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Dream of Poison – 62 Scenarios and their Meanings

Dream of Poison – 62 Scenarios and their Meanings

Updated on Jan 18, 2023 | Published on Jun 15, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dream of Poison - 62 Scenarios and their Interesting Interpretations

The dream of poison refers to something negative that is present in your life. It does not necessarily have to be obvious, but still, the situation is resulting in distress and affecting your mental health.

We will discuss several scenarios and talk about their interpretations. Before that, we shall see the reasons why you see this dream.

Dream of Poison - 62 Scenarios and their Interesting Interpretations
Dream of Poison – 62 Scenarios and their Interesting Interpretations

Dream of Poison – General Interpretations (Symbolic Meaning)

When you dream of poison, it signifies that something is not right in your life. Your mind is full of tensions and conflicts, resulting in all kinds of complications.

Dreaming of poison enables you to grab the opportunity and free yourself from the negative energy that is stalling your progress in life.

This dream also showcases the fear that has caused problems in your mind. 

Let us now check out the poison dream symbolism and understand its general interpretations-

1. Awkwardness

If you come across poison in your dream, it means that a friend will put you in an awkward situation. The individual might contradict your point of view in front of others.

He will also use a segment of your previous activities against you. 

You could feel that it is one of the worst kinds of awkwardness you can ever feel from someone, who has always been a dear friend.

It would be tough for you to fathom the reason behind your friend’s behavior. 

You would be in a dilemma, whether it is appropriate for you to know the exact reason, or stop thinking about it once and for all.

2. Ambitious

You tend to dream of poison when you are a goal-oriented person. It is not an ideal scenario for you to pick resources for accomplishing your goals. 

Rather, you should make use of those resources to become successful.

All your activities tend to hurt others in some way or the other. However, you do not pay attention to this aspect of your life. 

3. Realizing Your Faults

When you dream of poison, it means that you are starting to realize the mistakes you committed earlier in your life. 

You had not paid attention to rectifying your misdeeds previously, but now you understand its importance.

4. Stubborn and Persistent

If you are rigid in your approach and keep persisting, it will push you out of your comfort zone. You are all set to move away from vulnerability.

Try to focus on one aspect of your personality and put all your mind into it. It is the perfect way through which you can show your stubborn nature, especially to your thoughtful self.

Poison Dream Meaning – 62 Scenarios and Interpretations

Seeing poison in your dream symbolizes a toxic relationship. You are not enjoying the time with your partner. 

Things are turning from bad to worse as it refers to loss of power, division, and suicide & this dream is a reminder that something is causing a lot of sadness and stress in your life.

Let us now go through various scenarios and see what their interpretations have in store for you.

1. Dream of Seeing Poison

When you see poison in your dream, it refers to the comfort and good times you will enjoy after going through a period of difficulties. You need to implement some changes in your life.

They include saving money by repaying your debts and developing positive thoughts by getting rid of bad thoughts. 

Focus on the good things that life has on offer and bring forth overall improvement across different streams of life.

2. Dream of Seeing Others with Poison

The dream scenario in which you see others with poison denotes that you will have unpleasant circumstances in your life.

They would need you to make some tough decisions and hence come out of those situations with flying colors.

3. Dream of Poison in the Bottle

If you dream about poison in the bottle, it refers to luck and fortune. These are applicable as long as you do not drink them.

This scenario also denotes a property, which will reach its desired value as time progresses. 

You might look to purchase the same and then sell it off later on at a higher value for earning a handsome profit.

4. Dream of Poison as a Powder

Dreaming of poison in its powdery form suggests that you will attract money and property in your life. You can have a great opportunity to grow your assets and accumulate wealth.

The property can allow you to rent out a portion and hence create for yourself a source of income. It will further strengthen your financial condition.

Dream Meaning of Consuming Poison

You can dream of having poison in different forms like seeing yourself getting poisoned by someone or something or the worst dream of death.

Let’s browse through the scenarios and interpretations related to the consumption of poison.

5. Dream of Getting Poisoned

When you dream about getting poisoned, it means you are learning or acquiring something that can cause harm to your well-being. Your life is not in proper order.

Probably, you are in an unhealthy relationship, where you struggle to have love and peace of mind. You must try to keep aside all kinds of negativities away from your life.

6. Dream of Children Getting Poisoned

If you dream about children getting poisoned, it means that you might sustain injuries from unknown sources. You will be taken aback and would make you lead your life cautiously.

7. Dream of Accidentally Drinking Poison

When you see that you accidentally drink poison in your dream, it tells you that a harmless habit might end up causing harm to the life you are leading.

Perhaps a minor problem might fuel up a significant issue. It can have a detrimental effect on your life. You should try and rectify your habit or get rid of the same completely.

8. Dream of Death Due to Poisoning

Dreaming of death from poison means that some harmful feelings will disrupt your life. Try not to allow pride, jealousy, and bitterness to get the worst out of you.

You should always stick to the personality you possess and abide by your principles and values. Resort to meditation, reading books, and listening to music for keeping your mind fresh.

9. Dream of Taking a Poison Pill

You can see a dream in which you are taking a poison pill to resist something else. It suggests that you will purposely not want to get rid of responsibilities.

Intentionally, you are making mistakes. It would prevent your boss from allotting you tasks, which are not ideally suited for you. Hence, you can remain in your comfort zone.

10. Dream of Surviving Even After Taking Poison

Did you see a dream that you have survived even after consuming poison? It carries a positive connotation.

The scenario states that you will complete a project in your business, which had earlier looked to be a disastrous one. 

You would make a lot of money and attain great heights in your personal and professional circuits.

11. Dream of Vomiting from Food Poisoning

When you dream about vomiting out of food poisoning, it comes as a warning that you might make a bad decision concerning finance shortly.

The decision will hamper your well-being. Think twice to ensure that you decide and act rationally. It can help you tackle the losses that are set to occur in the future.

Dream Meaning of Poisonous Animals

In this segment, we will discuss what the dreams of poisonous animals try to convey to your waking life. 

Consider the details of dream scenarios carefully and create a connection with the happenings in real life.

Let us check out the details below:

12. Dreaming of Poisonous Snakes

If you dream of poisonous snakes, it warns you that your competitors will use unethical means to get ahead in business. 

They would somehow make you handicapped and then take away all your means of living.

You must be very careful of falling under the trap of false promises and cheating, going forward. 

13. Dreaming of Poisonous Fishes

Did you see poisonous fish in your dream? It reminds you that you are currently in an abusive relationship. The reality of your boyfriend or girlfriend is different from what they seem to be.

You should not invest time in them. Rather, you must spend time finding the right life partner for yourself. Someone, who will genuinely love, care and stay beside you through thick and thin.

14. Dreaming of Poisonous Frogs

In a dream, poisonous frogs denote that you will have a conflict with your close friends or relatives. 

The reason behind this will be your mannerisms and the way you interact with these individuals.

15. Dreaming of Poisonous Spiders

When you dream of poisonous spiders, it symbolizes that you might soon become the subject of misfortune in your life. 

There are some imminent dangers, which are lurking around the corner.

You should act with caution and implement some preventive measures to ensure that everything remains under control.

16. Dreaming of Poisonous Lizards

If you see yourself dreaming about poisonous lizards, it refers to feeling guilty for having committed something that you should not have. 

The scenario tells you to embrace life and take crucial learnings from little setbacks.

This dream clearly states that you wish to lead an adventurous life. You should think clearly and possess the confidence to express yourself. 

17. Dreaming of Poisonous Cats

The dream of poisonous cats comes up to issue a prior warning that someone close to you will land up in a big problem. Unintentionally, they would put themselves in tough situations.

You can do your bit by taking extra care of your family members and friends. It is also your responsibility to tell them about remaining cautious and not indulge in anything that carries risks.

18. Dreaming of Poisonous Dogs

When you see poisonous dogs in your dream, it points toward a higher self. You are currently putting yourself on the path of harm and discomfort.

There will be the occurrence of an unexpected incident. It would either give you immense joy or cause quite a lot of problems. Everything will depend on your attitude.

Dream Meaning of Poisonous Food and Drink Items

There are certain food and drink items that are healthy, while others are contaminated or poisonous and harmful.

Now, what do poisoned food items imply in dreams?

Let’s find out-

19. Dream of Poisonous Berries

When you come across poisonous berries in your dream, it refers to an unethical relationship. You will soon get tempted toward unwarranted activities like bribery and affairs.

These would put your life in jeopardy. There will be tension and arguments with your partner, hence taking away all the happiness from life.

20. Dream of a Poisonous Apple

The dream of a poisonous apple points toward some kind of misconception about fertility. 

It issues a warning that you might experience issues related to pregnancy, or for implementing business ideas.

You need to stay careful to prevent yourself from getting misguided on a few aspects of life. 

Gaining proper information is key to the development of the right kind of understanding.

21. Dream of Poisonous Mushrooms

You can dream of mushrooms, which are poisonous. It signifies that you will soon meet an influential person. 

He or she will help transform your life and make it far better than how you are leading right now.

The main reason behind it would be that the individual will provide you with a job. It will take care of all your financial needs and resolve your worries forever.

22. Dream of Poisonous Water

If you notice poisonous water in your dream, it symbolizes that you are allowing something dangerous to enter your life. 

You are slowly becoming a lot more emotional while dealing with different situations in life.

Soon, you will fill your mind with negative thoughts. You will not even hesitate to hatch conspiracies for making people suffer.

23. Dream of Poisonous Soup

When you dream of a soup filled with poison, it portrays that someone will soon violate your rules and regulations. The person would alter their words to change the whole perception.

They would force you to do something, which you would not like. 

Unfortunately, you will get the desired results for your needs and make you repent later. It is important that you stick to your values and not let others influence your actions.

24. Dream of Alcohol Poisoning

Poisoned alcohol in your dream happens to be a bad omen. 

It signals that treacherous people have stuffed your mind with false narratives for making you feel good about yourself and your future.

The scenario also indicates that you could be falling prey to reliable religious preaches. 

Dream Meaning of Poisonous Plants

In the earlier segment, we discussed a few dream scenarios of poisonous food items. 

They have given you an understanding of what you can expect in life and how you should go about handling situations.

Now, it is time to see what do the dreams of poisonous plants have in store for you-

25. Dream of Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy in your dream talks of your dubious intentions. They interfere in your positive thought process and soon, you would become jealous and revengeful toward others.

You will struggle to get rid of negative feelings and mess up your whole life. Take this as a warning and adopt the necessary measures for getting rid of the negativities in your life.

26. Dream of Poison Sumac

When you see poison sumac in your dream, it tries to attract your attention toward those things that you must avoid.

Probably, you should avoid some people or specific areas in your life. Otherwise, they will create unnecessary hassles and make your life miserable.

Dream Meaning of Poisonous Tools

There are various poisonous tools that you can come across in your dreams. They all have some purpose and give necessary advice to make you peacefully lead your life.

Following are some of the dream sequences and their interpretations-

27. Dream of Using Poison

You can dream of getting and using poison as a tool. It means that you will make money through unfair means and attain a good amount of profit.

28. Dream of Poison Darts

When you see poison darts in your dream, it signifies that you would use power and influence other individuals to do your unethical work.

You should not take things lying down. You must raise your voice against unlawful stuff and keep yourself away from facing the brunt of the law.

29. Dream of Rat Poison

Rat poison in your dream signifies that you have enough reasons to have doubts about your new relationship or job. 

The doubts should creep up on your mind especially under those circumstances when you receive pay hikes or bonuses.

They can turn out to be your company’s way of making you undertake extra responsibilities. Generally, these are those duties you would not wish to carry out.

30. Dream of Poison Gas

If you dream about poisonous or toxic gas, it is an indication that you are confronting extraordinary times along with problems. 

You would need to show a great amount of willpower and resistance for getting rid of obstacles.

There will be discouragement due to the presence of toxic people in your surroundings. 

Dream Meaning of Who Gets Poisoned

You can see dreams in which various individuals and animals can get poisoned. These individuals may include your near and dear ones like parents, relatives, and friends. 

Even though these are dreams, you always have this apprehension, if they have to come true in real life. 

Ideally, you should not allow these scenarios to trouble you, but try and learn the lessons they are looking to convey.

31. Dream of Friend Getting Poisoned

A dream of a friend getting poisoned tells you that your friend might have got overwhelmed. Some harsh feelings lie hidden inside both of you.

You cannot afford to look away. It is necessary for you to acknowledge the feelings and find an appropriate cure. 

This can help you discover your true potential and work your way toward glory.

32. Dream of an Individual Trying to Poison You

Seeing an individual attempting to poison you in your dream suggests that he is constantly making you believe his lies and false allegations.

Keep a close watch on those who try to scam you and put you under a trap. 

Their only intention is to get rid of all the things that you have on your mind and replace them with what they want you to think.

33. Dream of Poisoning Someone

You can see yourself poisoning someone in your dream. It is a sign that you will convince other people to do some activity by resorting to negative means.

There is a chance that you will blackmail some people to make things go your way. You might even give life threats and use their fear to your advantage.

Dream Meaning of Different Actions with Poison

There are several dream scenarios in which you can see various actions taking place with poison. 

All those activities do not occur in reality, but they carry some interpretations with messages for you to follow in the real lie.

Let us discuss them in detail-

34. Dream of Puking Poison

When you dream of puking poison, it depicts that there is a person who does not like you in real life. He will try out all possible ways to defame you.

Fortunately, time would help reveal the fact that all his allegations against you were baseless. Still, you should try to stay away from these kinds of people in your life.

35. Dream of Saving Yourself from Poisoning

Saving yourself from poisoning denotes that a problem, which has been lingering for quite some time will come to light in a better manner.

The situation will be such that you will get a much better perspective of the problem. It would allow you to find different ways of handling the issue.

36. Dream of Saving Someone from Getting Poisoned

If you dream that you are either a doctor or a nurse and saving an individual from getting affected by poison, it means that your suggestion will help a person come out of a difficult situation.

Try to remain generous with all your thoughts as you can save someone’s life. Understanding someone’s condition is one of the primary motives behind saving that individual.

37. Dream of Buying and Selling Poison

If you see yourself buying and selling poison in your dream, it signifies that you would make money using unfair means. This practice will continue for a long time.

Perhaps this scenario is telling you to change your mindset and work hard to earn. Otherwise, it will not be long before things get out of hand and you land up in big trouble.

38. Dream of Having Poison from Your Scar

When you dream about having poison either from your or some other person’s injury, it denotes that you will become skillful in a new job. The skills can help you attain growth and enhance your level of income.

It also means that you will overpower your enemy, whom you have been afraid of. Your confidence level will be sky high and that would make you soar ahead of your rivals in no time.

39. Dream of Making Poison

This dream sequence states that you feel the need to punish someone, who had hurt, outraged, or led you on the wrong path. 

It refers to that person who had caused problems with their actions, resulting in great trouble.

40. Dream of Giving Poison to Your Enemy

When you are giving poison to your enemy in a dream, it means that there will be a whole lot of disappointment among people. 

This could be because you might fail to live up to their level of expectations.

It could also happen that the disappointment in people may not have anything to do with you. 

Perhaps, they are concerned about how things are going on around the world, how youngsters will manage to secure jobs in tough economic conditions, etc.

41. Dream of Pouring Rat Poison on Your Enemy

You can have a dream in which you are pouring rat poison on your enemy. It carries a positive omen for your real life.

The sequence states that you will overcome all kinds of obstacles on your way toward achieving your goals. 

42. Dream of Poisoning Elders in Leadership Positions

Have you dreamed about giving poison to elders in leadership positions? It means that you will either receive money from unexpected sources or get a promotion.

43. Dream of a Girl Pouring Poison on Her Friend

As a girl, you can develop the dream of nurturing a notorious idea of pouring poison on your friend. 

It signifies that in your real life, you have every reason to suspect that her friend would cheat her.

She might try out all possible ways to put her down in front of others and also leave her behind during times of need. Take this as a warning sign and try to stay away from this person.

44. Dream of the Death of Your Enemies after Drinking Poison

If you come across a dream scenario in which you see that your enemies have died after consuming poison, it contains a positive meaning for your waking life.

The scenario states that you will manage the allotment of the right kind of duties to the right people and let them work to their satisfaction. 

Ultimately, you will secure a leadership position in the field of your preference.

45. Dream of Poisoning Your Best Friend

The dream sequence in which you are poisoning your best friend happens to be a symbol of bad luck. 

You might well have to undergo situations when things will never work out in your favor.

No amount of effort will be sufficient for you to achieve success. 

Your mind will struggle to find out ways through which you can change your circumstances and bring forth the much-needed improvement.

46. Dream of a Person Stealing Poison

Dreaming of an individual stealing poison from you denotes that you will beat your enemy by using their tricks and weapons. 

Right now, he is in a weak state and it happens to be the perfect time for you to strike.

Despite this, there is someone who will soon uncover all your dark secrets from others. 

Nevertheless, you will make out exactly what that person should do and use the opportunity to spread rumors about them.

47. Dream of Sucking Snake Poison Out of Body

Have you ever dreamed of sucking snake poison out of your body? It means that you should look out for gossip and rumors that go on among people at your back. 

You should remain cautious about discussing your concerns, mysteries, and fears with others.

People can take undue advantage of your crucial information and use it against you in the future. Keep a watch on the signs of distrust from one of your dear ones.

48. Dream of Sucking Snake Poison from Someone’s Body

You can even dream that you are sucking out snake poison from your friend or relative’s body. 

It is a sign that others will judge them for the choices they make and the mentality with which they tackle different situations in life.

You would make it a point to ensure that you are always by their side and pardon them for their behavior.

49. Dream of Throwing Away Poison

The dream about throwing away poison proves that you will manage to overcome negative circumstances. It will only happen through putting forth a considerable amount of effort.

Any kind of lackadaisical approach would make things even more complicated. You would struggle to find any proper way out and keep messing things up.

50. Dream of Doctor Recommending Poison as Medicine

This scenario comes up to warn you about the affair that you will soon indulge yourself with another person. It will make you realize the risks associated with the same.

Carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages to become sure of the fact that the risk is indeed quite rewarding.

51. Dream of a Girl Using Poison on Her Rival

A girl can dream about using poison to get rid of her competitor. It is an indication that she does not know how to allow her partner to spend life with her.

Perhaps, she always has problems with anything that her partner does. There is no freedom for the partner and always wishes for things to go according to how she wants.

Dream Meaning of Different People about Poison

You come across different kinds of people in your lifetime and they all can dream of poison. 

The dreams appear to give them some crucial information in the form of advice or warning and help them lead better lives.

Let us briefly discuss the scenarios below:

52. Dream of a Man about Poison

When a man sees poison in his dream, it means that he is hopeful of bringing an end to the frustration he feels about his career.

He is already putting in the requisite effort and has the confidence to turn things around sooner rather than later.

53. Dream of a Woman about Poison

This plot states that she feels her embarrassment and unhappiness in her family life will go away in no time. 

The dream of seeing her family members leading their lives with love and togetherness would soon become a reality.

54. Dream of a Doctor about Poison

The doctor’s dream of poison denotes that he is happy about the significant impact, which his medical practice is creating on humanity. He is becoming popular day by day.

His popularity is showing up with the increase in his level of income. This has ensured that he can raise his standard of living and lead a happy life.

55. Dream of a Patient about Taking Poison

When the dream scenario of poison consumption comes up in a patient’s dream, it does not augur well for his health. It is a sign that his condition will become worse.

56. Dream of an Unemployed Person about Poison

If you are unemployed and happen to dream of poison, it shows that you will soon secure a job. Hopefully, you will become free from tension and focus on building a great future.

57. Dream of a Husband about Giving Poison to Wife

How would you feel, if as a husband, you see yourself giving poison to your wife in a dream? 

It is quite obvious that you will feel terrible after waking up. Fortunately, this scenario carries a positive connotation.

The dream means that there is a deep level of love and understanding between you and your wife. Both of you lead a happy and fun-filled life.

58. Dream of a Wife about Giving Poison to Husband

As a wife, when you dream of giving poison to your husband, it indicates that her love for her husband will grow. Moreover, it also predicts a long and healthy life for him.

Miscellaneous Dream Meaning of Poison

There are various other kinds of poison dreams that you can see, apart from the ones we have discussed so far in this article.

Let us explore dreams that are directly or indirectly related to you and may impact your life.

59. Dream of Blood Poisoning

When you see blood poisoning in your dream, it means that you will gain spiritual enlightenment and balance. 

You are getting a whole new light on an issue that has been troubling your mind.

There is no connection between your feelings and your thought process. This scenario signals perception. 

Probably, you are looking for someone to express the feelings that are going on inside your mind.

60. Dream of Mercury Poisoning

Mercury poisoning in your dream warns of making inappropriate and wrong decisions. They would lead to further problems in life and make things miserable for you to sustain.

61. Dream of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

When you come across poisonous gas like carbon monoxide in your dream, it states that you will face problems due to a lack of seriousness. 

You are always in the mood to have fun and this attitude will lead you into a lot of trouble.

It is high time that you start thinking about the nitty-gritty of life seriously and prevent yourself from facing unnecessary issues.

62. Dream of Poisoning Leading to Hospitalization

Dreaming about getting hospitalized because of poisoning suggests that you do not have confidence in your abilities. You tend to doubt yourself a lot.

There is no surety whether you will ever realize what you are capable of achieving only if you back your capabilities. Trusting yourself is the first step toward success in life.

Spiritual Meaning of Dream of Poison

The dream of poison from a spiritual perspective refers to the fact that several things are stalling your spiritual progress.

You are unable to look deep within yourself and find out your true self. It is becoming difficult for you to understand your exact purpose in life.

Somehow, you fail to find any reason why you are doing something in your life. 

Perhaps, there is a higher perspective, but you are unable to find any lead to get a proper understanding.

Psychological Interpretation of Poison Dream

The psychological meaning behind this poison dream is that the beliefs and ideas of people might negatively impact your thinking process.

It also states that the dream would make you feel bad, especially if you are a sensitive person. You will not manage to turn things in your favor, despite putting in sufficient effort.

Moreover, if you feel that some idea or feeling does not seem quite beneficial for your life, do not pursue them. 

There will be people around, who will try to influence you but pay attention to their intentions and avoid suffering.

Islamic Perspective of Dream of Poison

When we look at the Islamic meaning behind this dream of poison, it refers to money. You have a great chance of making a profit from your investment.

Another interpretation of this perspective warns you about going through the phase of distress and sorrow. This can happen when situations in your life do not go as you wish.

Please check out the video given below to better understand this dream of poison and its interpretations-

Closing Comments

The dream of poison paints a pessimistic picture that tries to address adverse conditions, your unconscious parts, and individuals with a negative mindset.

All of these cause a tremendous amount of damage to your psyche and overall personality. You tend to doubt your abilities and always feel whether things will go in your favor.

Depending on how poison appears in your dream, you can find a way to sort out where the problem lies. It tries to tell you the importance of backing your instincts.