What Does It Mean To Dream about Dogs?

Dream of a White Dog

A white-colored dog is an indicator of love, peace, gratitude, loyalty and protection in waking life.

Dead Dog in the Dream

Dream about a dead or dying dog represents the end of a good friendship.

Dreaming of Dog Biting Your Leg

It represents your lack of balance in life. Maybe you are feeling victimized in waking life.

Dreaming of Dog Poop

When you dream of canine poop, it reflects your carelessness about money.

Dreaming of Dogs Attacking You

This dream represents a conflict in waking life. You will have strife with someone who is annoyed at you.

Dream of Injured Dog

Seeing an injured dog and trying to help him represent your empathy for others.

Dreaming of Dogs Chasing You

This indicates that you are running away from some crucial issues in waking life.

A Stray Dog in the Dream

If a stray dog appears it could point to a friend who is fiercely loyal to you.

Puppy in the Dream

If a puppy appears in your fantasy it symbolizes new beginnings and friendships.

Dreaming of a German Shepherd Dog

This dog points towards your protective nature.

The meaning of dream about dogs is connected with your inner desires, feelings and behaviors. It could reflect the shadow self of the dreamer. Such a dream could reveal the true identity that you do not express in front of others.