Dream about a suitcase represents hidden truth, desire to travel, and emotional baggage that comes in your way. They also are related to obstacles that one may see on the path to moving forward and getting better.

However, is there more to this dream? Yes, there is, which we are unearthing for you through this article!

Dream about Suitcase - Time To Unpack Some Dream Symbols
Dream about Suitcase – Time To Unpack Some Dream Symbols

What Does a Suitcase in Dreams Mean? 

Dream about a suitcase is a representation of the things one carries within themselves. It includes inner secrets that you want to keep hidden, or the things that you are unaware about.

Dreaming about a suitcase can mean many different things, primarily indicating the secrets a person wishes to keep close or the things they are not yet aware of. But there is more to this dream.

  • Secrets you carry – Suitcases represent the secrets you keep from others, especially close ones. It is the thoughts and feelings a person doesn’t want to openly talk about, and hence keeps them hidden. Some secrets can also be things one doesn’t wish to admit, like wanting to break up.  
  • Unknown things These dreams also carry information about things a person is unaware about. Some scenarios represent trouble with the law or getting into trouble due to indirect actions of others. Sometimes it can also mean the thoughts and feelings of others that affect us. 
  • Mental baggage – They signify mental and emotional baggage. It is also the symbol of other’s emotional issues that a person listens to and tries to help. Mental baggage also signifies the work stress or workload one may be feeling. These feelings usually lead to a desire to get away; which is symbolized through a suitcase in the dream world.
  • Deep rooted emotions – Such dreams also indicate deep-rooted emotions. They can mean the emotions one feels towards their partner or the people in their close working sphere. These deep-rooted emotions can also come from the past, which they wish to let go. 
  • Freedom – Such dreams signify freedom. Dreamers may be in search of a new life, a big change or a transition from one phase to another. It could even mean freedom from a particular relationship. 
  • Soul searching They often point to one’s need to look within themselves. Besides, it represents that it is time to travel within and look for clues that are still affecting the waking life. 

Spiritual Understanding of Suitcase Dreams

Spiritually, suitcases represent parts of your personal development, personality, and parts of your inner feelings and emotions that are kept hidden. 

Probably, you are not fully truthful with everyone in life and hence, may see a suitcase in dreams to signify those hidden aspects.

However, some dreams try to make you realize that letting go of the baggage and seeking freedom or newness may actually be just what you need.

Lastly, a spiritual understanding would be incomplete without talking about your needs. Sometimes, these dreams are just a reminder that you have needs such as traveling and taking a break to rejuvenate. 

Types and Interpretations of Suitcase Dreams 

Dreams about luggage can be of various types and have different interpretations in our waking life. Read on to understand the different types of luggage dreams. 

Dream of having a suitcase 

The dream represents unnoticed emotions within yourself. It includes the feelings that are carefully tucked away inside you and maybe ready to come out in the future. 

Additionally, this dream also means that you may be ready to go on a journey.

Dreams about traveling are often varied; however, a suitcase in the focus on that dream could also mean you are carrying around something with you. 

Seeing a suitcase in your dream

It can actually be a very positive dream. It means that you may be going on a trip soon. If you have a trip planned already, this dream can also mean that your trip may be happening sooner than planned. 

Dream of a large number of suitcases 

This dream suggests that you may be taking on a lot on your plate and that is increasing your own burden.

It is possible that you may be listening to everyone and understanding their problems really well.

This dream acts as a reminder to maintain some personal boundaries for your own peace of mind. 

Various types of suitcases

There are several types of suitcases that make an entry in your dream world. Let’s decode a few for you!

An empty suitcase 

If you dream of an empty suitcase, this may be a dream of traveling for a very short time or distance.

It means you have to go somewhere, either for work or for personal relaxation, but it is not a trip for which you have to pack a lot of luggage. 

A full suitcase 

It signifies a good life; full of relationships and good moments. It means that you have a lot in your life that fulfills you and fills your heart. 

However, another interpretation also suggests that a fully packed suitcase means that you are getting ready to leave behind a relationship.

If you pack away all your daily clothes, it means you are about to end a relationship and walk away from it.

A new suitcase 

You are anticipating freedom soon. Besides, you may be feeling a strong urge to break your routine and chase something new.

You may be getting ready to get rid of things that hold you back. 

On the contrary, seeing an old suitcase in your dream indicates that you may be able to go through all of life’s challenges and come out successfully on the other side of the hardships.

Open suitcase in the dream

It can be considered a warning sign. It is possible that someone may have an intention of stealing from you.

The dream represents people who have such thoughts being able to see your possessions and belongings. 

Additionally, this can also be interpreted as a sign of opening up about your inner feelings.

Furthermore, dreams about opening your suitcase signify a possibility of being robbed.

If you open a suitcase in a public place especially, this is a sign to be careful. Take note of what you see in the suitcase, as these are the items you may be most scared of losing. 

Dream of a large suitcase 

It shows that something huge might be bothering you inside and it may take over your entire mental peace. 

A broken suitcase 

It symbolizes conflicted emotions. You may be in a situation where you want to get away from someone or something, but at the same time, you are not entirely convinced about what to do.

Actions related to suitcase dreams

There might be various activities happening around the dreams about suitcases. Let’s decode them.

Losing a suitcase

The dream representation is the act of leaving behind unresolved issues. It is possible that the dreamer has some deep-rooted feelings that are not being properly addressed. 

This dream suggests that it is time to re-think, reconsider and analyze such issues so that the dreamer can be entirely free of them eventually.  It is also a reminder to be kind to yourself, especially when you feel helpless in some situations. 

Carrying a suitcase

If you are going through a difficult situation, such a dream symbolizes a rough path ahead. This dream is an indication that you may have to face something difficult, on your own.

This dream can also be a reminder that you may need to stop; to take care of yourself and understand your own needs before going on with all that heavy baggage. 

Besides, if you see a dream that someone else is carrying luggage, it can be interpreted mainly with your current life context. It means that your relationship with someone may come to a bitter end. 

Buying a suitcase

It means that you may be about to learn something new or confront something that was hidden for a while. It means that something important that was evading you may now come into your presence.

Closing a suitcase 

This dream can be interpreted in a positive manner. It means that you may be moving from one phase of your life to another. This move could bring you more happiness and exciting opportunities to leave behind the past. 

Not being able to close the suitcase

It means that you may be at the start of a relationship, but it is not a great start. Things may not be as good as you expected, and you may be looking for an end. 

Packing a suitcase 

It is indeed a positive dream wherein it implies that you are ready for change from whatever mental or physical place you are stuck inside. Thus, bringing peace of mind and help with all other stress.

Traveling with a suitcase 

In this dream, note particularly what is in your suitcase and where are you hoping to travel in your dream?

If it is a small suitcase with beach clothes, you already have your interpretation. Your dream is just pushing you to take that vacation. 

And if you dream of traveling without luggage indicate a lack of attachment to your present surroundings.

It means that you may be able to part ways with your current partner or another relationship quite easily. 

Stealing a suitcase 

Such a stealing dream may directly or indirectly be involved in the wrong activity. The dream is a sign that you have a choice to come clean about it. 

On the contrary, if someone else is stealing your suitcase, it means you will again be in trouble; but this time because of others’ actions.  

Dream about forgetting luggage 

Dreamers see themselves forgetting their luggage when they have issues, they are neglecting. It is a sign that if you don’t take care of these issues, they will keep bothering you. 

Looking for your suitcase 

It means your search for your self-identity. They show that while you may have started a new journey, in order to really be prepared for the change, you need to find yourself first. 

Retrieving your suitcase from luggage claim 

Such a dream is a positive sign. It means that obstacles may move out of your way and you will regain control of your life and future.  

Various colors of the luggage 

When dreaming about suitcases, you may even remember details like the color of the suitcase. Some interpretations suggest the meaning behind the different colors. 

  • Red- Active 
  • White- Infidelity 
  • Black- Carelessness 
  • Blue- Serious Communication

Biblical Interpretation of Suitcase

The biblical meaning primarily focuses on the need to travel. Perhaps you have been looking for some change and traveling to another place may be the best kind of break you can get. 

Secondly, suitcases signify difficulties and obstacles and can be defined as mental baggage that you are forced to carry around with you. 

Next, dreams such as your suitcase being taken by someone even suggest that someone else may be eating the fruits of your hard work.


Suitcase dreams signify secrets that we keep from others, the weight we carry on our shoulders, and the stress we go through that make us desire a change or travel. These dreams are a sign to work towards what we need to do to feel better.