What Does It Mean to Dream about Shoes?

Dream about Wearing New Shoes

If you were wearing new boots in a dream, you will be lucky.

Dream of Buying Shoes

Buying shoes signifies you have a change of feeling for someone or something.

Dream of Selling Shoes

It indicates that you are ready to exchange your time and effort for something you value.

Dream of Wearing Mismatched Shoes

It indicate that you rushing matters regarding something.

 Someone Steals Your Shoes in Dream

Dreams of stolen shoes represent missed opportunities.

Seeing Torn Shoes in Dreams

Dreaming of torn shoes could mean your approach to a situation is no longer working.

Taking Off a Shoe & Wear Another in a Dream

It could mean you are trying to change your approach to life or a situation.

Wearing Wet Shoes in Dreams

Wet shoes could be an indication that you are feeling overwhelmed by your emotions.

Dream of Wearing Shoes Gifted by Someone

It could  mean that someone expects you to walk on a certain life path.

 Dream of Many Shoes

This dream symbolize abundance and options in terms of wealth and opportunities.

Dream about Shoes with Sand

This dream stands for inconveniences and hurdles concerning your tasks that only you are aware of.

Shoe dreams are instrumental in shaping your life for the better, making it impossible for us to brush them away as mere dreams without meanings.