Dream about temple denotes that you are on the path toward becoming cleansed and religious.

You might encounter some situation in your daily life, which will awaken your inner personality.

There is also a scope for you to undergo various spiritual experiences, which can offer long-term benefits aiding in your growth and development.

Dream about Temple – General Interpretations

Temple can come up in your dream to denote a place of worship belonging to the religion you are a part of. It could also refer to a strange and mysterious place that does not have any link with your religious beliefs.

Let us now briefly discuss reasons why it appears in your subconscious mind –

  • You are receiving protection from the outside world.
  • Spiritual forces are looking after your welfare.
  • You feel as if you are not fit to survive in this world.
  • There are doubts in your mind about certain beliefs.
  • Desire to explore different places in the world.
  • You move toward facing the unknown with utmost confidence.
  • Stuck between material temptations and spirituality.

Spiritual Meaning of Dream about Temple 

The spiritual perspective of this dream states that you wish to attain a higher level of consciousness and know yourself better.

You are ready to recognize your talents. Once you do that, use them in the right manner for getting the right results.

Instances and Inferences About Dreaming of Temple

Seeing a temple happens to be a common dream that comes in various scenarios. Let us discuss them below-

Dream about an Ancient Temple

The scenario reflects the perception you have of your present and past lives. You make your way through some of the people’s lost paths, hence rekindling some memories.

On the personal front, it also tends to reflect your perception of the feeling you have of being unfit for the world at large.

Big Temple

It is a sign of patriotism and the love you have for your country. Your subconscious mind is telling you about some secret within your family that needs a revelation.

You are having a deep sense of comfort in expressing and tackling your emotions. A big temple symbolizes protection and the need to stay protected from all kinds of evil.

An Old Temple

This scenario refers to expectation, resumption, and intense spiritual awareness. Moreover, you would attain your goals with assistance from others.

Alongside this, it gives a message for some unacknowledged power that must start to acknowledge sooner rather than later. 

An Abandoned Temple

When you come across this sequence, it carries bad news. It denotes that you have serious doubts about the faith you show in certain aspects of life. Possibly things are not going as per plan in your real life.

Alternatively, it also signifies that no one is answering your call. All your pleas are falling on deaf ears.

Temple and God

It refers to the joy and magic involved with childhood. The plot tells you to express your creative side more often in your life.

Alternatively, it also predicts that your enthusiasm and focused energy will result in prosperity and progress

Types of Temples

It is time to discuss some other types of temples that you can come across in your subconscious minds.

Let us find out the details-

A Beautiful White Temple with Gold-Covered Domes

It is a sign of grace, elegance, and joy. You know how to conduct yourself with utmost perfection under different circumstances. 

A Black Temple with Golden Domes

If you see this plot, it means that you wish to attain material benefits at any cost. Your desperation is such that you will not even think twice before crossing over moral obligations.

Values and beliefs do not hold any substance for you in your life. You do whatever your gut feeling tells you. 

An Indian Temple

It refers to love, lust, and eroticism. The fear of making mistakes in your life is not allowing you to experience its various facets. 

Hence, you are losing out on romantic adventures with your prospective partner and building a relationship with them. 

An Ancient Pagan Temple Falling in Front of Your Eyes

If you come across this plot, then it is time that you prepare yourself to accept your friend’s lie. It might not be easy, still you will have no other option than this.

On the other hand, passing by it denotes that you do not believe the words of your acquaintances. You always feel as if they are giving bluffs and believing in them would only cause problems.  

A Temple With a Fallen Dome in the Mountains

This sequence denotes that you have started to trust your own strengths. Hence, you undertake all your actions on their basis. 

If you happen to see it as a girl, then it refers to your reserved nature, who avoids socializing. 

Buddhist Temple

This scenario refers to your desires and ambitions. A higher power is seeking answers from your end.

However, you are hindering your progress in life, as there is a sense of satisfaction about how things are going in your life.

So, the dream tells you to put that extra effort and go beyond what seems possible. 

You can see yourself indulging in various activities involved with a temple. Now, what do they imply for your waking life? Let’s find out-

Entering a Temple

The plot denotes that you will become successful in whatever you do in life. There is an air of confidence and self-belief to easily overcome difficult situations. 

It allows you to invest time into those things that seem complex and tough to comprehend. 

Visiting an Old Temple

The scenario states that you are looking back at how you were as a person earlier and the progress you have made over the years. 

Worshipping in Temple

When you come across this plot, it refers to all those things that are causing frustrations in your real life. You wish to get rid of them and gain clarity on various matters of your life.

Cleaning a Temple

It hints toward your need for restoring order and structure in life. You are all set to get rid of something and gain from someone’s action.

Therefore, the scenario tells you to keep a close watch over the happenings that take place and understand their overall impact on how you lead your life. 

Praying Inside a Temple

The scenario refers to power, strength, and stability. In due course of time, your true personality will expose itself. 

On the other hand, it can also be that you have been resorting to unfair tactics and getting away with them all this while, but things will soon change. 

Sleeping Inside a Temple

The sequence points toward your sense of life path. It symbolizes the need to protect your loved ones from all kinds of harm. You are willing to go out of your way to do so. 

Getting Married Inside a Temple

It signifies your link with God and your understanding of the world. Perhaps you need to recognize the help you received during your time of need and appreciate the person for it.

This scenario also mentions the importance of repaying the favor when they approach you for some assistance. 

A Temple Festival

This plot refers to rebirth or survival. You are feeling released from all your headaches, hence having a sense of freedom. There is a sense of inhibition within, but you wish to become far more energetic.

Hence, it tells you to connect with those who always remain active and show willingness toward getting things done. 

Parting Words

A temple comes up in your dream to assure you that there is no need to lose sleep over the worries in your life.

You must have faith in God and He will take care of your issues. Concentrate on doing your job and that will allow you to keep moving forward.