What Does It Mean When You Dream about Rats?

Two rats in a dream

There is a high chance that these two are connected to you through work or career.

Dream of a fat rat

It is the weight and burden of these unnecessary thoughts visiting you in the form of a fat rat.

Dream of a pet rat

A pet rat in a dream symbolizes a person you no longer wish to associate with.

Dream of a dancing rat

The dream plot denotes you being a victim of injustice which led to the catastrophe.

Dream of rats on your clothes

A rat on your clothes forewarns an unpleasant happening. Someone you trust may defame you for something.

Rats in the house dream meaning

Dream of rats inside your house implies difficulties on the domestic front.

Dream of feeding rats

You are probably convinced that you need to help a person you think is in grave trouble.

Rats in dreams are considered to be an embodiment of everything evil. They generally symbolize jealousy, greed, and skepticism at face value. But their appearance in dreams has a more intricate meaning.