Dream about time travel may imply you’re confused, wish to return to the past, have a desire to change some decision, regrets, you’re a tech-lover, want to know your future, its precognition, and much more.

Dreams about Time Travel - Types of & Their Interpretations
Dreams about Time Travel – Types of & Their Interpretations

What is Dreaming about Time Travel Generally?

The time-traveling concept is very intriguing. Who doesn’t want to take a peek at their future? 

However, in dreams, time travel holds different meanings. It all depends on whether you travel to the past or future. All these dreams mean different depending on what you feel in your real life. So, let’s race against time now…

Time travel to the past dream meaning

Everyone’s past has a deep impact on them. So when you keep thinking about your past and its lessons in your present life, your subconscious automatically reflects it in your dreams. But here is what it means.

  • You feel confused
  • You’re running away from the present
  • The regrets are killing you
  • It’s symbolic of nostalgic vibes
  • You enjoy talking about the past
  • You’re stuck in the past
  • You desire to fulfill your past needs
  • It’s time to make decisions
  • You want to do things for long

Time travel to the future dream meaning

However, if you time travel into the future, these dreams can mean:

  • You want a better life
  • Future scares you
  • Decisions are important to you
  • You imagine your life
  • The desire to make your future perfect
  • Technology interests you
  • This is a precognition

Other Interpretations

That’s not all. Here are some more general interpretations for your dream about time travel.

  • Seeing or reading influences you
  • You want to seek truth
  • You have to change your viewpoint
  • It signifies your life journey

Dream about Time Travel – Various Scenarios and Meanings

If you remember the exact details about your time travel dreams, you’ll find a clear message from them. 

So, if you remember more, grab my hand and hop in…

Time travel to your own past

When you dream of time travel to your own past, observe if your dream took you back to your childhood. How did you feel about your dream? Did you regret something?

If yes, it indicates that you made really bad decisions in your past that changed your life and made you sad. Now, you want to change things.

But if you feel happy in your dream, it means you want to become young once again and be happy.

Time travel to a historical event

In your dreams, if you time travel to a historical event like some war or the ancient time of dinosaurs, notice the details of the event. These historical events resemble your present or past experiences.

This can also mean that you are about to make some life-changing decisions in your life. It will change your past and future.

Time travel from future to past

Seeing a dream about traveling from the future to the past indicates that someone you cut off relationships with in the past wishes to connect with you.

They desire to return to your life again and make it blissful for you. There are chances that they realize their mistake and desire your forgiveness.

Time travel to past and telling the future

This will bring you good news. It signifies you will finally receive the long-awaited news.

You will also have a chance to meet the people you didn’t meet for a long time and you’ll reconnect with your friends.

Seeing yourself in the past during time travel

This dream portends that you are determined about your progress. You want to succeed in your life. 

For this, you are working with great determination every passing day. Such a dream is a sign that you hold no regrets from the past and so, you will be more successful in your life.

Time travel to an exciting future

The dream promises you a chance to see an exciting future for yourself.

It signifies your future is very bright and filled with prominence. You must actively look for opportunities to positively manipulate people in your favor.

Time travel to past to fix something

This depicts your regret for your mistakes from the past. You want to return and fix everything. 

This may also imply that you are always agitated because you wanted to be different in the past. You feel that if you get another chance or the same situation happened today, you may react differently. 

Time travel to past to destroy

This suggests that you helped the wrong people in your past. Possibly the people you helped are now involved in terrorism or hurting other people. 

Time travel and an unborn child

This means that you desire to have a child or a partner to have a child with. You are still seeking the right person to fill this space in your waking life.

Time travel to past to be with a dead loved one

If you dream of time traveling to the past to be with a dead loved one, it indicates you still didn’t move on from your loss. You still mourn for them and miss them every day. 

Time travel to future and attending your own funeral

When you dream of time travel to the future and attending your own funeral, it signifies that you are uncertain about things.

Time travel into a scary future

This signals that you suppress your fears and avoid confronting them. Instead, you always try to escape the problem which always lands you on a bigger problem in the future.

A word from ThePleasantDream

If curiosity got the better of you, you probably read all the dream interpretations. If you did, you’re aware that time travel dream interpretations depend a lot on your feelings in waking life. 

Further, it usually has a connection to your most concerning thoughts and opinions in the present. Whether you wish to return to your carefree days or want reassurance about your future, your dreams will show it all.