A dream about a doll symbolizes your childishness and immaturity, wreaking havoc on your relationships. Also, someone might be using you to hurt another person, without your knowledge.

What Does A Dream About A Doll Mean?

A dream about a doll symbolizes your innocence, childishness, immaturity, or your perspective towards children or a specific child.

Dolls are created to look like us, humans. But however close they resemble mortal beings of flesh and blood, they do not have emotions. So, from that point of view, the dream might have happened after encountering a person in the waking world who lacks emotions. 

On the other hand, dolls as dream symbols stand for your suppressed feelings, wishes, fears, and insecurities. Not to forget the things you would like to say but can’t bring yourself to. 

Dreaming about A Doll – Various Different Scenarios Explained

Dolls come in different types and materials. Some are a delight to the eyes, while others might look creepy and horrifying. So, it’s understandable that each type carries its own interpretations.

Seeing many dolls in a dream

The dream symbolizes something – an encounter with a person, an accident, or even a talk that will turn your life around. 

On the other hand, this can mean you feel lost, overwhelmed, and out of sync with the rest of the world. 

To see a beautiful doll in a dream

Regardless of your gender, a beautiful doll in dreams is a good sign symbolizing delightful events. 

While it is associated with quality time in the company of pleasant people for women, the scenario foretells a new romantic relationship with a new person for a man. However, you need to understand that this period of bliss won’t last very long. 

Barbie dolls in dreams

It symbolizes your admiration, not necessarily romantic, for someone. It can simply represent your appreciation for a person you look up to. 

Negatively, barbie dolls can stand for your insecurities and lack of contentment. Chances are nothing about you and what you do makes you happy

Dream about playing with a Barbie

This dream indicates that you are frustrated with your responsibilities as an adult and miss your childhood days when life was more simple. This also emphasizes the fact that you may start a new hobby. 

Seeing barbie dollhouse

This dream reflects your subconscious desire to buy a new house. You may have issues with your current one or desire to buy a bigger house. 

You should jot down your challenges related to your house and try to fix them.

Dream of broken Barbie

The dream foretells a break in your friendship. You might have a fight between close friends and lose him or her because of the discord caused between the two of you. A close friend might also leave you and go far away in pursuit of their goals.

Alternatively, the scenario depicts that you are letting go of old memories and feelings. This marks the arrival of a new phase in your life and also the creation of new memories.

A talking doll

You could be pretending to be someone you are not to avoid a certain situation or a problem. 

Talking dolls can also mean you are not able to make a rational decision about something because of your ignorance. According to the scenario you have failed to differentiate between the right and the wrong, the good and the bad. 

A doll coming to life

The interpretation of this scenario entirely depends on what the doll did after coming to life.

Alternatively, if you were not happy with how the doll’s actions, the scenario is a representation of your waking life fears. 

A doll turning into a monster

Through the scenario, the subconscious is trying to alert you about getting caught in a dangerous situation without you being aware of it.

Probably, you have fallen into the trap of a false friend and now the situation predicts betrayal and even the loss of a loved one. 

The plot may also symbolize your disappointment in others because you believe they are mistreating or misbehaving with you. 

A possessed doll

It means you have given in to your fears, letting them influence your waking life decisions and actions. 

It can also signify a repressed memory that keeps haunting you time and time again. 

A voodoo doll

Here, the voodoo doll is trying to warn you about a person trying to manipulate you. 

In some instances, voodoo dolls stand for your childishness or immaturity influencing your decisions and actions. 

A creepy doll

A creepy doll stands for a fear that is holding you back from success. 

Here, the dream encourages you to get over your fear because you lose in life the moment you give in to your weaknesses. 

A killer doll

If a terrifying killer doll appears in your dream, perhaps trying to kill you, the plot symbolizes your real-life fears and insecurities. 

Through the dream, the subconscious indicates the need to release all such negative thoughts otherwise they will slowly kill your growth and aspirations. 

A bloody doll

Most likely, the bloody doll is a reflection of how worn out you are in your waking life – physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

See a broken doll in a dream

A broken doll symbolizes a couple of problems. On the surface, the problems may seem small and insignificant. But you need to understand that all of them are interconnected. 

A baby doll

You might be feeling overwhelmed by the responsibilities of nurturing and raising a child. 

A miniature doll

A miniature doll is an auspicious dream symbol, not only for you but for your family and friends as well.

The foreseeable future will be kind to your lot, and many of you will probably secure promising offers and projects. 

Porcelain dolls

Most of the time, porcelain dolls hint at your optimism. According to the dolls, you can release painful memories and events easily, not giving them room to affect you for a long time. 

A plastic doll

The appearance of a plastic doll in a vision shows you are surrounded by false friends and toxic people in your waking life. 

On that note, the subconscious wants you to consider hanging out with those people as you are better off without them. 

A wooden doll in a dream

Wooden dolls are a sign that you are slacking off from your work while focusing on unnecessary and worthless things. 

Also, a wooden doll can symbolize wrong approaches toward the right goal. 

A bleeding doll

According to the plot, you are going through a tough period in your life and you feel weary to the core.

A pregnant woman dreaming about a baby doll

The dream represents the woman’s fear that she will not be able to cope with the responsibilities of a mother

A word from ThePleasantDream

Therefore, a dream about a doll can be anywhere from enchanting to horrifying depending on the type of doll, your emotional response, and how you associate with the emotionless pseudo- humans in real life. 

Many scenarios may be a good sign, and some might be a wake-up call to something that’s happening around you that needs immediate attention. 

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