Unlike getting stabbed and other nightmarish scenes, a dream of pastry is of pure delight.

However, as strange as dreams are, there’s no saying what type of messages those delicious-looking slices are trying to convey in your dream. 

In this article, we will deal with everything you’d need to know to decode a dream featuring pastry. And if that’s what you have been looking for, scroll down and unravel the truth behind your dream. 

Dream of Pastry – General Interpretation

A dream of pastry is often a sign of good luck and good fortune. However, not every scenario associated with pastry is a carrier of good messages. Some may reflect your envious feelings and frustration. 

Generally, a dream of pastry is a good omen signifying a fulfilling life without a trace of worry.

Having said that, the details and your real-life circumstances also play a huge role in the dream interpretation. 

Though the food in itself is a symbol of luxurious indulgences, the interpretation may flip for the worse depending on the details. 

For instance, your dream may be trying to draw your attention to cut back on something before it’s too late. 

Therefore, it’s vital to study the dream and its details from various perspectives taking your real-life circumstances into account for an accurate meaning. 

Dream about Pastries – 50 Types And Their Interpretations

Now that we got you acquainted with a general interpretation of dreams associated with pastry, let’s look into different scenarios and their respective meanings. 

1. Dreaming of a pastry

Suppose you dream of a pastry without any additional details, it may represent luxurious indulgences, comfort, and pleasure.

You may be passing through a pleasant phase of life completely devoid of stress or the dream may be a harbinger of something similarly good coming your way soon. 

2. Lots of pastries in a dream

Several pastries can be interpreted from different perspectives.

For some, the scenario may hint at a secret admirer. 

Negatively, many pastries may also imply undesirable ideas, thoughts, or even memories constantly creeping up at the back of your mind. 

In other instances, your dream could mean you need to be a little more approachable and affectionate. 

3. Dreaming of a pastry but not eating it

Generally, the dream is a reflection of your excellent self-control and patience. 

As tempting as a delicious-looking pastry is, if you didn’t eat it, your dream suggests you tend to wait for the right time instead of taking rash actions. 

While others rush into something without thinking through it, you prefer to weigh the pros and cons of your decisions. 

4. To dream of eating pastry

You may receive a present from one of your close ones who live away from you.

For a much more detailed meaning, you should recall what the pastry tastes like.

If it was fresh and tasted yum, you may rest assured because the present would be sent to you out of genuine love and affection. 

On the contrary, if it tasted awful, you need to understand that the sender, whoever he or she may be, has an ulterior motive behind the gift. Chances are, he or she will soon come to you and demand you return back the favor. 

5. Eating sweet pastry in a dream

If you are a parent and dream of the above, that could be your subconscious suggesting you be a little more patient with your child’s performance in school and society in general.

If you are not yet married, you may soon attend a celebratory event. Perhaps a marriage or engagement ceremony of an old friend – something that will give you an opportunity to reconnect with good old buddies. 

6. Dreaming of eating raw sweet pastry

To dream of eating raw sweet pastry implies your business-related woes are finally nearing the end. 

Very soon, you will get numerous opportunities to bounce back and regain your authority. 

7. Making pastry in a dream

If you dream of making pastry that could be a reflection of your constant worry and anxiety about your family’s source of income.

Sometimes, the scenario may show up if you have decided or are already learning a foreign language. 

8. To dream of rolling out dough to make sweet pastry

Here, the dream suggests you encourage your younger siblings and relatives to learn to be responsible individuals to be honored and look up to. 

9. Dreaming about giving a pastry to someone

According to the dream, you may soon have an opportunity to help someone out of a terrible situation.

10. Dreaming of distributing pastry

If you distributed pastry, you may do something, though unintentionally, that will break a closed one’s heart.

11. To dream of distributing sweet pastry

If you are a parent, distributing sweet pastry emphasizes the need to have more honest conversations with your children. 

Be it regarding their problems or yours, heartfelt conversations are one of the most effective ways to get closer with them. 

12. To dream of another person distributing pastry

Another person distributing pastry signifies losses due to your own carelessness. 

13. Someone serving you sweet pastry in a dream

If someone serves you sweet pastry, that is a sign that you need to be a little more polite and decent while talking to others. 

If you put across your ideas and opinions aggressively, many will get repelled by your behavior and may not be receptive to what you have to say. 

14. To dream of making sweet pastry

To begin with, making sweet pastry could mean you are anxious about a younger family member’s health condition.

However, the dream says you have been troubling your nerves over nothing because that person can’t be any safer or healthier than he or she is at present. 

15. Buying a pastry in a dream

If you buy a pastry, you may soon get romantically involved with a person who comes from a completely different cultural background.

In terms of your profession too, the dream bodes well. You may soon get a good offer that not only promises good returns but also has a vast scope for growth and development. 

16. Dreaming about ordering a pastry

Chances are, you will send one of your close ones to a distant land. It may be for educational or work purposes or even on a vacation. 

17. Dreaming about selling pastry

Selling pastry is associated with benevolence. 

If you are a philanthropist, the dream could be a reflection of that side of yours. 

18. To dream of selling sweet pastry

If you sell sweet pastry, a change of school or residence is on the cards. 

If that does happen, note that you’ll stay at that particular school or residential area for quite a long time. 

19. To dream of getting pastry orders

A close one, probably someone living in a far-off land will invite you over to his or her place if you dream of the above.

20. Dreaming of cutting a pastry

To dream of cutting a pastry augurs a visit from relatives that will prove to be beneficial for you. 

21. Dreaming about cutting a pastry with a knife and placing the slices on plates

The dream says you always share your earnings and profits with your loved ones. 

22. To dream of a pastry shop

A pastry shop symbolizes monotony and lethargy. In the following days or weeks, you will feel quite unmotivated and bored with life.

Nothing will interest you during this time. Not even those passions, activities, and people that you were fascinated with earlier.

You will probably spend your time procrastinating and lounging around. 

23. To dream of inheriting a pastry shop

To begin with, there is a good chance that you are a person who never prefers to be the center of attention. 

Though people were not aware of your capabilities earlier, they will soon realize your greatness and be awe-inspired by your potential because you will soon be compelled to get out of your comfort zone.

24. To dream about building a pastry shop

Your dream indicates it will take some time to achieve your goals. At times, you will feel tempted to give up on everything.

But if you stick to your goals and stay determined, your dreams say success will definitely be yours. 

25. To dream of opening a pastry shop

Opening or inaugurating a pastry shop is an ill omen. From the business point of view, the upcoming days are utter bad luck. 

Speaking of which, do not start anything around this period if you want to reap the benefits of it. Your dream advises you to be patient and wait for the streak of ill luck to pass. 

26. Working in a pastry shop in a dream

Working in a pastry shop signifies interventions from loved ones and well-wishers as there is a gap between what you are presently doing for a living and what they expect from you. 

27. To dream of seeing a closed one working in a pastry store

The dream suggests you believe someone in your close circle is wasting their potential by investing in a low-income job. 

28. To dream of buying a pastry shop

If you have been toying with an idea lately – whether to put it into action or not, now is a good time to start executing it. 

29. To dream of selling a pastry shop

Selling a pastry shop symbolizes financial instability and uncertainty. You may face several setbacks at work. For some, it may be as bad as getting laid off from your job. 

Additionally, the dream says you would be compelled to give up on small pleasures of life such as dining out to keep yourself and your family afloat. 

30. To dream of sitting with another person in a pastry shop

Being inside or sitting in a pastry shop stands for flirtatious activities. 

Someone you have been having a crush on may ask you out on a date. The days ahead look fun and adventurous, with you and that person talking about love and life in general. 

31. To dream that you were alone in a pastry store

You feel quite out of place in your present environment and social circle, which is why you feel nostalgic about the wonderful days you spend in the company of like-minded people. 

32. To dream of eating cakes/ pastry in a pastry shop

If you eat cakes or pastry or even ice cream in a pastry shop, the scenario implies you will soon step into a more peaceful and harmonious phase of your life.

After pursuing material wealth and goods for quite a long time you will realize that they do not amount to the effort and time wasted. 

Instead, your sole focus from now onwards will be to live a genuinely happy and fulfilling life among your close ones. 

33. To dream of other people eating cakes/ pastry in a pastry shop

According to the plot, you will soon hear a piece of pleasant news about a close one. 

Your happiness for that person will know no bounds and you may even decide to throw a grand party to celebrate it. 

34. To dream about being/ going to a pastry shop without any money

You will incur an unexpected and huge loss if you dream of being in a pastry shop without money.

Needless to say, it will leave a hole in your pocket and your finances will be in a slump for quite a while. 

35. Someone forbidding you from entering a pastry shop in a dream

If someone forbids you from entering a pastry shop, that is a sign that your reputation is greatly at stake. 

You will be dishonored due to one of your mistakes/ actions. Even your loved ones will turn their backs on you around this time. 

Unquestionably, the upcoming days will be hard on you. Every single day will feel like a battle and you’d be stressed out. 

36. To dream of begging in front of a pastry shop

Begging in front of a pastry shop denotes you love to be the center of attraction wherever you are present. 

According to the dream, you are also under the belief that everyone likes you and feels attracted to you. 

37. Seeing someone begging in front of a pastry shop in a dream

One of your loved ones will embarrass you publicly if you see another person begging in front of a pastry shop.

38. Arguing in a pastry shop in a dream

Arguing in a pastry shop signifies a communication problem with a loved one. 

39. To dream of fighting in a pastry store

Most likely, someone will underestimate your achievements though he or she secretly agrees that you are a good shot. 

Furthermore, the dream shows his or her constant provocation will lead to an argument between the two of you. 

40. To dream of demolishing a pastry shop

If you are envious of someone else’s life and achievements your dream encourages you to follow in that person’s footsteps instead of trying to come up with ways to ruin his or her happiness. 

41. To dream about seeing someone else demolishing a pastry shop

You will be the subject of gossip mongers if you see someone else demolishing a pastry shop.

However, if you believe the gossips are sheer lies, you don’t need to worry.

42. Robbing a pastry shop in a dream

Your loved ones may find fault with some of your actions or decisions. 

For example, they may not be supportive of your career option. 

On that note, your dream says if you are really passionate about that particular action or decision, go ahead and do what you need to do instead of waiting for them to understand you. 

43. To dream of another person robbing a pastry shop

Likely, you will spend time together with a person whose ideals, hobbies, and interests are poles apart from yours.

While you would be bored to death, the other person would be really intrigued and would wish to know more about you. 

44. Setting a pastry store on fire in a dream

Out of frustration, you often take out your anger and stress on your loved ones, who probably did you no wrong. 

If that resonates, your dream wants you to be more in control of your emotions and not let it out on random people who cross your path. 

45. To see another person setting a pastry shop on fire

You may encounter unpleasant situations in a public area if you see someone else setting a pastry shop on fire. 

46. Sweet pastry in a dream

If you have an ailing elder at home, the dream symbolizes his/ her recovery. 

47. Stuffed sweet pastry in a dream

Stuffed sweet pastry indicates a change in residence for work purposes. 

48. Dreaming of a birthday pastry

The dream stands for a postponement if you have been planning a trip to another land.

49. Wedding pastry in a dream

You’ll soon receive a valuable gift from a person you met through a loved one. 

50. A pastry chef in a dream

A pastry chef represents your untapped potential. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Pastry Dreams

Spiritually, pastry in dreams is a good omen symbolizing good fortune and things working out in your best interest.

Psychological Meaning Of Pastry Dreams

From a psychological point of view, pastry is a symbol of your discontentment and dissatisfaction in the waking world. 


To wrap up, a dream of pastry may have a positive or negative connotation depending on the type of pastry and how you saw it. 

Though many scenarios augur well, you must remind yourself to delve deep into the details before you settle on a general meaning as the interpretation of dreams are subjective and will differ from dreamer to dreamer.