What Does Dream of Tongue Mean?

Dreaming of seeing your tongue

The dream denotes that you’re a short-tempered person. You react very easily to trivial provocations.

Dreaming of holding your tongue

The dream is a good sign. It shows that you have great self-control.

Dreaming of a black tongue

It indicates that you talk too much when there is no need, but you fail to speak in places where you should actually voice your opinion.

Dreaming of a sore or swollen tongue

It represents your jealousy towards someone. You say false and evil things about them that you should not.

Dreaming of having a large tongue

It symbolizes that you’re a blabbermouth.

Dreaming of piercing  your tongue

It portends that you easily get affected by others’ judgments.

Dreaming of an  animal tongue

It foretells that you will be in the spotlight and gain authority on things you have always wanted.