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If You’ve Been Dreaming of a Swan, You Need to Read This!

If You’ve Been Dreaming of a Swan, You Need to Read This!

Updated on Feb 08, 2023 | Published on Jul 12, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dreaming of a Swan – 80 Types & Their Interpretations

Dreaming of a swan can be soothing if the birds seem healthy, harmonious, or safe. The view of the majestic bird can instill calming sensations.

However, you might even see gruesome scenery of its death… must you ignore the dream?

Well, in this think-piece, I’ll show you that your dreams aren’t just random images

So, spread your wings and fly off to know your fate…

Dreaming of a Swan – General Interpretations

Swan dreams may symbolize your peace-loving nature, a loving family, predict your success in the future, or that you inspire others. Alternatively, it symbolizes your wrong decisions.

In reality, it feels great to look at swans from afar. However, if you get too close, they behave aggressively.

Similarly, in the dream realm, it’s hard to understand whether a swan means good or bad news for you. So, let’s not waste any time and get a quick idea here…

1. Swan dreams frequently imply you don’t let yourself get influenced by negativity and preach the same to others.

2. Success is just a few steps away and you’ll enjoy financial stability, and luxuries, and will finally relax, so don’t stop your efforts.

3. These might either imply you’ll enjoy abundant love from your loved ones or it’s your love for your children.

4. Due to your soothing nature and the way you carry yourself, many idolize you and want to be like you, so guide them.

5. It may also highlight that you trusted the wrong person or made a wrong decision, so learn for your lessons.

Dream about Swan – 80 Types & Their Interpretations

Your dream about a pink swan denotes you know the solution to your problems while a yellow one is symbolic of exciting future events.

From the changing colors to the number of swans and even your or the swan’s actions… everything has a deep message.

So, if you remember the little things of your dream, explore it all here…

1. Dreaming of a swan sailing in a lake

This dream of swans sailing in a lake symbolizes your positive attitude to all situations in waking life.

Even when you face stubborn difficulties and fail, you learn to deal with hardships practically. You learn from your failure instead of brooding over the past.

2. Dreaming of a flying swan

Dreams of flying swans symbolize you’ll receive the rewards of your efforts soon.

If you’re on the verge of giving up, this is a message from the spiritual realm to push yourself the extra mile. You won’t regret this later. You’ll know that everything happened for a reason.

3. Dream about playing with swans

Dreams of playing with swans represent your regrets about missing important opportunities as you chased the meaningless ones.

Regretting won’t help you, rather focus on how to bring yourself back on track and chase your goals.

4. Dreaming of hunting swans

Dreams of hunting swans represent you believing you’re prepared for something, but aren’t in real life.

If you undertake any major project, prepare backup plans. Expand your connections to keep other options open.

5. Dreams of swans in the zoo

Dreaming of swans in the zoo shows you crave space and time in waking life.

You feel smothered with the responsibilities of your relationship, family, and work. You want to rejuvenate yourself somewhere far away and alone.

6. Dreaming of a swan laying eggs

In this dream, the swan is a symbol of a new addition to your family. If you’re a married person or have a partner, it resembles the birth of a baby.

However, it might also symbolize your desire for pet adoption.

7. Dreaming of a swan chasing you

In your dream, the swan is a sign of a close one’s jealousy towards you.

Someone wishes the best for you on your face but deep inside, they can’t wait to get news of your downfall. Identify them and steer clear from such negativity.

8. Dreams about a swan pecking at you

Your dream of swan represents that your decisions will disappoint your family members. You might finally stop letting them control your life and choose something for yourself… which they won’t agree to.

Or, you might make a wrong decision and your family will clean your mess. Think wisely about your choices.

9. Dreaming of a pair of swans

This dream symbolizes a happy relationship between committed partners. This is the best time to resolve any issue and build intimacy with your partner.

However, for singles, this signifies your longing for romance. Why don’t you search more actively on dating sites?

10. Dreaming of a flock of swans

This is a good sign for family gatherings and celebrations.

If you miss your distant relatives or you live away from loved ones due to work and studies, you’ll soon get the grand opportunity to meet them. Get ready to indulge in nostalgia.

11. Feeding a swan in a dream

This portends your unreasonable doubts about your partner’s loyalty. If someone’s presence in their life bugs you, communicate to understand their connection. Your partner loves only you, so give it a rest and enjoy their love.

12. Throwing stones at swans in dreams

It predicts a verbal fight with someone in public. The other party will leave no opportunity to harm your reputation with their vile tongue.

Even if you try to defend yourself the majority will believe them, so back off to protect yourself from such heinous people.

13. Dreaming of wounding a swan

As per the interpretation of this dream is that your regrets of hurting innocent people often haunt you. However, silently regretting won’t change a thing.

Think deeply about how you can make up for them and get over such feelings. If there’s none, try to be compassionate from now on.

14. Dreaming of a wounded swan

This dream of swan shows you’ll help someone in need but refrain from gossiping about them. You have a noble character as you dislike boasting about your good deeds. You believe in silently sharing goodwill.

15. Dreaming of killing a swan

It symbolizes that you’ll meet your idol soon in real life. Gone are the days when you daydreamed with their poster in hand or while listening to their podcasts. But it warns against saying something regretful out of excitement.

16. Dreaming of a dead swan

This might be a sign of disappointment or the loss of loved ones. Take care of your close ones’ health and sign them up for a health checkup.

If you’re working on a project or deal, check the clauses well before signing documents.

17. Dreaming of breaking a crystal swan accidentally

Such dreams predict progress in your romantic life. If you’re single, you’ll soon meet a suitable date.

If you’re in a long-term committed relationship, you might plan to move in or get hitched. It’s a great time for loving and being loved.

18. Dreaming of breaking a crystal swan intentionally

If you have a romantic partner or have a crush on someone, this dream warns you against attracting them with deception.

In the end, a relationship or attraction based on false facts can’t stand the test of time.

19. Dreams of someone else breaking a crystal swan

This predicts receiving shocking and unexpected news about someone close. Prepare your heart for the worst.

20. Dreaming of a white swan

Dream of a white swan depicts your pure feelings for someone. Convey your feelings without any expectations and luck might favor you.

21. Dreaming of a black swan

As per the interpretation of dreams, it shows you lack self-love. If you don’t treat yourself well, someday you’ll run out of love for others, so start loving yourself now.

22. Yellow swan dream meaning

The dream interpretation of this one predicts something exciting in the future, so look forward to it.

23. Dreaming of a gray swan

This plot warns you about troubles due to your or someone else’s compromise and adaptability issues.

24. Dreaming of a swan floating on water

The dream is a sign of good luck and positivity.

25. Dreaming of a flying swan for men

This shows you’ll go to great lengths to seduce your beloved. But make sure you don’t do anything they despise.

26. Dreaming of agitated swans

This dream envisages uncomfortable phases in your future. Prepare yourself emotionally and financially to deal with it. Avoid unnecessary expenses for now.

27. Dreaming of a lot of swans

Such dreams promise you’ll spend quiet and relaxing days soon. You’ll soon get a break from your tiresome routine, so make the best of the upcoming days.

28. Dreaming of a swan on a pond

Your dream predicts gain in riches and fortune ahead. It might be from inheritance from distant relatives, due to good luck in a lottery, or even a reward for your hard work in your professional field.

29. Dreaming of a swan dying

This denotes you must reach out to others for a more satisfying emotional life.

30. Dreaming of only one swan

This dream signifies you’ll soon receive good news.

31. Dreaming of a flock of wild swans swimming

This suggests trying harder to bring your desired change.

32. Dreaming of a little swan

The dream announces more love in your waking life. You’ll meet more well-wishers in the coming days, so embrace their goodwill without any hesitation. You might not get similar opportunities again.

33. Dreaming of an enormous white swan

Your dream reminds you to avoid your ill-wishers. You assumed you can beat your foes easily, but they have more tricks up their sleeve. Never underestimate your enemies’ powers.

34. Dreaming of a large swan in my house

Such dreams are symbolic of misfortune and dissatisfaction.

35. Dreaming of a swan swimming in the pool

Dreaming of a swan swimming in the pool assures you about your awakened life decision. Even if nobody approves of your choices, the higher powers know this will help you grow and develop perfectly in the long run. So, step forward confidently.

36. Dreaming of a flock of swans flying

The vision warns you of unexpected possibilities. Wait longer to execute your plan or your plans might all go to vain. Patience will help you get sweeter fruits.

37. Dreaming of a pair of swans kissing

Dreaming of a pair of swans kissing symbolizes your desire to settle down with someone precious. If you already have them around you, express your desires, but don’t force them to agree.

38. Dreaming of a swan sailing on river

The dream says it’s time to realize your plans in life.

39. Dreaming of someone else feeding a swan

This signifies your jealousy of others’ relationships and you must stop.

40. Dreaming of someone else playing with a swan

This dream asks you to communicate instead of arguing in relationships.

41. Dreaming of someone else throwing stones at a swan

This is a glaring sign to start refusing others when you can’t. Saying “NO” isn’t rude when you’re swamped up in existing responsibilities. Don’t silently accept everything others push on you.

42. Dreaming of someone else hunting swans

It suggests sharing your responsibilities when you have manpower and resources. If a project or chore is too tough to handle alone, don’t feel ashamed to seek others.

43. Dreaming of someone else wounding a swan

The subconscious view predicts you’ll protect the weaker in reality. It shows you have a great sense of right and wrong and don’t fear siding with the truth.

44. Dreaming of someone else killing a swan

The dream reminds you to stand against injustice all the time.

45. Dreaming of a swan singing

Swans singing in dream predicts your death without suffering.

46. Dreaming of graceful and proud swans

Your dreams are a sign of mutual love, happiness, loyalty, and everything positive.

47. Dreaming of swans floating in the sky

Such dreams foretell meeting a physically and emotionally healthy person.

48. Dreaming of shooting a swan

This portrays your aggressive and negative feelings for the opposite gender.

49. Dreaming of white swans swimming

This dream is a sign of good fortune, opportunities, and experiences ahead.

50. Dreaming of black swans swimming

Such a dream is a sign of receiving pleasures through underhanded means.

51. Dreaming of a white swan for men

This dream foretells you’ll soon meet a girl and she’ll bring meaning to your life.

52. Dreaming of crystal swans for a girl

The dream alerts you about your partner’s suspicious acts, so keep an eye out for them.

53. Dreaming of a swan surrounded by ducks or geese

This dream sight warns you against underestimating anybody, or you’ll regret it.

54. Dreaming of a swan asking you to fly

It’s a sign to strengthen your relationships with good communication.

55. Dreaming of a swan’s call

Your dream portends a beloved’s death or the break up from an unhealthy relationship.

56. Dreaming of eating swan meat

This is a good omen about happiness, prosperity, and abundant opportunities.

57. Dreaming of a swan rowing towards you

This is a prediction of joy and satisfaction in your family.

58. Dreaming of a swan rowing towards you for young unmarried girls

The dream foresees you’ll soon meet the love of your life.

59. Dreaming of a swan rowing towards you for boys

This dream illustrates that you’ll soon begin a happy family life.

60. Dreaming of a couple of beautiful swans for married women

This predicts a happy family and a healthy baby.

61. Dreaming of a swan for older people

It shows you’ll soon receive good emotional news from loved ones.

62. Dreaming of a swan for children

This dream portends new opportunities and easy achievements for the child.

63. Dreaming of a beautiful swan rowing with its offspring

Your close friend will get married, have a baby, or adopt a pet.

64. Dreaming of a flock of swans landing on water after flying

You’ll soon receive shocking news and change your perception.

65. Dreaming of hissing swans

This asks you to refrain from hurting your partner or quarreling with them.

66. Dreaming of swans rowing away

This dream is indicative of some changes ahead.

67. Dreaming of holding a swan

Your dream warns you about a close one’s financial or emotional betrayal.

68. Dreaming of a female swan that cannot lay eggs

This dream highlights your stress and guilt about your actions.

69. Dreaming of a lot of swans walking together

It symbolizes how you’re still dependent on your family emotionally or financially.

70. Dreaming of kissing a swan

You mustn’t follow others’ opinions or waste your time on unnecessary things.

71. Dreaming of wild animals preying on a swan

The dream forebodes you’ll suffer from grief, anguish, stress, and anger

72. Dreaming of a swan sitting or kneeling

You’ll experience fun times and might do charity.

73. Dreaming of a swan walking

You’ll soon recover from past hurts and fall in love again.

74. Dreaming of a swan’s feather

The white feathers depict you’ll physically and emotionally heal with love.

75. Dreaming of yourself flying on a swan back

It shows how you gracefully tackle emotional situations.

76. Dreaming of a swan screeching

It predicts bad news like death.

77. Dreaming of swan eggs

This forecasts prosperity in your waking life.

78. Dreaming of a blue swan

It prepares you to enjoy the positivity of strong friendship.

79. Dreaming of a swan crossing your path

This shows you’re open and eager for all sorts of changes.

80. Dream of a pink swan

The dream suggests you seek the solutions to your delayed or obstructed achievements within yourself.

Spiritual Meaning of Swan Dreams

Swan might be your spirit animal or totem animal and represents farsightedness, adaptability, composure, deep values, devotion, constancy, loyalty, inner beauty, grace, and support.

Spiritually, swans also signify your healing, inspiring, and wise nature. You can defend yourself, maintain individuality, and balance work and life.

In dreams, swans depict all positive qualities a person might possess.

Biblical Meaning of Swan Dreams

Biblically, swan dreams symbolize God’s love, grace, and purity. Jews are forbidden to eat these “Birds of the Bible”. A dying swan’s song symbolizes the crucified Jesus or His spirit. Other meanings are:

  • Swan in a pond: Luck
  • Swan flies: Fulfilling desires
  • White swan: Bright future
  • Feeding swans: Finding your partner
  • Black swan: Fights
  • Dead Swan: Scandal
  • Screaming Swan: Someone’s death
  • Swan’s song: Painless death.

Psychological Meaning of Swan Dreams

From the perspective of psychology, swans in dreams mean these…

  • White swans: You’re pure, innocent, and empathetic towards people and the environment. You strive for perfection.
  • Black swans: Death and misfortune. Or, you wear a mask to protect yourself from mean people.

Questions to ask yourself to interpret swan dreams correctly

As you noticed, every small detail matters in your dream interpretation. But, we easily forget the subconscious happenings… as conscious happenings overwrite them.

So, think you can’t interpret your dreams? It’s still possible as you’ll get a rough sketch after answering these…

1. What was the color of the swan?

2. Where was the swan?

3. How many swans were there? Were they all adults?

4. Was the swan alive, dead, or an inanimate object?

5. What was its condition?

6. Were there others in the dream? What were they doing?

7. What did you do in the dream?

8. Were there any other animals or birds? What did they do?

9. How did you feel during the dream?

10. Is there any special significance of swans in your life?

A word from the PleasantDream

Try to find solutions if you get an air of trouble. Never tell others about your exact dreams unless they’re a psychic or a dream interpreter. Rather, generally, discuss your problems with others.

Don’t get overconfident if you receive positive predictions of success and prosperity. The promises of dreams are always changeable.

Further, if you’re already aware of swans being your spirit or totem animal, don’t ignore such messages.

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