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Hummingbird in Dream: 45 Types and Their Meanings

Hummingbird in Dream: 45 Types and Their Meanings

Updated on Jun 14, 2022 | Published on Jul 16, 2021

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Hummingbird in Dream - 45 Scenarios & Their Meanings

Hummingbird is an auspicious symbol of love, charm and cheerfulness. Visit of a hummingbird in dream is a lucky omen that tells you that good luck can come to you soon. 

Quick motions of hummingbirds in dream is a symbol of quick and effective working to achieve success. If you see hummingbirds in your dream, it says that your life might be in great shape or can be in the future whether it’s project, love, carrier or your spiritual life. 

Let’s shed some light on hummingbird’s dream interpretations.

Hummingbird in Dream - 45 Types and Their Meanings
Hummingbird in Dream – 45 Types and Their Meanings

Hummingbird Dream Meaning – General Interpretation

Hummingbird in dream signifies energy, speed, agility, diversity, happiness and messenger of spirit. At the same time, it foretells success and good luck is coming your way.

This small hummingbird holds a huge meaning about success and goals while appearing in a dream. And you can understand this by interpreting their meanings. Usually hummingbird’s dreams symbolize the meaning of good news coming to you.

Meaning and symbols of hummingbirds vary from person to person and they can have different meanings for individuals on a cultural basis. Let’s have a look at the common meanings of hummingbirds in dreams.

1. Joy and good luck

A favorite bird of many people is always a sign of good luck and spirit. This is why hummingbird dreams feel like a magical dream. Let’s accept this, life on earth is not as easy as it seems, therefore these sweet nectar drinking birds remind us of living a happy life. 

Their presence tells that when you live in a joyful manner then good times can come to you easily. Vibrant and their humming presence remind you to focus on the joy side of life. They also tell you that when you’re open to the wonders of life, good luck happens.

2. Diversity

Dream of hummingbirds says that we should accept diversity and variety in our lives. Too many things happening in our life keeps things on autopilot therefore we should not evolve it. 

While hummingbirds sit on different flowers and blossoms, it signals us that you should change things if you get stuck in something.

3. Flirty

Hummingbirds fly from flower to flower quickly and effectively and enjoy the sweet nectar of various flowers. It doesn’t mean that you should flirt or avoid commitment. In fact, it means that you should light up your love life and have some fun. 

Why not have some flirty and fun space in your relationship rather than seriousness. Hummingbirds in dreams can say that you should meet different people and don’t be too serious right now, if you’re single or dating.

4. Agility

Hummingbirds have exceptional flying abilities, even in breezy conditions they can balance out themselves. This represents that they are able to adjust in different situations to achieve goals. 

Therefore, the dream of a hummingbird shows that you should wait for the right conditions and resist challenges to accomplish your goals. Rather you should focus on how to handle it with grace and agility. This way you can achieve the goal.

5. Speed, effectiveness and energy

Hummingbirds are well-known for their high speed. And along with speed, their ecosystem is also important to them. Dream of hummingbirds reminds you that even if you feel small and insignificant at times, you can make a big impact on your own. 

Moreover, if you seem smaller than others, get busier and focus on achieving your dreams.

6. Health

Hummingbirds evolve with flowers and get nectar from them. And in return, hummingbirds help pollinate more flowers that extend their life. Hence, the hummingbird is a sign of wellbeing, healing and imperativeness.

In dreams, they seek stimulation and nourishment whether it’s relationships, foods or substances. Leave the things or situations which are unhealthy for you and move towards healing living.

7. Angels, spirit and messengers

Hummingbirds are known to be messengers of your spirit. If you see hummingbirds in a dream, that means your spirit is trying to contact you. These are the symbols that your spirit guides in your waking life. Be open to receiving guidance and intelligence.

Hummingbird in dream – 45 Scenarios & their meanings

Hummingbird visit in your dream says that you have a lot of positive energy in your life right now. However, you should use these energies to make your plan work out and eventually result in success.

They represent being secure about the decision you’re making. Hence this will give you complete satisfaction in your waking life. 

However, there could be multiple reasons why you are having the dreams and what does dream symbols represent. Let’s have a look. 

1. Being a hummingbird in dream

If you dream about being a hummingbird, suggest creating and manifesting your inner thoughts. While you are achieving a high level of actualization. However, it also means that you remember every detail of your journey and you try everything in your life.

2. Catching a hummingbird in dream

If you dream about catching a hummingbird with your hand or trap, that means you are controlling too much on others who want their freedom and want to run on their own. It also suggests that you are also ‘hands-on’ or controlling with the spirit in your life.

3. Hugging a hummingbird in dream

Hugging a hummingbird in your dream means you are going to achieve something big soon. You are hugging something precious to you and you are confident about the ideas for achieving the goals just like a trophy win. 

4. Dead hummingbird in dream

Seeing a dead or dying hummingbird in your dream can be pointing to dead ideas and hopes. It can also mean someone or something in your life is pulling you back from testing and experimenting new ideas.

You are not able to fulfill the dreams and purpose of life due to some hindrance.

5. Hummingbird attack in dream

Dreaming about a hummingbird attacking you can represent that you will face some drawbacks in accomplishing the goals. Basically, you’re stepping into the boundaries of other people’s space.

6. Dream about hummingbird in house

If you see a hummingbird in your house, it suggests that you are not exploring the world and putting yourself back. Probably you’re wasting the time, stopped moving and not working actively.

Try to go out and experience your thoughts and other’s opinions in your life. Moving out and meeting others might give you better options.

7. Many hummingbirds are flying in dream

Dreaming about plenty of flying hummingbirds show that you have a lot of opportunities and choices in your life. You have many ways that bring you towards fulfilling the dream and success.

8. Hummingbird landing on you in dream

Landing a hummingbird on you is a symbolism of a person close you might not commit to a long term relationship. However, you are interested but this will be a short term relationship while the companionship lasts.

9. Baby hummingbird in dream

Dreaming about a baby hummingbird symbolizes that you should take suggestions from family members and friends. You should understand different perspectives and experiences so that you will not make a wrong decision in future.

10. Giant hummingbird in dream

If you dream about a giant hummingbird, it suggests that you have the advantage with your current decision. Don’t step back to make changes and keep fighting with your spirit in order to get success and achieve dreams.

11. Injured hummingbird with broken wings

If you see an injured hummingbird in your dream, it indicates that you missed the opportunity that recently passed by you. It might be due to lack of ability or resources. You will have better luck next time in future. 

12. Pet hummingbird in dream

If you dream about a pet hummingbird, it can suggest that you should focus on your favorite projects. Don’t take your goals and achievements too seriously, be playful in your fast pace life. Taking a step back can help you achieve better results.

13. Hummingbird nest in dream

Seeing a nest of hummingbirds symbolizes that they stop moving from one place to another. You take a break from work and goals. Slow down and relax or go for a vacation and take a break. 

14. Eggs of hummingbirds in dream

Eggs in your dream symbolize the birth of new ideas. You have great power, potential and possibility of achieving great things in your life.

Note the ideas that you have. Accept the upcoming challenges in your life and handle them with your thoughts and ability.

15. Friendly hummingbird in your dream

A friendly hummingbird is letting you know that you have realized your truth with awareness and consciousness. You should not be feared and under confident for achieving the best version of yourself. Accept the truth of who you are and align with the highest one.

16. Talking hummingbird in dream

dreaming of a talking hummingbird signifies that you are really eager to explore yourself and want to develop your personality.

It shows you are always passionate about exploring deeper into your hidden side. You have a strong connection from your inner side and take decisions with self-satisfaction.

17. Wounded hummingbird in dream

Seeing a wounded hummingbird symbolizes that your ideas and plans are not working well. But this is the right to act on them. Find ways to push yourself towards the goals and those are pulling you back. If you start working on it, you will be able to achieve the goals soon.

18. Flying hummingbird in your dream

Seeing a hummingbird flying can be a symbol of your small ideas and concepts that seem irrelevant but have great power and potential. This dream indicates that you have many thoughts and ideas about not fully committed to your relationships.

If this is the case, try using the ideas to accomplish and work on your relationships.

19. Many hummingbirds in a garden

If you see this dream, it could symbolize that you are going to meet many like-minded people and together you will achieve more. 

20. Hummingbird hard at work

Dreaming about a hummingbird at work can be the indication of your fast-paced life. You might have achieved a lot of things in your life and you are on the path of achieving more and more in future.

However, it would be better to stop moving and take a break. Enjoy life and experience beautiful things around you.

21. Two hummingbirds sharing a flower in dream

This dream could be the sign of your love life, if you are in a relationship, then it indicates that your romantic relationship is finally working out. And if you haven’t met the person you love, you will meet soon.

When you see such a dream, there are high chances of getting settled with your partner and sharing romantic moments.

22. Hummingbird attacking a intruder 

Having this dream indicates that you are desirable to work hard to make things good and stable. You might be providing a good life to your family and yourself.

You might be struggling with the forces that want to destroy the things you are making good in real life. You should look at thoughts and ideas to make things workable. 

23. Saving a hummingbird in your dream

If you see yourself saving a hummingbird, it signals forgiveness and there is something that needs your attention right now. This dream is a recap of major changes that are happening in your life. 

24. Hummingbird drinking nectar of flowers in dream

This dream indicates that you will get success and wealth soon in your life. Therefore, stop worrying about small things and focus on your goals.  

25. Holding a hummingbird in dream

In dreams, if you see a hummingbird it symbolizes that you should think about other people’s opinions even if they feel small and irrelevant at a time.

You need to take a glance at others thoughts. Spend time and effort in understanding other people’s ideas and thoughts.

26. Hummingbird singing in dream

If you see hummingbirds singing in a dream, it means something good and exciting will come to you soon. This dream represents the good luck that will happen to you.

27. Hummingbird in dream knocking at the window

Dreaming about knocking a hummingbird at your window is waiting for good news. It represents that you will get good news soon in terms of project, goals or relationship.

28. Hummingbird closed in a cage in dream

This dream symbolizes that you have a lack of ideas, being shy and not representing your desire. It tells the hidden nature of a person in high time. Perhaps, you are not able to express yourself in order to fulfill other’s desires.

29. Many hummingbirds in dream

Appearing many hummingbirds or groups of hummingbirds symbolism towards insufficient profit. You might have high profit in your project soon.

30. Giving food to hummingbird in dream

This dream represents new surroundings in your life. If you see this dream, you might be sad, therefore say hello to new adventures.

31. Listening to hummingbirds chirping in dream

If you’re in a relationship and see this dream, it tells you’re talking to your partner or loved one. The one is missing the love and wants to talk impatiently.

32. Trying to catch a hummingbird in dream

Dream about trying to catch a hummingbird represents making an attempt to get what you want. You are probably independent, starting a new journey or bearing financial responsibility.

33. Monochrome color hummingbird in dream

Monochrome hummingbirds may represent the uninteresting and stable mental state of a person. Perhaps, this dream warns you about a misunderstanding that happens with loved ones.

34. Sick hummingbird in dream

Dreaming about a sick hummingbird in your dream means the person is confused and unable to get the support they want. The person might be lonely in the journey or feel mentally discomforted.

35. Dream about hummingbird in your hands

Dream about hummingbirds landing on hands symbolizes creation and display. Hands are the most energetic parts of our body hence it signifies taking action and giving your imagination a reality check.

36. Hummingbird crosses your path in dream

When you see this dream, it could be the sign of starting to live your life joyfully. Time passes very quickly therefore it takes time to live life and enjoy every moment heartily.

37. Flock of hummingbirds in dream

If you see this dream, it means you need spiritual support. It foretells your need to connect with others on a spiritual level and express the feeling of power and influence. 

38. Yellow hummingbird dream meaning

Dream about a yellow hummingbird indicates that in upcoming days there will be a great opportunity to perform impactful and bright actions. This way you will receive success and height in your career.

39. Colored hummingbird dream meaning

Colored hummingbirds indicate your inner intelligence, ideas and spirit. You can add new ideas and intelligence in order to complete a project and achieve the goals.

40. Red hummingbird in dream

If you see a red hummingbird that symbolizes that you will create something with passion and love. 

41. White hummingbird in dream

If you reach new inspiration and ideas in your life, white hummingbird will appear in your dream. It might foretell a new beginning in your life.

42. Black hummingbird in dream

Dreaming about black hummingbird indicates the transformation and change in yourself. You might search deeper within yourself to find the purpose. 

43. Green hummingbird in dream

If you see green hummingbirds then it might show that you should spend time and effort in growing your project. You are in too much of a hurry to complete the projects and goals. 

44. Brown hummingbird dream meaning

Appearing brown hummingbirds says that you should be practical with your goals. Don’t rely on big impossible projects instead start with small projects. Small things have great potential and power in order to meet the targets.

45. Blue hummingbird in dream

Dreaming about blue hummingbirds foretells that you should trust your inner abilities to make sensible decisions and judgments because of your knowledge and experience.

Spiritual meaning of hummingbird in dream

The dream symbolism of hummingbirds signifies spiritual messengers and guides of light. The dream reminds of the super energy that has spiritual devotion, mental intelligence and physical strength to reach a goal. The hummingbird invites you to look closer and see divine connection in everything you do.

Hummingbird dream signifies a spiritual message that is power to display anything starting with the imagination and needs energy to take action in order to grow.

Biblical meaning of hummingbirds in dream

In the Bible, hummingbirds are known as a god’s ‘tiny miracles’ due to their outstanding qualities and graceful design. According to them, dreams about a hummingbird means miracles and good luck. In biblical meaning, it has a positive impact in one’s life and brings success and wealth.

Cultural meaning of hummingbird in dream

One of the spirit animals, hummingbirds, have some magic in their beauty and carefree fly. These small creature’s dreams have a meaningful and essential impact on cultures and folklore. So, let’s understand the symbolism of the hummingbird dream in different cultures and what it means.

1. Hummingbird dream meaning in Native American culture

In Native American nature, hummingbirds in dreams possess different symbolic meanings. It seems as a bringer of good luck, a fire bringer and as a healer. It is believed hummingbirds are made with flowers therefore they return back to flowers in order to thank them. 

According to Cherokee legends, a medicine man switched into a hummingbird so that with the help of its speed, he can grab the first tobacco in the world so that he can provide relief to an old woman.

2. Hummingbird dream meaning in Mayan culture

In Mayan culture people consider hummingbird dream symbols magical and holy. One legend says that they were made from their leftover feathers which were used to make the other birds. 

3. Hummingbird dream meaning in Mexican culture

In central Mexico, the ethnic group used to wear ‘talismans’ which were made with real hummingbirds. They considered it as a strong and dedicated sign to perform a task. Their dream represents swiftness and power to do good in life. 

It is appraised as a message-bearer of the afterworld. They believed the spirit of the warrior returned to this world in the form of hummingbirds. 

4. Hummingbird dream meaning in Jamaican culture

Jamaican people considered it as their national bird due to its beauty and elegance. According to them, the hummingbird dream represents development and success within self. 

5. Hummingbird dream meaning in Shamanism

According to shamanian belief, hummingbirds dream teach us to discover our inner self and joy so that we can spread it out all around the world and everyone can celebrate it.

6. Hummingbird dream meaning in Aztec culture

Aztec people have given a name to their war god, ‘Huitzilopochtli’ which means ‘hummingbird of the south’. As per their ancient legends, Aztec people believe in Aztec warriors transformed into hummingbirds upon death so that they can join the group of Huitzilopochtli. Therefore, its dream meaning represents the spirit of these warriors. 

Questions to ask yourself when you see hummingbird in dream

Dream interpretation of hummingbirds may vary according to the color, context, and action. You need to ask a few questions to gain transparency and insight of the process. 

  1. If you dream about hummingbirds then you should ask yourself these questions. This way you will interpret the dream correctly.
  1. What was the color of a hummingbird?
  1. Was Hummingbird trying to tell you something? Try to recall it.
  1. Was a hummingbird sitting on flowers or moving from one flower to another?
  1. What does the dream make you feel?
  1. Was the hummingbird in your dream alive or not?
  1. Did the dream seem magical and full of positive color?
  1. How did you feel when you dream about hummingbirds? Were you happy, excited, loving, sad, calm or scared?

Try to remember everything about dreams, connect the dots and simplify the right meaning. 

Closing Thoughts

Hummingbird’s dreams contain a lot of spiritual messages and guides towards the next step of your manifesting journey. Their appearance in dreams is a lucky omen for you and interprets the messages of inner intelligence, spiritual resolution and new ideas. 

Be assured when a hummingbird comes into your dream, there are quite high chances of good things happening in your life in terms of relationship, career, goals and success. Its colorful appearance is a symbol of joy, positive energy and happiness. 

This little creature guides you to overcome the challenges and drawbacks in your life. You only need to remember what exactly you have seen in the dreams to interpret.