What Does It Mean to Dream of Suitcase?


Dream of having a suitcase

If you dream about merely possessing a suitcase, the dream represents unnoticed emotions within yourself.

Dream of an empty suitcase

If you dream of an empty suitcase, this may be a dream of traveling for a very short time or distance.

Buying a suitcase in your dream

A dream about buying a suitcase means that you may be about to learn something new or confront something that was hidden for a while.

Dream about packing a suitcase

Dreaming about packing clothes in your luggage is a positive dream. The dream implies that you are ready for change.

Dream of a large suitcase

An unusually large suitcase in your dream is a sign of big burdens you may be carrying inside you.

Dream about an old suitcase

An old suitcase indicates that you may be able to go through all of life’s challenges and come out successfully on the other side of the hardships.

Dream about carrying a suitcase

If you are going through a difficult situation, such a dream of carrying a suitcase symbolizes a rough path ahead.

Dream of traveling with a suitcase

When you distinctly see yourself traveling with a suitcase in your dream it means that you are really hoping to travel.

Dream about a suitcase is a representation of the things we carry within us. It includes our inner secrets that we want to keep hidden, or the things that we ourselves are unaware about.