What Does It Mean to Dream about a Computer?

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Dream of computer virus

It implies someone close will harm you. They will try to harm your reputation by every means.

Dream of computer not working

Dreaming of a computer not working signifies the problems that you face in your conscious state.

Dream of computer being hacked

Dreaming of a computer being hacked denotes that your mind and body are not in your control.

Dream of breaking a computer

Dream of breaking a computer signals your anxious state of mind. You did something wrong but you’re not ready to own your mistake.

Dream of a computer monitor

Dreaming of a computer monitor is a sign that good fortune and pleasure will soon shower on you.

Dream of working on computer

It reflects your real life in a subconscious state. This dream shows how you spend your days working in front of the screen.

Dream of computer processing chip or CPU

Dreaming of CPU means you have to work hard and give more effort if you really want to succeed in life.

Dream about computer lab

Dreaming of a computer lab with many computers inside symbolizes the absence of communication skills.

Computers in your dreams may predict a reunion, troubles, your dual contradicting nature, your respect for hierarchy, or even confusion.