What Does  Dream of a Doll Mean?

Beautiful doll in a dream

A beautiful doll in dreams is a good sign symbolizing delightful events.

Barbie doll in a dream

A dream of barbie dolls symbolizes your admiration for someone.

A possessed doll in a dream

To begin with, it means you have given in to your fears, letting them influence your waking life decisions and actions.

Dreaming about a creepy doll

A creepy doll stands for a fear that is holding you back from success.

A voodoo doll in a dream

The voodoo doll is trying to warn you about a person trying to manipulate you.

To see a doll in a wedding dress in a dream

The scenario portends a happy event such as a get-together, an engagement party, or even a wedding.

Generally, a dream about a doll symbolizes your childishness and immaturity, wreaking havoc on your relationships.