What Does Dream About Waves Mean?

The wave in a dream represents your repressed emotions, desires, and future events. It is a sign telling you that you need to take action in order to identify your subconscious thoughts and desires that are negatively affecting you.

Your dream of high waves indicates that you wish to make a fresh start and make a new beginning in your life.

Dream about high waves

Small waves in dreams are a sign of misunderstandings and insecurities, but also, the dream is a sign of trust, change, and renewed relationships.

Dream about small waves

You need to keep your emotions in check. There may be some pressure or tension around you that affects your emotional well-being.

Dream about tsunami waves

You are also seeking attention and validation from people around you, which inhibits you from being yourself.

Dream about sand waves

Dream about calm waves

It’s a sign that you’re undergoing a transformation and that certain parts of your life are being deepened.