What Does It Mean to Dream about a Temple?

Dream about an Ancient Temple

Seeing a temple of ancient origin reflects the perception you have of your present and past lives.

Dream about a Big Temple

A big temple symbolizes protection and the need to stay protected from all kinds of evil.

Dream about an Abandoned Temple

It denotes that you have serious doubts about the faith you show in certain aspects of life.

Dream of an Empty Temple

It is a sign that you need to work on your psychological aspect of life. You wish to explore adventurous activities.

Dream about a Golden Temple

The sequence refers to your fun-loving and free-spirited nature. You are hiding some aspect of your personality or life.

Dream about an Indian Temple

It refers to love, lust, and eroticism. The fear of making mistakes in your life is not allowing you to experience its various facets.

Dream about a Beautiful Temple

Dreaming of a beautiful temple foretells that you will be a part of fame and glamor in real life.

Dream about Temple Bell

It refers to your thoughts and emotions that are coming out and submerging themselves inside the subconscious mind.

Dream about a temple denotes that the right time has come for paying back your sins. You will soon become free from all the burdens and clean up your soul. Spiritual enlightenment will be at its peak.