What Does Dream of Golf Mean?

Dreaming of a golf ball

A golf ball is the subconscious encouraging you not to lose sight of your task at hand.

Dream of playing golf with your friends

In all likelihood, playing golf with friends shows you, and your actions influence others.

Dream of putting a golf ball into the golf hole

The plot stands for a change in your sexual life, often for the positive.

Dream of golf tee on the grass

The dream reflects your ambitiousness.

Dream of watching a golf tournament

This shows that you are not paying attention to what you should do but to what you want to do.

Dream of seeing a golf clubhouse

The scenario hints the subconscious encourages you to work on your communication skills.

Losing a pair of golf shoes in a dream

The scenario hints at your talents and skills lying within you undiscovered and wasted.

A dream about golf reflects your longing for freedom and your desire to escape the humdrum of reality.