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A Dream about a Doll – 46 Types & Meanings

A Dream about a Doll – 46 Types & Meanings

Updated on Jan 03, 2023 | Published on Sep 30, 2022

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

A Dream About A Doll 46 Types & Meanings

Regardless of which type, a dream about a doll sounds creepy. Blockbuster movies such as Annabelle play a vital role in us associating dolls with negativity. 

Also, dolls have been in use since time immemorial in rituals. So, it’s not easy to dissociate dolls and evil, especially when it comes to dreams.

So, what do you think is the dream interpretation of you holding a voodoo doll with pins and needles on it? Let’s find out!

What Does A Dream About A Doll Mean?

Generally, a dream about a doll symbolizes your childishness and immaturity, wreaking havoc on your relationships. Also, someone might be using you to hurt another person, without your knowledge. 

A dream about a doll symbolizes your innocence, childishness, immaturity, or your perspective towards children or a specific child.

Dolls are created to look like us, humans. But however close they resemble mortal beings of flesh and blood, they do not have emotions. So, from that point of view, the dream might have happened after encountering a person in the waking world who lacks emotions. 

Also, you might have mistaken something to be genuine, when in fact, it is fake. 

On the other hand, dolls as dream symbols stand for your suppressed feelings, wishes, fears, and insecurities. Not to forget the things you would like to say but can’t bring yourself to. 

Negatively, dolls such as voodoo dolls are often associated with a manipulative person in your circle. He or she might be using you for his or her gains. And in the worst case, that person can even be trying to use you as a medium to inflict pain on a third party. 

Dolls can come to your visions for various reasons, and in this section, we have barely scratched the surface of why such scenarios happen in the first place. If you wish to know about your dream, tag along!

Dreaming about A Doll – 46 Different Scenarios Explained

Dolls come in different types and materials. Some are a delight to the eyes, while others might look creepy and horrifying. So, it’s understandable that each type carries its own interpretations.

1. Seeing many dolls in a dream

The dream symbolizes something – an encounter with a person, an accident, or even a talk that will turn your life around. 

On the other hand, this can mean you feel lost, overwhelmed, and out of sync with the rest of the world. 

2. To see a beautiful doll in a dream

Regardless of your gender, a beautiful doll in dreams is a good sign symbolizing delightful events. 

While it is associated with quality time in the company of pleasant people for women, the scenario foretells a new romantic relationship with a new person for a man. However, you need to understand that this period of bliss won’t last very long. 

On the other hand, beautiful dolls can also be a sign of pregnancy. 

3. Barbie dolls in dreams

Generally, a dream of barbie dolls symbolizes your admiration, not necessarily romantic, for someone. It can simply represent your appreciation for a person you look up to. 

Negatively, barbie dolls can stand for your insecurities and lack of contentment. Chances are nothing about you and what you do makes you happy. 

4. A dream of a talking doll

You could be pretending to be someone you are not to avoid a certain situation or a problem. 

Talking dolls can also mean you are not able to make a rational decision about something because of your ignorance. According to the scenario you have failed to differentiate between the right and the wrong, the good and the bad. 

Regardless of which, if a doll talked to you, try to recall what it said as it can be your subconscious mind giving you a message or warning about something. 

5. To dream of a doll coming to life

The interpretation of this scenario entirely depends on what the doll did after coming to life.

If the actions of the doll make you happy, the plot stands for your visions coming to fruition. 

Alternatively, if you were not happy with how the doll’s actions, the scenario is a representation of your waking life fears. 

If the doll did something to another person present in the scenario, expect unpleasant situations in the foreseeable future. 

6. Dreaming about a doll turning into a monster

Through the scenario, the subconscious is trying to alert you about getting caught in a dangerous situation without you being aware of it.

Probably, you have fallen into the trap of a false friend and now the situation predicts betrayal and even the loss of a loved one. 

The plot may also symbolize your disappointment in others because you believe they are mistreating or misbehaving with you. 

7. Dreaming about a doll playing with you as it talks

The plot shows how you are playfully exhibiting your creativity.

8. Seeing a couple of dolls talking to each other in a dream

The scenario emphasizes a need for a gathering. This holds especially if your family, workplace, etc., is amidst a problem. 

9. A possessed doll in a dream

A possessed doll can be interpreted in different ways. To begin with, it means you have given in to your fears, letting them influence your waking life decisions and actions. 

If you find the meaning relatable, the dream encourages you to figure out and address the cause of your fear. 

It can also signify a repressed memory that keeps haunting you time and time again. 

10. A voodoo doll in a dream

Here, the voodoo doll is trying to warn you about a person trying to manipulate you. 

In some instances, voodoo dolls stand for your childishness or immaturity influencing your decisions and actions. 

11. Dreaming about a creepy doll

A creepy doll stands for a fear that is holding you back from success. 

For instance, let’s say you wish to become a vlogger. But if you are an introvert, you know that is a big stumbling block. 

Here, the dream encourages you to get over your fear because you lose in life the moment you give in to your weaknesses. 

12. Seeing an evil doll in a dream

Most likely, an evil doll symbolizes your pain because you feel isolated, unwanted, and abandoned. 

13. A killer doll in a dream

If a terrifying killer doll appears in your dream, perhaps trying to kill you, the plot symbolizes your real-life fears and insecurities. 

Try to think about what makes you inferior. Your appearance, your lack of knowledge about the ways of the world? 

Through the dream, the subconscious indicates the need to release all such negative thoughts otherwise they will slowly kill your growth and aspirations. 

14. To dream of a bloody doll

Most likely, the bloody doll is a reflection of how worn out you are in your waking life – physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

15. To see a broken doll in a dream

A broken doll symbolizes a couple of problems. On the surface, the problems may seem small and insignificant. But you need to understand that all of them are interconnected. 

That is to say, if you are currently facing minor challenges in your waking life, do not let their magnitude trick you into believing they can be overlooked. Those may be the cause of a serious problem later on.

16. Dreaming of a baby doll

You might be feeling overwhelmed by the responsibilities of nurturing and raising a child. 

17. Dreaming about a miniature doll

A miniature doll is an auspicious dream symbol, not only for you but for your family and friends as well.

The foreseeable future will be kind to your lot, and many of you will probably secure promising offers and projects. 

18. Seeing an unproportionate doll in a dream

Chances are you seek comfort in the fun through meaningless ventures. 

19. To dream of seeing a doll’s head without a body

The scenario symbolizes loneliness and a lack of a support system. There’s a fair chance that you have no shoulder to lean on during your difficult days because you don’t talk to or help people when they ask for it. 

20. Dreaming of porcelain dolls

Most of the time, porcelain dolls hint at your optimism. According to the dolls, you can release painful memories and events easily, not giving them room to affect you for a long time. 

21. A dream about a plastic doll

The appearance of a plastic doll in a vision shows you are surrounded by false friends and toxic people in your waking life. 

On that note, the subconscious wants you to consider hanging out with those people as you are better off without them. 

22. To see a wooden doll in a dream

Wooden dolls are a sign that you are slacking off from your work while focusing on unnecessary and worthless things. 

Also, a wooden doll can symbolize wrong approaches toward the right goal. 

23. Seeing a multi-colored doll in a dream

If you experience the above, you will start seeing the sweet results of your hard work, and your life will change for the better.

24. To see a doll in a wedding dress in a dream

The scenario portends a happy event such as a get-together, an engagement party, or even a wedding. 

25. Dreaming about encountering a doll

The scenario symbolizes the successful completion of projects and goals. 

From another perspective, it shows signs of a new person joining your family soon. 

26. A dream about seeing a doll surprisingly

If you see a doll surprisingly, say while going through your wardrobe, the scenario is associated with stumbling upon something good accidentally. 

For instance, let’s say someone put you in a spot. To come out of that you might be compelled to do something you have never done before making you and the others realize that you are pretty good at it. 

27. Dreaming about seeing a doll on the floor

If you come across a doll lying flat on the floor as if someone dropped it, the plot indicates a potential separation and abandonment. 

28. Dreaming about receiving a doll as a gift

Usually, receiving a doll as a gift is associated with good news or positive energy coming your way.

If you believe you are not worthy enough to receive such a beautiful doll, that is a clear sign that you need to tackle your weaknesses by the horns. 

You may also reconnect with old friends if you dream of the above. 

Receiving a doll as a present is also a wish fulfillment dream. 

29. To dream about receiving a doll in your mailbox

The dream portends positive changes coming your way in the foreseeable future. 

30. To dream of giving someone a doll

Giving a doll is a premonition of good days ahead. If you are lucky, one of your wishes might come true. 

31. Dreaming about buying a doll for yourself 

More often than not, buying a doll for yourself is a harbinger of favorable offers and opportunities coming your way. 

32. Buying a doll for another person in a dream

You will likely make someone happy, through a gesture or a little financial help if you buy a doll for someone else. 

33. Dreaming that you can’t buy a doll

If you can’t buy yourself or another person a doll, for whatever reason, the scenario symbolizes the need to prioritize important and purposeful things in your life. 

34. Holding a doll in a dream

Chances are, you feel insecure as you lack confidence in your own speeches and actions. 

35. Playing with a baby doll in a dream

The dream shows that you will spend good times with your child while being a responsible mother/ father/ guardian to him or her. 

36. Dreaming of playing with your doll

According to the plot, you are well in control of your life. 

37. A dream of playing with someone else’s dolls

Playing with someone else’s dolls shows your willingness to share whatever you have with others. 

Also, this can mean you have built meaningful relationships with your friends and family

38. To dream of playing with a doll sadly

If you saw yourself playing with dolls sadly, the scenario represents the bad air between you and your loved ones. 

39. Dreaming about bathing a doll

If you see yourself bathing a doll, you will most likely give yourself a much-deserved reward. You might go on a shopping spree or take a trip to one of your favorite places. 

40. To dream about throwing a doll away

It is not a good sign to throw away a doll in a dream. Expect trouble, obstacles, frustration, and even failure.  

41. A dream of fighting with a doll

Possibly, your self-esteem has sunk to the lowest it can get after undervaluing your abilities and belittling yourself. 

If that’s what you have been doing, take the scenario as a wake-up call. Start appreciating yourself. You can’t expect others to admire you when you consider yourself a scumbag. 

42. Stabbing a doll with a knife in a dream

Stabbing a doll with a knife stands for your immaturity and insensitivity towards other people. 

Perhaps the subconscious is urging you to fix your behavior as it is ruining many of your relationships.

43. Dreaming of a bleeding doll

According to the plot, you are going through a tough period in your life and you feel weary to the core.

44. A dollhouse in a dream

Most likely, the dream signifies your wish to start a family of your own. 

45. To dream of seeing yourself as a doll

You might suffer great losses if you see yourself as a doll in a dream vision. 

46. A pregnant woman dreaming about a baby doll

The dream represents the woman’s fear that she will not be able to cope with the responsibilities of a mother. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Doll Dreams

On a spiritual level, a doll could be the subconscious urging you to take action. 

Have you been observing something from the peripherals without being a part of it? 

Perhaps it’s time you take a step forward and become one with it.

A Dream About A Doll – A Biblical Meaning

From the Biblical perspective, a doll could be alerting you about a person who’s either inflicting pain on you or using you to destroy another person.

On the other hand, if you are manipulating others for your selfish needs, the dream reminds you to put an end to your scheme. 

Psychological Meaning Of Doll Dreams

Dolls in dreams are often associated with your fears of becoming a parent or a guardian.

You could be asking yourself whether you will be able to take proper care of the child. Whether you can cope with the numerous duties and responsibilities that come with raising a child


Therefore, a dream about a doll can be anywhere from enchanting to horrifying depending on the type of doll, your emotional response, and how you associate with the emotionless pseudo- humans in real life. 

Many scenarios may be a good sign, and some might be a wake-up call to something that’s happening around you that needs immediate attention. 

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