize the solution to the problem. Maybe the obstacles in your life portrayed as the lock, and the contents inside of the chest or on the other side of the door led you to your destination.

Your dream signifies that you are working hard to find the solution. It might also mean that your stress in real life is projecting itself in your dreams.

5. You are seeking truth

Again, your dream of keys might be a symbolism of something bothering you. It might be a confusing situation or a deceitful person, you feel that there is more to it than it shows and wants to know the truth.

Some situations in your personal or professional life might be too hard to solve but you want to reach the end of it. 

A situation or thing might be bugging you; you feel it must not be the way it is or you are trying to find the reason behind it.

It can signify a paranoid feeling of being deceived by others. People might be disrespecting or conning you and you want evidence of that.

6. You are handing over authority to someone else

Some dreams of keys can imply a change in authority in your life. If you were searching for someone capable of playing an influential role in your life, you have probably found the one.

Your dreams are expressing that you have faith in this person and you can finally relieve yourself from all the tedious tasks.

If you see yourself giving away your keys to someone else, it is a sign of your confidence in that person’s motives and capabilities.

It is time to retire from your old position, sit back and see how your successors handle things. Well, if things don’t turn out how you imagine, you can always guide them through the process.

7. You are afraid of losing control

Are you progressing well in your professional life? Is your position stable? Your dream of keys can also be a symbol of a threat to your position and authority.

People around you might be conspiring against you for your downfall. If you have been truthful to yourself, don’t worry as things will soon start to fall in place.

Someone might seem more eligible for your position and the higher authorities might be pondering on changes. 

You should try to communicate your capabilities to show that you are more suited than the other. Even if you cannot oppose this change, you must accept it and work to achieve more.

8. It’s a warning for an impending change

A dream of keys might also be a prediction of some unanticipated change in your life. it might be hard to accept such sudden changes in your life. Feelings of confusion will suffocate you and you might even resist these changes.

You must train your heart to deal with the future, else it will only hurt you more. Only calming yourself will clear the foggy situation in your mind.

Once you accept everything, you might find a way to come out of this situation. You will learn a lot during this phase of your life and come out as a wiser person.

9. You’re taking the right path ahead

In your dream, did you hear any rattling noise? Perhaps you think it was the sound of keys? Then your dream of keys implies that you are following the right path in life.

You might have been thinking about other options in your life and were second-guessing your current choices because of the difficulties lying ahead.

Possibly, the other choices were as difficult or even more. Your subconscious is supporting your life decision and reassuring you about it.

Questions are flooding in your head and making you doubt yourself and that’s the sign of being aware of your path. If you have doubts, then you are on the right path and about to clear them.

10. New opportunities will be knocking at your door

Some of your dreams of keys can also be an implication of new opportunities in your life. It might also be a skill or talent that you will cultivate.

These skills will help you advance better in your future and reach the peak of your productivity.

You have possibly dedicated yourself to your professional life and always aspired to be recognized for it. Your dreams might be predicting that you will receive your reward soon from your workplace. It can be in the form of a promotion or higher pay.

This will also help you reflect on your abilities and finally be able to stabilize your financial situation. You will feel secure because of these opportunities.

11. Things will go as planned

Your dreams about keys also indicate future occurrences in life that are expected to go as planned.

You might have a lot of plans for your personal or professional life because you want to grow into a successful person… and the good news is you’ll be able to follow them all.

If you are stressed about anything, your subconscious is sending you a message that you needn’t be.

If you saw any spare key in your dream, it suggests that your backup plan might come in handy in this situation. Even if the original plan failed, your spare plan will save the day.

12. You are willing to adapt

Some of the dreams about keys are indicative of the fact that you are an adaptable person. You have seen a lot of change in your life and come across multiple hardships.

After enduring so much in your life, you are hardly fazed by any positive or negative change. You developed yourself in the best way and now no struggles can hurt you or your resolve to live life in your ways.

Your dream might be a good sign about your optimism or your polite nature with everyone around you. You have learned the art of peacekeeping and acceptance of everything and everyone in life.

13. It represents your influence

A dream of keys can also signify your power and authority in real life. You might possess a never-ending fortune or have great influence over others.

Your dreams can symbolize that you have reached the peak of your life and you are content with it. Moreover, it is also a sign of luxury.

Or, your dream might also be a prediction of gaining great power and authority over others. You worked hard in your life and deserve this reward.

Dream of Keys – 52 Scenarios and Their Interpretations

A dream about a silver key might be a symbol of finding advantageous secrets and opportunities in waking life. 

Whereas a golden key might symbolize your gain in power, authority, and riches in the future. Different elements in your key dreams have different interpretations.

So, what are you waiting for? Hop in this exciting ride of interpretations while you spot yours!

1. Dream of lost keys

A dream about lost keys symbolizes a fight or disagreement with a loved one in your personal life. You might get deeply hurt because of this argument. So, you should try to stay harmonious with your friends and family.

If there is any occasion of misunderstandings, stay away from it. If you get involved in a fight by any possibility, try to calm everyone, and think logically about solving the problem, otherwise the relationship might get bitter.

Your dream might also be an indication of losing a life-changing opportunity.

If you found the lost keys at the end of your dream, it signifies the end of humiliation. You will attempt to eliminate any kind of misunderstanding that tainted your honesty. 

You will also achieve new goals in your professional life. There is also a possibility of a budding romance.

2. Dream of using keys to open or lock a door

If you see yourself opening a door using keys, it depicts you are very skilled but are not aware of it. Your subconscious is conveying that you will soon identify your skills when the right opportunity strikes you.

If you succeed in opening the door in your dream, it implies that your skills will help you achieve more in life.

If you find yourself being chased and you try to hide in a room but are not able to lock the door, this is an indication of your anxiety. You have to collect your thoughts and find a way to win in your life.

3. Dream of not being able to lock the door

A dream about not being able to lock a door is a bad sign. It symbolizes your incapability to protect your life achievements.

You might have achieved many goals until now but you lost your motivation in your journey.

You are slowly going astray and are unable to concentrate on your life goals. Perhaps, you are having trouble concentrating in life.

Such dreams also indicate that there are many opportunities present around you but you are not taking the proper steps to leverage them. The lack of focus is threatening your position in your professional life.

4. Dreams of finding a key

If you find a key in your dreams, it might represent your nature of prioritizing others before yourself. But those people might exploit you for their own benefit. 

So, do not do anything that can harm you later on. Prioritizing yourself is important too as these people won’t stand beside you.

If you found a golden key in your dream, it is a symbolism of your interest in accepting challenges in life. You have been a dutiful person your whole life and will gain recognition for your devotion.

If you have started any new task, your efforts will produce positive effects. You will be happy with the outcomes of your endeavors.

5. Dream of receiving keys

A dream about receiving keys is a symbolism of gains in life. You might receive a number of opportunities to progress in your life or recognition from a superior or elder.

You might also get an opportunity to undertake a challenging task in your life. it will be difficult, but do not back off from it because it will result in your glory.

Or, you might have been devoting yourself to a project or plan in your workplace and your dream indicates your success. Your superiors will be pleased with your performance and reward you appropriately.

If you receive car keys in your dream, it implies that someone will provide these opportunities to you.

6. Dream of silver keys

If you see silver keys in your dream, it is a prediction of finding a secret. You might gain wealth or opportunities after knowing of this secret. It might be a business secret or a secret strategy that will help you grow better in your professional life.

This dream can also be a symbolism of getting new opportunities in your professional life. You will be excited and dedicate yourself to it which will result in great achievements.

This will further promote you to a professionally secured place after achieving these goals. It can also be connected to your financial security and good fortune.

Silver keys also imply protection from evil intentions.  

7. Dream of several keys

There are multiple interpretations of seeing several keys in your dream. It might be a prediction of a new phase in your life. Something beneficial might occur in your professional life as you begin the next journey.

It might also mean that even though you are being kind to everyone in your life, it may result in some troubles.

Someone might misuse your kindness or take advantage of your goodwill. People might manipulate you because of your kindness.

Several keys on a table in a dream signify that you are prone to making wrong decisions in the future, while several car keys signify your fear of changes and making decisions.

8. Dream of golden keys

A golden key in your dream is a symbolism of freedom of choice. You will be allowed to decide on an important task, event, or occasion in your future.

Your dream might also be connected to the gain of fortune and riches or power. This gain results in your ability to make such decisions. 

Perhaps your hard work in professional life will be soon answered with a promotion, and you will make great changes with your decisions afterward. You will feel great contentment in the future.

If you see yourself using the key to open a door, it is an indication of providing opportunities to others for their growth in life.

9. Dream of two keys

If you see two keys in your dreams, it is an indication of your dilemma. You might have found yourself in a tight situation and while finding the solutions, you found two ways out of it.

Your dream symbolizes your dilemma about choosing the more comfortable path for yourself.

You must study the benefits and downsides of both paths. Note down everything you find and compare which is suitable for you.

Even if you end up choosing the wrong way for yourself, you will gain a great amount of knowledge from it. Moreover, you should not waste much time in choosing your way out, lest you are out of time for either.

10. Dreaming of losing keys

Did you see yourself lose a key in your dream? Your dream predicts that someone in your life will become moody and it will annoy you.

If you lose house keys, your dream indicates that your passion will influence you in the future. But you should always ensure that your decisions do not have any risky outcomes.

However, house keys are also a symbolism of relationships, so someone’s behavior might become unnatural towards you. If this person is close to you, try to know the reason behind this. If their behavior does not affect you, you may follow your heart.

11. Dream of using a key

A dream about using a key is a symbol of possessing hidden talents. You might not be aware of some impressive talents you own. In the future, you might come across a tough unexpected situation and identify your talent unknowingly.

Did you open a door using the key? Then that’s great news for you because your skills will be a beneficial asset.

But what if your key did not unlock the door? Then your skills will not be beneficial to you and you might start sulking over it.

You must look for other solutions to your problem instead. If you brood over your shortcomings, that will only depress you further and delay your achievements.

12. Dream of dropping keys while trying to unlock doors

Perhaps, you had a disturbing dream of being chased and hurriedly unlocked the door but dropped them when locking it back or while you were unlocking it.

You possibly broke a sweat after this dream. After having such unnerving dreams, you try to relax, right? Your subconscious is conveying the same.

You might be too engrossed or at the edge in waking life. It’s nice to be focused in life, but you are overdoing yourself. You have accumulated lots of stress while on the way.

Your stress is harming your health and productivity so to get your efficiency back, you must give yourself a break. Try to ease yourself every day to prevent any stress build-up.

As you weren’t able to lock/unlock the door in the dream, it indicates the scope of development in your life. But you must change your methods if you want to achieve those goals.

13. Dream of someone else with your keys

If an elderly person was holding your keys, your dream is a symbolism of learning some talent for solving problems in life. Such talents can help you advance in your future.

However, if you ignore this prediction, you might face obstacles in your life journey. Your dream also implies that it is an urgent situation and you must tend to it soon otherwise problems will keep growing.

Was this person a child? Then your dream suggests that you will face irregular and unexpected issues in your life.

Yet if the child in your dream unlocked a door, there is a possibility of learning some life lessons from a junior, inexperienced, or someone younger in age. 

You might be too preoccupied with your complex thought process and missing out on the simple leads in your life.

If you gave your keys to this person yourself, your dream is an indication of impracticality in your life.

It might also represent a lack of focus, lowered efficiency, and loss of motivation. It is time to take care of your shortcomings.

14. Dream of someone giving you keys

The dream of someone giving you keys is a good sign. It is a symbolism of seeking help during urgency in your life.

If you are suffering from a trying period in your waking life, you will get help if you seek it.

Although, you must be careful who you ask for help from because there are others who might not wish the best for you.

So, you must identify the correct person for your help otherwise things might become chaotic.

Once you find the right help for yourself, you need to continue with your efforts and everything will be right back on track.

Your dream might also be connected to the delivery of a baby in your family.

15. Dream of a key chain full of keys

There are several dream interpretations of your dream about a keychain full of keys.

Firstly, keys are a symbol of status, so your dream might symbolize the gain of power, authority, or wealth in your professional life.

It might also be the representation of your amicability. You can adjust to all kinds of problems and people in your life. Your dream might define your extent of flexibility.

This dream might be a forecast of a future journey to someplace where you will meet new people. This trip might result in understanding new things from these people and accepting new facts in life.

16. Dream of key chain with one key

If you saw a keychain with only one key in your dream, it is a negative symbol. Your dream is a representation of your attachment to an unproductive business plan.

A plan or project in your professional life is not as promising as you imagined yet you are still hoping to turn everything around. 

Honestly, it is too late to hope for that. You have invested the best resources for this project and incurred losses. Your lingering hope might symbolize your denial of this truth. 

Instead, pick up a new task and concentrate on it, otherwise, your confidence might be broken to pieces.

Sometimes, this dream might imply that you are afraid of taking risks in your life.

17. Dream of key chain with two keys

If you had a dream of two keys in a keychain, it is a prediction of change in your future. Now, this can either be good news or bad news for you.

If you are leading a harmonious life or feel satisfied with the present circumstances, your dream, unfortunately, suggests that the joyful moments are numbered.

On the flip side, if you are struggling in your life and your financial condition is poor, your dream implies the end of the difficulties.

It might be a symbol of success in your professional life which will lead to financial stability.

You must evaluate all aspects of your life before interpreting this one because people tend to misinterpret their current situation as a struggling period even if it is not and expect things to improve only to be disappointed.

18. Broken key dream meaning

A dream about broken keys is a bad omen. You might lose your authority or fail something or someone in the future. You must be careful of your steps that can be a threat to your position in your professional or personal life.

If you have undertaken any important task, be careful of your decisions. If you feel like it, take second opinions to make your plans fail-proof. Do not try to achieve more than your assigned tasks as more tasks increase the chances of failure.

19. Dream of not being able to find a key to a door

If you were fumbling around for a key to a door but didn’t find the key, your dream is a representation of all the stressful challenges and obstructions in your personal life.

You might be facing an intense situation in your family or social circle. It can be the worries about someone’s health, an old relationship about to be broken, or unstable finances.

The situation changes from person to person. You need to find a solution to your crisis and that is being projected in your dreams.

Try calming yourself, you can ask trusted people for help if the situation escalates too far.

20. Dream of keys for women

If a woman dreams of keys, your dreams imply that you need to learn more things or gain experience for her development in personal or professional life.

You might feel stuck about some phase in your life and want to move on to a higher position, this is your time to invest in yourself. Find something that will help you grow further and you might feel passionate about.

The key in your dream might be the depiction of your life patterns. If you didn’t feel any negative emotions during or after your dream of keys, it is a symbolism of successfully finding solutions to your problems.

21. Dream of putting key into a keyhole

The dream about inserting a key into a keyhole is again a bad sign. The prediction of bad luck revolves around your professional life. 

If you’re involved with any project then it might fail you. And, if you’re waiting for a promotion or recognition from your workplace, you might have to wait until the next time. 

If you perform well, some jealous coworkers might spread rumors about you undertaking illegal methods for your success.

Even if you don’t fail at anything, others might taint your reputation. It is a test of your patience and you must persevere to avoid worsening the situation.

22. Dream of looking at a key

A dream of looking at a key or observing it is good symbolism. This dream forecasts the gain of wealth and fortune in your waking life.

You might be making some important decisions soon which will produce great benefits in your professional life. 

You will prove to be a valuable asset to your workplace. Your hard work will finally be rewarded in the form of luxury and recognition.

Such dreams are a prediction of professional growth in the future and ask you to continue to do the hard work. So, you need to stay focused as you are very close to achieving your goals.

23. Dream of keys rattling

If your dreams of keys had some noise from shaking the keys (rattling), you don’t need to stress over it as it is a symbol of good luck. 

You might have been worried about your choices in life. Your subconscious has sent a message conveying that you must focus on your work instead of worrying about such things. 

It is also a depiction of following the correct way in your life. Continue the good work and life has surprises awaiting you. Your subconscious is also approving your goals in life. 

Precisely, your dream suggests that your dedication to your current focus in life will bring you great joy.

24. Dream of a key covered in rust

Your dream about rusty keys implies that you have low self-confidence and you’ve been neglecting yourself for the same. You do not have much faith in your abilities and tend to ignore all the possibilities in waking life.

Such thoughts are burdening you and pulling you down in life. But you have to understand that you are becoming your own enemy by denying yourself and your skills any nourishment.

You are cultivating these negativities instead of your optimistic thoughts. In your defense, you might feel that you weren’t the only one who doubted your abilities.

Well, that’s where you went wrong! You’re supposed to prove your worth, instead of supporting their views.

25. Dream of giving someone a key

There are two dream interpretations of giving someone a key. It might be a prediction of expressing your deepest concerns to a close person for help or to relieve yourself from the accumulated stress.

But you must not share your secrets until you are sure that person will not misuse the information.

Such dreams can also imply a transfer of power or authority. You have dedicated your whole life to your responsibilities and were in search of a suitable successor, yet till now you didn’t find anyone with the preferred qualities.

Your dream might be a prediction of finding the perfect person to take over your responsibilities and you will be ready to step down from your position after transferring all authorities.

So, it can also imply a new chapter in your life that might be related to your or a loved one’s marriage.

26. Dream of being locked up

A dream of being locked up is connected to your feelings of suffocation in reality. Presently, you might be in a tight situation and are trying your best to find a solution for it. But no matter which way you have taken, you’re meeting a dead end.

You’re tired of trying again and being disappointed. These consecutive disappointments are adding up to your frustrations.

Although you want a break from this tedious life, you don’t see a way out. You’re feeling trapped. Your fears about this stage of your life are also reflected in your dreams.

Right now, the only wise decision is to keep moving ahead and hope that eventually, things will fall into place.

27. Dream of something being locked away

A dream of something being locked away is a resemblance of hurdles in the way to your goals. You are stumbling a lot due to these obstructions in your life.

There will be too many tests in the future and you have to prepare yourself likewise. Try to cut down on your expenses to eliminate financial troubles.

You might lose your motivation because of the struggles. But you need to show your perseverance if you want to compensate for your time and energy until now.

If you give up now, everything will turn meaningless, so fight till the end of your breath and you will find happiness in the end.

28. Dream of a ring of rusty old keys

If you saw a ring of rusty old keys in your dream, it resembles your negligence towards something important in life. You have neglected it for so long that it has turned into a huge problem right now.

Possibly, you ignored some problem or didn’t pay much attention to it. The problem got the chance to grow into something bigger and uncontrollable. Presently, you might be facing many hassles because of your laid-back nature.

Your dream might also be related to your feelings of past issues.

29. Dream of keys to a house

A dream about the keys to a house symbolizes your desire to hide your feelings. You might have been hurt in the past and are scared of expressing yourself. You feel uncomfortable about sharing your feelings as you have been taken advantage of. 

Your subconscious is projecting your suspicions of others in your dreams. These feelings have brought you to the edge and you try to keep your walls high whenever you have a conversation with others.

You find it hard to show your true self because of your past experiences.

Such dreams can also be related to your wish for your own house.

30. Dream of giant keys

If you saw giant keys in your dreams, then you might be seeking challenges in your life. This dream might be a sign of positivity towards life and your future.

You desire many things in your life and possess multiple goals to achieve. Your subconscious is telling you that you are ready for all the challenges and this is the best time to move forward in your life.

This dream can also imply that you are interested in a complicated path and want to study it in detail. You want to know the truth and facts behind it and are ready to do the hard work for it.

31. Dream about breaking a key

If you had a dream of breaking a key, it is an indication of something going wrong in your waking life. You might find something suddenly breaking down in your life.

It can be related to your household appliances or any machinery in your workplace. You need to check if all such objects are working fine around you.  

Your dream might also be about a break-up. Someone might be jealous of your happiness and try to pull strings to damage your relationship.

You may also find your partner cheating and decide to break up. If your romantic relationship is going well right now, try to communicate with your partner and eliminate all sorts of misunderstandings creeping up in the future.

32. Dream about opening a door with a key

A dream about opening a door with a key is an indication of finding interest in a new path in your life. If you got interested in something, in reality, you might soon find yourself engrossed in the matter all the time.

While opening the door, if you fumbled around for the correct key, it is symbolic of your frustrations about being unable to resolve any matter. 

Your subconscious is signaling you to calm your nerves and start over with the quest. You might be overlooking some crucial details due to your disturbed state.

If you are about to start a business or accept new projects, your dream brings you news of successful deals.

33. Dream of not being able to find your house keys

If you were unable to find your house keys in your dreams, it depicts that you are immersed in a personal issue and trying your best to resolve it. You are dealing with a rigid problem and it is taking away all of your focus. 

It is impacting your daily life negatively as you are not attending to the rest of the issues in life. These unattended matters can again pile up and become tedious later on.

If you have a trustworthy person around you, seek help from them or you might fall sick because of your unhealthy routine. You might become forgetful because of excessive focus on one issue.

34. Dream about hearing keys rattling

Your dreams about hearing the rattling noise of a key are a good sign. Your subconscious is approving your choices in life.

If you were worried about the way you treated certain situations in your professional life and did not find anyone reviewing your ways, you got your approval now mate!

Also, if you find yourself doing something wrong, someone will try to correct you. It is normal to doubt yourself when you are heading for something new but soon you will learn everything.

If you make a mistake someday, don’t be afraid of it because you will learn new things from your mistakes.

Your dream might also be a signal to step forward in your life. if you delay any longer, someone else might snatch away your opportunities.

35. Dream of car keys

A dream about car keys is related to your confidence and contentment in life. You are feeling positive and capable of pursuing new endeavors in your life. You have everything planned for the T and are hoping for success.

It is a symbol of possessing the necessary resources for striving forward in your life. Your optimism is overflowing and it will also motivate others around you.

In case you lost the car keys in your dream, it signifies that obstacles are in your way and hindering your path to your goals.

You might have the opportunities around you but lack the important resources for handling them.

36. Dream of skeleton keys

Skeleton keys in your dreams indicate that you feel honesty is no longer valuable. You might have been at a disadvantage for being honest and you regret it.

However, your dream might refer to your old honest self and how you gave up on it because of society’s corruption.

People might have treated you unfairly and taken advantage of your righteousness and you were humiliated because of it.

Such dreams can also be related to knowing the ulterior motives of people surrounding you. Your dream might be an indication of being careful even around your loved ones.

Contradictorily, your dream can indicate that you might have exploited someone else’s honesty and benefited from it.

37. Dream of key and padlock

Your dream about a key and padlock symbolizes the approaching opportunities in your life. You will have many prospects of growing further in your life but simultaneously, people will be jealous of your achievements.

Other people’s jealousy can bring forth many struggles in your life, so you have to identify these people and stay cautious around them.

Many people will approach you to exploit your capabilities and leave you with nothing. So, identify the right opportunities in your life and keep a distance from gossip mongrels in the vicinity.

38. Dream of a small key

If you saw a small key in your dreams, it is a representation of small and interesting changes in your life. This change may be small and not so significant in your life.

If you were stuck with a project in your professional life and did not find any solution to your problems, you might get a hint to the right way.

If you follow the right path, you will slowly reach your destination and everything will fall right back to its place.

As it is small, do not let it slide your attention, otherwise, it will be hard to deal with your problems.

39. Dream of master key

If you see a master key in your dream, your dream implies that you are aware of the surrounding people’s intentions.

You have successfully identified your friends and foes and if anything goes wrong in your life, you can seek help from trustworthy people. 

Your dream also indicates that you have a far-sighted nature and are aware of how anything can impact your life in the long run.

The primary key is a symbolism of the basic knowledge for leading a fulfilling life. Such dreams can also imply that you have grown wiser after struggling for so long.

40. Dream of holding the key

If you see yourself holding a key in your dreams, it resembles your success in professional life. You will achieve something new and the quality of your work will progress rapidly because of your efforts.

Your achievements will attract positive attention towards you. This will allow you to progress further in your life.

For instance, your approach in some professional plans might stand out in the investor’s eyes and they will prefer your plan over others.

Moreover, they might propose additional plans beneficial to your career growth. It can be anything and it depends on your circumstances. You’re doing well, so keep focussing until you achieve your goals.

41. Dream of an old key

A dream about an old ring resembles a financial crunch in your life. If there is no problem with your current finances, revisit the areas of expenses and take preventive measures to remove unnecessary spending.

If you can control your expenses now, the trouble will be less intense in the future.

It might occur out of the blue and turn your life upside down. Despite the pains, you need to stabilize your emotions and move forward to resolve the issue.

Your emotions might cause you to make wrong decisions. So, think rationally before you consider fixing the financial situation in your life. The hardship will be short-lived if you step forward wisely.

42. Dream of key chain

Your dream about a key chain expresses details about your confidence in waking life. Your subconscious is implying that you will find great positivity in yourself.

You might eagerly wait for new challenges in your life. Your motivation will reach its peak in the future.

If there is any task, stay focused on it. You might feel like taking up more tasks because of this sudden rush of positivity.

But it will be better if you complete one task at a time, else you’ll lose your focus. Do not let your optimism turn into over-confidence, otherwise, everything might crash down.

43. Dream about an elderly person with keys

If you see an elderly person holding keys in your dream, it is a symbol of future hardships in your personal, professional, or social life.

Firstly, this is a prediction and you must try your best to prevent it from turning true. You need to stay away from conflict in your life to reduce any possibilities of unnecessary problems.

Even if someone tries to involve you in one, you must express your disinterest respectfully and come out clean. You cannot afford to add any more stress to your life.

Suppose, the prediction comes true, you have to try your best at dealing with the situation with a calm head. If you get annoyed at trivial matters, you will have a hard time finding a solution.

44. Dream of losing a small Jewellery key

If you are a woman and dreamed of losing a small jewelry key, it is indicative of a disturbance in your romantic life.

You might have some kind of disagreement with your partner and this will result in separating for a long time. You might feel your partner is insincere towards you and misunderstand their intentions.

In such situations, communication is the key. You have to calm down your hot-tempered nature and logically resolve issues about your love life.

Many people can behave unreasonably when it comes to love, and sometimes you just want to be spoiled. But your partner might not get the cue thus increasing your frustrations. If you try to express yourself clearly, things will soon be resolved.

45. Dream of turning a key once

A dream of turning a key once in a keyhole is a prediction of an unpleasant situation in reality. Due to your actions in your workplace, someone might be dissatisfied with your performance. This person is possibly a senior and has authority over you.

You have to take care of your actions at work and show more dedication. Expressing your innocence can get you in a lot of trouble on your professional platform. It is best you conceal your emotions to evade others’ attention.

46. Dream of a key on a stone

The dream about a key placed on a stone surface is the implication of searching for the reason of life or the purpose of living. Different people have different purposes in their life.

Some want to achieve wealth, some want to become famous, some want to prove the importance of their life, and so on.

Your dream is a replica of your lucky charm in waking life, i.e., the key to set free your capabilities. Once you will acknowledge your capabilities, your horizon will widen and you will be capable of realizing your desires soon. This dream is a sign of possessing the exact skills for achieving your wishes.

47. Dream of a missing key from padlock

The dream of missing the key from the padlock is a bad sign. Your dream signifies that you will no longer feel secure in your waking life due to some incident. It might shock you deeply and cause instability in your life.

This person might be someone very close to you, a parent, an elder, or anyone who cared for you dearly and unconditionally. A loss of a loved one cannot be expressed in words so you might conceal all of your emotions at once.

Such a dream indicates that you will go to any extent to survive and protect yourself after this loss. It’s great that you are slowly growing up, but you must also get over this pain soon. This loss has also led to your individual development.

48. Dream of receiving a key through kissing

Your dream about receiving a key after kissing an unknown person might be a forecast about getting influenced into something problematic.

You might be too trusting of others and will blindly follow someone’s path without judging its credibility. This will lead you to a dark phase of your life and you might fall victim to a lot of suffering for trusting others without thoughts.

Initially, you might gain great pleasure with less effort, but it will soon become a pain in your life. Your choices might lead you to lose your reputation and finances in the long run.

You must be careful not to involve yourself in anything dangerous.

49. Dream of a deceased man alive and searching for keys

A dream about a deceased person alive and searching for keys is a complex dream and requires more details. It is related to changes in your personal relationships.

Possibly you are finding issues in harmonizing different relationships in your personal life. Issues among family members are very likely to be a reason.

You might be stressed because of the long fights and you are trying hard to settle the issues without hurting any side.

Nobody around you is helping you in this situation, so you are reminiscing about this dead friend or family who always stood by you. You are seeking help from this person but it has become impossible to get any.  

50. Dream of a missing boyfriend holding a key

If your friend dreams of your missing boyfriend giving her a key, it is possible that your boyfriend wants your friend to emotionally support you during this struggle.

You can also interpret this dream as your friend’s worries for you.

The news of your missing boyfriend has pushed you to the edge in multiple ways. You are trying your best to stay strong throughout this pain and so, it has impacted your friend too.

You should try staying with your friend for a while, if not contact her regularly otherwise she will be troubled and keep having such dreams. Of course, you are not in the mood to communicate right now, but you must for your health.

51. Dream of gifting a key

If you had a dream of gifting a key, the key resembles the access to your heart. The dream indicates that you are emotionally ready to express yourself to others and show your true side without shying away. 

It might be the symbolism of your preparation for committing to a romantic relationship or your acceptance of your hidden feelings. You have emerged out of the fear of others’ disapproval and are ready to confront it.

Your dream can also be an indication of your preparations for transferring power and authority to a faithful person in your life. It might be a symbol of finding your descendant.

52. Receiving car keys in a dream

If you received car keys in your dream, it is a symbolism of the beginning of something great and you must make all the attempts to grab the opportunities before they disappear.

Such dreams are also connected to spiritual journeys and bring forth possibilities of growth and awareness in the future. This dream is related to your victory in life.

Your subconscious is signaling you to stay calm and use your intelligence and creativity to outshine others. You need to prepare yourself for challenges and criticism for constructing a perfect foundation for your success.

However, your dreams about receiving car keys might also be related to failure in your professional life. Suppose, you are forced with any task in your workplace and are unable to solve the problems concerning it, the inevitable failure of the task can reflect in your dreams.

Spiritual Meaning of keys in a dream

Spiritually, key dreams are mostly connected to some good change in your life like recovering lost reputations, seeking the truth of life, or confidence in yourself. Sometimes it might imply turmoil in relationships.

The spiritual meaning of key dreams is connected to the freedom from false allegations and rumors that soiled your reputation. The dream indicates that you need to be optimistic about your circumstances and you will soon seek the truth and prove yourself innocent. 

You need to stay level-headed to overcome this phase. Silver and golden keys imply you possess intense spiritual power in yourself.

If you saw yourself using the key in the dream, it is a symbol of engaging yourself in classified situations and you are seeking the truth of it. This dream might also imply a future quest for truth in your life.

Suppose you were in a key shop in your dreams, it depicts that you are incapable of expressing your love to a close person and get misunderstood easily.  

You feel that expressing your love will force them to return your feelings or create an uncomfortable situation for the other person. You need not think so much if you are conveying your feelings, otherwise, you might regret it in the future.

A dream about holding a key in your hands resembles your confidence in yourself and your choices in life while one about having a key cut represents the possibilities of opportunities in your future.

If you copied a key in your dream, it is a prediction of a bad omen concerning the future of your personal relationships.

Some relationships in your life might be ruined by envious people. You need to take more initiatives to prevent them from affecting your life.

Biblical meaning of Key Dreams

Biblically, keys represent the power and authority bestowed on the people by God. It might also be the representation of God’s power over the three worlds – The mortal realm, Heaven, and the Underworld.

Biblically, dreams of keys have been used in different contexts. In the Isaiah manuscripts, a pastor and the faithful subject of King David, Eliakim, were granted the keys of the king’s residence.

It was a symbol of granting great power, authority, and status to him. 

He rose in status and it became an indirect order of respecting him to others. Eliakim became a powerful person in these stories only with his rights over the keys.

But in verse 3:7 (Revelation), it is told that Jesus owns King David’s keys. According to legends from the history of Israel, David was the messenger of God and the original king of ancient Israel. God not only possesses the keys of King David but also his key leads to the entrance of God’s land – the paradise.

In the verse, Rev 1:8 expresses that God also owns the keys to death and the doors to the netherworld. Only God possesses the power of traveling through death and the netherworld and Him alone has the control over both birth and death.

As per Matthew’s verse 16:19, the Heavens’ keys were bestowed to those who worked as the messenger of God and shared the wish of God to everyone around. These men resembled the wishes of God.

Throughout the bible, keys represented influence, status, and the power of ruling Paradise, the Mortal Realm, and the Netherlands.

Islamic Meaning of Key Dreams

As per the Islamic culture, key dreams are linked with prosperity in every aspect of your life. But the actual interpretation is connected to the emotions involved in the dream.

According to Islamic culture, the dreams of a single key are a representation of authority, power, fortune, good finance, wealth, abundant knowledge, accomplishments, and realization of desires.

If you feel positive in this dream, it assures you of your path and decisions. You must continue to conduct yourself in this manner in your life. Suppose an ominous feeling was connected with your dreams, it is a warning of losing happiness or financial stability from your life.

On the flip side, possession of multiple keys in a dream is a prediction of success and certainty in your personal or professional life. Your dedication to your private and professional life will bring positive effects in the future.

However, if you see a wooden key, it is a resemblance of a selfish person. Your dream might indicate that you will face a selfish person when you will be in need. 

This person might have borrowed help from you in the past but will be unwilling to return the favor. Or, your dream might also imply that you will be a selfish person and deny help to others.

In Islam, keys are related to the success, security, and prosperity of your life.

Questions to ask to interpret key dreams correctly

Reflect on these questions if you still haven’t found your dream interpretation…

  • Who was holding the key? Was it you or someone else? Did you recognize anyone else in your dream?
  • Where were the keys? Did you see the keys unlocking anything?
  • How many keys were there? What were the keys for?
  • Was the key made of any precious metal? What was the size of the keys?
  • What was the condition of the keys? Were those broken or rusty?
  • Did you hear any noise during the dream?
  • Did you give your key away to or receive it from anyone?
  • How did your dream of keys impact your emotions?
  • What are your current goals in life? Are you close to accomplishing them? How is the condition of your finances?

Over to you…

A key resembles your status, authority, and power in life. So far, you came across many key dreams interpretations and your dream details might not match with the ones over here exactly. But, you have the hints to solve them.

You also need to remember that your emotions and anxiety can affect your subconscious and creep into your dreams, so while interpreting you must consider your surroundings and whatever that might bother you.

Key dreams can also be a prediction about your near future, so pay special attention to their interpretation. If you find that your dreams predict a disappointing future, you must commit to actions that might prevent them.