What Does Dreaming of Mattress Mean?

Dream of a Clean Mattress

It symbolizes the clarity of your thoughts and mental wellbeing.

A Dog Sleeping on Your Mattress in a Dream

It symbolizes that you are going to have a problematic relationship with your partner.

A White Colored Mattress in a Dream

This dream means that your partner is going to be faithful to you.

Dream of Jumping on a Mattress

This dream suggests that you will be criticized by a lot of people for what you do.

Dream of a Bed Bug Infested Mattress

This dream means that the comfort level you have achieved will come with its own challenges.

Dream of Pillow Fighting on a Mattress

It is a sign of happiness, adventure, high-spirit, and fun.

When You Dream about a Soft Mattress

This dream means that you are getting a better amount of sleep than ever.