What Does Having A Pastry Dream Mean?

Dreaming of A Pastry

It may represent luxurious indulgences, comfort, and pleasure.

You need to be a little more approachable and affectionate.

Lots of Pastries in A Dream

Dream of Eating Pastry

You may receive a present from one of your close ones who live away from you

Making Pastry in A Dream

It could be a reflection of your constant worry and anxiety about your family’s source of income

Dream of Rolling Out Dough to Make Sweet Pastry

It suggests you encourage your younger siblings and relatives to learn to be responsible

Dreaming about Giving A Pastry to Someone

You may soon have an opportunity to help someone out of a terrible situation

Someone Serving You Sweet Pastry in A Dream

You need to be a little more polite and decent while talking to others.

Buying A Pastry in A Dream

You may soon get romantically involved with a person who comes from a completely different cultural background.

Dream of pastry may have a positive or negative connotation depending on the type of pastry and how you saw it.