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Dream about Time Travel – 15 Types & Their Interpretations

Dream about Time Travel – 15 Types & Their Interpretations

Updated on Feb 27, 2023 | Published on May 19, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dreams about Time Travel - 15 Types of & Their Interpretations

Did you dream about time travel? Was it a nostalgic view of the past? Or, a concerning view from the future? Wondering if you truly time traveled and forgot?

Well, time travel dreams teach us a lot. They might hold good, bad, or neutral meanings. 

But usually, they indicate your attempts at escaping your reality. Possibly you’re seeking a balanced life. After all, who doesn’t want a smooth life without problems?

Don’t wait any longer and hop into my time machine

Dreams about Time Travel - 15 Types of & Their Interpretations
Dreams about Time Travel – 15 Types of & Their Interpretations

Dreaming about Time Travel – General Interpretations

Time traveling dreams may imply you’re confused, wish to return to the past, have a desire to change some decision, regrets, you’re a tech-lover, want to know your future, its precognition, and much more.

The time-traveling concept is very intriguing. Who doesn’t want to take a peek at their future? Personally, I wish to visit my past self and motivate my infant self.

However, in dreams, time travel holds different meanings. It all depends on whether you travel to the past or future. All these dreams mean different depending on what you feel in your real life. So, let’s race against time now…

Time travel to the past dream meaning

Everyone’s past has a deep impact on them. So when you keep thinking about your past and its lessons in your present life, your subconscious automatically reflects it in your dreams. But here is what it means.

1.  You feel confused

You get time travel dreams when you feel confused. You may have multiple options in front of you, but you can’t decide.

Nothing makes sense to you in reality. It is probably because things happen very quickly and you need space and time to understand your desires.

Time travel dreams are also a reminder that you need a break. So maybe meet your friends or chill with your family without any tension.

2. You’re running away from the present

These dreams are an indication that you only focus on escaping from your problems instead of dealing with them. You want your life to be smooth and easy but you don’t take any actions to make it so.

So you keep returning to these times when everything was happy and life went according to plan. It only shows that you are dissatisfied with your present life and that you must act to make it better.

3. The regrets are killing you

Mostly, you get the time travel dreams because of your feelings. It may be because you regret some past decisions and want different results now.

You let yourself down and are angry at yourself because those decisions made your life rough. Your mind has so many questions of ‘what ifs.’ You repeatedly revisit your past in a desire to change things.

This dream signals you to forgive yourself and focus on your future instead of cribbing about the past.

4. It’s symbolic of nostalgic vibes

Are you feeling nostalgic? Well, it is because you had a good past with lots of memories.

Now you wish to cherish all of them because you were happy in that time period. You want your present life to be the same, so you miss some elements from your past.

You wish to rekindle relationships with a few people who made you happy in your past.

5. You enjoy talking about the past

If you have a habit of sharing stories from your past with people, I don’t need to explain to you why you keep getting these dreams.

So, we can also say that your brain is so stuck to your past that it keeps showing your past reflection. You don’t give your brain a chance to move forward.

If you share good things, it means you enjoy living in the past and reminiscing about your favorite memories.

But you must release this past off your shoulders to focus on what your future holds for you.

6. You’re stuck in the past

Can’t stop thinking about that heartbreak or loss? There are a few memories that are difficult to forget but it doesn’t mean that we carry them wherever we go.

You get these dreams only when you are stuck in your past and can’t move out from it. All of this leads you to depression and frustration.

And it keeps returning back to your dreams. So, it will be good if you leave the past in the past and focus on building a better life now.

7. You desire to fulfill your past needs

You may get these dreams because you want something that you lost in your past. It may be a person that you loved dearly or an opportunity you missed.

You feel empty because your desires are not fulfilled so you keep going back to your past.

But it is time that you heal yourself from the pain and practice self-care.

8. It’s time to make decisions

When you dream of some historical event, it means you have to make some life-changing decisions.

So, pay close attention to the hints your dream tries to give you and then implement them in your real life to make the right decisions.

9. You want to do things for long

If you always desired to do something but were never able to, then this is a common dream for you. It may also include someone you were waiting for.

You want to do different things, but the pain of your inability to do certain things pinch your heart and comes in the form of dreams.

Time travel to the future dream meaning

However, if you time travel into the future, these dreams can mean:

10. You want a better life

Just like in the past, if you time travel to the future, it means that you seek an escape route to the future.

You want to skip all your difficulties and land in a place where everything’s sorted and secured so you don’t have to experience any troubles.

11. Future scares you

These dreams symbolize that you are scared of your future and feel anxious about the unknown. Hence, you stress yourself out by overthinking about situations that may never happen.

The truth is nobody knows the future, so you must learn to go with the flow.

12. Decisions are important to you

Your future is defined by the decisions you make today. So this dream is reminding you to be very cautious while making the decisions as it can change your life. Pay extra attention as this is a reminder.

13. You imagine your life

If you’re in contact with your elders a lot, you deserve this dream. It is because you always think about how your life will be when you reach a particular stage in your life.

You keep thinking about your career, nearby people, and your growth when you become of a particular age.

This dream reflects your wish to know what is there in your future. You will see all the great things your future has for you, and it will help you become a better person.

14. The desire to make your future perfect

You may get time travel dreams when you constantly strive to make your future perfect. You keep trying everything to achieve the best in your future. You are obsessed with your future and forget to live in the present.

This dream serves as a reminder to enjoy the smallest moments of life and not take life for granted.

15. Technology interests you

If you are deeply interested in technology, there are high chances of getting this dream. It reflects your creative mind and your desire to know what exists in the future to amaze you.

Dream books also suggest that this dream comes while coping with issues to make your life simple.

16. This is a precognition

Theoretically, many people believe that mental time travel dreams can show you the future. Psychologist Carl Jung studied precognition and synchronicity. He researched a lot about “coincidental” signs shown in dreams.

Currently, many academies study precognition, and some studies showed that people can see the result of their present decisions far deep in the future through dreams. And those visions are pretty accurate too.

Other Interpretations

That’s not all. Here are some more general interpretations for your dream about time travel.

17. Seeing or reading influences you

If you watch a movie or read a book with deep interest, you start dreaming about it. You connect your real life with dreams.

You join your real-life characters in the story and try to live their way and understand their thoughts and feelings.

Alternatively, you also get this dream when your subconscious asks you to be more practical in life.

18. You want to seek truth

People you see in your dreams are reflections of your real-life relationships.

This might be due to your desire to connect with other people, even if they don’t physically exist.

In the present, for example, you yearn for the roles of superheroes and noble knights, as well as mythical creatures.

19. You have to change your viewpoint

Are you looking for opportunities to learn new things? Time travel dreams signify that you must change your perception. Be open-minded and try to accept new viewpoints before taking an action.

20. It signifies your life journey

If the dream takes you back to the past, the dream suggests redeveloping some relationships.

Move forward from the pain and get back to your old relationships. Keep your differences aside so you can forgive each other and be happy.

But if you time-traveled to the future, it indicates you pay attention to your present. You stay so busy with your work that you can’t spend time on other important things in your life.

So, the dream suggests you take a break.

Dreams about Time Travel – 15 Types of & Their Interpretations

If you remember the exact details about your time travel dreams, you’ll find a clear message from them.

For instance, to see an unborn child in your dreams imply your desire to be a parent. While visiting a dead loved one indicates your regrets about not expressing your feelings well. 

So, if you remember more, grab my hand and hop in…

1. Dream of time travel to your own past

When you dream of time travel to your own past, observe if your dream took you back to your childhood. How did you feel about your dream? Did you regret something?

If yes, it indicates that you made really bad decisions in your past that changed your life and made you sad. Now, you want to change things.

But if you feel happy in your dream, it means you want to become young once again and be happy.

In the dream, if you don’t take any action, it means you currently feel hopeless. Nothing is in your control and you feel helpless because you wanted to change the future results.

2. Dream of time travel to a historical event

In your dreams, if you time travel to a historical event like some war or the ancient time of dinosaurs, notice the details of the event. These historical events resemble your present or past experiences.

This can also mean that you are about to make some life-changing decisions in your life. It will change your past and future. And whatever you decide, will be based on the lessons learned from your past.

3. Dream of time travel from future to past

Seeing a dream about traveling from the future to the past indicates that someone you cut off relationships with in the past wishes to connect with you.

They desire to return to your life again and make it blissful for you. There are chances that they realize their mistake and desire your forgiveness.

4. Dream of time travel to past and telling the future

Dreaming of time travel to the past and telling the future will bring you plenty of good news. So be glad to see this dream. 

It signifies you will finally receive the long-awaited news. You will also have a chance to meet the people you didn’t meet for a long time and you’ll reconnect with your friends.

5. Dream of seeing yourself in the past during time travel

To see yourself in the past during time travel in your dreams portends that you are determined about your progress. You want to succeed in your life. 

For this, you are working with great determination every passing day. Such a dream is a sign that you hold no regrets from the past and so, you will be more successful in your life.

6. Dream of seeing a time machine

Consider this dream of seeing a time machine as a warning as the machine indicates that your near ones are planning to cheat you.

Hence, you must be very careful about who you allow to hang around you. Probably you suffered such situations in your past life too.

7. Dream of time travel to an exciting future

Dreams about time traveling to an exciting future will amaze you. The dream promises you a chance to see an exciting future for yourself.

It signifies your future is very bright and filled with prominence. You must actively look for opportunities to positively manipulate people in your favor.

You may also get such dreams as you planned your life a certain way at a particular age. You desire to overcome past problems and advance in your life. 

You can turn your desires into reality if you continue moving forward against the adversities in reality. 

Moreover, the dream also warns you against comparing yourself with others as everyone’s journey is different. So, always focus on your part and wish for the best.

8. Dream of time travel to past to fix something

If you dream of time travel to the past to fix something, it depicts your regret for your mistakes from the past. You want to return and fix everything. 

Possibly you didn’t pay attention to your relationship or made a wrong move to its destruction.

If there is anything you can do to fix it presently, don’t hesitate. But if there’s nothing, move on and seek peace some other way.

This may also imply that you are always agitated because you wanted to be different in the past. You feel that if you get another chance or the same situation happened today, you may react differently. 

But it is okay to let bygones be bygones. Understand that mistakes are a part of learning. Focus on the lesson your past taught you and forgive yourself.

9. Dream of time travel to past to destroy

Dream of time travel to the past to destroy suggests that you helped the wrong people in your past. Possibly the people you helped are now involved in terrorism or hurting other people. 

You wanted to grant them a beautiful life, but it gave you the opposite results. And now you absolutely regret lending a helping hand to such people.

However, such thoughts only waste your time. Stop regretting the past and focus on your future. Be more alert next time before helping someone and know their clear intentions.

10. Dream of time travel and an unborn child

To dream of time travel and an unborn child means that you desire to have a child or a partner to have a child with. You are still seeking the right person to fill this space in your waking life.

Are you constantly thinking about babies? Are you willing to spend more time with your spouse? If these are the constant thoughts in your mind, no wonder you get such dreams.

But if you already have children, this dream indicates their growth, happiness, and health. You wish to become the best parent for them but you are always worried about managing so many responsibilities together.

11. Dream of time travel to past to be with a dead loved one

If you dream of time traveling to the past to be with a dead loved one, it indicates you still didn’t move on from your loss. You still mourn for them and miss them every day. 

Your heart is filled with regret and is unable to bear the loss. It also denotes your desire to confess your feelings. You value them yet you didn’t get a chance to confess while they were alive.

Such a dream means that you hold too many memories of the lost person and these memories haunt you. They don’t allow you to move forward in your life.

Alternatively, such a dream is also a symbolic representation of endings. A few things in your present life will end and lead to major transformations. 

For instance, you may get away from your old habits or behaviors. Don’t worry, it will only improve your life.

12. Dream of time travel to future and attending your own funeral

When you dream of time travel to the future and attending your own funeral, it signifies that you are uncertain about things. You are concerned about others’ thoughts of you. 

Moreover, if you have a crush on someone, but are unsure of their feelings about you, this signifies your confusion about approaching them.

You may also get this dream when someone humiliates you. They pretend to be your confidant but cheat you behind your back. You will soon be aware of their true identity.

However, such a dream also reflects that you are unable to accept your present life. The situations in your present life demotivated you. 

But, if you don’t move forward with positivity, you will always be stuck in the same situation.

13. Dream of traveling through time

If you traveled through time in your dream, it reflects your attempts to evolve yourself with time. You try to discover your potential, goals, dreams, desires, and most importantly- your true self.

Consider this dream a positive sign as you will finally be bold to know your desires in life. So, don’t waste time as you can decide things quickly once you’re aware of your identity. 

If you don’t know the real you, first focus on knowing that. When you note your dreams and desires, it will be easier for you to find your directions.

14. Dream of time travel into a scary future

To dream of time travel into a scary future signals that you suppress your fears and avoid confronting them.

Instead, you always try to escape the problem which always lands you on a bigger problem in the future.

When you time-traveled to your future, you probably saw a scary picture of some apocalypse, pandemic, or something that shows you your death.

This dream is also a sign of your fears. You want things to go as you planned. Hence, if the future picture doesn’t seem desirable, you will face difficulties handling it.

15. Stuck in time loop dream meaning

If you see yourself stuck in a time loop in a dream, it indicates that you’ll soon receive news about a favorable project. You must work on this project wholeheartedly to reap the desired results. 

However, you wish to avoid these projects because you want to spend more time with your spouse and family.

The dream also suggests you carefully analyze all the directions. You are overstressing yourself and neglecting your health.

Questions to ask yourself to interpret time travel dreams correctly

Time travel is a pretty confusing topic because not much is known about it. You only know it from movies and books about multiple universes and dimensions.

You were probably baffled by your dreams and don’t know where to begin the decoding. So, let’s clarify your jumbled thoughts with the answers to these…

1. Did you travel to the future or past?

2. Were you happy or distressed? 

3. Did you see your commute for time travel?

4. What did you do after reaching the different timeline?

5. Did you wish to change anything?

A word from ThePleasantDream

If curiosity got the better of you, you probably read all the dream interpretations. If you did, you’re aware that time travel dreams depend on your feelings in waking life. 

Further, it usually has a connection to your most concerning thoughts and opinions in the present. Whether you wish to return to your carefree days or want reassurance about your future, your time travel dreams may depict that.

To interpret your dreams even better, carefully observe where you traveled to, who was with you, what you felt while traveling, and other details.

Take your time figuring out your feelings and follow the proper steps to lead a healthy and happy life.

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