What Does Dream of Umbilical Cord Mean?

What Does A Dream Of Umbilical Cord Stand For?

A dream of umbilical cord symbolizes the need to release yourself from something or someone whose presence no longer makes sense in your life.

Dreaming about your own umbilical cord

Your own umbilical cord shows you need to act immediately to overcome a major obstacle in your waking life.

To dream of an umbilical cord connecting you and another person

According to the scenario, you are completely dependent on someone.

To dream about cutting off the umbilical cord of a newborn child

The dream shows you will soon help someone take back his or her lawful rights and authority.

To dream about keeping an umbilical cord safely

You’re holding on to something that happened way back.

To dream of seeing a baby’s umbilical cord in an ultrasonic image

The dream signifies the planning and smooth implementation of a significant transformation regarding your personal life.

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