What Does Dream of Toilet Paper Mean?

Dream of throwing toilet paper

This means you are allowing your past to clog up your emotional outlets if you dream that you are flushing tissues down the toilet

Dream about using tissue paper

This dream means you can feel depressed or gloomy.

Dream about wiping yourself with toilet tissue paper

This dream means move slowly so you don’t miss out on beneficial opportunities.

Dream of pink toilet paper

Your dream represents challenges and roadblocks in the way of your objectives.

Dream of brown toilet paper

Sadly, having a brown toilet paper dream is a warning to return to a simpler time when you had fewer obligations and concerns.

Dream about empty toilet paper roll

This dream means you must unload and let off some of your obligations since they are preventing you from moving forward.

Dream of toilet paper indicates that you are not happy with your life. You are unable to unwind and breathe normally.