Dreams can be engrossing and absorbing at times; especially the literal and weird ones such as dreaming of being pregnant. So many questions are crossing your mind right now. Isn’t it so?

These dreams are super common occurrences that are symbolic of some creative and nurturing process going on in your real life.

50 Types of Dreaming Of Being Pregnant with Their Meanings
Types of Dreaming Of Being Pregnant with Their Meanings

What Does It Mean to Dream of Being Pregnant?

Dream of being pregnant means some creative ideas are taking shape in your life. It also means you are trying to welcome a new beginning in your life and living.

Pregnancy dreams as night visions do not necessarily mean that the dreamer is pregnant, or even wish to become one in real life. These dreams can indicate some radical or major life change, or some professional plans growing and developing in your mind. 

Dreaming of being pregnant symbolizes creative and growth endeavors. It’s just a sneak peek of things around you when you are awake. 

They carry the message of hope, joy, ecstasy, uncertainty, anxiety that are related to new beginnings in life.

Some common symbolic meanings associated with pregnancy are as follows:

  • Creation – Dreaming of being pregnant is a sign of implanting the seeds of creation, nurturing and growing it.
  • Personal growth and success – It signifies enhancement of your personal skills, self-improvement, and goal accomplishment. 
  • New beginning in life – When you dream about being pregnant, it is symbolic of rebirth. . 
  • Symbol of divine femininity and motherhood – Sometimes  it may hint towards your unfulfilled desires of becoming a mother. It symbolizes preserving and sustaining life.
  • Change and transformation –  This symbolizes that no sooner you are going to experience some noteworthy change or transition in your life.
  • Desires and wishes – Pregnancy dreams are familiar intrusions to your desires and unfulfilled wishes. It reflects hidden desires that never got a chance of fulfillment. 

Spiritual Meaning of Being Pregnant in Dreams

Spiritually, dreams of being pregnant signify transition, growth, and evolution. It also means planting the seed of an idea that needs care and support to thrive and bloom. You are ready to embark on a journey to explore and re-define your priorities and goals in life.

Spiritually, pregnancy dreams remind you to shed off your old habits of thinking and acting, leave aside the emotional baggage, forgive, never be resentful and always focus on creativity, nurturance, growth, and innovation. 

Dreaming of Being Pregnant – Biblical Meaning

The biblical meaning of dreams about pregnancy and childbirth means messenger of mutual love between partners that results in procreation, progress, and successful endeavors. It signifies optimism, innocence, and purity.

As already mentioned, dreams about pregnancy don’t necessarily relate to real life pregnancy and childbirth. 

Common Types of Pregnancy dreams  

There are a few common pregnancy dream types that we are going to elaborate upon.

Someone being pregnant

If you dream about someone else being pregnant and carrying a baby, it means unhappiness and envy. You are not satisfied with something good happening to someone else in your waking life. 

You are not happy with the changes and are eager to stop the transition. You may feel less controlled of the situation; resulting in negative emotions. 

Man dreaming of being pregnant

When a man sees that he is pregnant with a baby bump, it means that some creative and innovative ideas are taking shape within him. It can be a new beginning to a project or emerging business. 

A man who gets such a dream should tap on his resources and work towards the set goal. It signifies a budding possibility that is in a state of gestation and getting ready for manifestation. 

Girlfriend being pregnant

This symbolizes that a part of you is undergoing transition and transformation. It could mean that some specific aspect of your life has recently changed. In some dream contexts, these dreams symbolize successful endeavors. 

It means that she works hard to make the relationship stronger and free-flowing. Both of you feel for each other and this is bringing a big change in your life.

Being heavily pregnant

When you dream of a heavy pregnancy, it means that you are gestating some idea or a thought. You are creative and trying to produce some awesome ideas into reality. 

This dream symbolism holds a positive meaning of growth, prosperity, creative pursuit, and success. If you get recurring dreams of being pregnant heavily, it indicates that you are interested in nurturing your talents and interests in real life.

Inability to get pregnant

If you dream of your inability to get pregnant, it may represent challenges that you are facing to start a new venture in your real life.

For women who wish to bear a child, this dream symbol also means fertility issues for women who want to get pregnant but unable to do so for various reasons.

Pregnant with a girl

It signifies success and good luck. It’s an indication that your hard work has been paid off. Your plans have come to a definite conclusion. 

Being pregnant with a baby boy

Even if you are not pregnant in your real life; you may get dreams of being pregnant with a boy.

Symbolically, this dream is associated with accomplishing long term goals, spiritual growth, longing for companionship, and stable relationships with your boyfriend or husband. 

Trying to get pregnant

It may mean wish fulfillment. You wish to have a baby in your life. It is a symbolic way to express your hidden desires and wishes that you have so far ignored.

Being pregnant with health complications

This dream means that you tend to invite problems in your life. It represents obstacles in waking life. Nothing is going smoothly and everything you do takes on a bumpy ride; where you may fall in the pitfall anytime. 

Hiding the pregnancy news

When you see that you are hiding the pregnancy news, it could mean you do not wish to reveal your aspirations and ambitions to others. You do not want others to know about your project.

Being pregnant and feeling baby movements

This dream means good luck, prosperity, fortune that’s coming in future. You may get some good news soon. If you are working on a project in your waking life, this dream hints towards successful completion.

Giving birth and lose your baby

It means that whatever you are formulating and creating in real life may get damaged, lost, or destroyed due to some reason.

Dream of having Pregnancy symptoms

Pregnancy dreams of this type are usually symbolic of initial problems and road blocks in pursuing your goal. It means that your process of creation will be full of obstacles, bumpy, and things may not end up in a smooth manner.

Taking a pregnancy test

Dreaming of taking a pregnancy test symbolizes fears and feelings of apprehension about the creative project that you have taken up in your real life. These inadequacies are just getting reflected in your dreams.

Being in the third trimester of pregnancy

It represents you are towards the end of your journey; in accomplishing goals. Whatever creative pursuits were you working on till now will get realized very soon.

Pregnancy Related to Gender and Number

At times the dreamer may visualize being pregnant with either a boy or girl or they may see more than one baby in their womb. Whatever it is, the meanings are suggestive of certain key happenings going on in their waking life.

Being pregnant with twins

It means that you are juggling between two responsibilities in your waking life. Maybe you are currently dividing your time and effort in pursuing the goals. 

.Pregnant with triplets

It symbolizes a fresh beginning in your life. This dream foretells your future ventures; indicating how you can manage the several aspects of one thing and accomplish your objectives.

Giving birth to one baby

The dreams about giving birth communicate the message of completion. It reminds you that you are about to finish your goal.

Dreams of Pregnancy Suggestive of Several Types of Experiences

The dreamer may visualize a dream scenario where they are going through several painful experiences and health issues while being pregnant. some of these typical scenarios are explained here.

Morning sickness

 A dream of this type indicates emotional uneasiness, conflicts, negative emotions, fear, anger that are associated with some important aspect in your waking life.

A Labor without pain

This reminds you to remain positive and keep going, despite obstacles and adversities.

Excessive pain during labor

If you dream of getting excessive pain during labor, it represents emotional upheavals in real life.


It simply means that your deepest fears are finding its way in the subconscious mind.

Being pregnant and experiencing premature labor

It can be considered a nightmare dream and can leave you confused for a while. This dream denotes fear and insecurities.

Being anxious while pregnant

It could mean deepest fears and worries of what’s cooking up in your life.

Having a C-section delivery

A C-section dream indicates your inability to accomplish your goals on your own. It implies that you will need help and assistance from others to complete your projects.

Parting words from ‘ThePleasantDream’

In certain contexts, dreaming about being pregnant communicates elation, good luck, happiness, and success. Contrary to this, it also indicates failure, loss, regrets, and delay.