Many times, a dream of umbilical cord stands for your relationship with a certain someone or your attachment to a memory or even an object. 

And just as the cords are clamped and discarded right after birth, the dream emphasizes the need for you to detach yourself from that person, thing, or memory, the sooner, the better for you!

What Does A Dream Of Umbilical Cord Stand For?

The dream symbolizes the need to release yourself from something or someone whose presence no longer makes sense in your life. At other times, such a scenario projects your overly dependent nature.

It signifies your desire to set yourself free, to break away from someone or something that binds you, and to live according to your own terms and conditions. 

In the dream world, an umbilical cord can stand for several different things depending on the context and the dreamer’s life experiences.

Some of the most common symbols include:

  • A need to detach yourself from something or someone

An umbilical cord is symbolic of something that no longer serves you and will, in any way. 

It could be representative of someone or something you need to detach yourself from.

In fact, the sooner the better. As that will help you create room for something new to slip into. 

  • Your wish to be independent

This can also mean you desire to be more independent in your waking life.

You long for the day when you can make your own decisions and take action according to your whims. 

Without asking for advice and seeking approval!

  • Your desire to have everything you wish for

A dream about it can mean you long to go back to those days when you could get everything you hope and wish for without having to lift a finger. 

  • Your attachment to your mother

Such dreams can mean you are too emotionally attached to your mother

To such a point that the bonding has turned into an obsessive unhealthy relationship, where both parties can’t do anything well without the other. 

If you have an over-possessive mother, you are likely to encounter such dreams more often. 

  • Inability to solve problems

The scenario can also highlights your inability to solve problems on your own. You tend to rush to others for help before trying to come up with a solution on your own. 

You are overly dependent on others and often have trouble making decisions, even about personal matters. 

Spiritual Meaning Of An Umbilical Cord Dream

From a spiritual point of view, the umbilical cord symbolizes your anchorage to the world. In other words, something that connects you to the rest of the world. 

Several Scenarios of Dream about Umbilical Cord Explained

Some of the most commonly experienced dreams associated with umbilical cords are:

Dreaming about your own umbilical cord

Your own umbilical cord shows you need to act immediately to overcome a major obstacle in your waking life. 

Furthermore, the dream adds you will get really lucky and your fortune may even change for the better once you get over the problem. 

Alternatively, it shows you are eagerly looking forward to new adventures. 

To dream about seeing yourself as a fetus connected to the placenta by an umbilical cord

The dream is associated with the respect you have for your mother in the waking world. 

To dream of seeing someone else’s umbilical cord

Another person’s umbilical cord portends a pleasant surprise coming your way. 

An umbilical cord connecting you and another person

According to the scenario, you are completely dependent on someone. But what’s interesting about the vision is that the dependency makes you feel uneasy, even burdened sometimes. 

Holding an umbilical cord to cut it

The scenario reflects your desire to alter something entirely. 

Cutting off the umbilical cord of a newborn child

The dream shows you will soon help someone take back his or her lawful rights and authority. On the downside, it shows you are afraid of tackling your issues. 

An umbilical cord being cut

This is a good omen indicating a fresh beginning in some areas of your life. 

The scenario denotes you are emotionally and mentally prepared to take your life to the next level regardless of the pitfalls that will likely arise along your way. 

Besides, it is also associated with freedom and independence.

Seeing an umbilical cord hanging from a belly

You will be honored and respected by your friends and acquaintances if you dream of the above. 

Seeing your own belly along with your umbilical cord 

You could be reminiscing about your childhood and the events that happened back then if you experience the above dream. 

If you have moved away from your place of birth, say to another city or even country, you might be thinking about paying a visit to your birthplace.

Seeing a baby with an umbilical cord

This symbolizes dependency. 

On the other hand, it shows you are investing much time and attention into someone or something undeserving. 

Seeing a healthy baby body entwined with the umbilical cord 

The scenario implies you will have to invest much hard work into one of your ventures. 

According to the plot, the business looks promising and sustainable. But it will not be an easy ride though. 

A baby tangled in an umbilical cord

The plot signifies chaos and confusion between you and another person, perhaps due to the intervention of a third party. 

Giving birth to a baby boy and seeing the umbilical cord that binds you to the baby

The scenario reflects your desire to become a mother. 

Giving birth to a baby girl and facing complications with the umbilical cord

If you have a daughter or someone who’s like a daughter to you, the dream portends troubles in her life or complications arising because of her.

Seeing an umbilical cord around the baby’s neck

Is there anyone you rely heavily on in your waking life? 

This shows problems will arise between you and that person in the near future. 

Tying a baby’s umbilical cord

One of these days, you will help someone gain confidence, gather courage and help him or her get back on the right life path. 

Seeing an uncut umbilical cord 

According to the scenario, a certain obstacle is stopping you from progressing in your life. 

Therefore, the dream urges you to figure out what that problem is and deal with it at the earliest to proceed further. 

A neatly cut umbilical cord

One of your ideas, once executed, will turn out to be a great success. 

An umbilical cord in the dreams of a pregnant woman

For a pregnant woman, an umbilical cord is a good omen foretelling a smooth delivery. 

Psychological Meaning Of Umbilical Cord

On a psychological level, an umbilical cord shows you have become too emotionally bonded to someone. 


That brings us to the close of our article on a dream of umbilical cord. 

Since the dream can be interpreted in different ways, we suggest you approach the dream with an open mind. 

Do not assume anything, set no expectations, and remember to be honest with yourself and your emotions while decoding the dream.

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