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Dreams about Waves – 74 Dream Scenarios and Their Meanings

Dreams about Waves – 74 Dream Scenarios and Their Meanings

Updated on Aug 01, 2022 | Published on Aug 31, 2021

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Dreams about Waves - 74 Types and Their Meanings

The dream of waves would be a nightmare for someone who is aquaphobic. The experience must have made you feel uneasy and scared. 

However, you need to relax and pay attention to the context of the dream and identify which part of the dream made you feel anxious. The dream may have a positive meaning or it could be a warning to alert you about an important life event in the future. 

Let’s discover the meaning of waves in a dream and what it wants to tell you through the dream. 

Dreams about Waves - 74 Dream Scenarios and Their Meanings
Dreams about Waves – 74 Dream Scenarios and Their Meanings

Waves Dream Meaning

The wave in a dream represents your repressed emotions, desires, and future events. It is a sign telling you that you need to take action in order to identify your subconscious thoughts and desires that are negatively affecting you.  

Waves in a dream represent feelings and information about events that are going to occur in the future. The dream about waves represents your subconscious desire, emotions, and beliefs that may work against your wellbeing. According to Miller, high waves in your dreams are indicative of your professional life. 

The higher the path, the deeper and more intense its meaning will be. Your future workload is expected to increase. The clearer the water, the more manageable the situation will be for you. 

In dreams, water may hold a message that reveals something important about the spiritual self. A wave occurs when water’s surface changes due to undersea fluctuations. 

Likewise, it signifies that something deep inside you needs to be expressed, otherwise the conflicts will manifest into your actions. 

Whenever the wind blows heavily, the waves follow suit with high intensity. Similarly, when you have too many emotions inside, anger, fear, doubt, and stress it can become more overwhelming for you. 

Waves in dreams represent the situation you might be facing outside or will face soon based on the type of waves you see in your dream. Clean and calm waves indicate your confidence and ability to succeed. 

If you see turbulent and dirty waves, it indicates that you will hear some bad news in the future, leading to an emotional outburst. It might be difficult for you to manage yourself in this situation. 

Waves in dreams reflect your old thought patterns, habits, and feelings that you have been suppressing for a long time. The dreams suggest working on your feelings and solving the issues from the root. 

Reasons Why You Dream about Waves 

There are various reasons why a person might dream about waves. Each type of wave has a different meaning. The wave dream may be conveying a multitude of messages to you, but below are a few reasons why you dream about waves.

1. Explosion of emotions

If you are experiencing an overflow of emotions in your life, then this dream symbolizes a need to express underlying issues and feelings.

It’s best to live in the present and commit to giving your best to all that you do. Engage yourself in something you enjoy doing, such as a creative activity or anything else that makes you lose track of time.

Once you feel normal again, you can talk to your friends or family members about the situation.  

2. Anger or resentment

If you are facing anger in your waking life due to challenging situations, then a dream about big waves suggests you need to confront that issue. While you are trying to fix it, remain calm and relaxed. 

3. Life-changing events about to happen

When you undergo life-changing events, such as a job change, new relationship, breakup, or moving to a new location. In this case, the dream of waves indicates that you should prepare for a new environment and change. 

4. Difficulty in controlling emotions

Your current situation in life may be causing you to experience emotions such as anger, jealousy, insecurity, joy, and irritation. Your dream of waves then symbolizes the end of a close relationship.

If you find that the people around you make you feel unloved and unwanted, understand that it is just an image that your mind creates.

Once you change your viewpoints, you are able to see things from a different perspective.

5. Firm Control overreactions

The dream of waves does not only have a negative connotation but also indicates that you can handle your emotions well. 

Perhaps you woke up dreaming of calm waves, waves lapping, or the peaceful sound of the waves. This indicates that they are emotionally doing well in life.  

Dream about Waves – 74 Types and Their Meanings 

1. Dream about waves 

Dreaming of waves or sea waves represents your emotions and fears. Your dream may be a reflection of something that you fear in your waking life. The true side of someone is revealed and you are able to discern their intentions. 

The sea waves in dreams indicate your rising desire for a romantic relationship. It is a sign of positive changes ahead. You are able to fully express yourself. 

Further, you are reminded to refrain from repeating past mistakes and remain vigilant. 

Perhaps you feel as though you are getting older or that time has sped up. After a time of chaos and turmoil in your life, it is a sign that you will experience peace.

2. Dream about sand waves

You are holding yourself back by imposing restrictions and limitations on yourself. As a result, you discover it’s difficult to establish a connection or communicate your feelings with others. 

You are also seeking attention and validation from people around you, which inhibits you from being yourself. In case you are about to make a major decision, it’s important to realize that your actions influence the world around you.

In addition, it symbolizes harmony, tranquility, and respect. The dream states that you care about your family and want to have some leisure time with them as well as a break from work. 

3. Dream about calm waves

The dream represents some aspects of your life such as personal growth and work. It’s a sign that you’re undergoing a transformation and that certain parts of your life are being deepened. 

You should be aware of the direction you are taking and be willing to learn. 

Calm waves are a sign of self-love and acceptance. This is a sign that your efforts will bear fruit in the near future. You need to explore other options and find a strong support network to help you through your journey. 

4. Dream about tall waves

When you dream of the tall waves, you are surrounded by amazing people and living life luxuriously. The dream is a sign of joy, pleasure, and new beginnings. 

Additionally, the tall waves in your dream suggest that you will be more confident in your speech as well as more expressive with your partner in the near future. 

5. Dream about lake waves

The dream signifies rebirth, fertility, and Spirituality. It states that you lack the confidence to express your views clearly and that your words lack meaning. 

 You don’t have to sacrifice your well-being for others. Defining your priorities is the key. 

You will be able to overcome obstacles in your life with ease, but you need to reflect and take conscious actions to ensure this happens. Get in touch with your inner self. 

This is a good time to work on an important assignment or project since your inner creativity is highly active. 

6. Dream about dark waves 

The dark waves in your dream are a representation of your unconscious thoughts and wishes. 

Additionally, it warns that you’ll have a hard time in the future. If you are addicted to drugs, drinking, or other kinds of addiction then you will face some difficulties shortly. 

There are certain areas of your psyche that need immediate attention due to excessive stress you are unable to figure out the way. 

Another meaning of this dream could be that you need time for fun and laughter with your family. You strive to stand out from the crowd. Be aware of your actions and avoid putting yourself in danger in order to stand out. 

Check your behavior with others as well. Do you try to control others’ actions or thoughts? If yes, you need to reconsider your attitude.

7. Dream about boat waves 

Dreaming of boats and waves has various exciting meanings. A boat dream signifies happiness, joy, and the appearance of unexpected riches. 

It is important that you watch the words and thoughts you use. It’s possible that you may speak some harsh words to someone special that could affect your relationship. Make sure you express yourself more to those who are close to you and let them know how you feel. 

Furthermore, if you are only sharing your success and good days with the world then it’s time to be authentic and share your struggles as well.  

As a whole, boat waves represent the expression of self and creativity. Despite failures, you should keep going in life and be open to new opportunities and ideas. 

8. Dream about high waves 

Your dream of high waves indicates that you wish to make a fresh start and make a new beginning in your life. You are committed to making a fresh start. There were a number of goals you failed to attain due to your family and personal responsibilities. 

It may initially seem challenging to start, however, once you’re in the zone you’ll have no trouble finishing. As a result, you will comfortably navigate through life. 

You’ve also made progress with your spiritual, emotional, and physical growth. Solve your old issues and memories so you can devote all your energy to your work. Your outlook on life is positive, but you just need the motivation to make it happen. 

9. Dream about beach waves

A beach is a place where people relax, enjoy, and chill out. Dreaming of beach waves is a sign that you value little things in life. 

Also, it signifies that you are a charming and affable person. Sometimes you may feel disconnected from your true self when dealing with tough situations.  

Therefore, it’s important to maintain a balance between giving and receiving. Giving more of yourself may leave you exhausted or drained in the long run. 

Your dream also indicates that you have a deep connection with your mother. Maybe this is the time to call or spend some time with her. You might find that it helps you to refresh and open up to new ideas and perspectives. 

10. Dream about storm waves

It is a sign that you have undervalued yourself by comparing yourself to others. You’re taking yourself for granted. 

As well, it symbolizes that you are still in touch with the past relationship and its memories. Perhaps you’re looking for some guidance or want to step up a notch. 

Dreams provide insight into your life perspective and how you view the world. There’s a good chance that you are experiencing a lot of changes both internally and externally. 

11. Dreaming of big waves / Dreaming of huge waves

If you are dreaming of experiencing high waves crashing against the shore with great intensity, the dream is an indication that you are feeling high emotions. 

You may be experiencing these emotions for various reasons, such as happiness, fear, excitement, or other factors. It depends on the quality of the water. Is the water clear, dirty, or muddy?

12. Dream about dirty waves

The dream symbolizes your artistic side and achievements. You may feel powerless. 

You are working toward a goal and feel like it is taking forever, but the dream indicates that everything will be worth it once you achieve the goal. 

This dream brings your impure subconscious thoughts and desires to the surface. Rather than rejecting this aspect of yourself, you should accept it and strive to improve. Take it as a sign of positive transformation.  

13. Dream about small waves

Small waves in dreams are a sign of misunderstandings and insecurities, but also, the dream is a sign of trust, change, and renewed relationships. 

It is important to show gratitude to everyone who has helped you along the way. If you are having trouble making the decisions then it is a sign to follow your instincts.

14. Dream about rough waves

 It seems that you are questioning something fundamental about your life. There’s a possibility that some past memories and experiences are still affecting you. You are looking for ways to express yourself without hiding who you really are.  

15. Dream about riding on a big wave 

The dream has a dual interpretation. In general, the dream of riding a big wave is a positive dream. It means positivity and wealth. 

It is also a reflection of your inner self. This dream signals that you are suppressing your inner child and you need to let it go free and step into your power and confidence. 

Another interpretation is that you aim high and are constantly striving to achieve things on time. It is possible that riding the waves will lead to disappointment in certain cases. Take a broader view of things and re-calibrate your attitude. 

16. Dream about strong or heavy waves

You should refocus your attention and prioritize what’s truly important in your life. It’s your ability to influence the truth and the situation around you that will determine the outcome. 

You may also take it as a sign that you are not taking adequate care of yourself by depriving yourself of enjoyment or rest. 

17. Dream about frozen waves

Dreaming of frozen waves indicates frozen thoughts. Perhaps your one-track mind is limiting your view and opportunities. You need to open yourself to a wider view of life where there are endless possibilities. 

 It could also mean that you need to express something that has been haunting you. It is a sign of spiritual cleansing. For a deep insight into your thoughts, you need to explore your subconscious mind. 

The dream also reflects how you relate to others. It also indicates that you keep a close watch on your life and daily activities. 

18. Dream about rolling waves 

A dream of rolling waves symbolizes fertility, rebirth, enlightenment, positivity, growth, purity, and liveliness. 

Your subconscious is bringing to life something. It can be an idea, or a memory, or even something unexpected. Your life will change dramatically as a result of it. 

The dream also suggests the stress you might be facing at work. You’re caught up in the rat race and are unable to make your way out. 

You need to make some space to allow creativity and rest to flow freely. Some big opportunities and changes are coming your way. 

19. Dream about big sea waves 

Sea waves rising above the sea level and striking against the shore can be interpreted as a representation of various emotions you might be experiencing. 

If the water is calm and pleasant, it represents something beautiful coming to life. It can be related to your job, your relationship, or your personal life. 

If you dreamed of dark or violent water, you can expect a negative event to occur. Your feelings might include anger, aggression, or resentment. 

Your subconscious is trying to communicate with you. You may feel constrained from moving forward due to psychological or mental forces. 

20. Dream about tsunami waves meaning

A dream of tsunami waves or being hit by them is considered a bad omen. You’ll have to deal with some difficulties in the future.

You need to keep your emotions in check. There may be some pressure or tension around you that affects your emotional well-being. You may be impacted in unexpected ways by the changes surrounding you.

When you experience recurring dreams of a tsunami, you need to pay attention to them as it indicates areas of your life that need improvement or are unresolved. 

You may be experiencing a difficult time right now, such as a breakup, loss of a job, or issues with your family, a financial crisis, illness, or any other problem. You should focus on issues that you can control rather than on those that are beyond your control.

21. Dream about escaping tsunami waves 

The tsunami waves in dreams represent running from your problems or suppressing your emotions. Your current life circumstances may also be reflected in your dreams.

22. Dream of being swept away with tsunami waves 

The dream represents a new opportunity and changes in your life. You can take this as a sign to improve your lifestyle so that your quality of life is also enhanced.  

23. Dream about causing tsunami waves 

The dream of causing tsunami waves may feel absurd to you. If you had this dream, it symbolizes you are able to control your emotions. And also managing other people’s emotions and supporting them through difficult times.

24. Dream about chasing big waves

The dream of chasing big waves can make you feel uneasy and afraid. The dream, however, represents light, a new perspective, or a new opportunity. 

It states that you have found your way out of the darkness into light. Additionally, you will likely feel strong emotions that will affect the people around you as well. 

The waves in a dream represent your current life situation and status in the waking world. Are you in search of something? A thing that is deeper or above the superficiality of the world.

25. Dream about big blue waves 

To dream of big blue waves is a sign of mental challenges you are facing in waking life. You may feel compelled to express your opinion on some matters, but lack clarity and confidence to do so. A feeling of emptiness is plaguing you. 

As for your professional life, it may point out that you are stuck in an unfulfilling and rigid job.

26. Dream about fighting big waves 

The dream is not a positive sign. It’s crucial to revisit the emotions you faced in the dream. It will help you to understand your problem or symbolism from its core. 

The dream of fighting a big wave indicates that you have lost control of your life. There may be situations in life that leave you feeling unworthy and stuck. 

If you dream of big waves then it means you will experience strong emotions and changes in your daily life.

27. Dream about catching waves 

The dream of catching waves means catching your emotions. The dream states that they are feeling overwhelmed by emotions and in search of comfort. 

It tells you that, even if you don’t feel close to anyone, you are always protected and guided by the divine. 

Alternatively, the dream suggests that you are proud of the person you are becoming. 

Your goals will soon be realized. By visualizing your success, you will be motivated to work hard and achieve it. To open up new possibilities, you must let go of certain things. 

Altogether, the dream encourages you to be imaginative and expressive, telling you to look forward to exciting days ahead. 

28. Dream about  big waves in the river 

 Something important is going to happen soon. To have an idea, you need to delve deep into the emotions you experienced while dreaming, which will lead you to determine the event. Clear water implies joy and pleasure. 

If the water was dirty then it indicates an unpleasant experience. And if the water was muddy then it means a destructive or dangerous event.

29. Dream about flooding waves 

In dreams, rivers represent key decisions to be made and the impact they will have on people around you. The dream reflects that you are demanding and opinionated, which may lead to strained relationships. 

Perhaps you are creating walls between you and others that prevent them from getting to know you. It is also likely that you will experience some emotional ups and downs.

The dream is a good reminder to relax and have If you are currently working on something important, it is a sign that your hard work is going to yield results. Trust your intuition and follow through. 

30. Dream about watching waves

This dream represents your courage and a mix of other feelings. It is a sign of self-love, growth and inspiration, and hope.

Watching waves in dreams represents a promotion or raise in pay. Your creative mind makes you stand out from the crowd. 

In the ancient dream book, these dreams are symbolic of your own human consciousness.  Waves are symbols of life-changing decisions and encouragement to take some bold steps to realize your full potential.

When you see waves striking on the seashore in your dreams, it represents that you need to be careful with your words and actions when talking with colleagues, friends, and family members, as it could cause confusion and conflicts in a relationship. 

31. Dream about surfing on big waves 

A great deal of courage and skill is required to surf on big waves. Dream about surfing on big waves symbolizes the exploratory nature you have and your readiness to take on new adventures.

This also means that you will overcome your problems and achieve great things. However, you must be aware that you’re not wasting your time on things or people that drain your energy and don’t matter to you. 

If you are having difficulty in balancing the surfboard then it means that you are overconfident in your skills.

32. Dream of escaping waves

The dream of escaping waves points to an inward journey to understand yourself better and to build more meaningful connections. Perhaps you’re thinking about your past experiences or the good times you had in a relationship.

33. Dream about waves breaking 

When you dream of waves breaking it signifies comfort, new opportunities, safety and protection. 

It also represents that you are burdening yourself emotionally and physically. It may be self-deprecating self-talk or not moving your body enough, which makes you feel worse. 

You need to organize and reset certain elements of your life. In addition to feelings emerging from your subconscious, you could also experience heightened spiritual awareness. 

34. Dream about big boat waves

It is a sign of peace, harmony, comfort, and warmth. You may be surprised by things that pop up out of nowhere.

Also, the dream represents your feminine side. And some issues that need your immediate attention.  

You have a strong desire to have a marriage and a family. Deep down you long to reconnect to your inner child and rediscover that joy and freedom. 

 When you are experiencing a situation that makes you feel emotionally vulnerable, you might tend to project your anger onto others. Perhaps you are suppressing or hiding something important. 

35. Dream about big dark waves 

It can be interpreted that you are experiencing rushes of thoughts or something is happening in your subconscious mind. Your unconscious desires and thoughts are represented in this dream. 

When this type of dream occurs to someone who is addicted to a substance, then it reflects their dark instincts and secrets. The only way out of this situation is to seek assistance. This dream also implies the reunification of your feminine and masculine sides. 

36. Dream about big black waves

Having a dream of black waves is a sign of gossip and chatter. It means that you know what emotions to express and what to say to other people. 

If you are repeating some mistakes then it is a signal that you need to learn lessons from your past experiences. Otherwise, you will continue to do the same old things in your daily life. 

Your dream suggests infidelity by you or someone close in proximity.   If things don’t go as expected, rather than becoming frustrated or upset, you should try to improve the situation.

37. Dream of ocean waves 

The high ocean waves are a sign of experiencing heightened emotions. It can be positive or negative depending on the context of the dream.

Additionally, it implies that if you are allowing fear to control your life, you need to break the pattern and step out of your comfort zone in order to accomplish your goals. 

You may also experience changes in your relationships with people. In a dream, the harsh ocean waves are symbolic of things to be learned. Maybe you are holding on to some old patterns or thoughts that are hindering your growth. 

38. Dream about dangerous waves 

This dream is a sign of love, hope, growth, and freedom. The dangerous waves indicate that you are searching for love and care. This dream is a sign of a positive event. Possibly a new relationship or marriage proposal. 

If you have difficulty managing your time, the dream could be a sign that you need to manage it more efficiently in order to get your work done. 

39. Dream about beautiful waves 

The dream signifies that you are experiencing self-doubt and creative block. Spend time at social places where you can gain inspiration from others or connect with new people. 

If you are looking for some kind of validation or acceptance your feelings may get hurt. Hence, you should try to figure out the reason for such behavior. What drives you to seek external validation?  

Others may manipulate you as well, as you are seeking approval and trusting them to make decisions for you.

40. Dream about waves hitting me

Hitting waves in the dream is a sign of fertility and productivity and a call to listen to your instincts. 

Waves hitting you symbolize self-discovery. It’s your way to discover who you are. To shine from the inside out, you need to cleanse yourself internally. 

There may be a few insecurities holding you back from living a simpler life. It is also possible that some delays will occur on the way to your goal. 

41. Dream about playing in waves 

In dreams, playing in waves symbolizes longevity and stability. It indicates that you might want to incorporate one of your friend’s positive traits into your own character. 

If you’re making a decision, it’s best to keep everyone in mind and choose a middle ground. The Dream reminds you of the challenges and problems you have faced in life and how you have overcome them. This is a symbol of your strength and self-confidence. 

42. Dream about diving into waves 

You need to share your knowledge and wisdom with others. The dream is a sign of spiritual development. The dream points to the possibility of travel in the future and the chance to catch up with an old friend

If you have recently suffered from heartbreak it can cause you to be stiff or cold-hearted. You may feel dissatisfied with your current life circumstances. 

43. Dream about going under waves 

Having the dream represents you losing contact with some impending actions in the future or your impolite behavior may distance you from the people around you. 

44. Dream about drowning in ocean waves 

The dream signifies that you are facing difficulties in managing your emotions and desires. It also points to your addictions to drugs, sex, or alcohol. 

You should take this as a warning that you may be exploited or manipulated by someone in the future. It is better to be aware and to distance yourself from such people and control your desires. 

45. Dream of waves in the swimming pool 

Your dream indicates that you won’t be much affected by the future event. Depending on your emotions, an event can be pleasant or unpleasant, and you will be able to move on. 

46. Dream about watching big waves 

According to this dream, you are going to witness strong emotions. It can be you or some other person around you. 

47. Dream about big beach waves 

It is all about your self-identity and knowing who you are. Your dream states that you will succeed. You will also receive support in an unexpected manner. 

You are seeking adventure, fun, romance, and adventure in your life. By leaving your old habits, relationships, and friends behind you, you are making a fresh start. It’s important that you realize your needs and become more independent. 

48. Dream about running from waves 

The dream signifies that you have a lot of problems and are trying to handle them all at once. Perhaps you are finding it difficult to handle everything on your own. Therefore, you may ask for help from the people around you, as this will relieve some burden and allow you to focus better. 

49. Dreams about big waves crashing on you

It is a sign that something positive will come your way. Your strength and mental capabilities are represented by the wave in dreams. 

 If you were able to control the waves in a dream as they crashed on you, then it implies that your life is in your control. If not, you will likely face a difficult time in the near future. 

The waves crashing indicates that you are running from your responsibilities and the reality of life. Perhaps you’re going through some drama at home, in your relationship, or among your friends. 

50. Dream about being stuck in waves

The dream represents the desire to hide an aspect of yourself from others or a feeling of shame about yourself. You have the potential to succeed and you shouldn’t suppress your unique talents. 

Moreover, the dream indicates that you need to make some important decisions in life. Be sure to eat healthy food and stay healthy in the event of chaos. 

51.  Dream about walking through waves 

Your dream scenario represents your life path and how you manage everything in life. 

There is a good chance that you will be able to handle all the difficulties and problems in life with ease. Your ability to handle emotions intelligently is impressive. 

In the dream, if you were being pulled by the waves, then you need to let go of whatever is bothering you or making you anxious. 

Don’t hold back your emotions. Release them. Imprisoning those emotions will only make things harder for you. 

52. Dream of waves with whitecaps 

The dream of waves with whitecaps means overcoming a challenging experience. If you are worried or anxious about other issues, your dream tells you to let things flow freely and everything will turn out in your favor. Let things flow naturally. 

54. Dream about waves getting bigger

The dream plot implies that you are keeping some secrets and hiding a part of yourself. The part of you that you have suppressed or rejected may resurface at a later date, so it is best to face them head-on and resolve them. 

Further, you should be mentally prepared to hear some news in the near future. In some cases, dreams indicate the desire for some exciting things in life. Also, pointing towards the financial worries and fear of losing money. 

55. Dream about swimming in big waves 

To dream of swimming in big waves can be challenging, but if you are able to swim without difficulty then you are moving forward in life without fear.

Similarly, if you find it difficult to swim in the pool and drown, it means you will face future challenges. 

You may be feeling lost and vulnerable due to all the issues in your life. Your dream might give you an insight into how you can cope with difficulty in the real world if you managed to overcome or survive the situation. 

Aside from available resources, it’s possible that you will need others’ help to tackle the situation. If this is the case, you should not be hesitant in asking for help from others. 

56. Dream about surviving tidal waves 

The dream of surviving tidal waves symbolizes fertility, emotions, desire, and love. If you are trapped in emotional blockages, it is better to work on them instead of suffocating.

You should take this dream as a positive sign if you are going through a difficult time, as it indicates that the problems will be solved. There is a possibility that you are unconsciously repeating the same mistakes that are preventing you from progressing.

In other situations, whenever you are about to make an important decision in your life, you should think twice before making a final decision. 

57. Dream about driving through waves 

Your dream represents that you are finally ready to discuss some issues that you have been ignoring. Currently, you are seeking spiritual guidance and looking for some clarity. 

58. Dream about being crushed by waves 

The dream scenario stands for transformation, renewal, and rebirth. It represents how you deal with the outside world. 

In this case, it indicates that you are evaluating yourself and should reflect on your decisions. Furthermore, it is also a symbol of psychological healing.

A person’s attitude is a reflection of their character. If you have a sloppy attitude, then you could end up in trouble. You may find it hard to accomplish your goals with this kind of attitude.

59. Dream about waves crashing on house 

When the waves crash on your house in a dream, it represents your relationship with other people in the world, such as your family, partner, and friends. You need to heal some wounds so that you can grow emotionally. 

The Dream also signals someone annoying nearby. In addition, you may act in a way that irritates or offends others, which may complicate things further. Be calm and conscious before you react in such situations. 

 As an alternative, you might try to influence a particular situation or person’s perception of you. 

60. Dream about waves coming into the house 

The dream of waves coming into your house is a harbinger of love, support, solutions, and spiritual enlightenment. 

You are in the process of creating something creative and are in need of taking advantage of the opportunities that may come your way. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. 

61. Dream about being in a boat with big waves 

The dream is a sign that will have high profits and respect in your business. This said, take time out for yourself and your loved one to relax and enjoy. 

62. Dreaming of tidal waves 

When you see tidal waves in dreams it indicates that you are going through a difficult time in your life. You may feel overwhelmed and unprepared for the challenges ahead if you are going through many changes in life. 

You may be feeling pressured due to all the stress and changes happening around you. 

Instead of procrastinating and living in the dark, you should take action against it. If you don’t help yourself, no one else will.

The water in your dream represents your emotions. Dreams like this may appear when you’re starting a new relationship, working toward a deadline, changing jobs, or fearing the future.

This is an indication that something is changing internally. Taking the appropriate measures and facing the situation is the best way to deal with them. As soon as you take the first step, other steps will become apparent to you. 

Put your best foot forward and let the rest go. 

63. Dream of big and pure waves 

If you dream of big and pure waves, this is a sign that good things are coming your way. You will soon receive the good news that will bring you happiness. 

Additionally, this type of dream is associated with newness and creativity. You can use this time to work on your creative projects. 

64. Dream about wind and waves

It is a sign of survival, strength, and power. The dream of wind and waves represents the transition period in your life. You keep something inside that you don’t want others to know. 

Sometimes, you like to go with the flow like the wind, and other times, you feel overwhelmed by emotions.

To uncover old trauma and fear from their roots, you must do some shadow work.

65. Dream about standing in the big waves

When you dream of standing in big waves, this is an omen of good fortune. It indicates that you will achieve success in the future. 

If you are working on a project or dealing for a long period, you will finally achieve positive results and success. 

66. Dream about big waves hitting your ship 

The dream is not a good omen. It indicates that you will encounter bad luck in every aspect of your life. 

67. Dream about sailing on big waves 

A dream about sailing in big waves implies you will face a lot of new challenges and have a lot of new opportunities to choose from.

Some big changes are likely to occur soon. Prepare yourself to face them.

You may be curious about the future and want to learn what opportunities are available to you.

In the dream, it is important to note what type of waves you see. Waves can be calm or turbulent. How they behave in your dream indicates your inner state.  You may feel calm, excited, nervous, or fearful.

Calmer waves reflect your excitement when trying new things, whereas turbulent waves suggest doubt. 

68. Dream of waves with foam 

The dream of waves with foam warns about gossip and secrets revealing. 

69. Dream of hearing the sound of big waves

Dreams in which you heard waves but didn’t see them are considered a positive omen. Waves, water striking the shoreline and cliffs may be soothing for some people.

The dream signifies that you are content with the current life situation. A wave’s sound indicates that you have successfully been able to distinguish between what you can control and what you cannot.

Therefore, you are able to make peace with yourself and the people around you.

70. Dreaming of big but calm waves 

Your dream scenario indicates that you are eager to learn and willing to take risks. This also reflects your confidence and flexibility to adapt to new situations. 

71. Dream of big and turbulent waves 

The turbulent waves represent a lack of confidence, fears, and insecurities. You don’t like taking risks, so you always want to play it safe. You are always concerned about the possible consequences of a particular situation.

72. Dream of waves hitting the rock 

 A dream about waves hitting the rocks is a negative dream and it may bring problems and bad news in near future. 

73. Dream about waves hitting the shore 

It indicates that you are frustrated and drained, making you feel unworthy or overwhelmed. Perhaps you have made poor decisions in the past that are affecting you now. 

In essence, it states that instead of blaming yourself, you should do everything you can to improve your condition.

74. Dream about water and waves 

Spiritually the water means wisdom and the source of life. The waves are created by water. It represents your suppressed emotions that have been held in for a long time and need to be expressed. 

Spiritual meaning of dream about waves 

Just as waves affect oceans, so our subconscious minds influence how we behave and act in life.

The dream of waves represents your spiritual and emotional self. It suggests that there are deep emotions hidden beneath the surface. The fear of judgment or rejection is preventing you from releasing your thoughts. 

Big waves are symbolic of big challenges and emotional turmoil in waking life. So, the waves in your dream are a reflection of the situation in your life. It can be turbulent, calm, or dirty. 

If you have seen yourself alone in the ocean, then it means that you have started exploring subconscious thoughts.

Biblical meaning of dream about waves

The dream of waves is interpreted by the Bible as a portent of progress in the future. If you have seen muddy water, it is a sign that you have made a major mistake. A clear body of water is a symbol of joy and happiness.

Islamic meaning of dream about waves

The Qur’an identifies waves in dreams as symbols of hardship, punishment, and suffering for one’s sins. In the Ibn Sirin, waves in a dream are a sign of a difficult time in waking life. 

Questions to ask yourself when you dream about waves

Ask these questions if you want to delve deeper into the meaning of your dream about waves and to identify the message your dream is trying to convey to you. 

1. How did the waves in your dream look?

2. How did you act in the dream?

3. Who all people were present in your dream?

4. What was the color of the wave?

5. What emotions did you feel in the dream?

Closing thoughts 

By now you must have a pretty good idea of the meaning of your dream but if you are dreaming of big waves often, it means something within your life threatens you, in a dream, it can be drowning in the ocean under the waves. 

It is the state of the ocean that determines your state of mind. The calm waves mean a confident and relaxed state of mind. 

You can learn about your emotional well-being from the waves in your dreams. In addition, a dream might reveal the most sensitive issues and emotions you should attend to right away.