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Dreaming of Dog – The Only Guide You Need

Dreaming of Dog – The Only Guide You NeedUpdated on June 13, 2021 | Published on April 1, 2021
Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD, Certified Psychiatrist

Dreaming of Dogs 52 Types of Dreams & their Meanings

Dreaming of a dog can reflect your innermost desires. It could reveal your subconscious thoughts, beliefs and fears. Also, it could bring you a message or warning from the universe. Dog dream meaning can be interpreted in various ways. It is regarded that such a dream provides emotional protection and guides you on your life path. 

Animal dreams are anyway considered to reflect your true intentions, subconscious desires and feelings. Often the dream animals represent the shadow self of the dreamers. Dog dreams are said to reflect the psychology of the dreamers. Sometimes, the dog will symbolize you in your dreams, or in other cases, it would represent the people in your life. 

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Dreaming of Dog – The Only Guide You Need
Dreaming of Dog – The Only Guide You Need

Dog Dream Meaning

Various animal dream symbols have been studied for a long time. Dogs are considered to be the most loyal animal companions. If it appears in your dream it could reflect your inner emotions or instincts or convey a message to you from the universe.

According to dream dictionaries, dog dream meaning can have different explanations. Sometimes the dog in your dream could be aggressive. But you shouldn’t be scared because it’s not trying to harm you but wants to give you an important message. 

In psychology, your thoughts, beliefs and associations are said to be reflected in your dreams. Sigmund Freud said that dreams represent a disguised fulfillment of your repressed desires. In this article, we would talk about many interpretations of dreaming of a dog. 

According to dream analysts, dogs are the most commonly dreamt animals. Dogs are not only great companions for humans but they have been helping and protecting us for centuries. This is why dogs have a deeper connection with us.

When we sleep our dormant parts of the brain become active. And in this dream state, our beloved animal comes to visit us to disclose certain aspects of our lives. Sometimes it gives us encouragement, at other times it would reveal our subconscious fears and feelings.

A dog could also give us the warning to control some of our behaviors or to stay away from some people. It can appear in dreams to represent a certain aspect of our lives.  Dog symbolism has a huge significance in dream interpretations.

Depending on the color of the dog, or their behavior it could represent your personal traits. Or it could help you identify the traits of other people in your life.

Dog symbolism is an interesting topic for discussion. Dreaming of a dog could represent your inner fears or an upcoming future event. The dog can appear in your dream to offer you encouragement or sympathy like a good friend. It could also bear a significant message from the divine world.

If you dream of this adorable animal, it shows something relevant from your waking life. A fun-loving playful dog can appear in your dream as a symbol of your healthy social life.

On the other hand, an aggressive dog might appear in your dream to signify conflicts in an area of your life.

If you see wild dogs in your dream, it could point to your lack of freedom in real life. Maybe you are burdened with responsibilities and feeling helpless.

If your childhood pet dog appears in your dream it could signify your loyal and friendly nature. It has come to shower you love. 

Dreaming of Dogs – 52 Types of Dreams & It’s Interpretations

Dreams about dogs could have different interpretations depending on the color of the dog, breeds of dogs or their behavior in the dream. A dog in a dream usually represents your suppressed desires. 

1. Black Dog in Dream

A black dog is a reminder that you should take care of your mental health. It is considered that the dream of a black dog reflects your negative feelings, frustrations and depression. You might see a friendly black dog or an angry one. But black dogs appear in dreams to convey a message to the dreamer.

The black dog is often associated with grief and death. In British folklore, a black dog has been represented as a death omen. It is a messenger of the underworld and guards the graveyards. Also, in Hindu mythology, the god of death takes the form of a black dog. 

Dreams about black dogs are often considered a bad omen. It could symbolize the approach of death in your household. But death does not always signify its literal meaning. It could indicate the end of a relationship, a job or some other loss. In a positive sense, a dream of a black dog could indicate the end of some aspect of your life to make space for a new beginning. 

As the color black also signifies mourning, maybe after seeing the dream you will lose something or someone from your life and feel bitter. But in the coming days, you will realize it was for your good. The loss of a job could pave the way for a new exciting opportunity. A friend or partner who broke your trust has gone for the better. 

2. Brown Dog Dream Meaning 

Brown dogs are symbolic of friendship, simplicity and happiness. It could represent your grounded, friendly nature. Or maybe you are looking for warmth in relationships. A dream about a brown dog usually indicates friendship and contentment in life. 

If you see yourself playing with a friendly brown dog it could suggest you have a fairly satisfying life. If you are walking a brown dog in the dream, it represents your healthy relationship. Dreaming about walking a brown dog on a leash indicates you are in control of your life. You are handling things wisely and responsibly. 

But if you see a brown dog running in your dream, uncontrollable and jumping around, it represents one of your friends is feeling neglected by you. 

3. White Dog Dream Meaning 

The white color is symbolic of peace and honesty. When you dream about a white-colored dog it is an indicator of love, peace, gratitude, loyalty and protection in waking life. It could symbolize that happy days are ahead. Seeing a white dog in dreams is a good sign. It signifies peace, success and good fortune in your life. 

Dreaming of a white dog could symbolize peace, love and gratitude in life. If you dream of a friendly white dog running after you, it is a good omen. It indicates soon you will be having a new journey. A white dog chasing you in a dream indicates some great opportunity coming on your way. 

If you see a dead white dog it is also a good sign. The dream represents upcoming good fortune and opportunities. The dead dog symbolizes the end of a challenging phase in your life and the beginning of happy and abundant days. 

In a dream, if you see a white dog biting you, it is a warning. Maybe some people in your life have bad intentions and they want to harm you. The biting white dog in your dream is asking you to watch for people who are worthy of your trust. 

Dreaming of a big white dog is a bad sign. It indicates some unpleasant secrets about your partner would be revealed to you. 

On the other hand, a small white dog indicates short-term happiness in waking life. It is a sign that your current job or relationship will not bring you lasting happiness.

If you dream of owning a white dog it represents getting rid of someone or something from your waking life. Making such a decision would be painful for you but it can do so much good from the broad perspective of life. 

If you dream of walking a white dog it often reflects your desire to have a genuine reliable friend. 

A white dog growling is not at all a good sign. It indicates danger in your life. This dream is a warning that you should choose people in your life carefully. Don’t trust everyone blindly or you will face betrayal. 

A sick white dog, on the other hand, indicates misery and misfortune. This dream could also be a reminder that you should pay more attention to your loved ones.  

4. Dead Dog Dream Meaning

Are you sad after dreaming of a dead dog? In the dream, you have just been conveyed a message through dog symbolism. When you dream about a dead or dying dog it could represent the end of a good friendship.

Have you been neglecting a dear friend? Your dream could reflect the end of this beautiful friendship. The dead dog has come to remind you of your friend. Start appreciating all the friendships in waking life. Only then maybe you will be able to save your relationship with your beloved friends.  

5. Dreaming of Dog Biting You

In a dream, if you are bitten by the canine on your leg it represents your lack of balance in life. Maybe you are feeling victimized in waking life. Also, it could signify your partner’s infidelity. So, a biting dog can appear in your dream to indicate an unpleasant situation in your life that you are unaware of.  

6. Dreaming of Dog poop

Dreams about feces are not discussed openly but such dreams could represent your deeper psychological aspects. There are several dream interpretations of dog poop. When you dream of canine poop it reflects your carelessness about money. You must be making unwise decisions and splurging money on useless things.

If you see dog poop everywhere it could imply your lack of faith. Maybe you aren’t progressing in life because you simply don’t believe in your ability. The fecal matter of dogs shows the barrier you have constructed around you that is stopping you from reaching your goals.

Dreaming of cleaning dog poop could signify your current mentality. You are decluttering negative people and limiting beliefs from your existence. 

On the other hand, dreams about hounds eating feces could indicate a need for a major change in your life. It could mean you lack confidence.

Another interpretation is that you are afraid of something in waking life. You have a fear of losing something important. It could also be a reminder for you to give more focus to your job or career. 

7. Dream of Dog Dying

If you see your beloved pet dying in a nightmare it does not signify its literal death. Dead dogs indicate a relationship that is coming to an end soon in your waking life. It could be a close friend or a romantic partner who will exit from your life sooner.   

8. Dreaming of Dogs Attacking You

If you confront angry dogs in a trance they represent a conflict in waking life. You will have strife with someone who is annoyed at you. A dog attacking you in a dream could also reflect your inner conflicts. 

9. Dream of Dog Biting You

If a dog bites your hand, the dream signifies betrayal. Don’t believe people blindly in waking life. If you are not careful someone might play with your trust. 

10. Dream of Injured Dog

If you see an injured doggy it symbolizes any sad situation in your real life. Seeing an injured dog and trying to help him represent your empathy for others.

Maybe you are pained to see someone suffering in your life. It could be a friend, an acquaintance, a co-worker or a neighbor who is struggling and their challenges are causing pain to you. The injured dog has visited in your dream to urge you to help that person out. 

11. Dream of Dog trying to Bite Me

Dreaming about a canine bite indicates disloyalty. On the other hand, if you see a dog trying to bite you in a dream it points to someone in your life who is mean, rude and always trying to pull you down. It could be foretelling a conflict with a business partner or an ex. 

12. Dream of a Dog attacking someone else

If you find a dog attacking someone else in your dream it reflects your strong personality. But it could also be an indicator of some upcoming bad news for you.

13. Dreaming of Dogs Chasing You

Seeing a pack of dogs chasing you could mean that you are running away from some crucial issues in waking life. Maybe you are anxious and don’t want to face your fears in certain areas of your life. The chasing dogs represent your inner fears or a pressing issue in your life.  

14. Dream of Dogs Fighting 

If you see dogs fighting it could symbolize confrontation and conflicts with close people in your life. A dream about dog fights is a warning in disguise. 

15. Dog Barking in Dream 

There are different interpretations of a dog barking in your dreams. If you see a dog bark happily wagging its tail it could represent romance or a happy situation in waking life. But in your dream, if the dog growls it indicates a person who wants to suppress or dominate over you. In The Dream Interpretation Dictionary, J.M. DeBord claimed a dog barking in a dream could signify that the dreamer should be less demanding of the people in his life. 

16. A Stray Dog Dream Meaning

If you are a dog lover, a stray dog can melt your heart. If a stray dog appears it could point to a friend who is fiercely loyal to you. He or she is always guarding you. The stray in the dream is urging you to identify and appreciate that friend of yours. 

17. Sick Dog Dream Meaning

Sick dogs appear to reveal the emotional imbalances of the dreamer. Or it could also represent problems of people who are close to you. 

18. Small Dog Dream Meaning

A small dog could symbolize an old friend who you have taken for granted. His loyalty and friendship are invaluable. But you do not show them much importance. The small doggy in the dream represents your friend’s insecurity and his desire to draw your attention. 

19. Dog Eating in a Dream

If you see a canine eating in a dream it means you are trying to process a recent incident subconsciously. Maybe a close person has misbehaved with you that has shocked you to the core. You want to find an explanation of their behavior and you are trying to “digest” whatever has happened. 

But if you find yourself feeding a dog it is a good sign. This does symbolize nurturing some of your inborn talents. 

20. Dog Sleeping in a Dream

If you find a dog sleeping peacefully it suggests delays in your business or career. Maybe you want to start a venture or launch a new one. The sleeping dog indicates postponement in your plans. 

21. Dream of Killing a Dog

If you have seen yourself murdering a hound in a nightmare, don’t be worried. In waking life you are not going to kill a dog! The dog dying in your hands denotes unhealthy, disloyal relationships. The dog dies in your hands in the dream to warn you. It is urging you to be more watchful in life. Look out for people who truly care for you and those who just pretend to do so.

22. Dream of Buying a Dog

If you dream of buying a canine it represents a new relationship coming your way. Most humans love dogs over other animals.  Through this dog dream, the message conveyed is that you need good companionship. Don’t shy away from seeking true friendships.

In fact, you need to meet new people and make genuine friendships. You deserve to have friends who support you unconditionally. 

23. Lost Dog Dream

A lost dog expresses your lack of confidence. You are not sufficiently tough to make the right decisions. Confusion rules your head. Take action towards becoming more proactive in life. 

24. Dog Drowning in your Dream

This dream reflects that you are overwhelmed in waking life. Someone or something is making you feel emotionally drained and out of control. 

25. Dog got Run Over in a Dream

If you see a dog being hit by a car, it means you or someone close to you is about to make a life-changing decision. 

26. Dog guarding Gates in a Dream 

If you see a dog guarding gates it is a warning. The guard dog has appeared to inform you that someone might want to damage your public image. So, you must protect yourself from such people. Fight for your cause. 

27. A Blind Dog in a Dream

A blind canine can appear as a symbol of guidance and protection. A guardian type person will arrive in your life who would be your mentor and protector. 

28. A Dog Chasing its tail in a Dream 

A doggy chasing its tail means you are not able to solve a situation at hand. You are trying for a long time, but it has turned into a never-ending project. 

29. Several Dogs being slaughtered in a Dream

If you see such a peculiar dream it indicates a friendship that is coming to an end painfully. You might have to face betrayal and mistrust before this friend leaves you forever.

30. Seeing Racing Dogs in a Dream

If you see a dog race be assured it is related to your romantic life. If you win a dog race you will live in peace. Often dog racing in dreams could also indicate good fortune. 

31. Seeing a dog die in a gunshot

This is not a common dog dream. But if you have seen a dog’s death by gunshot you can regard it as a good omen. The wound in the dream suggests tranquility, love, and attraction.

If you shoot a dog in your dream, it means that you are ready for a fight.

32. Walking a Dog in a Dream

If you see yourself walking a doggy it’s a good sign. It indicates huge success on your way. Keep working, victory is guaranteed to you. 

33. Dog having Rabies in your Dream

It’s painful to watch a canine suffering from Rabies in your dream. This dream signifies that challenges and obstacles are on your way. But the infected dog is urging you to become stronger in the face of difficulties. Ultimately, you will be able to get out of all the problems. 

34. Rubbing the belly of a Dog in a Dream

This represents your inherent character. Are you someone who hides his feelings? It’s time to show up with confidence. 

35. Two-headed Dog Dream Meaning

A two-headed dog appears to symbolize the active nature of the dreamer.

36. Dreaming about a three-headed Dog

If you see a weird looking three-headed dog it is a good sign. It reflects new beginnings and opportunities coming on your way.

37. Dreaming about a snake biting my Dog

Have you seen a snake biting your dog? Don’t be scared about your pet. There is an underlying message for you in this weird dream. It denotes your loss of interest or trust in a close friendship.

Maybe you should consider a while about this relationship and reach a conclusion. Should you break the relationship? Or can you forgive the person and give him another chance to prove his friendship for you? 

38. Dreaming about a Dog eating a Snake

If you see a dog devouring a snake, it implies  that a friend is trying to dissuade you from making an improper decision.

39. Dream about a wild Pig biting the head off a Dog

Wild pigs are aggressive animals that could appear in a dream to symbolize the courage and mental strength of the dreamer. If you see a wild boar biting a dog’s head, the dog’s head showcases your softness.

So, the message in such a dream could be that you have to stand up for yourself and be more assertive in life. Be polite but not so soft that people try to control you. Learn to become more assertive and stand for your desires. 

40. Dream about Dogs chasing a Fox

It suggests you might have to deal with a cunning person. If you are a man be warned. A woman could play with your emotions for her personal gain.  

41. Puppy Dream Meaning

Puppies are adorable creatures that represent joy and playfulness. If a puppy appears in your fantasy it symbolizes new beginnings and friendships. Stay open to new people and situations in life. 

Dreams of Dogs Based on the Breed & it’s Meanings

42. Bulldog in Dream

A Bulldog comes in your imagination as a symbol of protection. You are protected in waking life by someone you know or maybe some invisible force is safeguarding your interests. Keep moving forward in your life path with confidence. 

43. Doberman in Dream

A Doberman arrives in your dream to indicate your hidden fears. You have some past hurts that is worrying you still. Or, maybe there is someone presently who is giving you a hard time. 

44. Great Dane in Dream

It is a symbol of strong willpower. A Great Dane visits you in your dream to advise you to become mentally stronger. Don’t allow people to control you, make a stand for yourself. 

45. Pug in Dream

A pug portrays your playful character. Also, it indicates prosperity and good luck. Your life is about to change for the better. Stay open to opportunities and new changes.  

46. Chow Chow in Dream

It symbolizes loyalty and over protection. This could be a reflection of your persona or it could signify the quality of someone close to you in your life.

47. Dreaming of German Shepherd dog

This dog points to your protective nature. It has come in your dream to warn you to stop being so finicky.

48. Golden Retriever in Dream

Golden Retriever is regarded as the most loyal and friendly canine companion. If you fantasize about this dog it symbolizes the good friendships you share in waking life.

49. Poodle in Dream

A Poodle appears to encourage you to express your true self confidently. 

50. Dachshund in Dream

It can appear in your dream to show your true nature. You are a humble, grounded and intelligent person in waking life.

51. Siberian Husky in Dream

It might appear in your dream to counsel you. Life is a journey where you have to keep moving and make new decisions.

52. A pack of Dogs in Dream

If you dream about a pack of dogs it is a reminder to stay connected with your family. Chase your dreams but stay connected to your roots. 

Spiritual Meaning of Dogs in Dreams 

Spiritually dogs could symbolize various aspects of your inner persona. Across cultures, dog dreams represent an aspect of your life.

Sometimes a dog represents your negative emotions in the dream. The same dream can be considered as a good omen in one culture while in others it could be a bad sign. 

Let’s see what dog dreams symbolize spiritually in different cultures. 

1. Hindu meaning of Dog in a Dream 

According to the Hindus, a dog dream is a good omen. A dog is a symbol of honesty, loyalty and companionship. In Hindu mythology, Lord Yamaraj or the god of death appears in the disguise of a black dog. So, the dog in a dream could also represent death or the dark side of life. But death can mean the end of your struggles and the beginning of a new positive chapter in your life. It could mean the shedding of limiting beliefs and the beginning of a self-growth journey. 

2. Biblical Meaning of Dog in a Dream 

In the Bible, the dog has been shown as a protector and guardian of household animals and birds. So, the biblical meaning of a dog in a dream is a good sign. You are protected and guarded by divine power. 

3. What does Dog in a Dream signify in Islamic Tradition?

In Islamic traditions, a dog is thought to convey your real-life situation through a dream. If a happy dog visits you in a dream it could signify an abundant life. But an angry dog or the one that chases or bites you can be a warning to watch for deceitful people in waking life.

4. What does Dog in a Dream signify in Chinese Tradition?

The Chinese consider dogs to be watchful animals that protect their master’s home. If a barking dog appears in your dream the Chinese believe it has come to protect you from harm. It is urging you to manage your life and make wise choices. It could also indicate misfortune and monetary loss. So, a barking dog is giving you a hint to save money and use it intelligently. 

Questions to Ask yourself if you Dream of Dogs

  1. What feelings did it evoke in your mind?
  2. Was the dog friendly or aggressive?
  3. Did you know the dog?
  4. What was the dog doing?
  5. Did the dog show any sign of recognition towards you?
  6. What did the dream signify to you?
  7. Are you scared of something or have a secret desire that was revealed in the dream?

Closing Thoughts

Dog dream meaning is said to be connected with your inner desires, feelings and behaviors. It could reflect the shadow self of the dreamer. Such a dream could reveal the true identity that you do not express in front of others. Interpretation of dream symbolism is not based on science. Rather it is a subjective art. So, from this article take the message that resonates with you while leaving anything that you don’t want to believe in. 

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