Golf is generally considered to be a recreational activity for the elite class but does that mean only the wealthy dream of it? Not necessarily! Anyone can experience a dream about golf though not everyone can afford to learn and play the sport in reality. 

You can still dream of the sport even if you are on the brink of bankruptcy. 

Now that we are clear about who can and cannot dream of the sport, let’s look at its general symbolism to have a better idea of the vision. 

What Does It Mean To Dream About Golf?

A dream about golf reflects your longing for freedom and your desire to escape the humdrum of reality. Positively, golf is a harbinger of multiple successes and a luxurious, sophisticated lifestyle. 

 A dream about golf usually means you wish to break away from the monotony of your life. You might be longing to go out in the open and indulge in fun and adventure if golf appears in your sleep. 

Unlike other sports, such as wrestling and football, golf is calming despite being an effective stress reliever.

From that perspective, a scenario featuring golf might be emphasizing the need to take a break from your stressful life. 

Golf is also considered a sport for the wealthy and the elite classes. Therefore, depending on your reality, the scenario may also denote a luxurious and sophisticated way of living. 

From another perspective, golf in general might hint at problems in your professional life. Following that, the scenario might show how you are seeking a solution if you see yourself playing golf. 

Additionally, the sport denotes your sex drive and a lack of intimacy in your waking life. 

Dreaming About Golf – 58 Scenarios & Their Meanings

Though we have included a brief on the general symbolism of the sport, try to dig deeper into the details and think about where the meaning fits the most in your reality. For references, you can check out the following plots. 

1. Recurring dreams of golf

To begin with, you are obsessed with a goal or a wish that you are pushing yourself beyond limits to have what you want. 

And according to your dream series, you are blinded by the desire to have what you want that you don’t realize you are sabotaging parts of yourself. This can mean physical health or your mental state. 

Therefore, the scenario expresses the need to take a much-deserved break. 

2. Dreaming of a golf ball

A golf ball is the subconscious encouraging you not to lose sight of your task at hand while aiming for long-term success. 

Since golf balls are quite tiny in size, it can also mean you are worrying your nerves over something trivial. 

3. To see a golf tee on the grass in a dream

The dream reflects your ambitiousness. Furthermore, the scenario says you tend to dream big and shift goals too often than is necessary and advisable. 

As that might hinder you from reaching your goals, instead of progressing, you need a change of strategy. Perhaps setting small, achievable goals and sticking to a specific one until you accomplish them would be better. 

4. Dreaming of a golf course

Has something or someone been holding you back from pursuing your dreams and doing something you want?

If yes, now might be the ideal time to release yourself from whatever is restraining you. 

From another approach, a golf course, especially a green one, shows you are a nature-lover and tend to think ‘green’ at all times. 

5. A dream about visiting a driving range

The interpretation of the scenario depends on whether you are interested in golf in reality or not. 

If yes, visiting a driving range hints at obstacles holding you back from indulging in the sport. 

On the contrary, if you are someone that has no interest or is indifferent to the sport, the plot represents how you are preparing yourself for your future. 

6. Watching or playing golf in a dream

Watching or playing golf implies the need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. 

Negatively, the plot may be trying to let you know that you are investing much into something worthless. 

7. A dream about playing mini golf

Playing mini golf implies you are dealing with trivial problems that require little to no attention.

8. Dreaming about playing golf with a member of your family

Do you remember who exactly showed up in the scenario? Have you lately had a spat with that particular person? Or maybe you are not as close to that person as you are with the rest of the family. 

According to the scenario, you are working on strengthening your relationship with that person. 

9. To dream of playing golf with your friends

In all likelihood, playing golf with friends shows you, and your actions influence others. 

10. Playing golf with colleagues in a dream

Here the dream expresses your desire to succeed in your business or project you are presently dealing with. 

11. Dreaming about playing golf with colleagues and winning

This is an auspicious sign symbolizing success in your present endeavors. 

12. To dream of playing golf with your boss

Through the dream, the subconscious urges you to give your best as you have a strong and competitive rival. 

13. To dream of playing golf with the opposite sex

Regardless of whether the person is a stranger or someone you are familiar with in the real world, the scenario reflects your hidden desires. 

14. Playing golf alone in a dream

The plot says you prioritize your work and goals over an active social life. 

15. Playing golf in your backyard in a dream

To begin with, you are an ambitious person and want to defeat your rivals. 

And the vision of playing golf in your backyard shows you are working in private, behind closed doors. Your desire for victory is too strong that you want others to think you are not trying when in truth, you are. 

From another approach, it shows you are competing on an individual level, you Vs you, before letting others know about it. 

16. To see a celebrity playing golf in a dream

The scenario stands for a chance encounter with an influential person. 

17. Dreaming of cheating in a game of golf

You might be engaged in something unethical if you experience the above dream. 

18. To dream of going on a golfing vacation

If you go on a golfing vacation, it means you long to be free from responsibilities and obligations in your waking life. 

19. Dreaming of putting a golf ball into the golf hole

The plot stands for a change in your sexual life, often for the positive. 

On the other hand, it means you will come up with fresh new ideas and plans to accomplish something. To add to that, the scenario also denotes it will be a massive success. 

20. To dream of someone trying desperately to get a golf ball into the hole

Most probably, you will have a destined meeting with a person who is directly associated with health and wellness. 

21. To see many golf balls going into a single golf hole

The scenario symbolizes multiple successes.

22. Dreaming about playing golf joyfully

Playing golf joyfully in your sleep is often a wish-fulfillment dream. 

23. Feeling uncomfortable while playing golf in a dream

You might be putting on a facade and trying to be someone you genuinely are not. 

24. To dream of watching a golf tournament

Watching a golf tournament shows you are not paying attention to what you should do but to what you want to do. 

25. To dream of winning a golf game

Likely, you accomplished something great in the recent past if you experience the above dream. If not, something good is coming your way.

26. To dream of winning a trophy at a golf tournament

You will be recognized and appreciated for your hard work and skills if you win a trophy at a golf tournament. 

27. A golf tournament in a dream

The scenario is a reminder that you must not only compare yourself with others but also with your yesterday and your past. 

28. Dreaming that you can’t swing a golf club

If you were unable to swing a golf club for some reason, it is a sign that you need to be more confident in yourself and your abilities in the waking world. 

29. Dreaming that you can’t hit the golf ball

If your golf club missed the ball, it is a sign that you lack clarity about what you want to achieve. 

Furthermore, it shows you do not trust yourself and your abilities. 

30. To swing a golf club at someone in a dream

You are quite ruthless when it comes to your business dealings. As per the plot, you need to have your way, and you don’t care about who you hurt to get what you want. 

31. Seeing that someone else can’t hit a golf ball

Here, the person present in the plot represents no one else but you. And the dream signifies a lack of proper planning and preparation for whatever it is you are trying to accomplish. 

32. A dream of a golf ball moving without anyone touching it

If you see a golf ball moving without anyone touching it, it is a sign that you need to pay closer attention to what your inner voice is trying to tell you. 

33. To see a golf club in a dream

If a golf club shows up in your sleep, it means you have the drive and the determination to pursue what you want. 

34. To dream of hitting someone with a golf club

According to the plot, either you are trying to manipulate someone or someone is trying to use you for his or her selfish interests. 

35. To see a bag of golf clubs in a dream

The scenario stands for wealth, fortune, and prosperity. 

36. Dreaming about losing golf clubs

The scenario indicates you feel overwhelmed with expectations and pressures in the waking world. 

Also, it can be the subconscious warning you to be careful as you might lose something extremely important to you. 

37. To dream of a golf cart

More often than not, a golf cart implies you are taking your own sweet time with something in reality. 

38. To dream of riding a golf cart

Riding in a golf cart shows you are not serious about your life and goals. 

39. Dreaming that you can’t find the golf tee

According to the plot, something huge and unexpected is coming your way. 

40. Shopping for gear at a golf pro shop

Most likely, you will invest a lot of money into something you have longed for in your waking life. This can be a car, a house, or something as small as an appliance. 

Regardless, the dream says you should not feel guilty for spending your hard-earned money on it as it is worth every penny. 

41. To see golf sets in a dream

The dream implies you sometimes need to delegate tasks to others to accomplish your goals as it won’t be possible for you to take care of everything. 

42. To dream of seeing a golf clubhouse

Through the scenario, the subconscious encourages you to work on your communication skills. 

43. Seeing a golf resort in a dream

Often, a golf resort is a harbinger of a relaxing break from the grinds of your daily life. 

44. Dreaming of seeing yourself on a golf course

According to the plot, you will definitely accomplish your goals, but the rewards will be much smaller than you expected. 

45. Losing a pair of golf shoes in a dream

To begin with, the scenario hints at your talents and skills lying within you undiscovered and wasted. 

Therefore, the dream probably happened to awaken you to their presence. 

46. To see yourself buying a pair of golf shoes

Buying a pair of golf shoes emphasizes the need to release parts of you, your life, or your past that are a hindrance in your present life. 

47. Dreaming of stolen golf shoes

Expect a massive transformation – for better or for worse if you see a stolen golf shoe. 

48. A dirty pair of golf shoes in a dream

You might be feeling stressed and overwhelmed with a looming deadline if a dirty golf shoe shows up in your sleep

49. To see torn golf shoes in a dream

Likely, you and your partner are not seeing eye to eye about a matter presently. You have different opinions and different approaches to tackling the issue. 

Nonetheless, the dream reminds you that at the end of the day, the two of you will have to compromise equally to resolve the matter. 

50. Dreaming of a green golf course

A green golf course stands for the numerous challenges in your professional life that are helping you gain more experience, seek knowledge, and progress further. 

51. Seeing a book on golf in a dream

A golf book often stands for your longing to get better at something. 

52. Dreaming of a golf scorecard

A golf scorecard suggests you track your performance and analyze it deeply. That will help you improve and get faster toward your destination. 

53. Dreaming of frisbee golf

Through the scenario, the subconscious warns you to get serious about your life and goals before it is too late. 

54. A woman dreaming of playing golf

You might be slacking off at work or even neglecting your responsibilities at home if you dream of playing golf. 

55. A man dreaming of playing golf

For a man, playing golf foretells a trip sometime soon. 

56. A man dreaming of putting a golf ball into the hole

The scenario represents the man’s increased sexual drive. 

57. A businessperson dreaming of playing golf

For a businessperson, golf signifies wealth and fortune in the offing. Nevertheless, note that it may not happen despite the dream if you start taking things for granted. 

Be sincere in your approach and stay determined. And victory will definitely be yours. 

58. A jobseeker dreaming of playing golf

According to the dream, Lady Luck favors you around this time of your life. So, if you wish to apply for a job at your dream company, or any company for that matter, make sure you grab this opportunity. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Golf Dreams

Spiritually, golf suggests looking into the depths of your personality. 

Then figure out the worst trait about you that often poses a threat to your communication and relationships and work on eliminating it.

A Dream About Golf – A Psychological Perspective

On a psychological level, the sport stands for the innate competitiveness and the desire to win in each of us. 


Wrapping up, a dream about golf symbolizes your yearning to free yourself from the shackles of your daily routine. 

However, depending on the context and what you are presently going through, such a dream might also signify multiple successes in one or several aspects of your life.