A dream of mattress sounds cozy, simple yet amusing. Often we link it with a good sleep, rest, intimacy, and so on.

However, these dreams represent your inner desires and hence, there is something more to your dream of a mattress. The true meaning of this dream is hidden in the details. 

So, if you remember your dream of mattress quite well, then the following dream interpretations can help you know the actual mattress dream meaning.

Are you ready? Let’s dive deeper into the dream of mattress! 

Dream of Mattress - 75 Dreams and Their Interpretations
Dream of Mattress – 75 Dreams and Their Interpretations

Mattress Dream Meaning

A dream of a mattress symbolizes a desire for comfort and luxury, emotions like affection, intimacy, good mood, need for some rest, leisure, resources, etc. Negatively, it might show laziness, over-materialistic desires, etc.

Generally, mattresses represent comfort and coziness. It is no different in dreams as well. 

They represent our desire to be in a comfortable, happy and great place where we can spend some quality time. But there are some other definitions which give this dream a new meaning.

In some cultures, the dream of a mattress is related to the character of a person. The condition, color and location of the mattress can determine your close one’s personality, character, behavior, and nature. 

Apart from that, these dreams also represent responsibilities and duties that one has to carry. More often than not, the dream also represents your mental state. 

Besides, the dream plays a major role in improving your life, since it determines your ability to look at a particular situation in a unique way. 

In brief, the dream of a mattress symbolizes a desire for comfort and luxury. Besides, the occurrence of these dreams represents emotions like affection, intimacy, good mood, need for some rest, leisure, resources, etc. 

Negatively, it might show laziness, over-materialistic desires, etc. Thus, there are some negative connotations of this dream too, but they are outshined by the upsides.

Dream of Mattress – 75 Dreams and Their Interpretations

Okay, you must be very keen to know what dream interpretation belongs to your dream of mattress. 

It is for sure that you will find all the mattress dreams interpretations in the following paragraphs which can explain a bit about your mattress dreams. 

So without any further ado, let’s get started! 

1. Dream of Dirty Mattress

The appearance of a dirty mattress in the dream often represents bad luck and misfortune.

A dirty mattress dream is an ugly sight to behold, and similarly, its waking life implications are ugly too. So if you get one, you must become cautious about your life choices.

Often it’s a warning sign to reflect upon your thoughts and feelings. Maybe you are going through some negativity. 

Besides, it can be a sign of toxicity in your personal life and intimate relationships. 

So take it as a sign to bring some positive changes in your life. A little good change is still a good change. 

2. Dream of Mattress on the Floor

This dream symbolizes your desire to stay grounded even when you are living a luxurious life. 

You have achieved the life you are living right now after great struggle, and hence you still have your feet on the ground. 

This dream is a good omen for your character. That is, you are not getting too influenced by the materialistic things of the world. 

So it symbolizes your self-restraint, balance, and control over your emotions. 

Sometimes it is a sign of struggles in your life. Maybe you are going through a rough phase in your life. 

Still, there’s a support behind you mentally and emotionally that is keeping things good for you. 

3. Dream of Carrying a Mattress

The dream of carrying a mattress around represents duties and responsibilities. 

It shows that in order to live a luxurious life, you must bear the weight of responsibilities that precedes it. Only after that, you will be able to get some comfort.

Besides, it shows that you are carrying the onus of your relationship all on yourself. You are doing a good job in having a good personal life and bondings but it might be putting a lot of pressure on you. 

Also, if the mattress felt very light on carrying, it shows that though you have big responsibilities and opportunities to carry, you are more than capable of doing it easily.

4. Dream of Old Mattress

The dream of an old mattress is a symbol of wisdom. An old mattress is like an old person who has a lot of experience in bearing the weight of the world. 

And similarly, the appearance of an old mattress tells you that you need to work on your wisdom.

Besides, if you can recognize the mattress, like if it is yours, it shows emotions like nostalgia, old memories, past relationships, struggles and success, etc. 

Maybe your past will visit you at present. 

5. Dream of Bed and Mattress

A bed in a dream with a bed mattress spread on it represents that you are a highly ambitious person. You aspire for great things to happen to you even when the tides are against you. 

Besides, understand that you are a survivor, perseverer and a conqueror in your own right. Often it’s a sign that things are at their right places. 

Apart from these, the bed mattress dream is often a sign of resources, fulfillment of needs, simple pleasures, protection, security, etc. 

So maybe you need to connect it with the situation in your waking life. 

6. Dream of Sleeping on a New Mattress

The dream of sleeping on a new mattress is related to your happiness. It shows that you are content with what you have. 

And it also sends an important message that contentment with your current life is highly important for everyone. So overall it has a positive connotation.

Besides, the dream symbolizes new beginnings in life, meeting new people who will grow very close to you, new relationships, opportunities etc. 

Sometimes it’s a sign to start afresh in your life. Maybe in terms of a relationship or your professional life. It’s up to you to find out. 

7. When You Dream of a Mattress Factory

The dream represents good business connections and wealth amassment in future. You will build a strong network which will eventually give rise to a strong net worth. 

In other words, it’s mostly a sign of financial success. Maybe you will soon find a big opportunity. 

And you are about to turn into a big thing in terms of financial gains.

Besides, it can be a sign that your dream life is in the making. Like, it’s a sign of resourcefulness and hard work.

Especially if you were working in the factory making your mattress, it shows that you are trying hard to fulfill your dreams. 

If you were making a mattress for others, it shows that you are doing hard work that others are benefiting from. 

8. Dream of a Clean Mattress

The dream of a clean mattress is nothing but a good luck omen which you must take seriously. If you want good things to happen to you, you must do good things. 

You can start off by completing your tasks on time, so that great things can happen to you on time. Basically, your positive life is in your hands.

Often it is a sign that you have a positive and healthy personal life. It symbolizes the clarity of your thoughts and mental wellbeing. 

If you are cleaning the mattress, it’s a sign to take some time and reflect. Do you need to get rid of any toxicity in your waking life? It’s the time to do so. 

9. When You Sell a Mattress in Your Dream

The dream of selling a mattress symbolizes that your investments will turn futile. All the money that you have been saving will eventually get wasted. 

So you have to be wise before making any major monetary decision. Maybe you would need to think before indulging in expensive luxury that you can’t afford. 

Besides, it can be a sign that you might need to let your comfort go in your waking life. Maybe because of some struggles or an emergency. 

Sometimes it’s a sign of a new start. You can only get new things in life when you let go of the old. And you are trying to do it wisely by getting as much benefit as you can. 

10. When You are Buying a Mattress in Your Dream

If you buy a mattress in a dream, then it means that your investments will be highly successful. Your money will multiply manifolds. 

Often it’s a sign of new beginnings in your profession and social life. You’ll grow socially. And your relationships with business connections will improve vastly. 

Besides, it often symbolizes your conscious efforts to grow in your personal life. 

Maybe you will soon meet someone intimate. Or, your personal life will see a change for good. 

11. Seeing a Dog Sleeping on Your Mattress in a Dream

This dream symbolizes that you are going to have a problematic relationship with your partner. It shows that maybe they are going to cheat on you with someone you know. 

Besides, it is best to be aware of any possible threat to your relationship, and work on it. Maybe the external influences are affecting your love life. 

At the same time, the dream is a sign of loyalty, trust, and comfort. Especially if you see your pet dog on the mattress. Then it’s a positive sign.

Also if you like dogs, it can be a sign that someone adorable will come to your life. And it will help you have a more positive personal life and your relationship with yourself. 

12. Seeing a Pig Sleeping on Your Mattress in a Dream

This dream is often about an infidel partner. Though it’s not that your partner is actively cheating on you.

If you have not been at home for a long, and your partner stays alone wishing for your presence, there’s a chance that they might cheat on you with a stranger. It can be emotional infidelity. 

So you must start giving more time to your partner to avoid this in your waking life. 

Maybe they are not even doing anything but it’s a sign of your insecurity as your guilt is pressuring you. 

Take it as a sign to look into what is missing. Don’t doubt your partner groundlessly. It’s the time to be strongly by their side instead of making things complicated. 

13. Seeing a Comfortable Mattress in a Dream

Dreaming of some foam mattresses is extremely comfortable. They also mean that you are soon going to get something that will add more value to your life. 

It is a good sign and you should cherish this dream. Often it’s a symbol of luxury, comfort, materialistic gain, good relationships, warmth, love, etc. 

Besides, it can be a sign that you are quite comfortable in your personal space. Plus, if someone was there on the comfy mattress, it shows how secure you feel with them. 

14. Seeing a Black Colored Mattress in a Dream

The dream of a mattress that is painted in black color means toxicity and negativity in your personal life and intimate relationships. 

Maybe you fear that your partner is going to commit adultery. In this case, try to have a clear communication with them. 

Besides, it’s a sign of toxic people in your life. 

Maybe someone close to you will betray your trust, and leave you alone for someone else. It is best to stay away from such people.

Sometimes the black mattress in dream symbolizes boldness, your desire to experiment and adventure in your sexual life, etc. 

15. Seeing a White Colored Mattress in a Dream

This dream means that your partner is going to be faithful to you. 

It means that the person you are going to marry is going to be a happy affair that will last a lifetime. So, congratulations to you!

Besides, often it’s a sign that your personal life is very clear and healthy. Your relationships, thought process, and plans are going in a positive direction. 

Spiritually, the dream symbolizes purity, belief, and getting rid of toxicity in your life. 

Maybe you’ll soon be free from negative emotions like anger, fear, jealousy, etc. to attain calm and peace.

16. Seeing a New but Damaged Mattress in a Dream

This dream means that you have entered a new life without taking care of your past duties. It means that you will have to tend to those duties if you truly want to enjoy your life. 

So, you must do the needful in order to enjoy what you now have. Take good care of things and people. Be grateful. 

Often it is a sign that you will have new beginnings in life. However, these will not be perfect. 

In fact, these might cause some issues and complications in your waking life. 

17. When You See Yourself Tearing Down a Mattress in a Dream

A torn mattress which is damaged by you means that you have been dissatisfied with your own performance in certain arenas. 

You feel that the constant need to improve yourself is quite overwhelming. 

It’s a sign to not let this need overpower your desire to become better. Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed and restless now. But don’t take a wrong step in the heat of it. 

Often it is a sign that some of your actions or decisions will harm you. So you need to be calm and careful while making any important decisions in life. 

Be patient and things will improve. 

18. When You See a Mattress at an Unusual Place in Your Dream

This means that you have been searching for comfort at all the wrong places. 

You need to begin looking for it by doing the right things. If you fail to do so, you will be disappointed in life.

19. Seeing a Mattress in a Graveyard in a Dream

Having such a dream means that you find death more comfortable than life. You believe that death is the answer to all your problems. 

Whereas the truth is that you are the answer to all your problems.

20. When You are Jumping on a Mattress in Your Dream

This dream suggests that you will be criticized by a lot of people for what you do. 

But you do not have to listen to them in any capacity. Just keep doing whatever makes you happy.

21. When You Dream about a Hard Mattress

This dream means that you will soon land in a difficult spot. And nobody in your circle will be able to help you with it. 

Only you have the power to overcome this situation.

22. When You Dream about a Soft Mattress

This dream means that you are getting a better amount of sleep than ever. It also means that you are in a great mental and physical space. 

This dream is truly a good sign for your well-being.

23. When Your Dream Features a Burning Mattress

This dream tells you that you are comfortable with challenges and burning down your comfort zone. 

You are always setting new definitions for yourself. It means that you are a strong person who remains unshaken in the hardest times.

24. When You Dream About a Waterbed

This dream is representative of your need for improvement. You do not believe in yourself and your purity.

Maybe you need to move these thoughts away to feel better.

25. When You See Kids on a Mattress

This dream means that you need to act as a support system for your kids, and not just financially. You need to be there for them both in physical and mental capacity. 

If you want to raise your kids right, you have to spend some quality time with them.

26. Dream of Mattress in a Church

This dream signifies that your comfort level with your religious beliefs has reached an all time high. You are more comfortable in talking about your faith with others. 

And in turn, this has helped you become more confident and lively.

27. Dream of Mattress in a Wedding

This dream represents that your marriage is going to be a happy two sided relationship. The person you will be marrying will go to any lengths to keep you happy. 

And if that is not enough for you, you must keep looking for a better partner.

28. Dream of Stained Mattress

This dream means that you have been acting against yourself. Your decisions are preventing you from getting to a better place. 

It tells you that you need to handle your problems to get over a phase of bigger responsibilities.

29. Dream of Inflatable Air Mattress

The dream of an inflatable air mattress signifies that you are always on the lookout for better opportunities. 

The opportunities knock at your door as well, but you often tend to ignore them. Once you change this attitude of yours, you will be able to achieve great things in life.

30. Dream of a Giant Mattress

This dream means that you are ready to take your relationship to the next level. Your partner and you will be in a happy phase for some time. 

All you need to do is make sure that none of your actions end this good time too soon.

31. Dream of a Flying Mattress

The dream of a flying mattress represents your desire to escape from your current life. It shows that you are willing to leave everything behind in order to start a new life. 

But you must know that every life you will start is going to have some problems which only you can deal with.

32. Dream of a Wet Mattress

The dream of a wet mattress tells a lot about how ambitious you are. You can do anything that you believe you can. 

However, there are some people who are holding you back. It is best to cut them off from your life.

33. Dream of a Bed Bug Infested Mattress

This dream means that the comfort level you have achieved will come with its own challenges. 

It also means that you will get good news followed by some challenges. You will have to face these challenges on your own.

34. When Your Mattress is Being Taken Away By Demons in a Dream

The dream represents that some people around you are manifesting bad intentions towards you. They want to hinder your growth. 

And hence, you must be cautious of what kind of people you allow to be around you.

35. When You See Jesus Resting on Your Mattress in a Dream

This dream signifies your strong bond with God. It shows that you have him residing in your heart. 

Apart from that, the dream also shows that you are a good person.

36. When Your Parents are Taking Away Your Mattress in Your Dream

This kind of dream happens when you have harbored strong resentment towards your parents. Your hatred towards them for any reason must not be strengthened. 

So you need to talk to your parents to make sure that you do not have this dream again.

37. When Your Relatives are Seen Stealing Your Mattress in a Dream

Again, this dream is representative of how tired you have grown of your relatives. They are always troubling you with stupid questions, making you feel uncomfortable. 

Hence, you must avoid them to stop having this dream.

38. When Your Friends Steal Your Mattress in a Dream

This dream sends the same message as the previous two dreams. The dream basically means that your friends are troubling you in a capacity which makes you feel uncomfortable. 

They could be troubling you financially, personally or professionally.

39. When You Dream of Dumping a Mattress in a Dumpyard

This dream tells you that you have freed yourself from your comfort zone. And now you are ready to face the challenges of the world.

40. When Your Dream Features Colorful Mattresses

This dream is a sign that you always want to try different ways to entertain yourself. 

You want to try everything that is comforting, luxurious and funny to you. This shows that you are a person with vivid characteristics.

41. When Your Dream Features an Old Mattress from Your Childhood

This dream means that you miss your childhood. You have a strong connection with the people who used to comfort you in your childhood.

42. When the Mattress in Your Dream is Made of Stone

This dream tells you that the comfort you are enjoying right now is short-lived. It also tells you that you must not fall prey to your own comfort zone. 

You need to break free, if you really want to explore great things.

43. When Your Dream Has Your Parents Lying on the Mattress

This dream signifies that you wish to give all the happiness and luxuries in the world to your parents. 

You hold them high in every regard, and there is nothing that can come between you and your parents.

44. When Your Partner Calls You to Join Them in a Mattress in a Dream

This dream means that you will be asked to spend more time with your partner. 

You have been ignoring them for many reasons. And it is high time that you spend some time with them.

45. When You Are Stuck to Your Mattress in a Dream

This dream means that you are not ready to get out of your comfort zone. You wish to get out of it, but no matter how hard you try you always end up failing.

46. When You Dream of a Rat Nibbling Your Mattress

The dream means that someone will ruin all the hard work that you have put in to achieve something. 

This holds true in both personal and professional regard. So, you must be aware of such people around you.

47. Dream of a Rabbit on a Mattress

This dream is representative of how your thoughts and desires are not in your control. 

They are complex, fast and lively like rabbits. You need to work on yourself to stop having this dream.

48. Dream of Washing a Mattress

This dream means that you want to be in a zone wherein nobody can bother you. You want to spend time alone, and you find peace in loneliness.

49. Dream of Beating a Mattress With a Stick

This dream has a similar meaning as the previous one. The only difference here is that it means that you need to improve your efforts to get better results.

50. Dream of Selling Old Mattress to Someone

This dream means that you are ready to give up on your problematic relationships. 

You do not want to indulge in any further discussions with your partner. Hence, you have decided to let them go.

51. Dream of Eating on a Mattress

This dream represents that you believe in enjoying every single moment of your life. You do not need anybody to make yourself feel special. 

That is one positive trait which you must always preserve.

52. Dream of Being in a Mattress Market

The dream means that you have got a lot of options to choose from. These options could be about your profession, education, partner, friend, or projects. 

All you have to do is be a bit wise while deciding what is best for you.

53. Dream of a Red Colored Mattress

This dream is meant to make you believe that something is about to go wrong in your life. 

But you do not have to worry as long as you know what you have been doing wrong. If you work on it, it is going to work out just fine.

54. Dream of a Wooden Mattress

It symbolizes discomfort, struggles, and problems in life. Mostly it shows that you are going through a rough phase in your waking life and are bound to do a lot of hard work. 

55. Dream of a Mattress on the Street

The dream shows invasion of privacy, adventure, freedom, and so on. If you were not comfortable it might show financial troubles and social issues. 

56. Dream of a Mattress in the Forest

A mattress in a forest shows your desire for adventure and unconventional experiences. Besides, it shows your comfort out of your comfort zone. 

57. Dream of Sleeping on a Mattress with Someone

It’s a sign of sharing your personal space, emotions, and comfort zone with the person. 

If you are happy, it’s a good sign. Otherwise, it shows that you are forced into the situation.

58. Dream of Wrestling on a Mattress

If it’s a playful match, the dream symbolizes comfort and adventure. You are confident in trying new things in life. 

Otherwise it’s a sign of challenges though you are prepared for them.

59. Dream of Covering Mattress with a Bed Sheet

It shows that you are trying to keep your personal space, emotions, and inner self protected from the outer chaos and negativity.  

60. Dream of Spilling Wine on Mattress

It shows a mistake. Maybe you’ll do something in the light of luxury and desire that might harm you a bit. Be careful.

61. Dancing on a Mattress Dream

It shows fun, joy, good news, comfort and positive energy. You feel happy and secure in your waking life. 

62. Ink Stain on the Mattress Dream

The dream represents carelessness, mistakes, and a bit of issues in your waking life. So you need to be careful. 

63. Mattress Made of Wool in Dream

It is mostly a sign of warmth and affection. Though these relationships might be embarrassing for you a bit. 

64. Dream of Pillow Fighting on a Mattress

It is a sign of happiness, adventure, high-spirit, and fun. Your waking life is quite vibrant. 

Besides it shows cordial relationships in waking life with your partner in pillow fight.

65. Dream of Peeing on a Mattress

Often it’s an expression of your inner guilt, shame, depression, and other negative emotions. Sometimes it’s a sign of venting up what was troubling you. 

66. Sharing a Very Small Mattress with Someone Dream

Mostly it’s a sign of lack of resources in your waking life. Besides, maybe you’ll get into a situation where you’ll be bound to get close to that person. 

67. Sleeping Alone on a Giant Mattress

It shows your access to resources and luxury. However, you might be feeling lonely despite all this. 

68. Dream of a Blood Stained Mattress

It’s a sign of violence, danger, warning, and fear. You need to be careful yet keep your calm. 

69. Dream of Sleeping Outdoors on a Mattress

It’s a sign of your soul’s craving to explore. You want to experience more and get out of your comfort zone. Or, maybe you are in a situation where you are forced to do so.  

70. Dream of a Floating Mattress

It shows that you are perfectly at peace. What you are experiencing now seems magical to you. It’s a sign of your beautiful inner journey. 

71. Dream of Getting a Mattress as a Gift

It shows receiving love, warmth, protection, and comfort from someone. You might soon get good news or something will cheer you up. 

72. Dream of Gifting a Mattress

It shows that you are up for giving others warmth and comfort. Often it shows your affection for the person. 

73. Dream of Books Scattered on a Mattress

Often it shows that a lot is going on in your mind. Maybe you’re either comfortable or cluttered with lots of intellectual curiosities in your waking life. 

74. Dream of Lying on a Mattress Under a Starry Sky

It shows that you might soon experience something unusual. Sometimes it’s a sign of a spiritual inner journey. 

75. Dream of Hiding Your Mattress

The dream suggests that you prefer your personal life to be aloof from your social life. 

Also, there might be a situation where you are forced to hide your personal thoughts or emotions. 

Biblical Meaning of Mattress in a Dream

It has been mentioned before that a majority of mattress dreams represent the level of comfort you desire. 

If you think and believe that religion can bring you comfort, then you will probably see a mattress in a Church in your dream. This dream is quite specific to say the least.

Apart from this dream, the dream of a mattress represents your need to be in a place where you can concentrate on your faith. 

Your inability to become one with God frustrates you, hence you have been looking for some inner peace. 

This peace is represented by the mattress that you have been watching in your dream.

The Bible is not against comfort in any way. It just commands you to stay on the right path. 

And as long as your desire to comfort is not hurting anybody, you have every right to dream about it.

Mattress Dream Meaning in Terms of Spirituality

Any dream of a mattress represents the good intentions that you have towards your comfort. 

You wish to be in a happy place. Maybe you wish to run away from all the worldly chaos.

It is because of your desire to escape from the chaos that you are getting such types of dreams. 

You try to hide from your responsibilities to get peace. However, first you need to accept your reality to conquer it.

Your mental peace and physical health depends on your degree of connection with yourself. 

If you think that what you have is not enough, then you will continue having dreams like these.

What Does It Mean When You Dream of Mattress?

First of all, you need to understand that not necessarily the mattress dream has a meaningful secret of your life.

In fact, it is not an uncommon occurrence as it happens with a lot of people. So, if you have been having weird dreams about mattresses, then you must not worry. 

Almost anybody who wishes to sleep on a comfortable mattress can have such types of dreams.

What your dream of mattress signifies depends totally on your mental state and waking life situations. 

Let’s say if you are about to get married, the dream can speak tons about the person you are going to be with. 

As in, the dream might say a lot about the personality of the person.

Other than that, the dream about a mattress speaks tons about your desire to escape from reality. 

Now there could be a lot of reasons as to why you want to get out of the spot, but that is not the solution. You must face your problems to ace them.

Another important meaning of a mattress dream is that it highlights the responsibilities bestowed upon you. 

So you must bear them with utmost sincerity and discipline. Otherwise, you will begin having dreams of something else.

Final Words 

It must feel as great as a memory foam mattress after knowing your dream of mattress interpretation, right? 

Well, knowledge does soothe your mind. Knowing that this dream has connections with your need for comfort, relaxation and a faithful wife must have taken a heavy load off your shoulders.

So take what good things this mattress dream is trying to give you. And go easy on yourself. Life is about living freely, isn’t it?