Shoes are style statements. A pair of shoes either completes the overall outlook or brings it down. It has the potential to transform a not-so-glamorous outfit into one. On the other hand, a wrong choice of shoes is also powerful enough to degrade your whole look, however classy your outfit is. But what about seeing or wearing shoes in dreams?

Usually, dreams are symbolic of what you go through in real life. And having shoe dreams may indicate or warn you of life matters such as relationships, people, and feelings. 

We have prepared a complete guide on anything and everything related to shoe dreams. Let’s delve deep and find out.

Meaning of Shoes in a Dream - Decoding Various Interpretations
Meaning of Shoes in a Dream – Decoding Various Interpretations

What Does It Mean to See Shoes in Dreams?

Shoes in dreams indicate crucial life happenings – misfortunes and events worth throwing a party over. It also hints at hidden aspects of the dreamer’s life.

Just as food and clothing, having a pair of shoes on our feet is a necessity for each one of us. However, most of us do not prefer to wear just any shoe we lay our hands on. We tend to wear different types according to the occasion and the weather. We are also picky when it comes to color because we don’t want them at odds with our outfits. 

In the same manner, seeing different types of shoes in dreams may signify different meanings. There is no saying that all shoe dreams indicate a particular this or that. Shoes are a part of how we present ourselves to others. But when we see them in our dreams, they have a lot more to say than mere appearances and presentations. Interestingly, shoes in dreams may be related to crucial life matters such as career, relationships, and life.

Biblical Meaning of Shoes in Dreams

Shoes are mentioned repetitively in the Holy Bible. They are used concerning our life path and also our will to serve the Lord. 

Shoes in Dreams: Meanings and Interpretations

Shoes appearing in dreams may have both positive and negative connotations. From appearance to unexpected wealth to relationships, shoes in dreams can be interpreted differently. Let’s find out some of the most common meanings.

New Beginnings

We put on shoes when we are about to undertake a journey or go someplace. Likewise, dreaming of shoes often symbolizes the beginning of a journey. Such dreams are common when we are about to start something new in life.

So, if you keep dreaming of shoes when you are about to have a major shift in life, don’t be surprised, it’s nothing uncommon.

Life Path

We wear different types of shoes for various purposes. Whichever it is, they are meant to give us comfort. Shoes appearing in dreams often give an insight into the life path we are treading.

For instance, a pair of shoes that fits you perfectly means you are happy and content with your life and the people around you. 

Hidden Aspects

If what you see in your dream is someone’s pair of shoes without the full-frame or the body, it could mean that you are missing the bigger picture or perspective. You may have focussed on just one aspect of a situation and ignored the rest.

A vague shoe image in dreams could mean you failed to have a clear vision of your life. However hard you work, if you are not aware of your vision, all may turn out to be futile. 

Standing Up for Yourself

Most of the time, we give in to others’ wishes and desires, ignoring our own. Ultimately, people started taking our words and actions for granted. Having shoe dreams could also be warning you not to keep on succumbing to others.

It could be a wake-up call for you to start listening to your own wishes. Remember, your life is your own. Be your life’s own driver, and do not hand over the keys to others.


We can make out the personality and social standing of a person from the types of shoes he/she wears. However, we must also remember that they are just a part and not the whole of who we are and what we are.

If you dream of a brand shoe you like with a part or parts of its style missing, it indicates that you are not comfortable being your genuine self around some people. It may also mean you are not in alignment with your soul’s true purpose.

Grounding Forces

Footwears are what connect our body to the ground and the grounding energy. When there is a balance of the spiritual, mental, and physical self, a person can be termed as grounded.

Not many have a perfect balance of these different aspects. Shoes in dreams can also be an indication that some things are off in your life. Most probably, it is your subconscious mind warning you of the need to maintain balance in life.

If you were walking barefooted in your dream, it could be a sign that you need to connect better with your physical world and maintain a balance with those around you and your surroundings.

Career and Work

Shoes in dreams may also indicate the types of roles we play in our lives. If you see the shoes you often wear to work or something similar to that, your dream may be associated with your current job. Reflect upon your responsibilities.

Take into account your feelings for the particular job you have taken up because the shoe in your dream may have more meaning than you can think of.

If you have a dream wherein you couldn’t find the shoes you often wear to work, it could indicate disharmony between your professional and personal lives. It could also mean that you lack confidence and do not feel secure in your current job.

Different Perspectives

If the dream seems to be focused on seeing things differently, it can sometimes mean a new perspective or different approach is necessary to make further progress. 

80 Examples of Shoes in Dreams and their Interpretations!

1. What does it mean to see brand new shoes?

In most cases, brand new shoes are a positive sign indicating self-confidence and unbounded success in business ventures.

Another interpretation of this dream suggests a trip somewhere that you will soon undertake.

Yet another interpretation is that you will soon attend amazing social gatherings. 

Negatively, new shoes appearing in dreams may also represent a sickness. You or any of your near relations may fall sick

2. What does it mean to wear new shoes in a dream?

You will be lucky during this phase of life. Chances are, you will hit the jackpot and win a large sum of prize money. Get yourself a few lotto tickets, if you can, because Lady Luck is all yours during this time.

If you dream about wearing new shoes, it may also be a premonition of an upcoming trip. New shoes stand for journeys to distant lands.

If you were wearing new boots in a dream, you would be lucky. On the work front, it could also mean you will soon get a promotion.

3. What does it mean to buy shoes?

Buying shoes in dreams signifies you have a change of feeling for someone or something. If you had perceived a person or a thing in a bad light, chances are you may start seeing them in a positive way.

If you were planning to change your residence, there cannot be a better time than now. 

Dreams of buying shoes are a good sign and predict changes that will be fortunate for you. It may mean a will to start life on a fresh note- a new outlook towards life, new ideas, new skills, and new insights.

4. What does it mean to dream of selling shoes?

Selling shoes in your dream may mean you are ready to exchange your time and effort for something you value. It could be a job you are not very passionate about but one with a salary good enough to buy things you value.

Ultimately, it could mean that you are exchanging your time for good money. But you have to be very careful. As you pursue things you value, it is probable to miss out on other things you do not really like but are essential to you. 

Another interpretation of this dream is you are imparting knowledge to people that will help them stand on their feet later.

5. What does it mean to see old shoes?

If you have been saving up money and valuables to buy something, be very cautious. You will likely fall victim to deceit. 

On the other hand, seeing old shoes in dreams may also mean contented relationships between you and your loved ones. 

6. What do ripped shoes in dreams signify?

If you dream of ripped shoes that are on the verge of falling into pieces, a person who you rely heavily upon may be facing trouble. It may also be a thing that is most likely falling apart. Look around you and see the state of things and people who play vital roles in your life. And see if there is anything you can do for them.

7. What does wearing mismatched shoes signify?

We often put shoes in the wrong way when we are in haste. Likewise, dreams of wearing mismatched shoes may indicate you rushing matters regarding something. In an attempt to finish, you probably messed up the process, and whatever you have been planning may not turn out the way you want them to.

8. What does losing a pair of shoes in dreams indicate?

Such dreams are common after you experience a loss. It may indicate the end of a relationship or in the worst cases, it could mean the passing away of a near relation. On a lighter note, losing a shoe could also indicate difficult times with someone close to you.

A different interpretation is of you refusing to reciprocate a love offering.

9. What does it mean when someone steals your shoes?

Dreams of stolen shoes represent missed opportunities. Someone at your workplace may be trying to ruin your image, thus ripping you of opportunities to grow. On the flip side, if you are the one stealing someone’s shoes, you are trying to put that person at a disadvantage.

Another interpretation is that you will encounter a loss, because of which your perspective on life will change.

10. What do shoes with holes in them signify?

Dreaming of shoes with holes in them signifies weaknesses. Reflect upon your life and what you have been doing and try to locate those weaknesses. Seize the day and fix them while time allows because they may have a massive impact on your life and can become hurdles in achieving your goals.

11. What does it mean to see torn shoes?

Dreaming of torn shoes could mean your approach to a situation is no longer working. You might be under pressure to make a shift for things to work your way. 

It could also mean you are overdoing something when you do not possess enough experience to do so.  Torn shoes also stand for dishonor and shame.

12. What does it mean to be barefooted?

While the left foot stands for the female approach to life, the right represents the masculine approach to problems. If you have been having dreams wherein you are barefooted, you might be ungrounded in life. Most probably, you have low self-esteem and may lack confidence.

Going barefoot in dreams is also a sign that your life lacks security and support.

13. Take off a shoe and wear another

If you have dreams of changing from one shoe to another, it could mean you are trying to change your approach to life or a situation.

14. Wearing someone’s shoes

This dream is a sign that you will soon end a relationship with someone. Dreaming of wearing someone else’s shoes may also mean you are trying to fit in and take up the roles and responsibilities of the shoe owner. 

This could also mean that you feel like there are certain expectations for you and what you are supposed to do in life. You may feel like you are not being true to yourself. 

15. Wearing tight shoes

If you have dreams wherein you find yourself wearing tight shoes, you are likely to be deceived and stabbed by someone close to you. Troubles are on your way, and you may get into an argument with a family member. Whatever happens, refrain from throwing bad words to the other person concerned as there is a possibility of the situation getting ugly. 

On the professional front, it could also mean the projects that you have been working hard on will be a failure.

16. Wearing wet shoes

Dreams of wearing wet shoes are all about lies. Your partner may be very insincere to you at this point in life. It might also be your rivals making up lies to defame you and sabotage your life and career. Be very cautious as you will find it difficult to get out of the mess they put you in.

Wet shoes could also be an indication that you are feeling overwhelmed by your emotions. Your way of tackling problems and approaching situations may not be working. They will likely become your main concerns and sources of embarrassment.

17. Wearing shoes that do not fit

Dreaming of shoes that do not fit indicates that you are not being true to yourself. It is possible that your words are not in alignment with your actions or you may be resisting wishes or desires and pursuing something that conforms more to society.

You must take time and find out if what you are going after is what you really want in life because there is a high chance of you being at odds with your life calling.

18. Wearing shoes appropriate for the occasion

If you dream of wearing shoes appropriate to the occasion, you are a down-to-earth and grounded person. You may face a few struggles soon. Whatever it is, and however they persevere, you are all set to go on and tackle them.

19. Wearing inappropriate shoes

Not wearing appropriate shoes for an event could mean you are not prepared for some life situations. It could also be a sign that you are unwilling to live and go by other people’s expectations.

20. Wearing shoes gifted by someone

Wearing shoes gifted by someone in dreams symbolizes harmony, peace, and contentment in your present life. On the other hand, it could also mean that someone expects you to walk on a certain life path. 

21. Having many shoes

Too many shoes in a dream symbolize abundance and options in terms of wealth and opportunities. There is a high chance of you feeling overwhelmed and indecisive by the numerous options. Be cautious, however, because having a lot more than what you need may divert you from what you really need. You may even end up choosing the wrong one.

22. Shoes with sand

Walking in shoes with sand inside stands for inconveniences and hurdles concerning your tasks that only you are aware of. Slow down your journey, steer clear of the hindrances, and restart without the hurdles and the sand!

23. Forgetting to wear shoes

Forgetting to put on shoes in a dream indicates a lack of confidence. Most probably, you have been trying to be somebody you really are not, to be liked.

You might even have changed your beliefs and habits to the extent that your genuine self is getting shrouded by the fake one. Only after you shed the impersonating behavior will you be able to regain the lost confidence and self-esteem.

24. Wear nothing but shoes

In your dream, if you were wearing nothing but shoes, it could mean that you are not prepared to take action for the decisions you have made in life.

25. Wearing fancy and expensive shoes stand for

Wearing fancy shoes in a dream could be an implication that you are ambitious and want to achieve big things in life. If you continue to toil for what you want, your future will likely be bright and stable.

On the other hand, fancy shoes also relate to expensive hobbies which will give you nothing but short-term satisfaction.

26. Shoes bought recently appear in dreams

If a pair of shoes you bought recently in real life turned up in your dream, you will most probably go on a trip soon.

27. Clean shoes

Cleaned shoes appearing in your dream may mean you are doing your best and putting your best foot forward to accomplish your life goals.

28. Only a single shoe

A single shoe in a dream could signify that you are missing out on some parts of yourself and not feeling balanced. This could also mean you are not prepared to take up new roles and responsibilities that you have been thinking of taking up. Such dreams are also an indication that you have failed to find like-minded people who understand you.

Another interpretation of seeing only one side of the pair indicates that someone wants you desperately. If the dreamer is a woman, there is a man around who is so much in love with her.

29. Favorite pair of shoes

If you dream about wearing your favorite pair of shoes, you have come to terms and have accepted who you really are.

30. Shoes in a closet

Dreaming of shoes in a closet represents characteristics that you have been resisting. You are in denial and have not yet accepted some of your personality traits.

31. Others were adoring your new shoes

People adoring your new shoes in a dream is a message from God or your higher consciousness. Until you get to know them better, refrain from talking about yourself to your new acquaintances. 

32. Shoe shopping

A shoe store appearing in a dream means you will gain wealth. Going shoe shopping could mean you have a strong desire to travel to a foreign land. However, if you end up not buying any shoes, it means you will cancel and back off from your travel plans.

33. Fixing and repairing shoes

In your dream, if you were fixing your own shoes or taking them to the shoemaker, it means that you have difficult times which will pass only through hard work. It could also mean you are likely to pick up and resume an action you had left off midway.

34. Shoe dreams on Saturdays and Sundays

If you have shoe dreams on Saturdays or Sunday nights, brace yourself to face difficult days ahead. You must be in control of your emotions as even the most trivial matters will disturb you.

35. Polish shoes in a dream

Polishing shoes in dreams is a representation of you trying to set an excellent first impression. The act of polishing stands for your attempts to look perfect and polished to people.

36. A stranger wearing your shoes

A stranger wearing your shoes in a dream is an omen. There is a very high chance of your partner falling head over heels in love with another person.

37. Washing/cleaning shoes

If you had dreams wherein you were washing or cleaning shoes, you may connect and rekindle relationships with people from your past.

38. Dirty shoes

Dreams that include dirty shoes have various interpretations. Soiled shoes are an indication that if you carry on criticizing people, you will be surrounded by enemies. Be wary of your actions because it is likely that you will face grave consequences because of reckless decisions. 

Be careful of who you let into your circle. Most probably, someone is trying to use your trust to his/her advantage.

If you were not disturbed by the mud-stained shoes, it means you are persistent, resilient, and are ready to work your way towards your life goals. However, if you let the dirt or mud get on your nerves, it could mean you feel unprepared to face the challenges that are on your way.

A slightly dirty shoe indicates that you have become lethargic. Perhaps you are slacking off and not paying attention to your work and habits as you used to. Shoes completely soiled is an implication that life has been very hard on you.

39. Take off shoes in a dream

Taking off shoes in a dream associates the end of a relationship. Another interpretation of this dream is that you are giving up on your approach to a situation. You may have realized that certain ideas or methods will be futile. 

The dream also relates to backing off from a challenge. It may also be your subconscious mind warning you that you are giving up a little too easily. 

40. Admires the new shoe on his/her feet

Admiring new shoes on one’s own feet in a dream represents significant growth financially.

41. If the dreamer was unable to find shoes

Having difficulty in finding your shoes represents feelings of being unable to approach a situation with confidence. You might be feeling that your methods to solve a problem will not work according to plan.

42. Setting your shoes on fire

A dream like this is a warning. In pursuit of another aspect of life, you are subconsciously sabotaging your own dreams and ambitions.

43. Put shoes inside a box

If you have been having this dream, it means you are withholding travel plans to tend to other matters that need your attention.

44. Someone else fastens the shoes

If someone other than you fastened your shoelaces in your dream, it is an indication that you wish to have a healthy connection with that person. In this case, the other person involved needs to be someone you know in real life.

However, if he/she is an unknown or a deceased person, it means that certain aspects of your life need improvement. It also means that you have to wait for unexpected help to make your life better.

45. Putting on shoes and tying the shoelaces

Putting shoes on and tying the laces in a dream is a sign that you are now well prepared to begin a new journey in your life.

46. Broken high heels

If you dream of broken high heels, it indicates troubles related to your sexual life.

Broken heels in dreams also stand for divergent friends.

47. Wearing big shoes

Shoes too big for you in a dream stand for inadequateness. Perhaps you have had a promotion, but you have not come to accept it wholeheartedly as you still harbor feelings of inadequateness to take up the roles and responsibilities required.

48. Old and worn-out shoes

Worn-out shoes in a dream stand for unrequited love. Initially, you might have convinced yourself that the other person will reciprocate the love and care you have shown towards them if you show them how much you love and care for them.

However, as time passes, you are beginning to question yourself if you will ever receive the feelings you seek. Basically, you are getting worn out and asking yourself if it will be worth the investment in the end.

49. What do one’s shoes in a dream stand for?

If shoes that you possess in real life appeared in your dreams, it indicates a fresh start.

50. Working in a shoe store

In your dream, if you worked in a store where it was your duty to lay out different shoes on the shelves, it means a purchase you made recently will please you and make you feel content for a very long time.

Moreover, if you were helping customers select their shoes, it indicates that you will very soon discover a talent that you were not aware of possessing.

51. When a woman dreams of a man’s shoes

If a woman dreams of a man’s shoes, she will be blessed with a good man in her life.

52. Shoes hurt your feet

If your shoes hurt your feet in your dream, you are questioning your goals and directions in life. You may be hesitating to address certain life issues.

53. Dreams of wearing heels

When a man’s pride has been severely wounded due to some unpleasant incidents, he is likely to dream of himself in high heels. The point is not to be too carried away as everyone has their share of bad days and good days.

54. Try on shabby shoes

If you see shabby boots displayed in a store and try them on in a dream, it indicates difficulties in promoting projects. And if you could not take it off, the trouble that you will face is going to be pretty bad and ugly.

55. Squeaky shoes

If you dream of squeaky shoes, many of your secrets related to your personal life will likely get exposed. You may get entangled in scandals and unpleasant situations.

56. Torn shoe soles

Shoes with torn soles in a dream indicate the breaking up of old ties, relationships, and estrangement from friends and companions.

57. Shoes without soles represent

Shoes with soles coming off in a dream mean your present relationship with the opposite sex is boring. The great Nostradamus explains that it is a sign from Providence warning your current relationship will serve you well no more. However, things have a high chance of getting better if it is repairable in the dream. If not, it indicates nothing good.

According to psychologists, it is not always a bad sign to see shoes with soles coming off in a dream. Soles come off when shoes wear off. Worn-off shoes symbolize adventurous travels around the world.

58. If you lost your shoes and had no hope of finding them

Did you dream of losing shoes with no hopes of getting them back? This dream scenario suggests breaking off relations that have not been serving you well.

Don’t be too worried about letting that person go since destiny has other different plans for you. Possibly, in the near future, you will meet someone who proves to be much better for you. 

59. Someone puts fancy shoes on you causing the admiration of others

Dreaming of someone putting on beautiful shoes on your feet causing others to admire you means you will have someone new in your life. It might be a lover or a rich patron. This person will pamper you like a kid and shower you with gifts, and you will be the object of others’ envy.

60. Wear and flaunt shoes given by a loved one

If you dream of wearing and flaunting the shoes presented by your loved one, it means you are showing off your love affairs. You should refrain from doing this as it might lead to a scandal.

61. Finding missing shoes

Dreams about finding missing shoes indicate that you have regained your foothold in life. Likely, you are back on the right path again.

62. Try someone else’s shoes

Trying someone else’s shoes in a dream indicates your evil intentions towards that person and his/her family. You might be trying to ruin their family life.

63. Shoes with untied laces

Shoelaces in dreams are very symbolic. It is what ties your feet to the short. When you dream of wearing shoes with untied laces, it is an indication that you have lost your hold and balance in life.

64. Throw shoes

Dreams of throwing shoes have various interpretations. If it was a dream wherein you threw old shoes at a newly wedded couple, it means you have minor issues that need to be taken care of. Yet another interpretation is that you want nothing to do with the person who you have thrown shoes at.

65. Ugly shoes

Dreaming of ugly shoes could mean gossip and hateful stories of you being passed around to harm your status.

66. A shoemaker

Ancient Persian tradition believes that a shoemaker in a dream brings forth trouble in real life.

67. Biting on a shoe

Dreams of biting on shoes are an indication that there is an emptiness in your life. Basically, you are trying to fill in the void by traveling.

68. Wear different shoes

Wearing different shoes in a dream represents feelings and emotions about conflicting approaches to a situation. It may also indicate difficulty in adjusting to new conditions of living. Two different shoes also stand for duality.

Perhaps you are a single father who needs to play the role of a mother too at home. You may have to cater to the wishes of your child and act according to his/her whims while being an authoritative figure at the workplace.

69. Shoes too small for you

It may indicate that you are trying to or forcing others to see things from your perspective. It may be a good idea to step back and look at things from a broader perspective.

If you dream of shoes that are too cramped and small for you, it may mean that your approach to a situation or event is too limiting and ineffective. 

70. Wear comfortable shoes

You are happy and content in your environment. You are on the right track to achieve your life objectives without feelings of pressure.

71. Carry shoes in a bag

Dreams of putting your shoes inside a bag and carrying them mean you are vulnerable about your own convictions.

72. Shoes are blackened

If you see blackened shoes in a dream, the upcoming days and months will be kind to you. Your work affairs and relationships will considerably improve.

73. Glittery shoes

Have you been feeling suffocated in your emotional life? Good times are here again. Glittery shoes in dreams means those days of suffocation will soon be over.

You may soon receive physical pleasure. The encounter doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic and sensual. It might be a visit to the spa and masseur. 

74. Wear uncomfortable shoes

If you dream of wearing uncomfortable shoes, you are likely to argue with your partner. It may arise from your partner getting jealous of other people around out leading them to suspect your relationship with those in your circle.

75. Forgetting your shoes

Dreaming of forgetting your shoes suggests that you are ignoring your inhibitions and travel plans. 

76. Wearing odd shoes

If you dream of putting on an inappropriate pair of shoes for an event it could mean you are heading in the wrong direction.

77. If a woman wears men’s boots

In this case, if the dreamer is a woman, it means her man is overprotective of her. He may be in control of her life’s every step, and she might be wary of trying to live by his wishes. 

78. Store shoes

Storing or hoarding shoes in dreams means you are facing troubles going forward in life.

79. Designer shoes

Buying high-end designer shoes in dreams indicates people giving you valuable pieces of advice. However, wearing such types of shoes could mean you are on the giving end.

80. Invisible shoes

Dreaming of invisible shoes means people want to spend quality time with you.

Different Types of Shoes in Dreams and Their Meanings

When you have shoe dreams, you must also be very specific while imploring its meaning because interpretations differ according to the shoe types, color, and context. Let’s find out what the different types of shoes indicate when they appear in dreams.

1. Wedding Shoes

Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime happening and are meant to last lifelong. These types of shoe dreams stand for a long time, if not a lifetime commitment. 

2. Dancing Shoes

Dancing shoes indicate that you need to find the rhythm of your life’s journey. If you dreamt of performing, wearing dance shoes, it means you are now ready to be in the limelight. If you are a person who is into dance, it could mean that you are doing something that gives you happiness and that you should try to expand the horizon to bring more happiness into your life.

However, if you are someone who hates dance of any sort, the dance shoes in your dream could mean you being forced into a situation that seems out of place to you. 

If you dream of ballet shoes, it could also mean you are being cautious and are walking tip-toe around somebody.

3. Clown Shoes

If clown shoes appear in your dreams, your subconscious mind is reminding you to be less serious in your approaches towards life and goals. Sometimes, less is more. Instead of overstressing and overdoing, approaching situations and problems less seriously gives the best solution.

4. Sandals and Flip-Flops

We occasionally take time off from our hectic schedule and hit the beach. What do we wear then? A pair of sandals or flip-flops, right? Similarly, these types of footwear appearing in dreams indicates that you need to take some time off for yourself and go on a vacation.

Sandals in dreams could also mean a balance between sharing parts of us with the rest of the world while protecting ourselves at the same time. In other words, a balance between the desirable and the necessary.

5. Running Shoes or Sneakers

Running shoes in dreams may mean you are all set for the race towards your life goals. Sneakers are one of the most comfortable types of footwear. They appearing in dreams could also mean you are playing the cool guy and taking things too casually and less seriously than you should.

In short, feeling too comfortable and settled in life. It could also be a sign that you are taking the easy and comfortable road, ignoring responsibilities and duties in the process.

6. High-heels

Women love high-heels, but they are also notorious for the discomfort they give. These shoes in dreams may indicate that you are uncomfortable in the life path you are walking.

These types of shoes also stand for romantic encounters. You may attend a party where you will hook up with a person of the opposite sex.

High-heels in dreams may also indicate a possibility of you traveling abroad for work-related matters.

7. Platform Shoes

Platform shoes often appear in dreams when you feel inferior and not confident of your worth. Because of this, you resort to external appearances to make up for what you lack and what is missing in your life.

8. Sports Shoes

Sports shoes in dreams mean you are competing against your competitors and rivals.

9. Boots

There are different types of boots such as knee-high boots, combat boots, snow boots, gumboots, etc. Each has a purpose. Similarly, when they appear in dreams, they carry different meanings according to their types and context. However, the most common type of dream interpretation for boots is the uncertain feelings you have for conflicting life situations and events.

10. Baby Shoes

Dreaming of baby shoes may stand for innocence, purity, and tenderness. In some cases, it could also mean someone around you is about to have a baby. This may mean a new beginning or a new life chapter.

It could also mean releasing anxiety that you have been experiencing on account of starting something new in life. In some cases, seeing baby shoes may be a wish-fulfillment dream. If you have been trying to get pregnant in reality, you may have some good news coming your way. 

11. Thin/Flat/Flimsy Shoes

Life is certainly not a bed of roses. You are about to face some minor life obstacles if you dream of such types of shoes. But the good news is, you will not let those problems get in the way of bigger life goals.

Dreaming of slippers is a bad sign of you getting into an alliance that is not favorable. For instance, if you are an unmarried man, you may get into a relationship with a married lady that is neither desirable nor acceptable by family and friends.

12. Stilettos

Dreaming of stilettos generally means a relationship is going to be straining in the future. It also indicates that you have too many life restrictions if you were either wearing or buying one in your dream.

Different Shoe Colors in Dreams and their Interpretations

1. Black Shoes Meaning

Black shoes in dreams stand for stability in your professional life. If you were wearing black shoes, a few changes happened which altered you significantly. Whatever change it is, it struck suddenly and happened so fast, yet turned out to be one of the best.

Black shoes may also symbolize hidden feelings, which lead to misunderstandings and arguments with people you care for and love.

2. White Shoes Meaning

The color white is all about purity, innocence, and virginity. Dreaming of white dress shoes may mean dealing with a situation in life with the best intention and no harm in mind. It also stands for fresh beginnings either in your personal or professional lives or both.

You or any close relation may tie the wedding knot very soon.

3. Red Shoes Meaning

Interpretation of red shoes in dreams differ according to the gender of the dreamer. If you are a man, someone will seek your wise opinions on a matter, since you are respected for your experience in the related field.

In case the dreamer is a woman, the interpretation has a negative connotation. It means you are trying to seek the attention of a man in the wrong way. Basically, it indicates that your way of approaching the situation is incorrect and shows signs of disrespect for the other person’s feelings to achieve your objectives.

The color red usually stands for passion. Seeing blood-red shoes in your dream may also mean the possibility that you will get into a romantic relationship soon.

4. Silver Shoes Meaning

Silver shoes imply imagination and creativity.

5. Golden Shoes Meaning

Golden shoes stand for success in business ventures. They also represent abundance in terms of wealth. But the focus may not be on how wealthy you are but on how you want others to know of your prosperousness.

6. Glittery Shoes Meaning

If you dream of glittery, shiny shoes, it is an indication that your talents and achievements will be recognized.

7. Brown Shoes Meaning

If you see brown shoes in your dream, it may be trying to tell you to give yourself a break. You are taking life way too seriously. Everybody wishes to succeed in life.

And at this phase, you might be focused on business success and doing everything flawlessly. Nevertheless, your dream is a reminder that no one is and can be perfect. You must also take time off occasionally and enjoy the small pleasures of life. 

Brown shoes in dreams also denote a harmonious family life.

8. Orange Shoes Meaning

Dreaming of orange-colored shoes indicates that you have many friends and well-wishers because of your outgoing nature.

9. Yellow Shoes Meaning

The color yellow stands for contentment. If you see yellow shoes, it could mean you are on your path to wisdom. 

10. Blue Shoes Meaning

If you dream of blue shoes, it is a warning, to be honest in your endeavors. Generally, blue represents calmness and contentment. Another meaning of blue shoes in dreams may mean that you are stable emotionally.

11. Green Shoes Meaning

You are likely to experience growth shortly. Green represents nature. Interestingly, green shoes popping up in dreams may also signify your connection to mother nature.

12. Pink Shoes Meaning 

Pink shoes in dreams stand for you receiving love and affection.

13. Gray Shoes Meaning

You are likely to feel isolated, gloomy, and lonely while walking your life path.

14. Purple Shoes Meaning

Purple shoes appearing in your dreams mean you will receive wealth as a result of your projects. 

Materials of Shoes in Dreams and their Meanings

It is also crucial to consider the material(s) of the shoe that appeared in your dreams. Some common ones are-

1. Leather Shoes Meaning

Leather is known for its durability and resistance. No matter what you are going through, you will stay safe from danger and harm. If there have been conflicts within your family, rest assured as they will soon be resolved.

2. Glass Shoes Meaning

Shoes made of glass symbolizes a metamorphosis. You are ready and open for life transitions. You will appear fragile during this period due to the transformation that is about to happen. Glass shoes appearing in your dreams may also mean that you need to focus more on how people see you.

3. Rubber Shoes Meaning

As the name suggests, encountering rubber shoes in dreams may be a warning to be very careful while walking the life path. Be cautious and avoid pitfalls that may bring you down.

4. Wooden Shoes Meaning

They stand for inflexibility. If you are not open to negotiations and changes, it is very likely for you to be lonely in the walks of life. 

As mentioned above, dreams that include shoes do not carry the same meaning. To be very specific about the significance of your shoe dream, you must recall the shoe type. Also, note the color, material, and other minute details such as, what else was present alongside the shoe in that particular dream. 

Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Settling On An Interpretation

Try asking these questions before delving deep into the meaning and interpretation of your shoe dream. Only after you have an answer to all or most of these questions will you be able to determine the significance of your dream.

After which, you can use it for self-discovery and empower yourself to do better in areas that need improvement.

  1. What are the ways you can think of that relate your dream to reality?
  2. Was anyone present in the dream? Do you know them? How do you feel about them?
  3. What was the overall setting of the dream?
  4. Which type of shoe did you dream about? What about the color and the material? Also, take note of the condition of the shoe?
  5. Was anything else present in the dream?
  6. What was the most prevalent color in the dream?

Parting Words:

An object as insignificant yet necessary as a pair of shoes is powerful enough to warn and indicate you of your shortcomings. Shoe dreams are instrumental in shaping your life for the better, making it impossible for us to brush them away as mere dreams without meanings.

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