What Does It Mean When You Dream about Rabbits?

Dreaming of a hare

This dream signifies that you’re ready for new beginnings in your life. It also suggests intuition.

Dreaming of pet rabbits

It tells you that you’re capable of focusing on your present.

Dream of Rabbit talking

It signifies that you are stuck in a difficult situation in life.

Dreaming of baby rabbits

You don’t practically visualize the circumstances taking place in your waking life.

Dreaming of eating a rabbit

Dreaming of eating a rabbit shows that you consider yourself superior to others.

White rabbit in dream

It says that you could have had a difficult time in the past but a beautiful future with your partner is waiting for you.

Dream of rabbit holes

It indicates that as a rabbit digs the hole, you need to dig within yourself.

Rabbit dreams are very common and symbolize different things – Good luck, fortune, fear, and even resurrection. Infact, dreams of rabbits also say a lot about your sex life.