Dreaming of a dog can reflect your innermost desires. It could reveal your subconscious thoughts, beliefs and fears. 

Also, it could bring you a message or warning from the universe. It is regarded that such a dream provides emotional protection and guides you on your life path.

Dreaming of Dogs - Various Types of Dreams & their Meanings
Dreaming of Dogs – Various Types of Dreams & their Meanings

Dreaming of Dog – General Meaning

Dreaming of a dog could represent your inner fears of an upcoming future event. It symbolizes companionship, friendship, affection, and loyalty as well.

Dogs are not only great companions for humans but they have been helping and protecting us for centuries. This is why dogs have a deeper connection with us.

Dreaming of a dog could represent your inner fears or an upcoming future event.

The dog can appear in your dream to offer you encouragement or sympathy like a good friend. It could also bear a significant message from the divine world.

Symbolically, dreaming of dogs can mean the following:

  • Sign of being faithful and trustworthiness – You have someone around you, maybe a friend, or a family member whom you can trust fully. They will help you grow and evolve as a nice human being.
  • Protection and defense – In dream symbolism, a dog represents protection and safety. It guards you from evil influences in waking life. This tells you that you should guard yourself from others who may try to harm you in any way. 
  • Sign of unconditional love, warmth, and forgiveness – When you dream of dogs, it means that you should love others, be kind towards your fellow beings.
  • Service, duty, and commitment – When dogs appear in dreams, they remind you to work hard and fulfill your life goals. Dogs tell you to put service and commitment before anything else.
  • Sign of responsibility. authority, and power – Dreaming of dogs may indicate that there are responsibilities looming large upon you. People rely on you for meeting their daily needs.

Spiritual Meaning of Dogs in Dreams 

Spiritually dogs could symbolize various aspects of your inner persona. Across cultures dog dreams represent an aspect of your life. 

Sometimes a dog represents your negative emotions in the dream. The same dream can be considered as a good omen in one culture while in others it could be a bad sign. 

Biblical Dream Interpretation

In the Bible, the dog has been shown as a protector and guardian of household animals and birds. So, the biblical meaning of a dog in a dream is a good sign. You are protected and guarded by divine power. 

Various Dream Scenarios of Dogs and Their Symbolic Interpretations

Let’s dive deeper into the various dream scenarios involving dogs and their varied actions. Each of these dreams have a symbolic relevance to the waking life of the dreamer.

Dreaming of Dogs Attacking 

If you confront angry dogs in your dream they represent a conflict in waking life. You will have strife with someone who is annoyed at you. A dog attacking you in a dream could also reflect your inner conflicts. 

Dog Biting Hand

If a dog bites your hand, the dream signifies betrayal. Don’t believe people blindly in waking life. If you are not careful someone might play with your trust. 

Dream of Injured Dog

It symbolizes any sad situation in your real life. Seeing an injured dog and trying to help him represent your empathy for others. Maybe you are pained to see someone suffering in your life.

It could be a friend, an acquaintance, a co-worker or a neighbor who is struggling and their challenges are causing pain to you. The injured dog has visited in your dream to urge you to help that person out. 

Dream of Dead Dog

Are you sad after dreaming of a dead dog? When you dream about a dead or dying dog it could represent the end of a good friendship.

The dead dog has come to remind you of your friend. Start appreciating all the friendships in waking life. Only then maybe you will be able to save your relationship with your beloved friends. 

Dog trying to Bite

Dreaming about a dog bite indicates disloyalty. On the other hand, if you see a dog trying to bite you in a dream it points to someone in your life who is mean, rude and always trying to pull you down.

It could be foretelling a conflict with a business partner or an ex. 

Dogs Chasing You

Seeing a pack of dogs chasing you could mean that you are running away from some crucial issues in waking life.

Maybe you are anxious and don’t want to face your fears in certain areas of your life. The chasing dogs represent your inner fears or a pressing issue in your life.  

Dogs Fighting 

It symbolizes confrontation and conflicts with close people in your life. A dream about dog fights is a warning in disguise. 

Dog Barking 

There are different interpretations of a dog barking in your dreams. If you see a dog bark happily wagging its tail it could represent romance or a happy situation in waking life. 

But in your dream, if the dog growls it indicates a person who wants to suppress or dominate over you. 

A Stray Dog in your Dream

If you are a dog lover, a stray dog can melt your heart. If a stray dog appears in a dream it could point to a friend who is fiercely loyal to you.

He or she is always guarding you. The stray in the dream is urging you to identify and appreciate that friend of yours. 

A Sick Dog 

Sick dogs appear in dreams to reveal the emotional imbalances of the dreamer. Or it could also represent problems of people who are close to you. 

Small Dog 

It could symbolize an old friend who you have taken for granted. His loyalty and friendship are invaluable. But you do not show them much importance.

The small dog represents your friend’s insecurity and his desire to draw your attention. 

A lost Dog

This expresses your lack of confidence. You are not sufficiently tough to make the right decisions. Confusion rules your head. Take action towards becoming more proactive in life. 

Dog Sleeping 

It suggests delays in your business or career. Maybe you want to start a venture or launch a new one. The sleeping dog indicates postponement in your plans. 

Killing a Dog

If you have seen yourself murdering a dog in a dream, don’t be worried. In waking life you are not going to kill a dog! The dog dying in your hands denotes unhealthy, disloyal relationships.

The dog dies in your hands in the dream to warn you. It is urging you to be more watchful in life. Look out for people who truly care for you and those who just pretend to do so.

Puppy in a Dream

Puppies are adorable creatures that represent joy and playfulness. It symbolizes new beginnings and friendships. Stay open to new people and situations in life. 

Dream about a dog running

You need to notice how you feel about it. If you are scared of the running dog and feel threatened, it symbolizes your fear related to certain situations in waking life.

Friendly dog

It symbolizes faithful and loyal people around you in waking life. It means you are surrounded by people who will help you in times of need. This is a good sign that signifies good things coming your way.

Hugging a dog

It represents love, affection, and intimate friendships in waking life.

The dream symbolizes your kind and loving nature and also shows that you will reciprocate with the same love and affection from others in real life.

Dreams of Dogs with Different Colors and Its Symbolic Meanings

At times the dreamer may visulaize scenes with different colors of dogs. These dreams also has various meanings assigned with them. 

  • Black dog – reflects your negative feelings, frustrations and depression.
  • Brown dog – these are symbolic of friendship, simplicity and happiness. 
  • White dog – it is an indicator of love, peace, gratitude, loyalty and protection in waking life.

Interpretation of Dreams based on the Breed of Dog

We can also interpret dog dreams based on the dog type.


A Bulldog comes in your dream as a symbol of protection. You are protected in waking life by someone you know or maybe some invisible force is safeguarding your interests.


A Doberman arrives in your dream to indicate your hidden fears. You have some past hurts that is worrying you still. Or, maybe there is someone presently who is giving you a hard time. 

Great Dane 

It is a symbol of strong willpower. A Great Dane visits you in your dream to advise you to become mentally stronger. Don’t allow people to control you, make a stand for yourself. 


A pug in a dream portrays your playful character. Also, it indicates prosperity and good luck. Your life is about to change for the better. Stay open for opportunities and new changes.  

Chow Chow 

It symbolizes loyalty and over protection. This could be a reflection of your persona or it could signify the quality of someone close to you in your life.

German Shepherd

This dog points to your protective nature. It has come in your dream to warn you to stop being so finicky.

Golden Retriever 

Golden Retriever is regarded as the most loyal and friendly canine companion. If you dream about this dog it symbolizes the good friendships you share in waking life.


A Poodle appears in your dream to encourage you to express your true self confidently. 


It can appear in your dream to show your true nature. You are a humble, grounded and intelligent person in waking life.

Siberian Husky 

It might appear in your dream to counsel you. Life is a journey where you have to keep moving and make new decisions.

Summing Up from ‘ThePleasantDream’ 

Dog dream meaning is said to be connected with your inner desires, feelings and behaviors. 

It could reflect the shadow self of the dreamer. A dog dream could reveal the true identity that you do not express in front of others.

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