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Dream of Telekinesis – 19 Types & Their Interpretations

Dream of Telekinesis – 19 Types & Their Interpretations

Updated on Jan 23, 2023 | Published on Jul 22, 2022

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Dreaming of Telekinesis – 19 Types & Their Interpretations

A Dream of Telekinesis isn’t as common. Your subconscious takes you on a ride to some supernatural world where you possess extraordinary powers.

Doesn’t that feel like watching some sort of science fiction?

But there’s always more to it than what you see. The dream carries a message that wants to unfold itself, and make your life more purposeful.

What message? Well, if you want to unveil it, you just need to keep reading this think-piece. So keep scrolling buddy!

Dream of Telekinesis – General Interpretations

Dreaming of Telekinesis represents your inner thoughts, abilities, knowledge, perseverance, and emotional vulnerability.

So if you think that telekinesis dreams are just random visions, then let me tell you that it’s not. It is your own personality reflected by your subconscious.

In fact, telekinesis is a way of providing insight into your inner self, and that’s what the dream does for you!

So, let’s find out what a telekinesis dream usually represents.

1. It predicts goals and opportunities

Dreaming about telekinesis hints at the upcoming opportunities. You must keep your eyes and ears open.

Try to get out of your comfort zone and see how confident and courageous you are. However, don’t indulge in risky matters for opportunities.

2. You have all the solutions

This dream is a reminder that you’re capable when it comes to the question of being mindful. You’re not easily shaken away by the issues.

You calmly try to turn a negative situation into a positive conclusion.

3. You like to brag!

Well even if unconsciously, you brag sometimes. You just love to get appreciated and acknowledged. On the verge to do so, you keep on telling and showing off your good side.

Sometimes it’s just better to feel good about yourself and remain silent about it. Not everyone holds the authority to judge you, neither their appreciation nor their gossip must affect you.

4. It signifies your confidence

This can be truly counted as the good aspect you possess. You are confident and brave. You never let others’ opinions degrade or disvalue you. Or, you know what you are and your capabilities.

5. Your mind is full of ideas

Dreaming of telekinesis itself is a sign that your mind is full of ideas and thoughts waiting to explode.

You’re a curious soul, always thirsty for gaining knowledge. Your mind is full of questions and you keep trying to find the answers.

Dreaming of Telekinesis – 19 Types & Their Interpretations

A telekinesis dream is a break from the real world. You feel like you’re transported to an unnatural yet magical world.

While dreaming about moving objects represents your attention-seeking behavior, dreaming of bending spoons depicts your dominating personality.

Can it get any more interesting? To know more, dive into the most amusing list of different types of Telekinesis dreams and their interpretations!

1. Dream of moving objects using telekinesis

Isn’t it fascinating to actually move the objects without any voluntary action? But in reality, it isn’t possible.

Dreaming about moving objects signifies your desire to be the center of attention. You want people to be mesmerized by your presence.

2. Dream of bending spoons using telekinesis

Dreaming of bending spoons with telekinesis states that you like to brag in real life. You try to show off your achievements or possessions and lure their attention.

Another thing that the dream portrays is how you want to assert power and authority over people. This dream is a reminder for you to keep yourself grounded and closer to the roots.

3. Dream of levitating using telekinesis

To be able to levitate in the dream with telekinesis is a signal that you’re too involved in the small matters.

So that makes you clueless about the bigger issues. Start seeing the whole scenario instead of surviving on the bits.

4. Dream of using telekinesis without meaning to

Using telekinesis without meaning to in dreams suggests that you suppress your feelings and emotions.

You sacrifice your desires for others while they do not even reciprocate or appreciate your efforts. So it’s time to think and make beneficial decisions for yourself.

5. Dream of telekinesis for males

For males, dreaming of telekinesis means the loss of money or something valuable. This will cause anxiety, sorrow, and conflicts.

In a way, this dream is a warning to remain thoughtful about your decisions and actions.

6. Dream of telekinesis for females

For females, dreaming of telekinesis shows your inner strengths and fascinating powers. The dream symbolizes self-realization.

Don’t take this dream too lightly because it strongly insists on self-discovery, which is important for you now, as well as for the future.

7. Dream of a magician using the telekinesis technique

Dreaming of a magician using the telekinesis technique means that your upcoming days will be filled with unexpected events.

Competitors will throw obstacles on your path. They will try their best to pull you down; you must hustle and make your way out of this. It may seem impossible but you can do it.

8. Dream of trying to learn telekinesis

In a dream where you’re trying to learn telekinesis is a message that you must change your direction. It can be related to your personal life or professional world.

9. Dream of admiring someone who uses telekinesis

Dreaming of admiring someone who uses telekinesis means you must acquire more knowledge and skills to go ahead in life.

You have yet to explore and learn about so much more. Go and take up challenges and make your learning full of adventure and excitement. Get out of your comfort zone if you want to reach heights.

10. Dream of a telekinesis demonstration by someone

A dream of a Telekinesis demonstration given by someone suggests deception and distraction. People around you intentionally try to drag you down by providing the wrong source of information.

Also, someone close to you tries to backstab you. You must distinguish between who is actually your friend and who just pretends to be.

11. Dream of someone using telekinesis on you

Someone using telekinesis on you in the dream reflects how someone uses tactics against you. You finally witnessed their true faces and realized how they fooled you for so long.

It is hard for you to digest the truth but you can’t help it. You try to process it and take the required decisions.

12. Recurrent dream of telekinesis

If you’re having recurrent dreams of telekinesis, it communicates your lack of self-realization. You are possessed with so many qualities that can help you move ahead in life.

But you are unaware of those and you choose to live an ignorant life. This dream is a reminder for you to get up and help yourself in self-development.

13. Dream about having telekinesis

Dreaming about having telekinesis indicates the ways of living life. Your heart is full of desires and secrets that want to be unveiled. Those desires get fulfilled in the dream world.

You experience things that you always wanted to. The dream symbolizes healthy life in the long run. Even if things are a bit complicated, you are happy with what you have.

14. Dream about flying and telekinesis

Dreaming about flying and telekinesis shows your ability to be content with what you have. You feel satisfied with your life.

Also, the dream reflects that you are a people pleaser. In order to make people happy, you always sacrifice your wishes.

15. Dream of seeing the object of telekinesis but not the one doing it

As per Chinese dream books, someone might deceive you. However, Italian dream analysts believe that you’ll offend your friends with your insincerity.

16. Dream about doing telekinesis

Dreaming about doing telekinesis tells you to move on from the past and focus on your present. Indulge in making yourself a better person.

Seek self-development therapies and actions. Start a fresh life by leaving all kinds of toxicity and negativity behind. Try to fill yourself and the surrounding with happy and positive vibes.

17. Dream about using telekinesis

Dreaming about using telekinesis implies celebration and success. This phase of your life will be mainly focused on making happy moments and memories.

18. Dream of using Telekinesis to throw objects

Dreaming of using telekinesis to throw objects implies you protect yourself. Another aspect of the dream suggests that the person you ignore has the realization of your feelings. They know that you do not like them.

19. Dream of using telekinesis based on the object moved

Based on the object moved by telekinesis in your dreams, it means the following:

  • Person: New friends
  • Animal: A close one needs help
  • Furniture: You’ll be soon forced to shift your residence
  • Materialistic wealth: You’ll overspend
  • Dishes: You’ll have fights in the household.

Spiritual meaning of telekinesis dreams

The spiritual meaning of the dream about telekinesis conveys how self-realization can be really beneficial. It says that the power you are searching for lies within you… all you have to do is leverage on it.

Biblical meaning of telekinesis dreams

The biblical meaning of the dream suggests your attraction towards magical powers. You either want this power for yourself or for your loved ones.

Questions to ask yourself to interpret your telekinesis dreams correctly

Dreaming about telekinesis, although uncommon, has lots of hidden meanings and interpretations to it.

To know what the dream actually signifies, find the answers to questions given below, and recall the specific details of the dream now!

1. Were you trying to perform Telekinesis?

2. Have you been reading or watching things related to the subject?

3. Did someone perform the action before you?

4. How were you feeling while experiencing this?

5. Was it a lucid dream?

6. Could you relate yourself to the activities?

7. Did you find the dream awestruck?

8. What exactly did you see?

9. Was the activity done on you?

10. Do you dream of Telekinesis often?

A word from ThePleasantDream

If you’re here, at the end of this think-piece, I am guessing you already found the interpretation to your telekinesis dream.

If there’s something positive, kudos to you buddy but if not, don’t worry, you can still turn it around – Just act on the dream’s message wisely and you should be fine.