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What Does Dreaming of a Swan Signify?


Dreaming of a swan sailing in a lake

It symbolizes your positive attitude to all situations in waking life.

Dreaming of a flying swan

You’ll receive the rewards of your efforts soon.

Dream about playing with swans

It represents your regrets about missing important opportunities as you chased the meaningless ones.

Dreaming of a swan laying eggs

It is a symbol of a new addition to your family. 

Dreaming of a pair of swans

It symbolizes a happy relationship between committed partners. 

Dreaming of a pair of swans kissing

You desire to settle down with someone precious. 

Dreaming of a black swan

It shows you lack self-love. 

Dreaming of a flock of swans

This is a good sign for family gatherings and celebrations.

Swan dreams may symbolize your peace-loving nature, a loving family, predict your success in the future, or that you inspire others. Alternatively, it symbolizes your wrong decisions.

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