Dreams about rejection can indicate all your subconscious thoughts about yourself and all your hidden emotions. The situation you are experiencing at this moment can also reflect in your dream. 

Dream of Rejection - Scenarios and Their Interpretations
Dream of Rejection – Scenarios and Their Interpretations

A General Dream Interpretations of Rejection

Rejection in your dream may indicate your greatest fear in life. There may be some unpleasant moments that you are trying hard to avoid but it is reflected through your dreams. 

You may feel that you are not worthy enough or you do not deserve to be happy subconsciously and these thoughts are creating certain dreams. 

Low self esteem – If you are not aware of your worth and taking yourself for granted this dream can represent that.

Disappointment – You are not very satisfied or happy with yourself. Something from your past is still bothering you.

Pressure – Rejection dreams can reveal all your pressure from life. You are afraid that you may be unable to fulfill all the expectations of the people around you.

Past experience – Something from your past can affect your future in some situations. If someone has made you feel bad about yourself or bullied you, that can create several insecurities and fears in life. 

Change – Certain rejection dreams are a clear indication of a change in your life.

Relationship issues – You are having some trouble in your romantic relationship and you both are not ready to do something about it.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Rejection of Dreams?

The spiritual meaning of dreams about rejection indicates self doubt and lack of self worth. You have not realized your value yet. There are so many things that you have not learned about yourself yet. 

Keep your mind calm and try to explore different things. It will help you to understand your worth and how much you can contribute to the greater good. 

Dreams about Rejection – Various Scenarios and Their Interpretations

Here we are going to discuss different scenarios of dreams about rejection and their meaning. 

Dream of rejecting someone

If you have a dream of rejecting someone, that generally indicates some negative emotions that you are experiencing at this moment in real life. You want to get rid of the reasons that are causing these emotions. 

If you are feeling resentment towards anyone, this dream can be a reminder that you need to learn to forgive.

Dream of being rejected for a job

It represents your lack of respect and confidence in your abilities. You may have developed a thought that you do not deserve the things you want from life. 

Your subconscious is trying to tell you that you should stop having self doubts and start believing in yourself. 

Being rejected by your partner

Such dreams indicate that real things are not the same in your relationship anymore. You both are going through several changes and it is hard for you to cope.

You should take the initiative and start a conversation with your partner. 

Being rejected by your mother

Being rejected by your mother in a dream indicates the pile of sadness you have inside your heart. You have some bad experiences in life, and they are still affecting your life. 

Rejecting a date

Saying no to date in your dream can reveal your subconscious interest to reject some of your admirers in real life.

There may be several people who like you or want to ask you out. Even if you are not that interested in any of them, something is holding you back from rejecting them.

Being rejected for a visa

Getting rejected for a visa means you are not welcome in that country. Seeing this in your dreams may indicate your worry about your future.

You are rejecting a marriage proposal

If you are the one who is rejecting a marriage proposal in a dream, that means you are questioning the necessity of marriage in real life.

Being rejected sexually

Dreaming about being sexually rejected by someone means things are not going well in your romantic relationship.

The love you had once is not the same anymore; it has started to fade away. It is creating a distance between you two.

Your partner rejecting to kiss you

It means a lack of communication in your romantic relationship in reality. You are having some issues with your partner but none of you are ready to sit down and talk about it and find a solution. 

Being rejected by an ex

It is a symbol of some opportunities to rectify all your mistakes. Everyone makes some mistakes in their life and nothing can be better than a change of rectification. 

Having this dream means soon you can get a chance to correct some of the mistakes you have made in life. 

Crush rejecting you

You may have such dreams when you have a huge crush on someone in real life and have no idea what they think about you. If that person is interested in you or not, these thoughts create multiple conflicts in your mind.

Being rejected by a family member 

It indicates your confused state of mind. Several things that are happening in your life at once and you are not sure how to react or how to feel in certain situations. 

Rejecting your child

If you are rejecting your own child in a dream, that is a symbol of your lack of faith in yourself.

You do not have much confidence left in you, affecting everything you try to do. You are not able to use your whole potential because of the lack of trust. 

A friend’s rejection 

It is a symbol of wisdom and strength. It indicates your subconscious desire to achieve something big in life.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Dreams about rejection are a clear symbol of your insecurities, fear, and self doubts. You may not feel so great about yourself at times. 

But having this dream means that it is time to regain your self confidence and start working on your psychological issues to achieve a healthy and peaceful life.