What Does it Mean to Dream about Poison?

Dream of Seeing Others with Poison

This denotes that you will have unpleasant circumstances in your life.

Dream of Poison in the Bottle

It refers to luck and fortune.

Dream of Poison as a Powder

This suggests that you will attract money and property in your life.

Dream of Death Due to Poisoning

This means that some harmful feelings will disrupt your life.

Dream of Taking a Poison Pill

It suggests that you will purposely not want to get rid of responsibilities.

Dreaming of Poisonous Frogs

This denotes that you will have a conflict with your close friends or relatives.

Dream of Alcohol Poisoning

The scenario indicates that you could be falling prey to reliable religious preaches.

When you dream of poison, it signifies that something is not right in your life. Your mind is full of tensions and conflicts, resulting in all kinds of complications.