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Dream about Temple – 36 Plots and Interpretations

Dream about Temple – 36 Plots and Interpretations

Updated on Mar 13, 2023 | Published on Jul 26, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dreaming of Temple – 36 Plots and Interpretations

Dream about temple denotes that you are on the path toward becoming cleansed and religious. You might encounter some situation in your daily life, which will awaken your inner personality.

Seeing various dreams of temples means that you will undergo spiritual experiences that are beneficial for your life.

Read on to know more-

Dream about Temple – General Interpretations

Dream about temple denotes that the right time has come for paying back your sins. You will soon become free from all the burdens and clean up your soul. Spiritual enlightenment will be at its peak.

Temple can come up in your subconscious mind to denote a place of worship belonging to the religion you are a part of.

It could also refer to a strange and mysterious place that does not have any link with your religious beliefs.

Let us now briefly discuss the general interpretations of seeing this dream-

1. Receiving protection from the outside world.

2. Spiritual forces are looking after your welfare.

3. You feel as if you are not fit to survive in this world.

4. There are doubts in your mind about certain beliefs.

5. Desire to explore different places in the world.

6. You move toward facing the unknown with utmost confidence.

7. Stuck between material temptations and spirituality.

Dreaming of Temple – 36 Plots and Interpretations

Just like everyone else, you must have visited the temple at least once in your real life. It must have given you solace and peace of mind. Now, seeing a temple happens to be a common dream that comes in various scenarios.

Let us discuss them below-

1. Dream about an Ancient Temple

Seeing a temple of ancient origin reflects the perception you have of your present and past lives.

You tend to make your way through some of the people’s paths, which they have lost long ago, hence rekindling some memories.

This scenario points toward your idea of the past people are susceptible to it. On the personal front, it tends to reflect your perception of the feeling you have of being unfit for the world at large.

2. Dream about a Big Temple

If you come across a big temple, it is a sign of patriotism and the love you have for your country. Your subconscious mind is telling you about some secret within your family that needs a revelation.

You are having a deep sense of comfort in expressing and tackling your emotions. A big temple symbolizes protection and the need to stay protected from all kinds of evil.

3. Dream about an Old Temple

The plot of visiting an old temple refers to expectation, resumption, and intense spiritual awareness. You would attain your goals with assistance from others.

This sequence gives a message for some power that remains unacknowledged. You must start acknowledging the same.

4. Dream about an Abandoned Temple

Visiting a temple in your subconscious mind that looks abandoned carries bad news. It denotes that you have serious doubts about the faith you show in certain aspects of life. Possibly things are not going as per plan in your real life.

When you are visiting an abandoned temple, it also denotes that no one is answering your call. All your pleas are falling on deaf ears.

5. Dream about Temple and God

If you simultaneously see God and Temple in your subconscious mind, it is a sign of the joy and magic involved with childhood. It tells you to express your creative side more often in your life.

You are accepting a new project that will need your creativity to attain the desired success. This scenario predicts that your enthusiasm and focused energy will result in prosperity.

Dream Meaning of Different Types of Temples

We have already talked of a few temple types along with some other scenarios in the previous segment. Now, it is time to briefly talk about other types of temples, which can appear in your dreams.

Let us find out the details-

6. Dream of an Empty Temple

Have you seen a temple that is empty in your subconscious mind? This is a sign that you need to work on your psychological aspect of life. You wish to explore adventurous activities.

7. Dream of a Beautiful White Temple with Gold-Covered Domes

It is a sign of grace, elegance, and joy. You know how to conduct yourself with utmost perfection under different circumstances. 

8. Dream of a Black Temple with Golden Domes

If you see this dream plot, it means that you wish to attain material benefits at any cost. Your desperation is such that you will not even think twice before crossing over moral obligations.

9. Dream about a Golden Temple

The sequence refers to your fun-loving and free-spirited nature. You are hiding some aspect of your personality or life.

This dream happens to be a premonition for the way you function and lead your life despite facing challenges.

10. Dream about a Broken Temple

This shows the zeal and enthusiasm you need to lead your life. You are desperate to get rid of the monotonous life and add some excitement to it.

11. Dream about an Indian Temple

Have you come across an Indian Temple in your subconscious mind? It refers to love, lust, and eroticism. The fear of making mistakes in your life is not allowing you to experience its various facets.

12. Dream about a Rainbow Hanging Over a Large, Dark, and Abandoned Temple

You can see this unique dream of a rainbow hanging on top of a large, dark, and abandoned temple. It means that all your faded feelings will resurrect themselves in due course of time. 

13. Dream about an Ancient Pagan Temple Falling in Front of Your Eyes

If you come across this plot and happen to see yourself inside the Pagan Temple, then prepare yourself to accept your friend’s lie.

On the other hand, passing by it denotes that you do not believe the words of your acquaintances.

14. Dream about a Temple With a Fallen Dome in the Mountains

Dreaming of this sequence denotes that you have started to trust your own strengths. If you happen to see it as a girl, then it refers to your reserved nature, who avoids socializing.

15. Dream about Krishna Temple

Krishna Temple appears in your subconscious mind to signify the value you put on education and knowledge.

Someone is keeping a constant watch on your actions. You feel as if people are scrutinizing you despite putting your best foot forward.

16. Dream about Buddhist Temple

This scenario refers to your desires and ambitions. A higher power is seeking answers from your end. You are hindering your progress in life, as there is a sense of satisfaction about how things are going in your life.

17. Dream about a Buddhist Monastery Without the Statue of Buddha

If you come across this plot, it is a sign of deception. You will soon become a victim of the same either because of your friends or colleagues.

Hence, staying aware and taking necessary preventive measures is the need of the hour.

18. Dream about a Beautiful Temple

Dreaming of this scenario foretells that you will be a part of fame and glamor in real life. It also refers to some kind of danger that consumes your individuality. 

19. Dream about a Snake Temple

The plot of a temple with snakes in a dream happens to be a good sign for leading a peaceful life at home. Probably, you are taking up a new perspective and a different way of looking at things.

Dream Meaning of Different Features of a Temple

A temple comprises different features, including stairs, a bell, and a priest. They all play a role in ensuring that the purpose of the visit is fulfilled.

Let us look at what the following dream world interpretations mean-

20. Dream about Temple Stairs

Seeing the stairs of a temple refers to a bright and energetic outlook toward life. You are enjoying the time by indulging yourself in some hobby, situation, or any other activity.

21. Dream about Temple Steps

The plot refers to your idealistic nature of thoughts. You also resort to wishful thinking, whereby you feel if certain things go your way in this lifetime. There is an urge to make a move in your life.

22. Dream about Temple Priest

This scenario of the temple priest is a symbol of grace, innocence, and purity. You are managing to guide something in a particular direction.

It is necessary to draw the courage and motivation from within for moving forward in life.

23. Dream about Temple Bell

If you notice a temple bell, it refers to your thoughts and emotions that are coming out and submerging themselves inside the subconscious mind. You are trying to uncover some context of your life.

You can see yourself indulging in various activities involved with a temple. Now, what do they imply for your waking life?

Let’s find out-

24. Dream of Building a Temple

This dream interpretation represents a message from the spirit, spreading the word of the Almighty. You might be going through some kind of stress and anxiousness in your personal life.

25. Dream of Visiting an Old Temple

The scenario states that you are looking back at how you were as a person earlier in your life and the progress you have made over the years. 

26. Dream of Visiting Temple with Family or Friends

Seeing this plot suggests that you are about to experience joyous occasions within the family. They can come through either in the form of a marriage or childbirth.

27. Dream of Worshipping in Temple

When you come across the plot of worshipping inside the temple, it refers to all those things that are causing frustrations in your real life. You wish to get rid of them and gain clarity on various matters of your life.

28. Dream of Cleaning a Temple

The dream of cleaning a temple hints toward your need for restoring order and structure in life. You are all set to get rid of something and gain from someone’s action.

29. Dream of Renovating a Temple

This plot refers to the ample opportunities you have come across in your personal and professional lives. Showcase your talents to influential people and reap great benefits.

30. Dream of Praying Inside a Temple

The activity of praying inside a temple in your dream refers to power, strength, and stability. In due course of time, your true personality will expose itself.

31. Dream of Sleeping Inside a Temple

When you see yourself sleeping inside a temple, it points toward your sense of life path. The dream symbolizes the need to protect your loved ones from all kinds of harm.

32. Dream of Getting Married Inside a Temple

Dreaming about getting married signifies your link with God and your understanding of the world. Perhaps you need to recognize the help you received during your time of need.

33. Dream of Breaking Coconut Inside a Temple

The sequence of breaking coconut inside a temple refers to the kind of persona you carry and your subconscious mind. It is the right time to start afresh to make sure you achieve your goal.

34. Dream of a Temple Catching Fire

If you notice that a temple is catching fire in your dream, it refers to all those rewards you have not yet claimed. You carry requisite information and knowledge to assist others.

35. Dream of Eating Inside a Temple

The dream of eating inside a temple refers to your ability to face different challenges of life. You may be enjoying yourself by seeing someone’s misfortune.

36. Dream about a Temple Festival

This plot refers to rebirth or survival. You are feeling released from all your headaches, hence having a sense of freedom.

There is a sense of inhibition within, but you wish to become far more energetic.

Spiritual Meaning of Dream about Temple 

The spiritual perspective of this dream states that you wish to attain a higher level of consciousness and know yourself better.

You are ready to recognize your talents. Once you do that, use them in the right manner for getting the right results.

Psychological Meaning of Dream about Temple

When we consider the dream from a psychological point of view, it says that you are undergoing a troubled phase in your life. Hence you seek guidance from the Divine.

Please go through the following video to have a better understanding of different scenarios of dream about temple and their interpretations.

Parting Words

A temple comes up in your dream to assure you that there is no need to lose sleep over the worries in your life.

Have faith in God and He will take care of your issues. Concentrate on doing your job and that will allow you to keep moving forward.