What Does It Mean if You Dream About Being Pregnant?

Dreaming of someone being pregnant

If you dream about someone else being pregnant and carrying a baby, it means unhappiness and envy.

Dreaming of being pregnant with twins

When you are dreaming of twin babies, it means that you are juggling between two responsibilities in your waking life.

Dream of girlfriend being pregnant

This type of dream symbolizes that a part of you is undergoing transition and transformation.

Dream of being pregnant with triplets

If you dream triplets or multiple fetuses in your dream, it symbolizes a fresh beginning in your life.

Dreams of pregnancy symptoms

It means that your process of creation will be full of obstacles, bumpy, and things may not end up in a smooth manner.

Dream about desire to get pregnant

A dream about desire to get pregnant simply means personal wishes that remain unfulfilled in your waking life.

Dreaming about an unplanned pregnancy

It communicates underlying anxiety and fear associated with some sudden event in your waking life.

Dreaming of pregnancy ultrasound scan

A pregnancy ultrasound dream symbolizes a new phase of your life.

When you dream of being pregnant, it means some creative ideas are taking shape in your life. It also means change or goal accomplishment. These dreams are also symbolic of nurturance, relationships, and subconscious anxieties.