What Does Hummingbird in Dream Means?

Dead hummingbird in dream

It can be pointing to dead ideas and hopes.

Flock of hummingbirds in dream

You need spiritual support.

Baby hummingbird in dream

Take suggestions from family members & friends.

Hummingbird nest in dream

Take a break from work and goals.

Eggs of hummingbirds in dream

You have great power, potential of achieving great things in your life.

Flying hummingbird in your dream

Your small ideas & concepts seem irrelevant but have great potential.

Hummingbird drinking nectar of flowers in dream

You will get success and wealth soon in your life.

Blue hummingbird in dream

You should trust your inner abilities to make sensible decisions.

Hummingbird in dream signifies energy, speed, agility, diversity, happiness and messenger of spirit. At the same time, it foretells success and good luck is coming your way.