What Does Dream of Telekinesis Mean?

Dream of Telekinesis – General Interpretations

Dreaming of Telekinesis represents your inner thoughts, abilities, knowledge, perseverance, and emotional vulnerability.

Dream of moving objects using telekinesis

Dreaming about moving objects signifies your desire to be the center of attention.

Dream of bending spoons using telekinesis

Dreaming of bending spoons with telekinesis states that you like to brag in real life.

Dream of levitating using telekinesis

To be able to levitate in the dream with telekinesis is a signal that you’re too involved in the small matters.

Dream of a magician using the telekinesis technique

Dreaming of a magician using the telekinesis technique means that your upcoming days will be filled with unexpected events.

Dream about having telekinesis

Dreaming about having telekinesis indicates the ways of living life. Your heart is full of desires and secrets that want to be unveiled.

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