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Dreaming Of Being Pregnant – 50 Types and Illustrations

Dreaming Of Being Pregnant – 50 Types and Illustrations

Updated on Jan 06, 2023 | Published on Mar 11, 2021

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Dreaming Of Being Pregnant

Dreams can be engrossing and absorbing at times; especially the literal and weird ones such as teeth falling dreams, or dreaming of an Ex, or even a spider dream. But what about a dream where you see a sudden belly bump that looks and feels really big?

Did you ever wake up in the middle of the night, fearful and bewildered about what you just saw? Were you dreaming of being pregnant? What does it mean?

So many questions are crossing your mind right now. Isn’t it so?

Do not freak out as these pregnancy dreams are super common occurrences that may leave you confused, but the dream elements are symbolic of some creative and nurturing process going on in your real life.

50 Types of Dreaming Of Being Pregnant with Their Meanings
50 Types of Dreaming Of Being Pregnant with Their Meanings

Pregnancy Dream Meaning

When you dream of being pregnant, it means some creative ideas are taking shape in your life. It also means change or goal accomplishment. You are trying to welcome a new beginning in your life and living. These dreams are also symbolic of nurturance, relationships, and subconscious anxieties.

Dreams of being pregnant doesn’t necessarily mean that you are pregnant, or even wish to be one in your real life. A pregnancy dream can indicate some radical or major life change, or some professional plans growing and developing in your mind. 

According to Lauri Loewenberg, eminent dream analyst and author stated that “dreaming about pregnancy is a way of your subconscious to communicate feelings that are difficult to unpack in real life.”

By saying this, she meant that whatever you are avoiding, ignoring or not focusing on in your wakeful life does get manifested through dreams. 

Further reading through Loewenberg’s dream analysis, it becomes easier for us to understand that dreams of being pregnant actually symbolizes what’s happening in your life now.

Pregnancy dreams unleash a new dimension of your life that remained unattended for long. Maybe you long for a relationship and it is slowly taking shape in your life; or you have a goal to follow, where you are taking baby steps to accomplish it.

Dreaming of being pregnant symbolizes creative and growth endeavors. It’s just a sneak peek of things around you when you are awake. As Jane Teresa Anderson, eminent dream interpreter once said, “The purpose of dreaming is to update your mindset based on your recent experiences.”

Thus, if you wake up from a pregnancy dream, do not get jarred and jolted as these dreams shed light on your creative endeavors, some developmental pursuits that you are working on in your wakeful life.

These pregnancy dreams carry the message of hope, joy, ecstasy, uncertainty, anxiety that are related to new beginnings in life.

When you dream about pregnancy, it is a symbolic representation of a creative project that you are slowly and thoroughly working on; just like nurturing a baby in the womb.

You are preparing to give birth to a successful endeavor after much hard work put into designing it. Some common symbolic meanings associated with pregnancy are as follows:

1. Creation

Dreaming of being pregnant is a sign of implanting the seeds of creation, nurturing and growing it, and later fruitioning it in reality. It can be a baby on the brain, an idea that needs nurturance.

This dream may relate to starting a small project, change of job, getting into college, setting your relationship goals or any other creative endeavor of your wakeful life. 

Whatever it is, you are putting your efforts to make it happen and manifesting it in reality. People who dream about pregnancy actually are in a need of a creative outlet, or are actually trying to manifest their goals in reality.

2. Personal growth and success

Symbolically, dreams about pregnancy signify enhancement of your personal skills, self-improvement, and goal accomplishment. It means growth in personal life, relationships, and career etc.

3. New beginning in life

When you dream about being pregnant, it is symbolic of rebirth. You have embarked on a journey of realizing your innate abilities. These abilities are helping you to think differently, develop a positive attitude towards life. When people dream of conception, it means a fresh start.

You have embarked on a journey of life with new ideas and perspectives. You have learned to let go of primitive ways of thinking. Old habits, and archaic beliefs that are no longer serving a purpose.

4. Symbol of divine femininity and motherhood

Sometimes dreams about being pregnant may hint towards your unfulfilled desires of becoming a mother. It symbolizes preserving and sustaining life. This dream also symbolizes your own mother as well.

Maybe you’re missing her in your life. Your subconscious mind is giving you subtle hints of connecting with her.

5. Anxiety

This symbolic element in pregnancy dreams represents your deepest fears and insecurities. If you are not pregnant but still getting such dreams, it means less confidence in starting new things.

You may have some innate fear of losing something. There are constant worries in your waking life with regard to some specific aspect of your life and these are getting relayed in a subconscious state.

If you are pregnant in real life and getting dreams about pregnancy and childbirth, it means fear of taking responsibility as you are not yet ready to start the journey of motherhood.

These dreams foretell what to expect next in line. Sometimes these dreams also mean you are worried about your baby’s prenatal well-being.

6. Change and transformation

Dreaming of being pregnant symbolizes that no sooner you are going to experience some noteworthy change or transition in your life. There might be a change in personal life, professional life, or even in social connections.

Dreaming about pregnancy represents evolution and change for achieving some better things in life.

7. Symbolic of troubles in life

When you dream about a pregnancy for yourself or any other person, it can bear a negative meaning also. It symbolizes troubles and disputes that are brewing in your life. The gestation period is considered a fertile space for disagreements and disappointments, resulting in conflict.

Some happenings of your real life are posing a psychological threat to your well-being. Maybe you are harboring resentments and harsh feelings against someone in your waking life.

8. Desires and wishes

Symbolically, pregnancy dreams are familiar intrusions to your desires and unfulfilled wishes. It reflects those hidden desires that never got a chance of fulfillment. You may have something in your waking life that you wish to achieve.

It could be a good career that you are looking for, wealth, romantic relationships, marriage or a fulfilling love life etc. 

You may have few latent wishes to see yourself successful and progress to greater heights. So, the dream reminds you to start working on your secret desires and walk on a path of growth and fulfilled living.

Dreaming of being pregnant – 50 types with illustrations

There are a few common pregnancy dream types that we are going to elaborate upon.

1. Dreaming of someone being pregnant

If you dream about someone else being pregnant and carrying a baby, it means unhappiness and envy. You are not satisfied with something good happening to someone else in your waking life.

As you are not happy with the changes and are eager to stop the transition, thereby you may feel less controlled of the situation; resulting in negative emotions. The unhappiness of real life is getting portrayed in the subconscious mind.

2. Dreaming of being pregnant with twins

When you are dreaming of twin babies, it means that you are juggling between two responsibilities in your waking life. Maybe you are currently dividing your time and effort in pursuing the goals. Both are equally important and are demanding your precious endeavors. These dreams about twins mean to balance two things in life with ease. 

Having identical twins in dreams is symbolic of growth, prosperity, good news, and a better future. You will actually have multiple things to work on in real life and your dreams are relaying you this message explicitly.

Expecting twins and dreaming of giving birth to twins are common dream elements. These dreams about twins are a lucky charm that communicates hope and optimism.

3. Dreaming of being pregnant with a girl

If you dream of being pregnant with a baby girl, it signifies success and good luck. It’s an indication that your hard work has been paid off. Your plans have come to a definite conclusion.

Contrary to this, if you are pregnant in your real life and still getting such dreams, it could mean your repressed desire to know the gender of your baby.

4. Dreaming of being pregnant with a baby boy

Even if you are not pregnant in your real life; you may get dreams of being pregnant with a boy. Symbolically, this dream is associated with accomplishing long term goals, spiritual growth, longing for companionship, and stable relationships with your boyfriend or husband.

This dream has a positive indication for you, as it represents your stronger, bold, and wiser side of personality.

5. Man dreaming of being pregnant

When a man sees that he is pregnant with a baby bump, it means that some creative and innovative ideas are taking shape within him. It can be a new beginning to a project or emerging business. A man who gets such a dream should tap on his resources and work towards the set goal.

It signifies a budding possibility that is in a state of gestation and getting ready for manifestation. This dream is about progress and growth. Contrary, some dream analysts also suggested that when a man is dreaming about pregnancy, it symbolizes a desire to have children.

6. Dreaming of being pregnant by another man

When you dream of being pregnant by another man and not your husband; it’s an indication that your relationship with your husband is at crossroads. You are not happy with him. This dream denotes loss of love and intimacy.

It can also mean that there is something in the relationship that has remained unexpressed. This particular dream denotes failure, disappointment, and conflict.

7. Dream of girlfriend being pregnant

This type of dream symbolizes that a part of you is undergoing transition and transformation. It could mean that some specific aspect of your life has recently changed. In some dream contexts, these dreams symbolize successful endeavors.

When a man dreams of girlfriend’s pregnancy, it means that she works hard to make the relationship stronger and free-flowing. Both of you feel for each other and this is bringing a big change in your life. This dream also refers to growth and nurturance of some important area of your life.

8. Dream of being pregnant with an alien

Sometimes dreams about pregnancy can get really weird and crazy. It is power packed with emotion and indicates deeper understanding of your wakeful state of being. This dream refers to the unsettled issues in your life that are causing anxiety and fear.

You are unsure of what is going to happen next. When you dream that an alien is inhabiting your womb, it means that some unfamiliar and unforeseen event will happen soon. If you are pregnant in real life, then this dream reflects fear, worries, and concern about your baby’s well-being.

9. Dream of being heavily pregnant

When you dream of a heavy pregnancy, it means that you are gestating some idea or a thought. You are creative and trying to produce some awesome ideas into reality. This dream symbolism holds a positive meaning of growth, prosperity, creative pursuit, and success.

If you get recurring dreams of being pregnant heavily, it indicates that you are interested in nurturing your talents and interests in real life.

10. Dream of being pregnant with triplets

If you dream triplets or multiple fetuses in your dream, it symbolizes a fresh beginning in your life. This dream foretells your future ventures; indicating how you can manage the several aspects of one thing and accomplish your objectives.

It is a sign of good luck, progress, and growth. In some other context, dreams about carrying triplets indicate fear and unpredictable situations. It may mean chaos in your personal life, loss in personal relationships.

11. Dream of conception

When you dream about conception, it indicates that something else in your waking life is in the process of growing and developing. Conception symbolizes a new beginning, start of some new and fresh journey of creative pursuits that you have embarked upon. This dream symbolizes that you have made a fresh start with something.

It could be a new job, getting married, or even starting a business. This dream also gives the message of devising a plan of action, inception and formulation of an idea and turning it into reality.

12. Dreaming of being in the third trimester of pregnancy

Loewenberg pointed out that the gestation phase of your pregnancy symbolizes progress that you have made to achieve your goals.

If you dream of being pregnant and are in the third trimester, it represents you are towards the end of your journey; in accomplishing goals. Whatever creative pursuits were you working on till now will get realized very soon.

13. Dreaming of morning sickness

Lauri Loewenberg noted that morning sickness indicates emotional uneasiness, conflicts, negative emotions, fear, anger that are associated with some important aspect in your waking life. You are not comfortable about the new growth or transition currently happening in your life.

This fear and turmoil is showing up in your subconscious mind, while you were sleeping. Your creative endeavors have become a bumpy ride, with impending dangers and roadblocks. You are unsure of how to move further. The hidden anxieties are making their way into dreams.

14. Dream of giving birth and lose your baby

This dream about pregnancy has a negative meaning. It means that whatever you are formulating and creating in real life may get damaged, lost, or destroyed due to some reason. You are fearful and anxious of your current life situation.

Your subconscious mind is reminding you to be cautious; you may lose sight of your goal in the chaos of life.

15. Dream your ex got you pregnant

If you dream that your ex-boyfriend got you pregnant, it means you have learnt a lot from your past relationships. You will realize that you have discovered a new part of yourself. You have learnt to let go of past hurts and move on with life.

This dream symbolizes self-improvement, developing new perspectives, setting innovative goals and emotional healing. It’s all about self-discovery.

16. Dream of labor without pain

This dream reminds you to remain positive and keep going, despite obstacles and adversities. You need to ignore the problems of your life and finish the project or goal in hand. When you dream of labor without pain, it symbolizes resilience, hard work, and perseverance to fight odds. You are there to just get your work done.

17. Dream of excessive pain during labor

If you dream of getting excessive pain during labor, it represents emotional upheavals in real life. You are in a state of grief or anxiety about something doing rounds in reality and is getting relayed in the dream state.

It also indicates that you are pushing yourself hard to accomplish goals. It indicates hard work and dedication to accomplish goals; to make things happen despite all odds coming along the path.

18. Dreaming of giving birth to a baby

The dreams about giving birth communicates the message of completion. It reminds you that you are about to finish your goal. Something big is getting ready to be accomplished in real life.

It signifies success, growth, prosperity, and end of whatever you were doing in your waking life. This dream symbolism denotes the end of an assignment. Finally, you have got it done.

19. Dreams of pregnancy symptoms

Pregnancy dreams of this type are usually symbolic of initial problems and road blocks in pursuing your goal. It means that your process of creation will be full of obstacles, bumpy, and things may not end up in a smooth manner.

20. Dream of your inability to get pregnant

If you dream of your inability to get pregnant, it may represent challenges that you are facing to start a new venture in your real life.

For women who wish to bear a child, this dream symbol also means fertility issues for women who want to get pregnant but unable to do so for various reasons.

21. Dreaming of taking a pregnancy test

Dreaming of taking a pregnancy test symbolizes fears and feelings of apprehension about the creative project that you have taken up in your real life. These inadequacies are just getting reflected in your dreams. A pregnancy test resembles the outcome of the hard work put in accomplishing something.

22. Dreams of someone telling you about their pregnancy

When you dream of someone who tells you about their pregnancy, it means that you also long to have a baby. This dream symbolically means wish fulfillment. Your hidden wishes make its way in dreams. 

23. Dreaming about an unplanned pregnancy

If you tend to dream an unplanned pregnancy, it communicates underlying anxiety and fear associated with some sudden event in your waking life. You are disturbed and losing your peace of mind.

Maybe, you are not confident of dealing with the situation. This dream symbolism represents lack of self-worth, inadequacy feelings.

24. Dreaming of being anxious while pregnant

If you dream of being anxious while in any stage of gestation, it could mean deepest fears and worries of what’s cooking up in your life. You are feeling apprehensive of whether you are making the right choices.

25. Dreaming about trying to get pregnant

When you dream about trying to get pregnant, it may mean wish fulfillment. You wish to have a baby in your life. It is a symbolic way to express your hidden desires and wishes that you have so far ignored.

Another interpretation of such a dream is it helps to identify your real life problems and obstacles that are challenging.

26. Dreams of abortion

If you dream of an abortion, it simply means that your deepest fears are finding its way in the subconscious mind. For pregnant women in real life, this dream symbolizes fear of losing the baby.

For women who are not pregnant in real life, this dream is symbolic of failure, fear of losing an opportunity, obstacles in realizing your goals. Sometimes these dreams also foretell impending danger and remind you to be more careful and cautious.

27. Dream of a baby shower in dreams

When you dream of a baby shower, it indicates a fresh start and new beginning. You have learnt to let go past happenings and those that were negatively influencing your well-being.

This represents awareness of your abilities and move forward in life with a positive mindset. A baby shower dream communicates the message of growth, new opportunity, and re-birth.

28. Dreaming of pregnancy ultrasound scan

A pregnancy ultrasound dream symbolizes a new phase of your life. It is a way to check whether your creative process is slowly taking shape in reality. If you see an ultrasound scan with a still fetus, it represents problems and obstacles in realizing your goal.

A successful and positive ultrasound scan denotes a good possibility for you. It represents success and prosperity.

29. Dreaming of being pregnant and experiencing premature labor

It can be considered a nightmare dream and can leave you confused for a while. This dream denotes fear and insecurities. It implies that you are not ready for a new responsibility coming up in your waking life.

The new changes may be tiring, and it denotes your anxiety and worry associated with it. Your feelings of inadequacy are relayed in dreams. Maybe you are unprepared to make a new start in life.

30. Dream about wife being pregnant (for men)

On a positive note, a pregnancy dream about your wife being pregnant means that whatever you are doing right now in your waking life will surely get a success. You will have to keep calm and make full use of your efforts and talents to realize the goal.

Sometimes, these dreams also hold a negative meaning. When a man dreams about his wife’s pregnancy, it may imply secret fears, apprehension, and self-doubt about significant projects in real life.

31. Dreams about your mother being pregnant

This dream holds a negative meaning. When you see your mother being pregnant and is preparing for a child birth, it means that some impending danger is coming onto her in future.

She might get ill, or might meet an accident. Something unexpected and bad may happen to your mother. Actually this dream brings out your fear about her physical and mental well-being.

32. Dream of having a C-section delivery

A C-section dream indicates your inability to accomplish your goals on your own. It implies that you will need help and assistance from others to complete your projects. This dream is a reminder to seek support from family and friends; who can assist you to complete your task.

33. Dream of an umbilical cord

When you dream of an umbilical cord, it means problems with your own individuality. You are unsure of your next course of action. Moreover, it could also mean poor social connection and poor communication.

It also denotes a hazy and unclear view of what’s coming next. In terms of pregnancy, an umbilical cord denotes a connection between the mother and the baby. So, this dream is a reminder to review your connections and support system before you start working on a new project.

34. Dream of being pregnant and feeling baby movements

This dream means good luck, prosperity, fortune that’s coming in future. You may get some good news soon. If you are working on a project in your waking life, this dream hints towards successful completion.

Feeling baby movements also indicates positive feelings associated with success and recognition in life.

35. Dreaming of being pregnant for virgins

If you are a virgin and dream being pregnant, it could mean some worries or problems coming up in future. There will be some unexpected happenings that may take away your happiness and inner peace. You may feel resentful and your self-confidence may be shaky. 

36. Dreaming of being pregnant with health complications

This dream means that you tend to invite problems in your life. It represents obstacles in waking life. Nothing is going smoothly and everything you do takes on a bumpy ride; where you may fall in the pitfall anytime.

A dream of complicated pregnancy and health issues may denote emotional problems, negative thoughts, and stress. You are worrying a lot; clueless of how to solve the problems and move ahead with ease.

37. Dream of sudden realization about pregnancy

If you suddenly realize that you are pregnant in your real life, then these pop-ups may mean that you have started a new journey that needs adequate care and support to bloom into reality. This dream tells you to be cautious about every small step that you take to realize the goals.

38. Dream of delivering the baby and putting it back in the womb

This dream is like cross checking whether the projects you have taken up are growing and developing in the right way. When a woman is pregnant in real life, she always remains concerned about the well-being of her child.

This dream denotes hidden anxieties and is most common with women who have suffered a miscarriage or loss of a baby in real life circumstances.

39. Dreaming of being pregnant and drowning or swimming in a water body

If you are a pregnant woman in real life, a dream of this type means deeper emotional connections with the baby. As water denotes emotions and flow of life; the amniotic fluid represents networking and connections. Swimming in a water body resembles just that.

Contrary, seeing yourself drowning in a water body is indicating the deepest fears. You are emotionally overwhelmed about the well-being of the baby. There are fears of water breaking any moment, symbolizing the insecurities related to goal accomplishment. 

40. Dreams of miscarriage

Pregnant women may commonly see such dreams because they always remain focused about their child’s well-being. A miscarriage in dreams denotes fear, unpleasantness, pain, suffering, and reveals strong negative emotions associated with something that took time and effort to grow.

In real life situations, if you have started a project and it seems to fail, you may get these dreams. It represents obstacles and bumps in life. You may either suffer a loss or a horrible outcome for which you were not prepared. This dream is a wakeup call to always remain cautious and take care of your life goals; never become careless and stop doing things without a purpose.

41. Dreams of being pregnant with something else and not a baby

Experts have noted that many pregnant women in their second trimester have got a weird dream like this. Dreaming of carrying some object, or animal, or a non-human creature can be quite scary.

Right? If you are the one seeing such a dream, it may mean fear of pregnancy and how it’s moving ahead. You are afraid of the changes that may happen in future. 

42. Dreaming of pregnant mother dying

A pregnant mother dying is a negative dream. It symbolizes loss, disappointments. Your plans were unsuccessful and you are facing heavy losses in your real life. In other contexts, the meaning can vary and it represents cancellation of an event.

You have put your plans on hold because you are unsure of how to move forward with it. This dream symbolizes misfortune, bad luck, and lack of stability, difficulties, burden, and debt.

43. Dreaming of hiding the pregnancy news

When you see that you are hiding the pregnancy news, it could mean you do not wish to reveal your aspirations and ambitions to others.

You do not want others to know about your project. It also means that you are taking time to handle the current life situation in the best possible way, without the support of others.

44. Dreams of being pregnant and water breaking

This dream symbolizes loss and damage. It also indicates failure and disappointments. You have suffered a loss that cannot be recovered. It poses a potential threat to your mental health. Emotions are running high, leaving you anxious and stressful.

45. Sex dreams while pregnant

Many pregnant women have reported of sex dreams and that’s perfectly normal. Fantasies of this type denotes pleasure and happiness. It signifies content and satisfaction with whatever you are doing in your waking life.

Most dreams about sex while pregnant symbolize happy relationships with your partner. You feel fulfilled being with him and this message is showing up in dreams.

46. Dreaming of being pregnant with an overdue baby

A dream of this type usually symbolizes delay. It could mean that you are taking too much time in accomplishing your task. You have poor time management skills, coupled with poor planning.

There are many obstacles on your way and you do not know how to get rid of them. Thus, this dream denotes intentional deferring of work and postponement.

47. Dreaming of an unmarried girl getting pregnant

This dream symbolizes your raw emotional desires and unhealthy feelings associated with pregnancy. It means that you were not prepared to start a new journey. This dream also relates to hidden fears and doubt related to something in wakeful life.

An unmarried girl signifies desire for love and happiness that may be missing in your real life. You want to change your life status but are unable to do so. This dream also indicates innocence, unexpressed wishes, hidden desires, longing for love and companionship in real life.

48. Dream about desire to get pregnant

A dream about desire to get pregnant simply means personal wishes that remain unfulfilled in your waking life. Your repressed wishes are re-surfacing in the subconscious mind and seeking your attention.

49. Dream of travelling to hospital for childbirth

This dream symbol is an indicator of certain problems in your waking life that you wish to avoid. You are unable to tackle the problem, so you wish to avoid responsibilities but when time comes you seem to make a last minute rush to accomplish the objectives.

This dream also signifies inefficiency, anxiety, and fear associated with some important aspect of your life.

50. Dream of being pregnant and baby passing away

This dream merely means loss, regret and disappointment. It means that whatever you have decided for yourself will never be accomplished.

A baby passing away symbolizes a negative meaning. It means that whatever project you are working on is facing hardships and you may suffer loss. This symbolizes challenge, failure and end of some aspect of your life. 

Spiritual Meaning of Being Pregnant in Dreams

Spiritually, dreams of being pregnant signify transition, growth, and evolution. It also means planting the seed of an idea that needs care and support to thrive and bloom. You are ready to embark on a journey to explore and re-define your priorities and goals in life.

To quote Nancy Wagaman, “Dream is the capacity to see a clear picture of your life in God’s word.” Being pregnant in dreams simply means re-connecting with your inner self and exploring those hidden parts that remained un-accessed for a long time.

It signifies your readiness for spiritual enrichment, transition, and goal-orientation. These vivid dreams indicate prosperity, recognition, admiration and craving for a fresh start in life.

Spiritually, pregnancy dreams remind you to shed off your old habits of thinking and acting, leave aside the emotional baggage, forgive, never be resentful and always focus on creativity, nurturance, growth, and innovation.

These dreams represent your intuitive understanding of the various tough circumstances in wakeful life.

A pregnancy dream also means that some ideas are in a state of incubation. It takes you to a world of your hidden aspirations, wish fulfillment, and positive mindset that you are trying to implement in your real life.

Dreaming of being pregnant – Biblical Meaning

The biblical meaning of dreams about pregnancy and childbirth means messenger of mutual love between partners that results in procreation, progress, and successful endeavors. It signifies optimism, innocence, and purity.

As already referred, dreams about pregnancy don’t necessarily relate to real life pregnancy and childbirth. The Bible also illustrates this concept by referring to the fact that these dream elements signify some forthcoming happening that is still about to come into your life.

This means that you are nurturing something; maybe an idea, a thought, or feelings that wants to get manifested. You are preparing for something big and fulfilling. 

People of Christian faith dominantly hold a belief that dreams about pregnancy are all about self-growth, intuitive wisdom, and a journey of self-realization.

In religious sects, dreaming of being pregnant symbolizes conception, fertility, good luck, prosperity. It’s all about something that will always get valued and cherished. 

These dreams represent positive emotions and makes the dreamer happy and satisfied. It communicates that something new will make its way in your life soon. It’s a way to reconnect with your divine and higher self that resembles holiness and gratitude for what life has in store for you.

Pregnancy dream meaning – the good and the ugly

Dreaming of being pregnant can indicate both positive and negative connotations. The positive indications are:

  • Fertility and creation
  • Transformation
  • Personal growth and success
  • Connecting with higher self because of good intuitive understanding of self
  • New beginning or a fresh start to something already happening in life
  • Symbol of motherhood
  • Wish fulfillment

The downside of such dreams are:

  • Anxieties and undue worries
  • Fear of responsibility
  • Deepest insecurities that are holding you back from realizing your goals
  • Troubles in life
  • Inability to handle tough situations in life
  • Self-doubt and poor self-validation skills
  • impatience
  • Your past is trying to catch up with you; with all its unfulfilled desires and wishes
  • Interpersonal disputes and mutual conflicts

What to ask yourself when you dream about pregnancy?

While interpreting the exact meaning of the exact meaning of pregnancy dreams, you need to ask yourself the following questions and pay attention to the subtle cues that these dreams convey.

  • Are you getting recurring dreams about pregnancy?
  • Were you happy, fearful, angry, and sad in your dreams?
  • Did you dream of any other person present with you in the dream?
  • Are you in denial of some problematic issue in your waking life?
  • Is there anything that represents lack of satisfaction in real life?
  • How is the dream context related to your real life situation?
  • How often do you dream about pregnancy?

The link given below illustrates dreaming about pregnancy in a lucid manner.

Parting Words

To end with a positive note, dreams are subjective connotations of what’s brewing in your waking life. So, it’s evident that these subconscious pop-ups are tailor made and carry a personal component. In certain contexts, dreaming about being pregnant communicates elation, good luck, happiness, and success.

Contrary to this, it also indicates failure, loss, regrets, and delay. Thus these dreams symbolize different meanings for different people. There can never be a one size fit all explanation to these dream interpretations.

So, next time you wake up confused and jarred, remind yourself that everything is fine and these dreams are just reminders to tap your creative self and leave aside the dreams where it is for the time being. 

The bottom line is, let life take its own course and learn to accept these dreams as a part of it. Perhaps, a time may come when these dreams will stop showing up and you may actually start missing them.

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