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Dream about Computer Virus – 17 Plots and Meanings

Dream about Computer Virus – 17 Plots and Meanings

Updated on Jan 18, 2023 | Published on Sep 20, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dream about Computer Virus – 17 Plots and Meanings

A virus can hamper the smooth operation of the electronic device and infect files and folders. What is the hidden message behind the dream about computer virus?

Keep reading this article to know further details on why you see computer virus in your dream along with the interpretations of different sequences.

Dream about Computer Virus – General Interpretations

The dream about computer virus refers to your willingness to take a risk and try something new in life. You are enjoying a sense of inspiration from within for moving ahead toward achieving your goals. The spiritual awakening within your personality is at its peak.

When you dream about a computer virus, it denotes that you are looking to make new connections. Unfortunately, in the process of doing so, you are not paying any attention to your old friends and companions.

Let us now discuss the symbolic meaning of the computer virus dream, which will give you a fair idea of the reasons behind its occurrence.

1. Fear and anxiousness of losing something in life.

2. Symbol of a loss of control over life’s proceedings.

3. You are ready to make new beginnings in different spheres of life.

4. There is no need to lose hope as failure is the pillar of success.

5. It is a sign that you are moving on the right path.

6. Remember to get in touch with your childhood friends.

7. This dream appears to make you acknowledge your hidden desires.

8. You have gained victory over the enemies and made meaningful connections.

Dreaming about Computer Virus – 17 Plots and Meanings

The dream about a computer virus indicates that you are experiencing some kind of inner turmoil in your life. You are trying to block something from coming into your conscious life.

Let us now check out the interpretations of different sequences and see what they mean for your waking life –

1. Dream about Getting a Computer Virus

When you see that your computer has got a virus inside, it refers to someone who is like a father figure in your life.

Probably you feel the need to incorporate some of the person’s qualities within your personality.

There is a feeling of indebtedness toward someone. He had helped you during your time of need and now it is time that you repay the debt. It also states that you are still not ready to accept the change.

2. Dream about Having a Virus on Your Computer

If you come across a sequence in which you see that your computer contains a virus, it signifies that there is some problem in your life that you are not completely aware of.

The dream also means that a person close to you is trying to attain excellence in front of you, but the reality is completely different.

He is in fact against you and making some terrible plan to disrupt whatever you are doing at this point.

3. Dream about Putting a Virus on the Computer of Someone Else

This particular plot suggests that you are looking to hurt a person or put hurdles in their way to ensure your victory. There is every chance that you are dealing with unfair practices to attain success, which is not right.

You must transform your feelings of jealousy and hatred toward someone. You should put to rest all your feelings of revenge.

Ideally, you should improve your skills and work your way up the ladder rather than disrupting others’ work.

4. Dream about Codes on the Computer Screen After Getting a Virus

Have you seen codes on the screen of your computer infected with a virus? It means that very soon in your life, you will experience a few unexpected problems.

You would fail to ascertain why and from where they are coming.

It will be a struggle for you to think about what you must do next. Your mind will constantly think of different ways through which you can resolve these problems. 

Under these circumstances, you need to calm down, seek guidance and then act as per the instructions.

5. Dream of a Young Man about His Computer Getting Hit by a Computer Virus

As a young man, when you come across this dream sequence, it refers to his feelings toward the girl he likes.

You fear that in real life, you might land up in an embarrassing situation while trying to express your true feelings for her.

If this indeed turns out to be true, you will always curse yourself for not sensibly presenting your thoughts and feelings.

People will also look down upon him and ask him why he needs to be honest with his feelings and hamper his reputation.

There are certain dream instances in which you can see your old and new computers getting hit with viruses. On top of these, you might even notice that a virus is infecting your laptop as well.

It would be interesting to see what the interpretations of these scenarios mean for your waking life –

6. Dream of Your New Computer Getting Virus

When you see that your new computer is getting infected with a virus in your dream, it means you might get some good opportunities in the upcoming phase of your life.

Unfortunately, you will not manage to get hold of them as someone else will take your place by adopting some unfair means.

7. Dream of Your Old Computer Getting Virus

If you notice that there is a virus in your old computer, it denotes you have been going through numerous problems of late. 

The good thing is that this phase will soon come to an end. It will mark the beginning of a new and good thing in your life.

You must inculcate a few healthy habits and adapt yourself to the changes.

8. Dream of Virus Attacking Friend’s Computer Due to Your Fault

You can have a scenario in which you see that a virus is attacking your friend’s computer because of your fault. 

It could signify that you have either made a wrong judgment of someone or hurt someone intentionally or unintentionally. Even after all these, you are not accepting your fault and feel sorry about your conduct.

9. Dream of Computer Viruses Attacking Your Laptop

When you notice a few notorious computer viruses attacking your laptop in a dream, it augurs well for your real life.

The plot states that you will manage to get rid of all your ill-wishers who always interfere in your life’s progress.

10. Dream of Computer Virus Damaging Laptops of Your House

If you come across this dream scenario, it refers to the emergence of an unpleasant thought in your mind. 

The negative thought would force you to change a few pieces of equipment present in your house. Perhaps you feel they would soon become inoperative and will come to no use.

11. Dream of Virus Infecting the Personal Computers of Your Organization

Have you dreamed of a virus infecting your organization’s personal computers? This sort of plot can be a cause for concern, but fortunately, there is nothing to worry about. 

It only tells you to keep track of recent happenings that are taking place in the world of trade and commerce.

Miscellaneous Dream Meanings of Computer Virus

There are a few other types of dream instances you can come across, which directly or indirectly involve computer viruses. They all have some hidden meaning behind them for your waking life.

Following are some of the scenarios and their meanings –

12. Dream about Loading an Antivirus Program for Tackling Computer Virus

Loading an antivirus program to deal with the issue of computer viruses is not a desirable dream sequence. 

It states that you have some enemies in your waking life. The dream even warns about not suspecting ill-wishers who have a presence in your social circle.

13. Dream about Cleaning Up Your Virus from the Computer

The dream about cleaning viruses from your computer denotes that you will gain victory over your enemies and start making valuable connections.

These connections will help you receive valuable inputs and attain a good amount of growth.

14. Dream about Locating a Virus and Getting Rid of It

If you see this dream plot, it signifies that you will succeed in getting rid of the ill-wishers within your community. You will experience great relief, enabling you to go after whatever you want.

15. Dream about being Unable to Cure the Computer from Viruses

When you come across the sequence in your failure to remove the virus from the computer, it issues a warning to say that you will lose against your enemies.

They will outsmart you in all respects and hence manage to stay one step ahead of your plans.

16. Dream about Uploading the Program Despite Knowing That It Has Virus

This is not a pleasant plot to see in your subconscious mind. It is a sign that you might soon lose someone you care about, in the quest for fulfilling your ambitions. 

Apart from this, such behavior can ruin your relations at the workplace with your boss and colleagues.

17. Dream about a Computer Virus Showing the Work of Art

A computer virus showcasing the work of art in your dream signifies that you are not recognizing your hidden desires. 

It talks of the need to recognize a stressful situation in your life and take care of the same as early as possible. Any kind of delay might aggravate things further.

Dreaming about Computer Virus – Biblical Meaning

The Biblical meaning of this dream about computer viruses suggests that there is something that does not allow you to have complete control over your life.

Hence, look up to Lord Jesus for proper advice. You will gain the courage and confidence to deal with that issue in the best possible manner.

Dream of Computer Virus – Spiritual Interpretation

One of the main reasons behind seeing computer viruses in the subconscious mind is that you keep your faith in God whenever you fix your mind to start something new in life.

Hence, the spiritual interpretation of this dream tells you to face your challenges and issues along the way with complete confidence to easily overhaul them.

Dream about Computer Virus – Psychological Perspective

When you look at this dream’s psychological perspective, it states that you have to analyze and choose the right option from different choices in your life.

The basis of your analysis has to be your final goal. You need to decide which route will guide you toward your final goal.

Final Words

The dream about computer viruses marks the beginning as well as the end of something else. You can either get lucrative opportunities or you might face rejection.

Take a closer look into your situations in life and then act accordingly. You should exercise caution in how things are going on in your life.