What Does It Mean to Dream of Rejection?

Dream of rejecting someone

It indicates some negative emotions that you are experiencing at this moment in real life.

Dream of being rejected for a job

It represents your lack of respect and confidence in your abilities.

Dream of rejecting food

It means that there are several things that you need to be cautious about.

Dream of your friends rejecting you to help

If your friends are rejecting you to help in your dream that symbolizes a lack of trust in your life.

Dream about rejecting money

Rejecting money into your dream is a symbol of your adaptability to any situation in life.

Dreaming about rejecting a hug

Rejecting a hug from someone in a dream represents your loneliness.

Dream of rejecting your child

If you are rejecting your own child in a dream that is a symbol of your lack of faith in yourself.

Dreams about rejection can indicate all your subconscious thoughts about yourself and all your hidden emotions. The situation you are experiencing at this moment can also reflect in your dream.