What Does Dreaming of Time Travel Mean?

Dream of Time Travel to Your Own Past

It indicates that you made really bad decisions in your past that changed your life and made you sad.

Dream of Time Travel From Future to Past

It indicates that someone you cut off relationships with in the past wishes to connect with you.

Dream of Seeing Yourself in The Past during Time Travel

It portends that you are determined about your progress.

 Dream of Seeing A Time Machine

It indicates that your near ones are planning to cheat you.

Dream of Time Travel to an Exciting Future

It signifies your future is very bright and filled with prominence.

Dream of Time Travel & an Unborn Child

It means that you desire to have a child or a partner to have a child with.

Stuck in Time Loop Dream Meaning

It indicates that you’ll soon receive news about a favorable project.

Whether you wish to return to your carefree days or want reassurance about your future, your time travel dreams may depict that.