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28 Different Dreams Of Rejection And Their Meaning

28 Different Dreams Of Rejection And Their Meaning

Updated on Jan 23, 2023 | Published on Jul 05, 2022

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Dreams of Rejection - 28 Scenarios and Their Interpretations

Dreams of rejection can reflect your subconscious mind, motivating you to work on your confidence level. So that you can start fresh. No matter how many times you fail, you need to stand up and get moving. 

In this article, you can find out the exact meaning of all probable types of dreams that you are experiencing about rejection. 

Dream of Rejection - 28 Scenarios and Their Interpretations
Dream of Rejection – 28 Scenarios and Their Interpretations

Dream of Rejection – General Interpretations

Dreams about rejection can indicate all your subconscious thoughts about yourself and all your hidden emotions. The situation you are experiencing at this moment can also reflect in your dream. 

Rejection can ruin your self-esteem and the faith you have in yourself. Rejection in your dream may indicate your greatest fear in life. There may be some unpleasant moments that you are trying hard to avoid but it is reflected through your dreams. 

Some of these dreams can also reflect your actual feelings about not being appreciated for something good that you have done in real life. 

You may feel that you are not worthy enough or you do not deserve to be happy subconsciously and these thoughts are creating certain dreams. 

1. Low self esteem

If you are not aware of your worth and taking yourself for granted this dream can represent that.

You are still now aware of your hidden talents and things that you can do. Sometimes you believe that you do not deserve something good in life for some reason. 

There is a lack of self esteem in your life. With these thoughts and feelings, nothing you do will be good enough to achieve something.  

This dream can be a warning from your subconscious that you should start giving value to yourself. Explore new things and find out about your hidden talents. 

2. Disappointment

You are not very satisfied or happy with yourself. Something from your past is still bothering you.

It is obvious that you have done something in your past, made some serious mistakes, and are still not over it. They are still affecting your life negatively. 

You have developed self doubts. You may believe that there is nothing you can do right. 

There is a lack of motivation in your life and it is making you lazy. You are not ready to get out of bed and try doing something. Your subconscious is trying to send you a message through this dream that it is time to get up and find motivation.

3. Pressure

Rejection dreams can reveal all your pressure from life. You are afraid that you may be unable to fulfill all the expectations of the people around you. Everyone around may seem better than you for some reason and you are insecure that you may not be able to beat them. 

You are tired of all your responsibilities and goals in life and you do not want any part of them anymore. These things are feeling like a burden and make you suffer.

Having this dream indicates that you need to calm down first, take a break if needed and start fresh. Work on your insecurities and have faith in your abilities. 

4. Past experience

Something from your past can affect your future in some situations. If someone has made you feel bad about yourself or bullied you, that can create several insecurities and fears in life. That experience can ruin the faith you had in yourself. 

Any experience of rejection from someone close to your heart in real life can also affect your life. Certain experiences can create trauma.

You may not be able to take the initiative anymore because of the fear of rejection. You are not ready to go through the same once again. 

5. Change

Certain rejection dreams are a clear indication of a change in your life. Things will not be similar anymore. Something will definitely change soon and it may have a huge effect on you. 

The change can be both good and bad for you. This dream is a warning that you need to be prepared for anything that life has to offer. 

6. Relationship issues 

You are having some trouble in your romantic relationship and you both are not ready to do something about it. This is increasing the complication in the relationship and creates a barrier in between. 

There is a lack of communication and because of it, you both are not ready to talk About your emotions and feelings for each other. This dream is a reminder to gather all your courage and take the first step. 

Try to initiate a healthy conversation with your partner and discuss everything in detail. Talking about your problems will help you both to find a solution together.

It will eliminate the distance in between and bring your two closer. 

Dreams about Rejection – 28 Scenarios and Their Interpretations

Here we are going to discuss different scenarios of dreams about rejection and their meaning. 

1. Dream of rejecting someone

If you have a dream of rejecting someone that generally indicates some negative emotions that you are experiencing at this moment in real life. You want to get rid of the reasons that are causing these emotions. 

If you are feeling resentment towards anyone, this dream can be a reminder that you need to learn to forgive. Holding a grudge against someone can only affect your peace of mind. 

This dream can also indicate that you are trying to ignore the problems you are in. You may have started to lose interest in something or someone and it is bothering you.

No matter what the problem is, try to deal with it and resolve it, this will make your life easier. 

2. Dream of being rejected for a job

If you see yourself being rejected for a job that represents your lack of respect and confidence in your abilities. You may have developed a thought that you do not deserve the things you want from life. 

Your subconscious is trying to tell you that you should stop having self doubts and start believing in yourself. 

3. Dream of being rejected by your partner

Such dreams indicate that real things are not the same in your relationship anymore. You both are going through several changes and it is hard for you to cope.

You should take the initiative and start a conversation with your partner. 

Talk about the things bothering you and giving you a tough time. There is nothing that good communication can not solve. With proper discussion and a little effort, you both will be able to work on your issues and resolve them. 

4. Dream of being rejected by your mother

Being rejected by your mother in a dream indicates the pile of sadness you have inside your heart. You have some bad experiences in life and they are still affecting your life. 

You have done something wrong in your past. A specific incident or a specific person may have reminded you of that all of a sudden.

All your past wounds are reopened now and causing the pain you are experiencing at this point.  

5. Dream of rejecting food

If you are rejecting food in your dream that means that there are several things that you need to be cautious about. You take things way too casually sometimes and this behavior needs to change if you want a happy and healthy life. 

Be careful about your behavior and all your habits and try to improve them. They may have a huge effect on the people around you.

Being extra careful will help you eliminate all your bad behavior and develop some positive habits.

6. Dream of rejecting something

If you see yourself rejecting something material in a dream that indicates your desire to get rid of something in real life too. The situation you are in may have been forced on you. All you want is to avoid it and not progress at all. 

This dream can be a reminder from your subconscious that you need to take a stand and bring a conclusion to this situation.

If you really think that it is not important and does not have any good effects on your life, it will be wise for you to take a pause and think. 

Stop immediately if you do not want to continue anymore and move on with something else. You should not have to do something if you feel that is not good for you in any way. 

7. Dream of rejecting a gift

Such a dream is a clear indication that someone else is trying to take credit for something you have done. You have worked hard to complete that work and put your heart into it. You just prevent that person from taking all your credits and appreciation. 

This dream is a message from your subconscious that you need to stand up for yourself and take what is rightfully yours. Never let your hard work go in vain. With the efforts, you put in soon you will soon be able to achieve all your goals in life. 

8. Dream of being rejected for a visa

Getting rejected for a visa means you are not welcome in that country. Seeing this in your dreams may denote that you are worried about your future. You are not sure what your next step should be and you are trying to figure that out. 

You want prosperity and success in life but you are afraid of how much you can achieve in this life. You are afraid that you may fail and never be able to stand up again. 

There are several challenges that life may offer and you are afraid that you will be able to deal with them or not. 

9. Dream of your friends rejecting you to help

If your friends are rejecting you to help in your dream that symbolizes a lack of trust in your life.

You may have some trouble in your relationship with your friends or someone in your family. They may have done something to lose your trust and cause you pain. 

You need to be careful about who you choose to be surrounded with. Take the needed precautions so that no one can harm you or betray you in any way.

This dream is a reminder that blind trust can affect your life negatively and you should not put faith in just anyone. 

10. Dream of a rejected marriage proposal given by you

If you see someone rejecting you to marry in your dream that may indicate all your insecurities and doubts about yourself.

You are not very satisfied with your outlook for some reasons. Someone may have made you feel bad about yourself in the past and you are still not over it.

This dream can also symbolize that you may face several complications and challenges on the path towards your goal.

You have to be prepared to deal with them and cross all the barriers on the way to fulfill the purpose of your life and achieve success.

11. You are rejecting a marriage proposal in your dream 

If you are the one who is rejecting a marriage proposal in a dream, that means you are questioning the necessity of marriage in real life.

You are not yet ready to take the big step and take on the responsibilities that come with it. 

In real life, if you are about to get married and have this dream it indicates that your subconscious is having doubts about this decision.

The fear of making a wrong choice and having a messed up future can be the reason behind these confusions in your mind 

12. Dream about being rejected sexually

Dreaming about being sexually rejected by someone means things are not going well in your romantic relationship.

The love you had once is not the same anymore, it has started to fade away. It is creating a distance between you two. 

There may be several reasons behind this situation. Something they did may have hurt your feelings, you may have felt betrayed.

Something simple like a small misunderstanding, a small fight  or your inability to get to each other can also destroy a romantic relationship sometimes. 

13. Dream of your partner rejecting to kiss you

Dreaming about your partner rejecting to kiss you means a lack of communication in your romantic relationship in reality.

You are having some issues with your partner but none of you are ready to sit down and talk about it and find a solution. 

This lack of communication is increasing the complication in your relationship and creating a wall between you two.

If you are unable to talk your heart out in front of the person you are in love with, the relationship may not be happy and satisfying for a long time. 

Through this dream, your subconscious is trying to tell you that you should initiate a discussion with your partner and talk about your feelings for each other.

It will help to strengthen your bond and increase the love between you two. 

14. Dream of your colleagues rejecting you

If you see any of your colleagues rejecting you in a dream that often denotes unexpected help from someone.

You will receive support from some unexpected sources and it is going to be really beneficial for your life. This will get you going in your time of need. 

You can experience some unknown situations and meet new people soon in life. It can be a good learning exposure for you.

Be prepared and give your fullest and this situation may lead you in the right direction to achieve all your goals. 

15. Dream of a stranger rejecting you

Getting rejected by a stranger in your dream denotes a big change in life. Things are not going to be the same anymore and the change is going to have a huge effect on everything about you. 

It is not always necessary that this change will only be bad for you, maybe it can bring something good and positive along with it. 

Until you are in the situation it is hard to tell if the change will be good or bad for you. This dream is a reminder that you need to be prepared for everything life has to offer.

No matter what the situation is, keep calm and try to deal with it. 

16. Dream of being rejected by an ex

Getting rejected by your ex in a dream is a symbol of some opportunities to rectify all your mistakes. Everyone makes some mistakes in their life and nothing can be better than a change of rectification. 

Having this dream means soon you can get a chance to correct some of the mistakes you have made in life. 

This dream also implies that you need to learn some lessons from the things you have done wrong. Try not to repeat the same thing.

If your mistakes have hurt anyone or have caused any trouble, own up to them and seek forgiveness.  

17. Dream about rejecting money 

Rejecting money into your dream is a symbol of your adaptability to any situation in life.

You are holding back some negative thoughts or negative feelings which can be really harmful. You need to express these emotions instead of hiding them and letting them go off your chest. 

Such dreams also indicate your laziness and your inability to do hard work. You just want to relax and enjoy your life.

There is no sense of responsibility at all. Your carefree nature is holding you back from doing something good and finding your goals in life. 

It is really important for you to avoid any negative influences and stay away from negative people as much as possible.

Try to surround yourself with some positive people who can never let you lose hope and provide motivation. 

18. Dream of rejecting someone romantically

If anyone you personally know or any of your friends have grown a romantic interest in you and you are turning them down in a dream indicates fear.

You are afraid that you may be unable to live up to others’ expectations. 

You are not yet ready to take things to the next level and get out of your comfort zone. It can also represent your lack of interest in something.

There is a lack of motivation in your life. All your hidden insecurities are increasing with time and you need to start working on them. 

19. Dream of someone rejecting your romantic proposal

If someone is rejecting a romantic proposal given by you in your dream that indicates all the beliefs that you have about yourself. 

For some reason, you feel that you are not worthy of any romantic love at all. No one can like you for who you actually are.

All these negative thoughts are messing with your mind. Some of your past experiences may cause certain thoughts and create a fear of relationships. 

You may have experienced a bad relationship with your parents in your childhood. It can create a negative image of love and romance in your mind.

You do not want to go through similar pain you saw someone else experience. 

20. Dream of rejection from both your parents 

Dreaming about your parents rejecting you means there is something wrong with your family. You are having some issues with someone in your family and it is bothering you a lot. You are pretending everything to be normal. 

It is hard for you to accept the truth that things are not right. You are afraid that if you accept the truth the connection you have with that person will be gone.

But you need to understand that things do not work that way. 

Nothing can change the feeling you have for each other. Whereas talking about the problem will help you to find a solution that can bring you two closer.

Be honest with yourself and face your problems. Let your emotional maturity grow with time and affect your life positively. 

21. Dream of crush rejecting you

You may have such dreams when you have a huge crush on someone in real life and you have no idea of what they think about you. If that person is interested in you or not, these thoughts are creating multiple conflicts in your mind.

All your insecurities are reflected through your dream about rejection. It is natural to have different thoughts when you are trying to figure out how a person truly feels about you.

If you have a low confidence level, most of these thoughts will be negative and create certain dreams. 

This dream is a reminder that you have to stop thinking about negative outcomes and have faith in yourself. Gain all your courage and make the first move. Maybe something amazing is waiting for you. 

22. Dreaming of being rejected by a family member 

Being rejected by your family or any of your relatives in your dream indicates your confused state of mind.

Several things that are happening in your life at once and you are not sure how to react or how to feel in certain situations. There are so many things that you have not realized yet.

There are multiple emotions like anger, rage, or sadness that you have suppressed in your mind and are not yet ready to let them out.

This dream is a reminder that you need to open your heart and express what you feel instead of hiding them. 

23.  Dream of rejecting a date

Saying no to date in your dream can reveal your subconscious interest to reject some of your admirers in real life.

There may be several people who like you or want to ask you out. Even if you are not that interested in any of them, something is holding you back from rejecting them. 

It can be your insecurities or you are just afraid to hear their feelings. This dream can be a reminder that not expressing what you truly feel means putting them on hold.

This is not going to do anything good for them. It is time to own up to your true emotions and set them free. 

24. Dream of rejecting your child 

If you are rejecting your own child in a dream that is a symbol of your lack of faith in yourself.

You do not have much confidence left in you and this is affecting everything you try to do. You are not able to use your whole potential because of the lack of trust. 

This dream can sometimes indicate your incompetence and inability to do something particular in the real world. It reflects a fear of responsibilities because you think you may not be able to fulfill them. 

This dream is a reminder that you need to regain your confidence once again if you want to achieve your goals. 

25. Dream of a friend’s rejection 

Dreaming about being rejected by any of your friends is a symbol of wisdom and strength. It indicates your subconscious desire to achieve something big in life.

You always want to be in charge of everything that can happen in your life and have all the power to do things your way. 

In any situation, no one else should have control over your life. Even if it happens, you will do anything to regain all the power. 

There may be something that you are trying to hide using all your powers. You are afraid that the moment you lose the change, it is going to come out and affect you negatively. 

26. Dream of getting rejected by someone you are unable to see the face of

When you are not able to see the face of the person rejecting you that symbolizes your health condition. Try not to avoid it if you are not feeling well, take proper precautions and seek treatment if things are not good. 

Pay attention to your physical health as well as mental health. These things should not be taken for granted in any situation. Doing so can cause some long term damage and make things complicated. 

27. Dream of getting rejected by an educational institute

Getting rejected by an educational institute in a dream means you are uncertain about your talents and your abilities. You are afraid and confused about your future. You are struggling with a fear of failure. 

You need to work on your abilities and improve them. If you want something from life and work really hard for it, all your efforts will be rewarded. So instead of wondering about the future, start working for it. 

28. Dreaming about rejecting a hug

Rejecting a hug from someone in a dream represents your loneliness. You are experiencing an emotionally challenging phase in your real life.

Even if you are surrounded by people, you feel isolated and lonely for some reason. You feel misunderstood and unheard sometimes.

There is a pile of sadness in your heart that is not letting anything happy enter. It is hard for you to make new friends and get involved with others.

You need to upgrade your social skills and make some new friends so you can share your feelings. 

Spiritual meaning of rejection of dreams

The spiritual meaning of dreams about rejection indicates self doubt and lack of self worth. You have not realized your value yet. There are so many things that you have not learned about yourself yet. 

Keep your mind calm and try to explore different things. It will help you to understand your worth and how much you can contribute to the greater good. 

The psychological meaning of rejecting dreams 

The psychological meaning of dreams about rejection indicates all your insecurities, fear, and suppressed emotions. 

You are not very comfortable expressing your feelings for certain things or some people. This dream is a symbol that it is time to own up to your emotions and say them out loud. 

Any past experience of rejection in real life can be the reason behind your suppressed fear. You are afraid to be the one to approach something or to make the first move on someone you really like. 

Through this dream, your subconscious is trying to tell you that you need to work on your insecurities and try to resolve them.

Points that you need to remember to understand rejection dreams 

If you are having dreams about rejection there are certain points that you need to remember. 

  • Pay attention to the details of your dream.
  • If there is someone else present in your dream try to recognize the person. 
  • Try to remember how you were feeling in your dream. 
  • Think of your dream as a resemblance to any of your past experiences. 
  • Remember the type of rejection you experienced in your dream and the person it came from. 


Dreams about rejection are a clear symbol of your insecurities, fear, and self doubts. You may not feel so great about yourself at times. 

But having this dream means that it is time to regain your self confidence and start working on your psychological issues to achieve a healthy and peaceful life.